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Felicity Kendal, Liam Dutton, Charlie Taverner, Matt Cain, James Yorkston and Nina Persson, Ana Moura, YolanDa Brown

Loose Ends

Clive Anderson and YolanDa Brown are joined by Felicity Kendal, Liam Dutton, Matt Cain and Charlie Taverner for an eclectic mix of conversation, music and comedy. With music from James Yorkston and Nina Persson and Ana Moura.


14 Jan 2023

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Matt Cain Meets - Elias Jahshan

Virgin Radio Pridecast

Editor of the book This Queer Is Arab, Elias Jahshan, joins Matt to chat about growing up gay in Australia and as part of the Arab community, as well as the experiences of contributors from his book. As a gay and deaf man he explores how we can shine a light on the under-represented areas of the queer community. It’s a really great chat between Matt and Elias confronting typical stereotypes towards the Arab community, especially the queer Arab community. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


12 Jul 2022

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The Future of Databases with Matt Cain, CEO, Couchbase

Future of Tech

Databases are exciting! Matt Cain, the CEO of Couchbase, contends that databases are right in the middle of digital transformation and that this reality provides great meaning to Couchbase’s work. Tune in to learn about Matt’s position that leaders must first look inside themselves to uncover the best way for them to lead.  Main Takeaways: Technology in the Family: Matt shares how his parents and grandmother worked at HP for many years, and he mentions the great culture at HP. He talks in more detail about how he learned valuable business lessons from his father’s leadership experience at HP. The Tesla of Databases: Matt explains how Couchbase views its work via an apt metaphor: “We think about our approach to databases like Tesla approached cars.” He describes how just like Tesla builds cars, Couchbase builds its database. But he then goes further to explain how Couchbase has innovated databases in a similar manner that Tesla has innovated cars. According to him, Tesla’s cars and Couchbase’s database may look like other cars and databases, respectively, but their capabilities may be quite different from other traditional products. Becoming a Great Leader: Does learning about leadership come more from external sources or a person’s self-knowledge? Matt believes that a process of self-discovery is the best way to grow as a leader. It’s a strong position but holds true. Without self-awareness, acting on constructive external information will be difficult. With self-awareness, necessary leadership adjustments can be understood and implemented. Self Care: Leaders can only be effective if their own well-being is maintained. Matt describes how he takes care of himself by exercising and having supportive peers to lean on. He shares how there can be a level of what he describes as “loneliness” connected to being a leader and how it has been helpful to discuss the difficulties that come with leadership and life with close peers.  Being in the Middle of Digital Transformation: Data is everywhere and an intrinsic part of digital transformation. Matt describes databases as a central aspect of this change. This puts Couchbase in an ideal position to make a substantial impact with their work. Key Quotes: [26:32] “My vision is a coach. We take the field together. If we're bought into a common vision and we all play our roles, great things can happen.” [12:28] “We think about our approach to databases like Tesla approached cars. If you think about Tesla, what did they do? Well, there's still a gas pedal and a brake pedal and a steering wheel, and then the car still needs to go forward and backward and left and right, but under the hood it's a completely different approach. Couchbase is very similar [in] that under the hood of our database, our engine or our data model has a very flexible schema and command of structured and unstructured information that allows these applications to perform. And no longer is it these large monolithic applications, but it's this microservice based personalized applications at scale, where instead of managing terabytes of information, you've got petabytes of information that are constantly changing and accessed by thousands of different users.”  [27:28] “And what I would encourage people to do is say, ‘Where have I been successful in my life? And what led to that success?’ That's the person I am. You don't have to be someone else. So I would say put down the book that says, ‘Here's how you need to do it.’ And instead spend some time inside and reflect on where have you been successful and why, and use that and be who you are. And that is how I think you're going to get the most out of your leadership.”  [32:18] “People often ask, ‘How do you describe the CEO job?’ And I say, ‘It's Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Culture Officer, and Chief Worry Officer.’ And no one talks about the third… There is a loneliness that comes with it that at the end of the day, most decisions after all the input that you've taken to the world come down to a person making a call.”  [37:35] “We think we are in the very early innings of digital transformation… Think about how we shop, how we travel, how we entertain ourselves, [and] how we receive healthcare. It's going to be fundamentally different. And we're only getting started on how technology is going to shape those industries… The critical path of enabling all that is databases. And so if you look at the 60 plus billion dollars that are spent on databases, that does not include the adjacent areas like what's happening at the edge and analytics and other technologies that make that happen. The makeup of that spend and what it's going to enable is going to be fundamentally different. And so to be a player in that at scale that can continue to innovate and shape the future, I mean, that's the gift that not many people get to be a part of, and we at Couchbase take that very seriously.” [45:30] “I'm a big believer that if you stay committed to something and you work hard and you apply the gifts that you've been given, you can shape your life in the direction you want to — understanding what that passion is and the impact of the decisions you're making. Just be conscious about the life that you're choosing. And if you're aligned with that and the outcome is what you expect it to be and based on what drives [you], you're going to be fulfilled. Fulfillment should be the measure of success.”


11 Jul 2022

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Matt Cain

Wine Times

Sipping the day away with Suzi and Will is the author and broadcaster Matt Cain. As well as three great wines to taste Matt talks about his love for South African wine, Will opens up about his male role models in wine and Suzi asks her best question yet as the Wine Times apprentice. NV Hunter’s Miru Miru Brut, Marlborough, New Zealand2020 Vondeling Babiana, Paardeburg, South Africa2018 Domaine de Nizas, Languedoc France All the wines in the series are available at www.sundaytimeswineclub.co.uk Producer: Anya PearceSeries Producer: Ben Mitchell Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


28 Jun 2022

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100th Episode Extravaganza Part 4: The 10th Anniversary of Matt Cain's Perfect Game & Sky, Red Stars, and White Sox Adventures

The Bull & Hawk Sports Show

To end episode 100, we opened with a revisiting of San Francisco Giants legend Matt Cain's perfect game, one of CJ Hawk;'s favorite games vs. the Houston Astros on June 13th, 2012 (1:00). Next, we covered the Chicago Sky's recent eight games, including the game versus the Indiana Fever, which we went to on May 24th, which was the banner night and ring ceremony for the Chicago SKy's 2021 WNBA Championship squad (17:00). Later we discussed the Red Stars' recent four matches, including the game we attended on June 8th versus the Washington Spirit in a rematch of the 2021 NWSL final (77:00). And we ended by going over the White Sox's game versus the Texas Rangers on June 10th that we went to with friends after we chatted about how awesome it was to stay for the postgame fireworks after a thrilling victory over the Rangers (97:00). --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ben9314/message

1hr 50mins

16 Jun 2022

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Thompson 2 Clark - Giants vs. Dodgers, Matt Cain Perfect Game Anniversary, Joey Bart

BSPN - Bay Area Sports Podcasting Network

Brad and GG are back a day early, pre-Giants vs. Dodgers game three. They talk about the first two games of the series, some of the "old guy" injuries the team is experiencing, a look back at the disappointing series with the Rockies, and a look ahead at next week, in which they play two poor teams. They also talk about Joey Bart being sent back to the minors, and look at other high level top prospects who are struggling.Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Thompson2Clark and https://twitter.com/bspnshowsLike our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bspnfbpageJoin our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1119989601710400Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bspnshows/Subscribe to our YouTube page: youtube.com/channel/UCtZcOujFqlbmo2bA0MriRhA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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12 Jun 2022

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Hannah Jane Parkinson, Matt Cain, Stephen and Anita Mangan and Austin Butler

The Graham Norton Radio Show Podcast with Waitrose

Happy Monday! Need some Monday motivation? The Graham Norton Radio Show Podcast with Waitrose will pick you up. This week on the show...Virgin Radio Pride UK returns this Summer and Matt Cain was here to tell us all about it, as well as his paperback The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle.Hannah Jane Parkinson was here to tell us about her book The Joy Of Small ThingsStephen Mangan and Anita Mangan are back with a brand new kids book The Fart that Changed the World.The new face of Rock n’ Roll himself, Austin Butler, was in to take us behind the scenes of his starring role in Baz Luhrmann’s new Elvis biopic.Show chef Martha gave us a full set of Jubilee Weekend inspiration!And following last week’s success, we give the Waitrose Wheel another spin!And Graham and Maria and solve some of your Graham’s Guide problems!Get involved @VirginRadioUK for all the behind the scenes action! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

1hr 17mins

30 May 2022

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Episode 26: Matt Cain

Talkin Shop with Coach Ballgame and Coach Chop

He's a 3 time All Star, 3 time World Series Champion, and a San Francisco Giant Hall of Famer.  He also threw a PERFECT GAME on June 13, 2012.  He's "The Horse."  Matt Cain...welcome to the program.  How did he have so many complete games?  What's his secret to facing a lineup for the 3rd and 4th times?  What were those Giants World Series clubs like?  What's it feel like to throw a Perfect Game?  All these questions are answered, plus a trivia contest you won't believe!  He also gives some great advice to the young pitchers out there.  Enjoy, rate, review, and SHARE!

1hr 10mins

5 Apr 2022

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Matt Cain

Write-Off with Francesca Steele

I find this interview so inspiring. Matt Cain is a successful arts journalist and at the time of his first book submission he was Culture Editor for Channel 4, praised in particular for his coverage of the Woman’s Prize for Fiction. But 2010, the semi-autobiographical book Matt had been working on about a child growing up -like himself - gay in the north of England - was rejected in part for being what he says were coded ways of saying it was “too gay”. Matt’s book was put up for submission three times over the next decade and rejected by more than 50 agents and editors. Matt didn't give up though and today that book is published as the wonderful The Madonna of Bolton with the crowdfunding publisher Unbound. We talk about how he really tried to learn from the feedback on early submissions, how creative rejection changed him - almost more than homophobic bullying did - and how his therapist made it into his book.Don’t forget that I list my guest’s books at my online shop https://uk.bookshop.org/shop/francescasteele. This helps fund the podcast so please do buy there! Also do rate or review the podcast on your app - it helps more people find out about Write-Off, and also I just really like seeing the reviews! You can also find me on Twitter at @francescasteele and Instagram at @Francesca_steeleThe lovely Scott Elliott helped me produce this season. Please do consider him for all your pod needs. https://www.podcastconsultant.co.ukThis season is sponsored by the wonderful Jericho Writers https://jerichowriters.com. Listeners of the podcast can get an exclusive 15% discount on membership by going to  www.jerichowriters.com/join-us and entering the code Write-Off. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


3 Mar 2022

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The rise and fall of Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain

Locked On Diamondbacks - Daily Podcast On The Arizona Diamondbacks

Millard Thomas is joined by Locked On Giants host Ben Kaspick to discuss Barry Bonds not making the Hall of Fame, and why did the careers of Lincecum and Cain end up disappointments.Support Us By Supporting Our Sponsors!Built BarBuilt Bar is a protein bar that tastes like a candy bar. Go to builtbar.com and use promo code “LOCKED15,” and you’ll get 15% off your next order. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


4 Feb 2022