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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Drago Sumonja. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Drago Sumonja, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Drago Sumonja. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Drago Sumonja, often where they are interviewed.

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What Legacy Will You Leave Behind? Tribute to Late Screenwriter/Doc Filmmaker and Past Guest, Drago Sumonja

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Amidst the current state of panic from the Corona Virus, I was told that past guest, Drago Sumonja had died of cancer. In the Fall of 2017 as his critically-acclaimed "Lucky", starring Harry Dean Stanton, was hitting the theaters.  Years before that, he had created the documentary film, "Character", with Peter Faulk, Dabney Coleman and many others in what I believe to be a must-see for young actors. This episode is a look back at what Drago left behind and a call to action for the rest of us to make bold moves with the time we are allotted.


IMDB:  Drago Sumonja

Rolling Stone, Peter Travers: 'Lucky' Review:  Harry Dean Stanton Gets the Goodbye He Deserves

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Ep 12: "Lucky" Screenwriter Slings Drinks by Night, Drago Sumonja

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Mar 13 2020 · 38mins
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Drago Sumonja: Documenting Life

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Movie Meltdown - Episode 447

This week we're coming to you "live" from Harry Dean Stanton Fest as we sit down with Drago Sumonja the co-writer of Harry Dean's last film (Lucky) as well as director of the documentary Char·ac·ter. So listen as we discuss his time spent with Harry Dean as well as the artistic collaboration and friendship he has built over the years with actor Dabney Coleman.

And while we realize that the whole world eventually comes together at Dan Tana's, we also bring up… Private Benjamin, he made his own weapon, we’d just kind of play the parts really, Daveigh Chase, Cloak and Dagger, they mounted this giant antenna-looking thing onto your house, it’s own weird special little world, Unwigged and Unplugged, something about him showing up in a dress one day, it turned out to be what I wanted to be, Ron Livingston, docudrama, Facebook and their darn algorithms, David Lynch, by necessity, crossing from PG to PG-13, and I would just start typing, racy movies in conservative households, Sydney Pollack, Showgirls, and so we just try to figure out how to make that kind of interesting in a script, Top Secret, The Missouri Breaks, a dirty martini all over my pants, S. Darko, sequels to movies many years later, a rainy day assembly, Logan Sparks, Muhlenberg County, going off on these magical monologues, it’s like a master class, Mark Rydell, Repo Man and TV edits for R-rated movies.

“...the documentary and your podcast - is only as good as your subject.”

For more on Harry Dean Stanton Fest go to: https://www.harrydeanstantonfest.org/

Jul 29 2018 · 1hr 8mins

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Drago Sumonja on co-writing Lucky and the inspiration of Harry Dean Stanton

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Drago Sumonja on co-writing the NEW film Lucky featuring Harry Dean Stanton's last on-screen performance. Drago shares how he worked with co-screenwriter Logan Sparks on developing the script based on their friendships and real life experiences with the legendary actor. We'll also hear all about Drago's career trajectory from the beginnings of his acting career to forging an additional career path as a screenwriter and filmmaker. And a discussion on Harry Dean Stanton's legacy as an actor and why his generation of performers had such a significant impact on modern film. Watch the trailer for Lucky which premiered at this year's South by Southwest Film Festival! https://youtu.be/2KLLkj84GAo

You can also check out Drago's excellent documentary Char-ac-ter which is available on Amazon and iTunes feautring conversations on acting with Dabney Coleman, Peter Falk, Sydney Pollack, Charles Grodin, Mark Rydell, and Harry Dean Stanton! https://www.amazon.com/Char%C2%A5ac%C2%A5ter-Character-Dabney-Coleman/dp/B00DK6EJC6/ref=sr_1_1?s=cyber-monday&ie=UTF8&qid=1512002183&sr=8-1&keywords=Char-ac-ter

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Dec 01 2017 · 58mins
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BEHIND THE LENS #137: Featuring Logan Sparks and Drago Sumonja

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It's time to get "lucky" on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS with the screenwriters of LUCKY - LOGAN SPARKS and DRAGO SUMONJA. And hear excerpts of film critic debbie elias' exclusive interview with LUCKY director JOHN CARROLL LYNCH!

http://behindthelensonline.net http://eliasentertainmentnetwork.com
Oct 02 2017 · 1hr

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"Lucky" Screenwriter by Day, Bartender by Night, Drago Sumonja

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A quiet soul with a big heart, Drago Sumonja is getting a second round of acknowledgement for his new film starring the late Harry Dean Stanton after toiling a way for a LONG time.  Our conversation includes:


One night your film is the toast of the festival in Locarno, Italy.  The next night you’re standing behind three feet of mahogany, pouring drinks. How do you deal?


Why Drago’s 2009 documentary, Char-ac-ter, is now required viewing for any actor who will listen to me.


How many hours of unreleased interviews remain on the shelf and why only two made it into Char-ac-ter.


Why sometimes going to a famous restaurant in LA can lead to people who open doors to your career (IF you’re not annoying)


If you find a great co-writer like Logan Sparks, you can COLLABORATE and write a great script if you meet consistently, a few hours a day.


Writing for an old-school star like Harry Dean Stanton - give him a great character, get out of his way and let him bring his magic.


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Sep 29 2017 · 1hr 1min