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Mini Episode 528: Wisdom from Kay Fabella, Niyc Pidgeon, Indra Ové and Jessica Killingley

The Success Pic 'N' Mix Podcast with Nicky Raby

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14 Jul 2022

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Episode 269: Showing Up And Seeing Each Other As We Are, with Kay Fabella

Ellevate Podcast: Conversations With Women Changing the Face of Business

This week, we sit down with Kay Fabella to discuss how managers can be better at DEI, being seen as a marginalized person in the workplace, and what it means to be human and isolated during a pandemic.


17 Aug 2021

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STC039 The journey to £100k months from selling to corporates with Kay Fabella

Selling To Corporate

We’ve got a lot of success stories within The C Suite ® from participants - and we’re starting to bring them to the podcast so that you can learn from their key breakthrough moments and the strategies that they’ve implemented in order to see huge results selling their services to corporate organisations.  Our guest for this episode (and first ever Selling to Corporate podcast guest!) is Kay Fabella. Kay is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion expert - and is sharing her 12 month journey inside The C Suite ®, going from working primarily with 1:1 clients - to developing a name as the go-to DEI expert for household brands.  If you’ve ever wondered what it really takes to have a six figure month when selling your services, or how you can build a successful B2B sales stream as a solo practitioner or consultant - then this episode is for you! In this episode, we’re sharing; Why Kay is appearing on the show and how we’re celebrating her milestone monthly revenue achievement (0:30) Kay’s diversity, equity and inclusion specialism and the specific problems she helps organisations to solve (03:18) How Kay decided to join The C Suite ® and why that was a milestone decision for her business (05:00) Why Kay had resisted working with corporate organisations (in a primary capacity) for so long before joining The C Suite ® (06:36) How the anti-racism movement in 2020 impacted diversity, equity and inclusion within organisations - and what that meant for Kay from a sales perspective and a practitioners perspective (08:21) Why big name brands like Phillips, the IMF and PepsiCo are partnering with Kay in 2020/21 (10:02) The ‘Why would [BIG BRANDS] want to hear from little old me’ objection (13:40) Proactive outreach and the core difference between B2C and B2B sales processes (15:15) How metrics have made the biggest difference to scaling Kay’s business (18:21) How using The C Suite ® roundtable strategy skyrocketed Kay’s connections (21:16) Why generosity works inside The C Suite ® and how it opens up room for growth (25:23) Why ‘easy’ industries don’t exist - and how we carve out new niches that we can own (30:00) How diversity, equity and inclusion partners need to show up to fully support organisations in 2021 and beyond (34:31) Designing bigger solutions for corporate organisations in the DEI space (37:55) Why (and how!) we price based on transformation and how that’s helped Kay 10X her prices (40:00) How the mindset shift from ‘selling’ to ‘relationship building’ has impacted Kay’s bottom line profit (43:29) How The C Suite ® network has brought massive value to Kay as a practitioner and a salesperson (46:40) Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode: You can find Kay Fabella at http://www.KayFabella.com or on her Inclusion in Progress Podcast. Get on the waitlist to join The C Suite now! If you’re looking to get the best support in selling your services to corporate organisations, not to mention hundreds of email templates, swipe files and proposal outlines so that you really can convert at much higher rates and sell your services more successfully then click here to join the waitlist now: https://bit.ly/join-the-c-suite Converting Corporates Bundle: If you’re looking to learn the foundational pieces to successfully sell your services to corporate organisations, grab this fabulous self study programme here! You’ll learn how to; Create your 250K corporate sales plan, set your business development strategy for success, understand and successfully generate qualified leads and hear from real hiring managers on their top tips for pitching to organisations! http://bit.ly/convertingcorporatesbundle How to leave a review – http://bit.ly/howtoreviewmypodcast Book an exploratory chat with me! I’m offering the final exploratory sessions with me so that you can ask any questions you have about The C Suite and how it can benefit your business. These opportunities are incredibly limited – so if you’d like my eyes on your business and a totally transparent conversation about how The C Suite could support your goals, book it here now:https://bit.ly/corporateexploratorysession Top 5 Business Development Questions: If you’re looking to convert more business development calls into sales? You need to be asking the right questions and getting the best information to support future work. Download my Top 5 BDQs here and start getting quality information from your prospects:https://bit.ly/top-5-business-development-questions


5 Mar 2021

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Showing up for DEI in the U.S. and Abroad with Kay Fabella

Pause On The Play

DEI consultants are not a monolith. Erica and her guest, Kay Fabella, a DEI and remote team consultant based in Spain, discuss how personal experience, geographical location, and cultural context influence individual approaches to the work, while highlighting some of the key differences in anti-racism efforts abroad versus those in the US.   In this discussion: The value of embracing a multi-hyphenate identity Wholeheartedly engaging in the DEI journey The importance of contextually appropriate DEI educational materials Problems inherent to applying a US-centric DEI strategy to global conversations when it comes to language, context, and culturally readiness Creating safe spaces for people to do the work Reconsidering your normal for a stronger foundation Showing up as a DEI practitioner - the personal is professional Questions to consider before engaging a DEI professional for your business Connect with Kay Fabella Website Podcast Whitepaper As a Forbes-featured DEI Consultant & Remote Team Strategist, Kay Fabella has worked with companies like the IMF, Philips, Red Hat, and PepsiCo, to improve inclusive communication between diverse team members, to retain top talent and reduce turnover, and to build a culture of belonging to prepare companies for the future of work. A Filipina American in Spain since 2010, Kay draws from her lived experiences as a “multihyphenate” woman of color, a daughter of immigrants, and an immigrant herself to build bridges for belonging. She believes that more inclusive workplace cultures start with psychological safety to share non-linear stories — to embed empathy, expand worldviews, and increase employee engagement and innovation.  While she finalizes her first book on DEI, you can listen to her industry insights and interviews on her 5-star podcast: Inclusion in Progress. *** Check out our full show notes for more at https://www.pauseontheplay.com/potp/ep96. Keep The Dialogue Going Visit Kay’s website and download the whitepaper The Future of Work Culture: How Big Tech is Redefining DEI in a Remote World Join Pause On The Play The Community, a safe space to be a part of conversations like this one. Be sure to rate + review the podcast!


23 Feb 2021

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E145: Wokeness, Cancel Culture, and a Third Way: With Kay Fabella

The Will To Change: Uncovering True Stories of Diversity & Inclusion

In this special episode of The Will to Change, you'll hear a conversation between Jennifer Brown and DEI consultant Kay Fabella, as they reflect on Kay's recent episode of her podcast, Inclusion in Progress, titled "My Top DEI Lessons from 2020." You'll also hear a segment of Kay's podcast, where Kay outlines the top DEI lessons from 2020. 


22 Jan 2021

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Why Every Company Needs DEI in a Remote World with Kay Fabella

Talent Development Hot Seat

To join the Think Tank Community, go to tdtt.us If you would like to purchase the recordings from the summit, go to tdtt.us/purchase-lifetime-access


13 Oct 2020

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045: How Women Consultants Can Lead Inclusion with Kay Fabella

Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

What are you struggling with right now? What do you see holding back people around you? Your answer will be different to my answer, and our answers will not be the same as the next person’s. So many women consultants start their businesses because they want to make a change. They want to change the way things are done in their industry. They might need to change the way they work to fit around other aspects of their lives such as illness or caring for someone else. Our role as businesswomen and as experts in our industries gives us the opportunity to lead inclusion. We can design the businesses we want to see more of. This week my guest is Kay Fabella, a DEI consultant and remote teams specialist who builds diversity, equity and inclusion solutions for companies with distributed teams. She works with organisations around the world from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Kay and I talked about the power of inclusion, creating opportunities and the part women consultants can play as allies and leaders. We discussed: Why equity is a critical part of the equation Recognising that people have different starting points in life Different experiences of situations How to think about socio-economic factors which could impact members of your team in different ways Being better allies to each other Dismantling systems to create more inclusivity The gender pay gap for women of colour and how women consultants can close this Making your network more inclusive Leaning in to discomfort and learning through it Resources mentioned in this episode Kay Fabella’s Inclusion In Progress podcast. The Future Of Work Whitepaper. Lean In’s research on the gender pay gap for black women.


5 Oct 2020

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Episode 19 Lovelda Show - Women of Power Podcast with Kay Fabella

Lovelda Show - Women of Power Podcast

“It’s never too late to rewrite your story….  you get to pick up the pen and turn over to a new page and write your next chapter”  - Kay Fabella This Episode Covers: The importance of telling the stories of the under-represented How the under-represented can leverage brand stories How to work against a backdrop of unconscious bias Never miss a show, get notifications direct to your inbox. http://bit.ly/TheLoveldaShow Connect to the World Class Female Speakers Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/WorldClassFemaleSpeakers/ Remember to subscribe and drop us a 5 star review on iTunes. About Your Host: Entrepreneur & international MC, Moderator & host, Lovelda Vincenzi has been speaking and performing on stages since the age of 13 (www.lovelda.com). On a mission to unleash authentic powerful female voices, Lovelda runs World Class Female Speakers supporting women to get found, booked, and paid as speakers. As an MC and Moderator Lovelda has been trusted by organisers to introduce and facilitate conversations with political figureheads such as Margrethe Vestagar (European Commissioner for Competition) & Toomas Hendric Ilves (Former President of Estonia). In addition to celebrities such as Monica Lewinsky, Kunal Nayyar (Big Bang Theory), and Business Executives and Entrepreneurs such as Paul Polman (Former Unilever CEO). Connect with Lovelda: YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/LoveldaVincenzi FB Community:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/WorldClassFemaleSpeakers/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoveldaVincenzi/ Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/loveldavincenzi/ Resources for Speakers CLICK HERE to download your free copy of the Speaker Marketing Blueprint About our Guest: Stories = visibility = diversity = equality  and it's Kay's mission to amplify the voices of underrepresented leaders to build a more inclusive world. Kay Fabella launched her business as the Story Finder in 2014 and has worked with startups to Fortune 500s across 17+ industries to grow their brands and audiences through the power of storytelling. A Filipina-American who calls Spain home, she now works with companies and leaders as a D&I consultant and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive Global, Huffington Post and in El País. Connect with Kay Fabella: LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kayfabella/ Disclosure This post may contain links to products or services with which I have an affiliate relationship and may receive compensation from your actions through such links. However, I don't let that corrupt my perspective and I don't recommend only affiliates.


2 Jul 2020

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[11] How To Create Inclusive Products and Marketing Campaigns with Kay Fabella

Flat Out Social With Rosalie Audoin

Summary: In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Kay Fabella the founder of Inclusion In Progress. Kay is a diversity and inclusion expert. As a Filipina-American expat living in Spain, Kay's mission is to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups, who are ready to step up as the leaders our companies and communities need.In our conversation, Kay shares with us what diversity and inclusion mean, and why in today's world more than ever, it's so crucial for leaders and brands to incorporate inclusive messaging in their marketing. Podcast Shownotes:About Kay and how she became an expert in diversity and inclusion and an Inclusive Messaging Strategist [1:30]Kay shares her definition of Diversity And Inclusion (DNI) [6:10]How organisations can close the gap when it comes inequality [7:31]How to make your marketing more inclusive [11:43]How to set realistic expectations when it comes to being an inclusive company [27:25]Who Kay works with and how you can work with her [31:15]Connect with Kay Email: info@kayfabella.comWebsite: https://kayfabella.comMobile: +34695319895Connect with meFollow me on:LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosalieaudoin/Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rosalieaudoin/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rosalie.audoinTwitter: https://twitter.com/rosalieaudoinVisit my website: https://flatoutsocial.com/Don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from. And a little review on Apple Podcasts would really make me smile. xxSee you in the next episode.


23 Jun 2020

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Growing Your Influence and Impact with Kay Fabella

Wellness Glow Up Podcast

In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Kay Fabella! Kay's mission is to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups, who are ready to step up as the leaders our companies and communities need. As a Filipina-American expat in Spain since 2010, Kay Fabella has worked with companies across over 17 industries to leverage the power of storytelling for organizational change. She has been featured in Fast Company, Thrive Global, Huffington Post and El País, and also hosts a weekly podcast: Inclusion in Progress. Kay now works with companies in the finance and technology sectors to translate their D&I initiatives intersectionally across cultures and create workplaces where diverse talent can thrive. In this episode we discuss: The state of diversity and inclusion in the global economy. How organizations can best support their people during this time and how workers and employees can speak up, stay in touch, and adapt. The future of remote work. The importance of creating your personal brand and becoming more visible as a leader. Deciding how to show up with your story. How to shift what it means to self promote and use it to your advantage. Kay's definition of leadership as it relates to your everyday life.  And so much more! This episode is brought to you by: Wellness Glow Up Media   Links mentioned in this episode Kay's Website Listen to Kay's podcast: Inclusion In Progress Check out our new membership: https://wellnessglowup.teachable.com/p/glow-insiders-membership Click here to subscribe via RSS feed (non-iTunes feed): https://wellnessglowup.libsyn.com/rss Social Media Info Wellness Glow Up Podcast – @wellnessglowuppodcast Kayla Nedza – @kaylanedza Did you like this episode? If you did give it a 5 star rating and share it with your friends.


1 Jun 2020