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PMH Atwater – This Mercury Retrograde is BIG!

Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

Mercury Retrograde – What is it about this astrological phenomenon that brings a sense of anxiety and trepidation to so many people? Described by some as the “Murphy’s Law” of astrology, this period that happens roughly 3 times every year, though its motion only appears to go backwards from our vantage point on earth, is in fact only an optical illusion. But if mercury retrograde is just a mirage of perception, not an actual reversal of motion, then why does it threaten and often deliver in turning our lives, at least temporarily, upside down? Astrologer and near death researcher PMH Atwater brought some VERY interesting perspectives to this very big question. PMH shares why THIS particular Mercury Retrograde which began on September 27, 2021 and ends on October 18th is especially devious. We discussed the larger context AND implications of both action and inaction during this unsteady period of time – What it means for us personally, as well as here in the United States and indeed the planet. In this episode you will learn * Why we need to be VERY alert and in “thought” mode during this particular Retrograde period (AND BEYOND)! * Some of the BEST things to do during Mercury Retrograde. * Why this Retrograde in the midst of the Pluto Return make this such a powerful MR. * Plus we’ll unpack the next 2-3 years. PMH says we’ve NEVER seen anything like this in our human history. What will be shifting in the U.S. AND the world? She’ll share her perspective. PMH Atwater is renowned as a near-death experience researcher, author, NDE experiencer and expert in deciphering astrological phenomenon from a very unique and UNCONVENTIONAL perspective! Buckle Up! And get ready to hear what PMH had to share. It’s BIG!!! #MercuryRetrograde #PlutoReturn #PMHAtwater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ndJfaGkI6E 🔴 Get immediate access to the members only after show: http://www.patreon.com/higherjourneys – Get PMH’s latest book: A Manual for Developing Humans (as mentioned in this episode) – Watch that now “prophetic” PMH interview back in January of 2020 – Get Sensitive is the New Strong (for Empaths) by Anita Moorjani ✅ Become a QHHT practitioner (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) originally developed by Dolores Cannon – SIGN UP FOR THE COURSE, USE THE COUPON CODE: HIGHERJOURNEYS and get 10% off! 👉 https://bit.ly/2Ls3bBQ (NOTE: This is an affiliate link. Higher Journeys may receive a small compensation if you click/use this link). ✅ Join the Journey! Become a member of the Higher Journeys Patreon Community and get loads of free perks: http://www.patreon.com/higherjourneys ✅ Stay in touch with Higher Journeys 👇 👇 👇 👇 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/higherjourneys (or @alexishigherjourneys) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/higherjourneys Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/higherjourneys Web Site: http://www.higherjourneys.com


15 Oct 2021

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Episode 54 - The Amazing After-Effects of 3 NDEs with PMH Atwater

The Seeking I Life Exploration Podcast

Website: Seeking I Youtube Counterpart: Watch Here

1hr 13mins

9 Sep 2021

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I Died and Lived To Tell About It with Dr. PMH Atwater

The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By!

As a woman in Near Death Studies and in a male dominated field, PMH discusses the hurdles to advance her work. She has conducted nearly 5,000 case studies of children as well as adults having a near death expeirnce. PMH has written 18 books and continues to share in her research.

9 Sep 2021

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I Died and Lived To Tell About It with Dr. PMH Atwater

The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By!

As a woman in Near Death Studies and in a male dominated field, PMH discusses the hurdles to advance her work. She has conducted nearly 5,000 case studies of children as well as adults having a near death expeirnce. PMH has written 18 books and continues to share in her research.

19 Aug 2021

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PMH Atwater: The Forever Angels

Trish and Rob MacGregor's The Mystical Underground

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with...P. M. H. Atwater, one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies. She began her work in 1978 after experiencing three near-death experiences herself. She has written eighteen books on the subject. "Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story" wraps up her early work with nearly 5,000 adult and child experiencers of near-death states, while further exploring her theory about transformations of consciousness.Her book called "The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences," was featured in an online version of Newsweek Magazine; and “The New Children and Near-States” along with “The Forever Angels: Near-Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong Impact,” which we will focus on today== offers a new perspective child experiencers.PMH has received numerous awards and honors for her work. In 2010, she was awarded the Nancy E. Bush Award for Literary Excellence and the Lifetime Achievement and Special Services Award, both from the International Association For Near-Death Studies.She became a researcher in the field of near-death studies after hearing a powerful voice urge her on during her third NDE. She has a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for free.www.pmhatwater.com.

1hr 6mins

8 Aug 2021

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Who Are These New Kids Coming into This World and What Can They Teach Us with PMH Atwater

Interviews with Innocence

For more information on this episode please visit: https://www.interviewswithinnocence.com/blog/94


22 Jul 2021

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The Forever Angels with PMH Atwater - May 8, 2021

Where Did the Road Go?

Seriah welcomes prolific author, NDE experiencer, and researcher PMH Atwater. Topics include consciousness, humans' divine nature, NDEs in young children, the life-long effects of early life NDEs, reincarnation, pre-incarnate experiences, the different types of NDEs among adults, the different forms of "the light", post-NDE psychic experiences and enhanced intelligence, synesthesia, OBEs during child abuse, NDE and abduction experiences linked to earlier abuse and trauma, academic study of NDEs, blind people and NDEs, 360 vision, NDE disruption of relationships, personality changes, difficulties of universal unconditional love, suicidal ideation, visualization exercises, twins and chimeras, interactions with Fairy/Fae folk, animals seen in NDEs, Lamarckian genetic theory (!), "Butterfly people", religious condemnation of NDEs, flashes of light at birth and death, and more! Recap by Vincent Treewell Outro Music by Meka Nism "Mouth of God" Download

13 May 2021

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Episode 4: Near Death Experiences: A look at PMH Atwater's Research

Hello, From the Other Side

What does it feel like to die? In episode 4, Háloy briefly discusses their near-death experiences. They teach you how to move your soul using your mind and willpower, a technique commonly used in astral projection and near-death states. Mainly, Háloy examines the research of Dr. P.M.H. Atwater to give an overview of the near-death phenomenon, focusing on "heavenly and/or pleasant" near-death experiences (or NDEs). They describe the four types of NDEs, discuss the heavenly near-death experiences of Gracie L. Sprouse and Cartoonist and Author, Arthur E. Yensen. They give an example of a child experiencer, Margaret Evans' heavenly near-death like encounter. They also discuss the plasmasphere, Hiss waves, how common is it to see holy figures in NDEs, angels, what it sounds like to hover above the Earth, and how the energy of one's soul feels both in and outside of the confines of one's body. This episode is really cool, you're going to love it! So strap in! For ways to support us at Hello, from the Other Side: Venmo: To get a personalized shoutout on our next episode, send a one-time $5 donation to us on Venmo at @HFTOSpodcast. With your one-time $5 donation, leave a comment when you pay and you can plug your podcast or business, wish your friend a happy birthday, or hear a very humble thank you from Nick and Háloy. Anchor Pay: Send a monthly donation for as little as 99 cents. Haloy's Etsy Shop: Buy some art from them! Custom pieces and pet portraits available. FREE WAYS TO SUPPORT: Recommend our podcast to a friend! Subscribe to our podcast on Anchor FM, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RadioPublic, Breaker, PocketCasts, and more! Follow us on Instagram: @HFTOSpodcastRate and review us on iTunes Follow Nick's Bandcamp HeartCooksBrain or stream HeartCooksBrain on Spotify. Subscribe to Nick's NEW Podcast: Old Testament Studies: An (Un)Academic Modern History! Please write us when your true stories of the paranormal, cryptids, extraterrestrials, etc at HelloFromTheOtherSidePodcast@gmail.com --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hftospodcast/support


22 Apr 2021

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PMH Atwater - The Forever Angels

What is Going OM with Sandie Sedgbeer

PMH Atwater – The Forever Angels: Near Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong ImpactAired Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM ESTNear Death Experiences (NDEs) are not a new phenomenon. Plato claimed that Socrates had had one, and so did Pliny the Elder. According to a report published a few years back, an estimated 200,000 Americans have reported experiencing an NDE, and numerous research studies have been conducted and published on this experience. To a large extent, most NDE’s we get to hear about are reported as positive, life-changing experiences. But, it transpires, the same claim can not necessarily be made when they are experienced by very young children.Internationally respected researcher author PMH Atwater is a leading authority on Near Death Experiences, having dedicated the past four decades to researching, lecturing, compiling data, and interviewing over 5,000 adults and children. A three-time Near Death Experiencer herself, she is the author of 18 ground-breaking books on NDEs, spiritual experiences, transformations of consciousness, reality shifts, future memory and more. She has lectured twice at the United Nations , appeared on numerous top TV and radio show, and received prestigious awards for her research, which has been cited in The Lancet Medical Journal.This week, she joins Sandie to discuss her most recent book, The Forever Angels: Near Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong Impact, which establishes that the after-effects of the NDE experience in the newly born, babies, toddlers and children up to the age of five has a far greater impact than anyone thought or has found before.Connect with PMH at http://www.pmhatwater.com/Visit the What Is Going OM show page https://omtimes.com/iom/shows/what-is-going-omConnect with Sandie Sedgbeer at https://www.sedgbeer.com#PMHAtwater #TheForeverAngels #WhatIsGoingOM #SandieSedgbeer #Lifestyle


2 Apr 2021

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Mother of Near Death Experiences - PMH Atwater

JeffMara Paranormal Podcast

Today’s guest is the brilliant PMH Atwater. She is an international authority on Near-Death experiences and spiritual transformations and she is an author of 18 books on or related to near death experiences and her newest book is The Forever Angels: Near-Death Experiences In Childhood and Their Life long Impact. We talk about her research of near death experiences. #paranormal #nde #nde2020

1hr 11mins

28 Dec 2020