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Tim Minchin Discussing Science, Culture, & Comedy

The Origins Podcast with Lawrence Krauss

Tune in for an excellent conversation between Tim Minchin and Lawrence Krauss. They dive into a variety of interesting subjects, such as Tim Minchin's upbringing, his scientific interests, comedy, culture, the state of the world, and even a few of Tim Minchin's current projects that is he working on now.

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18 Jan 2022

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Tim Minchin Calls Out Cosi For Not Doing His Research...

Bec, Cosi and Lehmo Catch Up - SAFM Adelaide

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11 Jan 2022

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Tim Minchin on playing the piano, cultivating your audience, being in the moment, and impressive turds

That's Enough Already with Urzila Carlson

This week we have one of the smartest, funniest and talented individuals out of Australia, Tim Minchin.We chat intelligent audiences, the 2 sides of Tim, losing our way online, being right, being human and what shits him to death.Follow Tim on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/timminchin/Follow Urzila on Instagram http://instagram.com/urzilacarlsonSee Urzila on tour in Australia & NZ: https://urzilacarlson.com/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


28 Nov 2021

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Series 1 Ep5 - Tim Minchin

Songs In The Key Of Laugh

Songs In The Key Of Laugh - Episode 5 - Tim MinchinSongs In The Key Of Laugh is a lighthearted, action-packed podcast hosted by Corky and the Juice Pigs founder, Phil Nichol and musical maestro David Tims.Each week, they will delve in to the world of comedy songs and musical comedians. There will be laughs, gaffs, parody games and heaps of fun alongside in-depth interviews with some of the world’s finest purveyors of comedy songs and musical comedy.This week's guest is comedian, actor, composer, songwriter, pianist and director Tim Minchin Help celebrate this oft maligned art form and subscribe today.Subscribe at https://www.songsinthekeyoflaugh.com, find out more about Tim at https://www.timminchin.com/ & https://twitter.com/timminchin See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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3 Nov 2021

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Tim Minchin

Book Shambles with Robin and Josie

Robin Ince's brand new book The Importance of Being Interested: Adventures in Scientific Curiosity is out TODAY! Go grab a signed copy from our bookshop now at cosmicshambles.com/bookshop. To celebrate we did a livestream launch event early this week with Robin talking about the book with our Shambles chum, musician, composer and comedian Tim Minchin. So we've made that conversation available on the podcast this week complete with bonus introduction from Robin and his Science Shambles co-host Dr Helen Czerski. You can watch the full livestream on our YouTube channel. Robin and Tim chat about what they love about science, cosmic vertigo, putting big ideas into song and why you should definitely get the vaccine. Support the podcast by subscribing at patreon.com/bookshambles for extended episodes and more.

1hr 10mins

7 Oct 2021

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tim minchin: a hole that needs filling


Mark and Michael talk to rock god and renaissance man Tim Minchin, about the dance of masculinity, being good enough, and apes.menkind are on Patreon! If you enjoy listening, would like access to audio and video extras every week, and are able to support us, you can find us at patreon.com/menkindpodcastFollow menkind on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @menkindpodcast and @watsoncomedian, @mschakraverty and @timminchin across all of those too. Recorded and edited by Lianne Coop at Impatient Productions. Artwork by Haiminh Le. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


13 Sep 2021

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TIM MINCHIN: “I can’t wait to dive into the penis.”

Manatomy with Danny Wallace & Phil Hilton

Comedian Tim Minchin sits down with Danny and Phil and tells them he has a complex relationship with his body. On the one hand, he knows it’s perfectly pleasant. On the other, he doesn’t see how it can be. We talk teenage bodies, how we’ve tried to appeal more to women, and at one point he’s very keen to talk about penises. Note: there is a little dodgy audio at the very beginning for a couple of minutes, but it gets much better very quickly. As ever, email us on hello@assemblehere.co.uk, find us on Twitter @assemblehere and if you review us, let us know the thing about your body you’d give five stars! Don’t forget you can subscribe to our twice-weekly newsletter, packed with stories and useful stuff, at assemblehere.co.uk.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


28 Jul 2021

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Tim Minchin Live - Part 2

Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps

Part #2 of Josh's live show with musical comedy legend Tim Minchin. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


25 Jun 2021

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Tim Minchin, Hot Sauce Challenges, and Pippa’s Boob Enlargement Tape #291

The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast

Can you guess what time it is? It’s time for a new episode of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast! This week was RED HOT as the whole team embraced their inner Matt Parkes-Smith and tasted a selection of super-spicy chilli sauces - It’s safe to say James wasn’t a fan. Then we took a trip back in time, as we listened to Pippa’s old breast enlargement hypnosis tape from the 90’s (and we’re fairly sure it worked on Dom!). Later in the week, we discovered that Apple Music had swapped Radio X and Radio 2 around which caused a massive kerfuffle! Then on Thursday, we spoke to acclaimed musician and composer, Tim Minchin, to talk about his new album and tour - along with some funny stories about him and Chris’ antics during ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. After that, we finished off the week by chatting to Toby about his heavy night, following a trip to the pub.And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more…- Prize Dump On Your Doorstep- Presenter Sweepstake Chat- Chris’ EyedropsEnjoy!The Chris Moyles Show on Radio XWeekdays 6:30-10am

1hr 43mins

25 Jun 2021

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Tim Minchin Live - Part 1

Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps

Musical comedy legend Tim Minchin joins Josh live on stage for a sold-out podcast performance. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


18 Jun 2021