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UK4 - The Day After The Death Star! (with Eric Ambler)

Marvel Star Wars Explorers

As a certain Star Warrior, riding the highs of his recent victory, finds himself in a Space Duel for his life, we find ourselves riding the highs of having Eric Ambler rejoin us on the podcast to talk with us about our Tamagotchi memories, Star Wars trilogy novelizations, Chewie's medal, and the surprisingly deep characterization of Luke Skywalker in this story.

1hr 40mins

19 Aug 2021

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108 - Forever Crimson (with Eric Ambler and Sean Davis)

Marvel Star Wars Explorers

As the Star Warriors race to the edge of the galaxy for a dark encounter with the foul lady, Domina Tagge, Eric Ambler and Sean Davis return to the podcast to discuss all of their favorite moments from a fan-service filled gift of an issue, to look back on some very recent Earth History, to reflect on the entire original Marvel Star Wars run and to prepare for the next exciting phase of Marvel Star Wars Explorers.  

3hr 7mins

25 Mar 2021

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Garamond 12 (2021) #28 - Francisco Bitar, Jorge Carrión, Eric Ambler

Garamond 12

Literatura argentina, literatura española, novela de espías y otros campos de fuerte interés público.

1hr 12mins

17 Mar 2021

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Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (with Eric Ambler and Cam Siemer)

Marvel Star Wars Explorers

There wasn't an issue of Marvel Star Wars in November of 1985, but there was a FULL-BLOWN EWOK TV MOVIE, and we invited our Star Friends from What Were We Watching to come join us to dive into this strange, fantasy romp! Beyond that, we're also talking more Mandalorian, diving into some other iconic 80's films, pitching our own Ewok sequels, and loving Teek and Wilford Brimley. Happy New Year!   

2hr 49mins

14 Jan 2021

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Ep 21: Epitaph For A Spy by Eric Ambler


Can a ping pong stance reveal a baddie? Is our protagonist more James Bond or Mr. Bean? What separates espionage fiction from cozy whodunnit mystery?


24 Nov 2020

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100 - First Strike (with Eric Ambler and Sean Davis)

Marvel Star Wars Explorers

As the New Republic faces its first major conflict against the combined forces of the Nagai and the Empire, the Marvel Star Wars Explorers celebrate the big 100th issue milestone by welcoming back two of our favorite Star Friends, Eric Ambler and Sean Davis! It's a double-sized issue and it warrants a double-sized discussion, in which we tackle another gargantuan Summer of 80's Movies, learn about the cultural significance of Live Aid, react IN REAL TIME to the newest Mando trailer, weigh in on Bey's accelerated, but emotionally satisfying role in this issue and so much MORE! Thanks for sticking with us for 100 issues, Star Friends! Here's to 100 more!

3hr 8mins

29 Oct 2020

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Dan Speaks with Alan Furst, “an heir to the tradition of Eric Ambler and Graham Greene” – Episode 3

Who’s Here in the Hamptons

Dan Speaks with Alan Furst, “an heir to the tradition of Eric Ambler and Graham Greene” – Episode 3Alan Furst, who lives today in a Victorian house in Sag Harbor, is America’s premiere historical spy novelist. He’s written more than a dozen of his stories, almost always about the common folk of Europe who have to somehow deal with the Second World War against the Nazis every day. He is probably most famous for the Polish Officer, but other novels have won awards too.Furst was born in New York City, attended Horace Mann School, received a B. A. from Oberlin College and an M. A. from Penn State. He soon was writing articles for the New York Times, Esquire, Architectural Digest and the International Herald Tribune.Furst spends most every morning writing for a few hours, then spends the rest of the day enjoying the Hamptons and Sag Harbor.   He took some of his time off to explain himself in our podcast.


30 Sep 2020

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094 - Small Wars (with Eric Ambler)

Marvel Star Wars Explorers

As the Alliance grapples with a potential civil war between its two most adorable members, we welcome Eric Ambler, Dark Horse Star Wars Explorer and the original Star Friend, back to the pod to weigh in on the uncertain future of Star Wars in the mid-eighties and today, to hear his thoughts on the stunning cinema of January 1985, to celebrate the debut of Cynthia Martin in these pages, and to address a bounty of e-Words.

2hr 19mins

6 Aug 2020

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Duel of the Fates Table Read Discussion (with Eric Ambler, Sean Davis, Cam Siemer and Kevin Young)

Marvel Star Wars Explorers

The Explorers just finished their table read of the unproduced Episode IX script by Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly and they HAVE THOUGHTS! Joined by the rest of the crew who helped make this momentous event happen, Sam, Brian and the gang give their hot take reactions to what worked for them in this script, what didn't, which of our performances they enjoyed the most, and dig in to how this script compares to the one that was delivered in The Rise of Skywalker! 

1hr 26mins

5 Mar 2020

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Return of the Jedi 1: In the Hands of Jabba the Hutt! (with Eric Ambler and Gensho Tasaka)

Marvel Star Wars Explorers

As the Star Warriors begin to appear one by one in the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine, Sam and Brian kick off their coverage of the four-part adaptation of Return of the Jedi by welcoming first-time guest Gensho Tasaka to the podcast along with our old Star Friend Eric Ambler to discuss the beauty of practical effects, the merits of Jedi Rocks, the thrills of seeing our heroes reunited and the special magical charm that lies within Episode VI of the Star Wars Saga!

1hr 58mins

17 Oct 2019