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Ezra Klein on the Future of Supply-Side Liberalism

Odd Lots

To the surprise of many people, the Biden administration has notched some significant economic policy wins this year. The CHIPS Act represents a major piece of industrial policy aimed at bolstering the US semiconductor sector and making the supply chain more resilient. Meanwhile, the Inflation Reduction Act puts a lot of money towards a range of energy options, with a particular focus on advancing renewables. Ezra Klein, the New York Times Opinion columnist and host of "The Ezra Klein Show," has been a major proponent of "supply-side liberalism," or the idea that Democratic policy aims should focus more on building out supply-side capacity, as opposed to simply redistributing demand. On this episode, we talk about the politics and economics of this endeavor.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Sep 2022

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Evangelical Disarray: Responding to the Interview with Russell Moore on the Ezra Klein Show

On Becoming

In this episode, I use the interview with Russell Moore as a springboard for my own thoughts regarding Evangelicalism.


1 Sep 2022

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Ezra Klein on Roe, Ukraine and Hope

Crosscut Talks

The New York Times columnist and popular podcast host discusses what he pays attention to and why. Ezra Klein makes a living paying attention. As a columnist for the New York Times and the host of the Ezra Klein podcast, he must decide what to focus his attention on, how long to focus it and when to move on. And, given the unforgiving churn of the modern newscycle, that is no small task. Klein’s journalism is expansive enough to effectively respond to that news cycle. He delves into topics as divergent as white nationalism, science fiction, abortion rights and cryptocurrency. But he is no dilettante. Klein comes to each of these topics deeply researched and with well-developed ideas and questions. And when he really wants to understand something, he goes all in and takes his listeners with him. That was the case earlier this year when, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Klein decided to go deep into the conflict. Over the course of a few months, he committed 11 episodes of his hourlong interview podcast to the conflict, investigating numerous aspects of the conflict with expert guests. For this episode of the Crosscut Talks podcast, recorded as part of the 2022 Crosscut Festival, we invited Klein to discuss the thinking that went into his coverage of the war in Ukraine and what understanding he gained from that deep dive. And because we couldn’t focus all our attention on one thing, we asked him about the recent leak of a draft opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court and what hope there is for an end to the partisan rancor that defines our national conversation. --- Credits Host: Mark Baumgarten Producer: Sara Bernard Event producers: Jake Newman, Andrea O'Meara Engineers: Resti Bagcal, Viktoria Ralph


10 May 2022

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Ezra Klein (The New York Times) On The Year Ahead

Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Ezra Klein is a columnist for The New York Times, the host of The Ezra Klein Show, and the author of Why We’re Polarized. He joins us this week to unpack the debate around school closures in the wake of Omicron (6:00), President Biden’s push to pass voting rights legislation (11:30), the GOP’s “precinct strategy” to win local elections (16:24), and what Democrats need to do ahead of the November midterms (23:00).On the back-half, Ezra reflects on his early years covering Washington (29:35), his decision to leave VOX for The New York Times (34:37), his role in today’s media landscape (38:10), and where he’s finding hope in 2022 (45:29).To submit a question, comment, or reflection for our mailbag episode, write us at mail@talkeasypod.com. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


23 Jan 2022

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Classic Episode - Who Boffed The Neanderthal With Sam Harris And Ezra Klein (RIP Joe)

The Intellectual Dollar Tree

Follow: Twitch, Odysee, RSS, Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes Live Show Schedule Join Our Discord Support Us On Patreon Check Out Our Swag Shop Check Out Our Studio Hosts: Producer Dave, HK Perrin, Breadboard Baker (RIP Joe)Music:Rebelskamp - Play DumbCurios Qual - ReconstructionAll of the music you hear on this podcast has been submitted to us by local artists. You can go to our Listen Live page and check out the over 1500 songs we’ve received, always on shuffle any time we’re not doing a broadcast!

25 Nov 2021

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Why we're polarized (Ezra Klein)

Rationally Speaking Podcast

Ezra Klein explains how Republican and Democrats in the US became so different from each other, ideologically and demographically, and why that trend + our institutions =  political gridlock. Questions covered include: Is polarization necessarily bad? Has the left polarized more than the right? And what should we make of polls that seem to show Republicans and Democrats used to agree on immigration policy?

1hr 18mins

5 Nov 2021

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Seven: Ezra Klein on journalism

Effective Altruism: Ten Global Problems – 80,000 Hours

How many words in U.S. newspapers have been spilled on tax policy in the past five years? And how many words on CRISPR? Or meat alternatives? Or how AI may soon automate the majority of jobs? When people look back on this era, is the interesting thing going to have been fights over whether or not the top marginal tax rate was 39.5% or 35.4%, or is it going to be that human beings started to take control of human evolution; that we stood on the brink of eliminating immeasurable levels of suffering on factory farms; and that for the first time the average American might become financially comfortable and unemployed simultaneously? Ezra Klein is one of the most prominent journalists in the world. Ezra thinks that pressing issues are neglected largely because there’s little pre-existing infrastructure to push them, and we chose him to introduce journalism. Full transcript, related links, and summary of this interviewThis episode first broadcast on the regular 80,000 Hours Podcast feed on March 20, 2021. Some related episodes include: #53 – Kelsey Piper on the room for important advocacy within journalism #88 – Tristan Harris on the need to change the incentives of social media companies #59 – Cass Sunstein on how social change happens, and why it's so often abrupt & unpredictable #57 – Tom Kalil on how to do the most good in government #51 – Martin Gurri on the revolt of the public & crisis of authority in the information age Series produced by Keiran Harris.

1hr 45mins

3 Oct 2021

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Ezra Klein Interview (New York Times) | EA Global: Reconnect 2021

EA Radio

In this episode, Rob Wiblin interviews American journalist Ezra Klein on the 80,000 Hours Podcast. Ezra first rose to prominence in the mid-2000s for his individual blogging, before being picked up to blog for The American Prospect and then the Washington Post. In 2014, he co-founded the news website Vox.com, where he served as Executive Director and hosted the podcast The Ezra Klein Show. While at Vox, Ezra helped start the Future Perfect vertical, which runs evidence-driven stories about a variety of topics, many of which are related to focus areas in effective altruism.  In 2020 he published the book Why We're Polarized. In January, he left Vox to start a new column and host a revamped Ezra Klein Show at the New York Times.

1hr 45mins

28 Sep 2021

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Audio Essay 5 - Sam Harris Ezra Klein Debate Summary


Summary and analysis of this Sam Harris – Ezra Klein debate about science and racism in America: https://www.vox.com/2018/4/9/17210248/sam-harris-ezra-klein-charles-murray-transcript-podcast--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ami1649/message


13 Sep 2021

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ICYMI: Ezra Klein on Polarization, Manchin, Future of Democracy

That Trippi Show

Joe is traveling this week, so we're re-offering one of our favorite conversations (in case you missed it) to hold you till next week.In June, Joe and Alex spoke to Ezra Klein, author of Why We're Polarized and New York Times podcaster and columnist. Ezra, Joe, and Alex have a fascinating discussion about polarization, how the two parties relate to each other, why disengaged voters are being pushed even further away, and what happens from here.Plus, Ezra dissects the unique importance of Joe Manchin, how rare he is in today's political climate, and how his strategy on key issues will create massive policy and procedural implications.Buy Ezra's book, Why We're Polarized, now available in paperback here.Read Ezra's column on Joe Manchin here: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/17/opinion/joe-manchin-filibuster-voting-rights.html Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


10 Sep 2021