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S04 Ep. 91: An Evening w/Super Bowl Champion Ray Rice

The Stop Playin' Podcast

We open the 4th season joined by Super Bowl Champion Ray Rice; (09:25) We reflect on the Capitol insurrection and political landscape while reminiscing on the 90’s; (22:30) Dr. Dre’s recovery inspires an idea about union reps; (33:45) the Kardashian machine stays in the news and we break down some of our favorite TV shows; (47:01) The NBA season has begun, we revisit “The Last Dance”, LBJ vs. MJ, success of the NBA bubble; (1:00:10) the College Football National Championship is upon us and Ray shares his experience as a college athlete; (1:12:35) Ray’s thoughts on the NFL regular season, playoff predictions, tells some stories from his playing days and Super Bowl experience. https:\\stopplayinpodcast.comFB & IG: @thestopplayinpodcastTwitter: @Stop_PlayinPod#StopPlayinandSubscribe

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9 Jan 2021

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Episode 35 - Kyle Ray Rice

Garage Built Podcast

Kyle Ray Rice is one of the most talented builders in the game! Hell On Wheels Garage Built Podcast Episode #35 is up! Find us on: SPOTIFY iheartradio and iTunes Please visit our sponsors: Letric Lighting: visit your local Tucker V-Twin dealer or www.namzcustomcycleproducts.com to see all of the new products online and follow LETRICLIGHTINGCO on social media 1620 Work Wear - premium “Made in the USA” work wear guaranteed for life! Visit www.1620usa.com and use discount code “SPEEDMETAL” for 20% off at check out. Also follow @1620usa on Instagram Fix Your Lid Grooming - USA

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22 Jul 2020

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What If the Ray Rice Incident Never Happened?

Locked On Ravens - Daily Podcast On The Baltimore Ravens

What if the Ray Rice incident never happened? Today we talk about who Ray Rice the football player was, who Ray Rice the person is, and how different things would be for the franchise if the incident never happened Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


15 Jun 2020

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Kyle Ray Rice #134

the fastlife podcast

I was introduced to Kyle a few years back at Dayton bike week, he had took an FXR and at a young age took it upon himself to teach himself to do nearly every aspect of the build from concept design, fabrication to the paint job!   The Fast Life Campout 3 April 23-26 Kriver campground @dreamridesjohn ⚡️ www.teamdreamrides.com @painthuffermetalflake  ⚡️www.paintHuffer.com Offer code “fastlife13” for 10% off @Thundermaxefi ⚡️ www.shoptmax.com @lexinmoto ⚡️ www.lexin-moto.com Offer code “fastlife” for 15% off

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6 Apr 2020

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Kirk and the Crab 007: The Ray Rice Interview - 2019-04-10

Kirk and the Crab

It's been 5 years since that fateful night in an Atlantic City elevator. What's his life been like since? Find out on this fresh helping of Kirk and the Crab. Thanks to Valley Exxon Circle K in Brooklandville for their continued support... 


12 Apr 2019

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second chance on leftover rice- should ray rice play or should he go?


are you the type of person that likes to have leftovers? what about the figurative type of leftovers, like toxic relationships that keep coming back? like ray rice's domestic violence? but what about leftovers in the form of getting a second chance after making a mistake by picking up the pieces?if done correctly, everyone deserves a second chance. ray rice has an opportunity to admit that domestic violence is a real issue and needs to be addressed so that all that energy is going towards change in the right direction. making a comeback is a good thing, and it teaches others that they can change their path. if we remain victims, we will never heal. links to check out:A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on ray rice and domestic violencenfl roger goodall botching domestic violence by crucifying ray riceA HUMAN PROJECT podcast on shame and talking about michael vick getting over itsecond chance program mission statementbattered woman syndromepsa from nfl players at nomore.org "it's something hard to talk about."A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on using the right words to describe somethingjimmy johnson statement that arizona cardinals should get ray riceA HUMAN PROJECT podcast on racism and unrest in fergusonA HUMAN PROJECT podcast on recent ferguson violencebrandon marshall's comeback as personality disorder spokesperson after getting helpA HUMAN PROJECT podcast on bill cosby battered husbandsmodules from superhuman.life


8 Dec 2014

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Gay Catholic high school coach Nate Alfson joins us. Plus, reaction to Ray Rice.


We'll talk about the Ray Rice issue today, how the NFL and other pro leagues are falling behind on social issues and whether sports should be - or even can be - just about X's and O's.Then we'll be joined today by Nate Alfson, the gay volleyball and baseball coach who came out publicly on Outsports this summer. He works at a Catholic high school and has embarked on his 2014/15 season. What has been the reaction from the locals in town and the school? We find out today. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


11 Sep 2014

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BradCast 9/10/2014 (Wife-beaters: NFL's Ray Rice and Federal Judge Mark Fuller; What to do about ISIS?)

The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman

Independent investigative journalism, broadcasting, trouble-making and muckraking with Brad Friedman of BradBlog.com


11 Sep 2014

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The Building Years- Episode 155: Celebrity Nude Pictures, Ray Rice, and Guardians of the Galaxy

Jeremiah wonders...

Justin and Jeremiah talk about the recent leak of celebrity nude pictures, the Ray Rice incident, and the new Marvel movie Guardians Of The Galaxy.


10 Sep 2014