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The Brett Snodgrass Podcast - Ep 32: Christina Krause - Avoiding Stupid Mistakes - Real Estate Business Failure To Success

The Brett Snodgrass Podcast

This real estate business owner grew her company to an incredibly profitable level, but she lost everything on one bad deal. And it was a deal that she could have easily let go of without any problem. So why didn't she avoid her downfall? Christina Krause shares about the bad decisions she made, and how stupid mistakes led to the loss of her business, and left her as a single mom. She also shares how she launched a new incredibly successful business, and how she has created a system that keeps her from making anymore bad decisions. Christina is a business owner of Postal Impact LLC and Virtual Lead Managers where they take industry-leading data for real estate investors so they can grow their businesses.

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9 Aug 2021

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Scaling Your Business Through Authenticity ft. Christina Krause

Real Estate Influencer

Christina Krause is a principal with Postal Impact, a white-glove marketing/consulting company and lead provider for real estate investors across the nation.  Using data analytics, Postal Impact tracks the marketing and performance results of some of the most successful investors in the nation to identify trends, motivated sellers, and the ideal methods to reach and convert them.   Most recently, Postal Impact launched Virtual Lead Managers, a service that provides dedicated, remote lead managers who are qualified, pre-trained, and ready to be deployed into their clients businesses.  These VLMs nurture and audit leads through the entire sales pipeline and run critical follow-up sequences on every non-converted lead to maximize ROI. Postal Impact’s mission is to use the experience and unique insight they have to help investors properly set up a well-organized business, study data, and run effective marketing campaigns.  Investors can do this by utilizing everything from a one-stop-shop, easy-button, marketing hub to a completely done-for-you direct mail marketing service.


8 Oct 2020

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Christina Krause and Paul Del Pozo on Not Getting Enough Real Estate Leads

The Flip Talk Podcast with Don Costa

Christina Krause is a seasoned real estate investor and owner of Postal Impact, Postal Impact Marketing Hub, and Virtual Lead Managers, businesses that were created to help new investors get a better understanding of how real estate works. Paul Del Pozo is a real estate investor who invests in the South Florida area. He represents PropStream, a real estate software created for brokers, realtors, and investors. PropStream helps streamline lead generation by only showing leads based on your criteria. In today’s episode, Christina and Paul discuss how they vet quality leads and when investors should - and should not - follow up with a lead. They explain why new investors should track their leads, their lists, and their day-to-day activity. They describe the lists they prefer in their markets and the steps they take to make sure they’re only chasing good deals. Christina and Paul also share their thoughts on different marketing strategies and which ones can provide the best value. "It's far more important how you convert those leads than what your lead type is.” - Christina Krause On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk: Where the money comes from in marketing. Why pre-foreclosure lists are a good source of leads. The effects of financial distress on the mindset of a seller. How to get out of your own bubble when you're just starting out. Should new investors worry about tracking their KPIs? The profitability of PPC, TV deals, and direct mails. Why you should always track what happens to the deal, even if you lose it. How to know if the leads you're getting are worth chasing. The frequency of follow-ups and how long you should follow-up before you let go of a lead. Why Christina doesn't like acquisitions managers doing follow-ups. The number of leads Paul lets his acquisition manager keep. Resources Mentioned: PropStream Free Trial Connect with Christina Krause: Postal Impact Postal Impact Marketing Hub Virtual Lead Managers Connect with Paul Del Pozo: PropStream Rate, Review, Learn and Share Thanks for tuning into the FlipTalk podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and want to learn even more about what it takes to build a 7-figure real estate business, head over to iTunes and subscribe to the show. Don’t forget to tune into our other shows: FlipTalk’s Rookie PlayBook and share your favorite episodes on social media to help other new investors learn what it takes to grow a successful business in the real estate investing industry. Join the community of FlipTalk fans on Facebook, YouTube,  and visit our website for even more content, information, and resources about real estate investing.


29 Jun 2020

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EP 199: Direct Mail Masterclass #4 | The One Missing Piece To Your Direct Mail Marketing w/ Christina Krause

CarrotCast Podcast - Real Estate Marketing for Investors & Agents

In our 4th and final episode in our series covering direct mail for real estate, we sat down with Christina Krause of Postal Impact. We dove in deeper to discuss tracking, training, metrics, and all of the insanely strategic things Christina does for her clients. So get out a pen, get comfortable, and get ready to learn all about what your direct mail campaign may be missing: data.


17 Mar 2020

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Christina Krause - CEO of British Columbia Patient Safety and Quality Council


This episode with Christina is a robust conversation on patient voices and the impact on patient safety and quality of care.  Christina shares her own personal story of why she so passionate in her work and where she thinks patient engagement, safety and quality are going.


25 Oct 2019

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2019-10-23 Christina Krause High Volume Leads

Real Life Real Estate Investing

23 Oct 2019

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Episode 309: Customer Relations Management: BEST PRACTICES with Christina Krause

Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast

The market is about speed and consistency. It’s a race to getting to the deals first and getting it all the time, and it never stops because the market never rests. However, human as we are, we can get tired even if we are winning and doing great in the industry. That is why, in this day and age, automation and outsourcing are key. We need systems and people in place that can help us move forward. Christina Krauss of Postal Impact, LLC is someone who is a great believer in delegating tasks so you can do what you do best. She tells us all about that, and talks about lead generation and marketing, why follow-up is essential, and more. Don’t miss out on this great episode to learn about fully owning your business from a marketing standpoint.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Real Estate Investor Summit Community: reinvestorsummit.com Real Estate Investor Summit Facebook Real Estate Investor Summit Twitter Real Estate Investor Summit YouTube Mitch Stephen LinkedIn


8 Aug 2019

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EP 158: How to Generate Motivated Seller Leads + Direct Mail Secrets! w/ Christina Krause of Postal Impact

CarrotCast Podcast - Real Estate Marketing for Investors & Agents

Extensive research and data compiling by Postal Impact finds that an investor’s biggest missed opportunity is their follow-up sequence. Surprisingly, less than 20% even have one, yet a whopping 60-70% of your deals come from having a good follow-up sequence! In this episode, Christina Krause is going to show you some of her best lead-gen strategies on how to attract more motivated sellers using data you probably already have. She's a seasoned real estate investor with a wealth of knowledge on what works in today's shifting market. She also shares exactly how they're crushing it with direct mail. Her company, Postal Impact, is all about making your probate marketing simple, painless, and automatic. We'll also be talking about how to go into new markets, what it means to scale personal attention, and how you can use data and automation within your business. Enjoy this special episode! Watch the full YouTube video at  Full show notes at

1hr 11mins

4 Jun 2019

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EP304: Christina Krause Drops Gems on Marketing, Data Analytics, and What You Can Ethically Steal from the "Big Boys"

The Flip Empire Show

This is Christina Krause’s second guest appearance and she’s back dropping some serious wisdom. She is the Owner of PostImpact and an investor herself. What makes Christina so valuable to her real estate clients is that she can dive into your numbers, understand what's going on, and make some tweaks, so that you come out on a completely different level from your competition. Get out of your head, focus on your genius zone, and get to work! Key Takeaways: Christina has access to data and info you’d kill for! She’s a wizard when it comes to marketing, and data analytics. What trends has Christina been seeing when it comes to marketing? Why are real estate investors so darn lazy when it comes to marketing?! Christina explains what coaches do to take really amazing athletes to the next level. Somebody has to be in the background helping you make little tweaks in the business that end up smashing world records. What stops a great investor from becoming an amazing investor? You have to ask yourself the right types of questions to get you unstuck. There really is no such thing as ‘self-made.’ People need accountability in their life! Be honest about what you truly struggle with and hire the right people to help you with it. Ask yourself: "What is taking up my mental equity? What is holding me back?" How does someone figure out what their ‘genius zone’ is? Remember, you have to start now if you want to make a lasting change. Don’t spend all your time and effort on an area you’re simply not good at. You’re wasting time! Note: 93% of the leads you get in follow-up are going to happen at the 30-120 day mark. Tip: Add humanity to create a competitive difference in your company. What makes Christina so valuable to her clients? There has to be a moment in time where you stop everything and go, “Okay. I’m serious about this.” Things don’t ‘just happen’ to the big guys. They worked hard to get to where they are today. It wasn’t an overnight success. Mentioned in This Episode: Interested in having your own Virtual Lead Manager? Click here to learn how Virtual Lead Managers are the "Secret Strategy" that Elite Investors are using to do 63% ore more deals every month. Click Here to apply for our next Holiday Mastermind in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! If you are interested in joining our team, you can Apply Here Do you have an existing business? Already closing deals, but feel there is a better way? Connect with Alex here about working with him 1-on-1 Let's Connect on Instagram: @alexpardo25 Episode 122: “Christina Krause on Profiting Big from Probates (and How To Have The Marketing Completely Done-For-You)” Connect with Christina: Postalimpact.com & Flipempire.com/christina Tweetables: “You’ve got to scale to be better, not scale to be bigger.” “We want the lightning. Entrepreneurs are trained to believe that we’re successful when we create this big fire moment.” “You’re not a genius at everything. You’re a genius at one or two things, other than that, figure out how to get someone else.” Ask Alex A Question: Have a question you want featured on an upcoming Flip Empire Show? Head over to the Ask Alex page, and record your question. We’ve made it super easy for you, so let us know what challenges you are having, and Alex will answer it personally! Did you get your FREE Online Course? Text the word EMPIRE to 67076, and we’ll send you a link to get instant access to the “5 Ways To Scale Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business To Six Figures (In 6 Months Or Less)” video module training course. Subscribe To The Flip Empire Show, and Leave a Rating & Review!


29 Apr 2019

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EP122: Christina Krause on Profiting Big from Probates (and How To Have The Marketing Completely Done-For-You)

The Flip Empire Show

Not sure about targeting probate properties? Well, today’s guest, Christina Krause, is here to tell you otherwise. You’re missing huge opportunities by not targeting these properties. Yes, they’re a bit sensitive to touch, but keep in mind that you’re here to provide people a valuable service. Christina has had people in tears because she’s easily helped them sell their family’s property. Christina does a deep dive on what’s working when it comes to a successful probate direct-mail campaign. Key Takeaways: Not targeting probates with your direct mail? You’re missing the boat! Today’s guest, Christina, has been buying and selling property since 1999. Probates give you an opportunity to capitalize on some big deals. Stay till the end, Christina has a free gift for you (that she normally charges for). Who is Christina and how did she get started? Christina has about 250 rentals on her own. Let’s back up, what are probate properties exactly? Some people are a bit wary about touching probates. Christina explains why you shouldn’t be. You have to firmly believe you’re providing a valuable service to these homeowners. What do you do when you get some nasty phone calls? Christina shares some specific examples of what works in your direct mail campaign when it comes to targeting probates. Christina’s team physically handwrites every probate address on the envelope. You don’t typically send mass quantities of these, so it makes it easy and more personal. Also, you don’t want your handwriting to be too perfect. Christina has a service that helps people market to probate properties. How does it work? Christina only markets to probates these days. It’s just that good. How does Christina’s service handle the mailing on this? The biggest takeaway? Target probates!!! Whatever you decide to do in the end, take action on it. Mentioned in This Episode: To download Christina's book, or if you would like more information about the Probate Leads and/or Done-For-You marketing service, please GO HERE <--- Ask Alex A Question: Have a question you want featured on an upcoming Flip Empire Show? Head over to the Ask Alex page, and record your question. We’ve made it super easy for you, so let us know what challenges you are having, and Alex will answer it personally! Did you get your FREE Online Course? Text the word EMPIRE to 67076, and we’ll send you a link to get instant access to the “5 Ways To Scale Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business To Six Figures (In 6 Months Or Less)” video module training course. Subscribe To The Flip Empire Show, and Leave a Rating & Review!


31 Jul 2017