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EP. 114 | Rachel Cruze [Stewarding Our Lives]

The Messy Table with Jenn Jewell

Happy January, friends! We can’t think of a better way to kick off the 2022 season than a conversation with Rachel Cruze at The Messy Table! In today’s episode, Amy Groeschel and Jenn Jewell are chatting with Rachel about stewarding our lives—our money, our time, our relationships—to magnify God. We’re covering topics like: Shifting seasons of work/family life Raising strong (and strong-willed) kids Practical money-saving tips Financially unified marriages Baby steps to becoming debt-free Teaching kids/teens to handle money The value of having a clear vision It’s the perfect time to consider just how we’re spending our lives. So, grab your coffee, pull up a chair, and join us at The Messy Table! Listen: You have lots of options for listening. Pick your flavor! CONVERSATION NOTES The Rachel Cruze Show | The Ramsey Show Know Yourself, Know Your Money by Rachel Cruze Every Dollar Budgeting App | Ramsey Solutions 4 Lies Culture Tells Us About Money with Rachel Cruze at Life.Church How to Take Hold of Your Money with Dave Ramsey at Life.Church Life.Church | Life.Church Sisters | YouVersion Bible App CONNECT WITH RACHEL, AMY, JENN, AND THE MESSY TABLE PODCAST ON INSTAGRAM Want more episodes from The Messy Table? Check out Ep. 92 with Tara-Leigh Cobble [The Bible Recap], Ep. 44 with Andra Pinkston [Pursuing Life-Giving Boundaries + Financial Freedom], and Ep. 43 with Christine Caine [Living Unashamed + On Purpose]. The post EP. 114 | Rachel Cruze [Stewarding Our Lives] appeared first on Jenn Jewell.

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11 Jan 2022

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Rock Solid Radio - Rachel Cruze from Ramsey Solutions - Episode 168

Rock Solid Radio

Have you ever felt like you're the only one that doesn't have your act together?  We look at TV personalities and people on social media and we often come away thinking they have the best version that life has to offer.  Rock Solid Radio had the opportunity to host celebrity, Rachel Cruze to the show.  The main thing we walked away with from our show is just how down to earth and authentic she is. Rachel is the daughter of Dave Ramsey that introduced Financial Peace University and a host of many other ideas and products to help people effectively manage their money.  From radio shows to to TV appearances, Dave became quite well known.  Fast forward a few years and we began to see his daughter, Rachel, tag along his side.  Whether it was at live events or helping her father write a book for kids and money matters, Rachel began to cut her teeth in the business.  Rachel began to see that she had a knack for public speaking and she loved the message and service she could provide when it came to money management.   She also recognized that she could speak to a very different target audience than her father.  Because of her age and role in life, she began to build a message for young families, moms, and kids.  She began to see that she could be even more proactive in her approach to money as she could help parents teach their kids about money smarts at a very young age.  Rachel has now authored or coauthored  five different books, hosts a regular show, and is involved in numerous projects and missions at Ramsey Solutions.  With all of this, she is a mother of three young children and a wife to her husband, Winston.  When asked how she manages all of these responsibilities she is quick to recognize the importance of priority.  With her first priority being her foundation in God.  She claims that from this everything else follows.  This is what helps her and her husband stay grounded and steady in the day to day life.  For more information about Rachel Cruze go to: https://www.ramseysolutions.comFor more information about Rock Solid Families go to: https://www.rocksolidfamilies.orgSupport the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=0Gu_CU51XtrK1z7cJxUO4BlOgzML2iPZFzYxn5WvnE-59-sq_NHQrti0JG6z2k84mOVEWm&country.x=US&locale.x=US)


4 Jan 2022

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080 | Rachel Cruze on the Lies Every Generation Believes About Debt and How to Talk About Money from the Pulpit

ChurchPulse Weekly

Rachel Cruze (national bestselling author and financial expert at Ramsey Solutions) sits down with Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman to discuss financial flourishing. Together, they talk about mistakes every generation makes around debt, practical ways for leaders to speak with Gen Z and Millennials about giving and how pastors can deal with financial pressures in their own lives.  -- Sign up for the Accelerating Generosity CoLab today at Barna.com/Colab! To get more practical financial advice from Rachel, check out her latest book, Know Yourself, Know Your Money. Read more about the study Ramsey Solutions did on the state of debt at Ramseysolutions.com.


30 Sep 2021

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Know Yourself, Know Your Money – an Interview with Rachel Cruze #294

It's a good life

“There's going to be fear - let's make that a tool and see that as a gift to do something different.” – Rachel Cruze Watch the video episode. Understanding yourself is essential to understanding the way you handle money. In this episode, Brian interviews personal finance expert Rachel Cruze about her new book, “Know Yourself, Know Your Money.” Rachel shares why understanding your own behaviors and beliefs will help you to take control and handle your finances better. YOU WILL LEARN: How to eliminate financial fear. Why it’s vital to keep learning. How to identify the 7 major money tendencies. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: https://www.ramseysolutions.com/rachel-cruze “Know Yourself, Know Your Money,” by Rachel Cruze “Love Your Life, Not Theirs,” by Rachel Cruze “Smart Money, Smart Kids,” by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze “The Voice of the Heart,” by Chip Dodd “The Shawshank Redemption,” movie “Shooter,” movie INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FROM THIS EPISODE: “Fear is your body's response that you are in need of something.” – Rachel Cruze “It takes a level of humility to be able to say ‘I don't have it all.’” – Rachel Cruze “Change is uncomfortable. It's hard. We don't like it. We just want to keep doing what we know.” – Rachel Cruze “We can justify our purchases to maybe put a BAND-AID over deeper things going on.” – Rachel Cruze “There's no point being right and being alone.” – Brian Buffini https://www.TheBrianBuffiniShow.com http://www.brianbuffini.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brian_buffini Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brianbuffini Twitter: https://twitter.com/brianbuffini Theme Music:  “The Cliffs of Moher” by Brogue Wave See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Sep 2021

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502. Rachel Cruze on How to Improve Your Financial Habits

The Chris Harder Show

In This Episode You Will Learn About: How our childhood affects our views of money Building up financial restraint Two surprising tips for freeing up money Why money problems are often a symptom of life problems Money tips for couples Reframing money fear as a gift The four childhood money classrooms Moving from selfish to selfless Resources: rachelcruze.com Read: Know Yourself, Know Your Money Twitter: @RachelCruze Instagram: @RachelCruze Facebook: facebook.com/rachelramseycruze YouTube: youtube.com/c/rachelcruze Text “DAILY” to 310-421-0416 to receive a daily money mantra for free Show Notes: Growing up as the daughter of the famous financial guru Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze hated budgeting. That is, until she discovered the freedom that budgeting provided when she started doing it for herself. Now she uses everything that she’s learned growing up to share fun, practical ways to take control of your money and create a life you love. She talks about her upbringing in a family that’s famous for providing financial advice and the pressures that come along with that, the four childhood classrooms that shape your view of money, tips for couples to avoid fighting over finance, and how to take that first step toward budgetary recovery when you can’t even bear to look at your finances. This is going to be a life-changer. Follow me on social media @ChrisWHarder on Instagram and check out chrisharder.me.


12 Jul 2021

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Be The Master of Your Money: Rachel Cruze Tells You How

Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer

How does your financial wellbeing influence your mental wellness? Listen in as Master of Money and Best-Selling Author Rachel Cruze joins us for another exciting episode of Always Evolving with Coach Mike! Rachel and Coach Mike talk about the keys to financial security, the future of currency, what it was like for Rachel growing up as the daughter of financial expert Dave Ramsey, and even get into the spirituality of money. Rachel shares some practical tips for financial freedom and discusses what you can start doing today to achieve it. Tired of your stuff owning you? Want to learn from one the best in the business? Tune in now to find out more! https://www.rachelcruze.com/ https://www.facebook.com/rachelramseycruze https://www.instagram.com/rachelcruze/ https://twitter.com/rachelcruze https://www.youtube.com/user/rachelcruze Instagram.com/coachmikebayer Twitter.com/coachmikebayer Facebook.com/coachmikebayer Tiktok.com/@coachmikebayer Instagram.com/stage29podcasts Twitter.com/stage29podcasts Facebook.com/Stage29Podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


18 Mar 2021

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Ep #57: Don’t Let Your Net Worth Become Your Self-Worth with Rachel Cruze

Living Fully with Mallory Ervin

A lot has changed during the pandemic, especially when it comes to money. Many of us are wondering how to save more, how to pay off our debt faster, and how to make real changes with how we manage our money. Rachel Cruze joins me today to discuss all of this and more. She is a two-time #1 national bestselling author, financial expert, host of The Rachel Cruze Show, and daughter of the one-and-only Dave Ramsey. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: https://bit.ly/38Cti1Y 


15 Mar 2021

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Episode 13: Act Your Wage with Rachel Cruze

We're Going There with Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Friends, sometimes we need a voice to help us remember the power that money can have over us. Money is funny but we all have to deal with it. If we understand that money can be our friend and not our foe and if we learn how to steward it, we can use our finances not just for financial freedom - but to build the Kingdom of God as well. Today my special guest Rachel Cruze will discuss more about how to know ourselves and know our money. She will help us understand why it is important to identify which of the 4 money environments we grew up in and how that affects our view and use of our finances. The 4 money classrooms are: Anxious money classroom Unstable money classroom Unaware money classroom Secure money classroom Let’s be real - nobody likes to talk about money or money issues! I’m so grateful that we got to spend time and learned from Rachel today. You can find her book Know Yourself, Know Your Money anywhere fine books are sold. Thanks for listening in today! It would mean so much to me if you honored and thanked Rachel by tagging her @RachelCruze and @BiancaOlthoff. Two lucky winners will receive a copy of Rachel’s book Know Yourself, Know Your Money. Love you guys and we will chat next week! 🖤 B--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


4 Mar 2021

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Rachel Cruze: ...how emotional money is

Nobody Told Me!

The pandemic has caused a lot of financial stress for many of us! On this episode, we’ll explore what to do if you’ve been left reeling financially due to the impact of the pandemic on your job, business or bank account.  Joining us is financial expert and bestselling author Rachel Cruze, whose show about money, called, 'The Rachel Cruze Show', can be seen on YouTube and heard on Apple Podcasts. Her latest book is called Know Yourself, Know Your Money: Why You Handle Money the Way You Do and What to Do About It. ****** Thanks to our sponsor of this episode! --> AirMedCare: If you're ever in need of emergency medical transport, AirMedCare Network provides members with world class air transport services to the nearest appropriate hospital with no out of pocket expenses. Go to airmedcarenetwork.com/nobody and use offer code 'NOBODY' to sign up and choose up to a $50 eGift Card gift card with a new membership! --> Hello Fresh: Find out for yourself why Hello Fresh is America's #1 Meal Kit! Go to hellofresh.com/nobodytoldme10 and use code 'nobodytoldme10' for 10 free meals, including free shipping. --> Word Forest: Sharpen your mind and increase your focus by playing this addictive puzzle app for word search addicts! Word Forest is offering listeners 2500 coins and 500 gems when you download it on the Apple or Google stores. No code is needed. --> Qube Money: We could all use thisbank account and a budgeting app rolled into one! It helps you spend money with purpose and intention, so you can prevent those unnecessary impulse purchases!) Go to qubemoney.com/ntm to create a free account! Note: this episode previously aired in September 2019 and is part of our 'Best Of' series. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


6 Feb 2021

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Ep 33: A Conversation with Rachel Cruze

Hey It's The Luskos

Do I have a money problem or a life problem? Can I get through school debt-free? Should I be giving my kids an allowance? What are my money tendencies? Sit down with Levi and Jennie for a conversation with Rachel Cruze — #1 New York Times best-selling author and speaker who has a heart to help others become smart with money.New episodes air Thursdays. Subscribe now so you never miss hanging with the Luskos.Links: Connect with Levi: levilusko.com @levilusko on social mediaConnect with Jennie: jennielusko.com or @jennielusko on social mediaConnect with Fresh Life Church: freshlife.church or @freshlife on social mediaConnect with Rachel: rachelcruze.com or @rachelcruze on social mediaKnow Yourself Know Your MoneySmart Money Smart Kids Every Dollar App: https://www.everydollar.com


4 Feb 2021