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Financial Expert Rachel Cruze On How To Get Out Of Debt Faster & Invest In Your Future

Mommy Millionaire

Financial expert Rachel Cruze joins me on this episode to talk about how to build habits that create generational wealth. In our conversation, Rachel breaks down her step-by-step process for making a budget that you can easily stick to. We get into the pros and cons of credit cards and highlight why it’s so important to let your values guide your decisions around money.Rachel also pulls back the curtain about what we’ve been seeing in the news about layoffs, recessions, and volatile stock markets. Plus, she shares some tangible ways to lower your financial risk in your personal and business bank accounts. IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT:How to get out of debt quickly and make progress towards your goals Rachel’s budgeting formula and advice for how to make it fit into your lifestyle  Results from the Ramsey Solutions study of 10,000 millionaires The best place to start if you want to improve your money habits Rachel’s #1 tip for finding the right financial advisor RESOURCESEveryDollar App CONNECT WITH RACHELFollow Rachel: @rachelcruzeLearn more about Rachel: rachelcruze.com Listen to The Rachel Cruze ShowListen to The Smart Money Happy Hour with Rachel Cruze and George Kamel  CONNECT WITH CAYLAFollow Mommy Millionaire: @mommymillionaire.coFollow Cayla: @cayla.craftVisit the Mommy Millionaire website: mommymillionaire.co


6 Feb 2023

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All Things New - Finding Financial Peace - Rachel Cruze

Solo Parent

One of the more challenging parts of being a single parent, is trying to figure out how to make things work financially. When we are primarily responsible for the welfare and health of our kids, the financial burden can feel overwhelming. So as we start this new year and talk about approaching a few foundational parts of our life differently. Finances must be one of the issues close to, if not the top of the list. This week we have a #1 New York Times bestselling author and financial expert, Rachel Cruze, to talk about All Things New: Finding financial peace. For all the detailed show notes, tips and links visit soloparent.org —> ASK US ANYTHING! Leave your question by either pushing the 'talk to us' button on accessmore.com or call 888-881-SOLO (7656). Or email your question to info@SoloParent.org Receive a free SPS Welcome Toolkit with links to groups, info and a free book. Join our daily meditational devotional Download our free app - APPLE | ANDROID


23 Jan 2023

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Telling Your Money What To Do with NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Cruze

The Real Reel

Episode 177: We know how much you all love episodes about money, so we are grabbing an oldie but a goodie from the vault to refresh your financial memory. Natalie is joined by financial expert and NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Cruze to discuss common money mistakes, what your relationship with money says about you, and the importance of saving and budgeting. Tune in to learn how to create freedom through budgeting and why money is neither good nor bad.   Today’s episode dives into:  Why it’s so important to budget and how to create a realistic budget for yourself   How to begin saving and how much you should be saving no matter your income   The biggest money mistake people make    How much you need to in an emergency fund and why you need one   How to overcome a difficult relationship with money   Thank you so much for being a part of our podcast community! Please be sure to rate, follow, review, and of course, post to your highlight reel. Follow your host Natalie on Instagram @nataliebarbu and @therealreelpodcast. Follow Rachel @rachelcruze and find her books at rachelcruze.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


3 Sep 2022

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196. How to Take Charge of Your Financial Wellness with Rachel Cruze

Be Well By Kelly

Rachel Cruze is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, a financial expert, and the host of the Rachel Cruze Show. Growing up as Dave Ramsey's daughter, Rachel hated budgeting for years until she experienced the freedom of budgeting for herself. Now a leader in the space in her own right, she shares fun, practical ways to take control of your money and create a life you love – as a speaker, writer, and popular social media resource. Here are a few of the tips Rachel discusses in today’s episode, drawn from her 7 Baby Steps plan:Build up $1,000 in savingsGet completely out of debtBuild up an emergency fund (3-6 months of your income)Start saving for retirement (15% of your income)Start a college fund (529 plan)Finish paying off your homeBe generous, and continue building wealthIt’s easy to get overwhelmed with personal finance, the percentages, and different accounts and everything else – but the most important thing is getting that first step of momentum. From there, your money, and confidence with it, only grows. You will learn about...Home life and growing up in financeGetting into the industry Importance of momentumBaby steps we can call takeGiving and generosity as part of your financial planResources:Twitter: @RachelCruzeInstagram: @rachelcruzeYouTube Channel: Rachel CruzePodcast: The Rachel Cruze ShowWebsite: https://www.ramseysolutions.com/rachel-cruzeFinancial Peace: ramseysolutions.com/ramseyplus/financial-peaceMobile App: Every DollarConnect with Kelly:kellyleveque.comInstagram: @bewellbykellyFacebook: www.facebook.com/bewellbykellyBe Well By Kelly is produced by Crate Media.Mentioned in this episode:Be Well Protein Powder Grass-fed protein powder with organic monkfruit extract, organic cacao & vanilla, and NOTHING else. Get $5 off your order at bewellbykelly.com with promo code 'PODCAST5'.Levels Continuous Glucose MonitorsJoin Levels and get personalized insights to learn about your metabolic health. Skip the waitlist by going to levels.link/kellylevequeIndeedStart hiring today with a $75 sponsored job credit at Indeed.com/Kelly.Just ThriveVisit JustThriveHealth.com/KellyLeveque and use promo code “BEWELLBYKELLY” for 15% off your order


12 Aug 2022

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Rachel Cruze: How to Deal with America's Most Common Money Problems | Ep.56

Takeaways with Kirk Cameron

Takeaways: Kirk Cameron sits down with Rachel Cruze, daughter of Dave Ramsey, to discuss how Americans can deal with the most comment money problems facing us today. They get into rising gas prices, budgeting, and more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


2 Aug 2022

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Financial advice you MUST know today w/ expert Rachel Cruze from the legendary Dave Ramsey Solutions Enterprise!

Trading Secrets

Check out The Restart Roadmap: Rewire and Reset Your Career now! This week, Jason is joined by best-selling author, financial expert, and host of her own show, Rachel Cruze! Since 2010, Rachel has worked for her father, Dave Ramsey, and his legendary personal finance empire Ramsey Solutions. Rachel shares her takes on how to tackle credit card debt and student loans, the current real estate market, pay transparency, and investing. Rachel also gives her insights on where she and her father have different approaches, the psychology behind money management, and growing up in a house with a financially strict father. How can you own nice things and not have the nice things own you?  What would Rachel be doing if she hadn’t joined the family business? Which Ramsey Solution ventures bring in the most revenue and which are the loss leaders? Rachel reveals all of that and so much more in another episode you can’t afford to miss! Be sure to follow the Trading Secrets Podcast on Instagram & join the Facebook group. Host: Jason Tartick Voice of Viewer: David Arduin Executive Producer: Evan Sahr Produced by Dear Media.

1hr 7mins

1 Aug 2022

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1KHO 57: Just Because Someone Else is Winning, Doesn't Mean You're Losing - The Secrets to Finding Contentment | Rachel Cruze, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E30

The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Rachel Cruze, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author (twice!) and daughter of personal finance expert Dave Ramsey joins us right at the kick-off a new season to discuss crafting the life we want through intentional choices. We talk through the subjects of jealousy and comparison - which are sometimes hard to steer clear of in a social-media drenched world.  We discuss increase in prices and how to still create a fulfilling summer filled with memorable experiences in a way that doesn't break your budget. You can learn more about Rachel and her amazing books at her website, Rachelcruze.com where you'll find so many free resources such as quick and easy dinner recipes as well as budget-friendly vacations!


27 Jun 2022

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The World of the Generous Gets Larger and Larger with Rachel Cruze

The Godmother with Lisa Bevere

Is it hard to believe that God has a plan for your. . . money? Finances often represent an area of deep personal and marital struggle. But, the truth is, if we learn to do money God's way and follow proven biblical principles, we can move from a place of weakness and confusion to a place of strength and clarity! Today on the Godmother podcast, join me and Rachel Cruze, author of Smart Money Smart Kids, as we discuss the benefits of generosity, the freedom of being debt-free, and how to leave a lasting legacy with your money!You can connect with Rachel on Instagram @rachelcruze


19 May 2022

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Girls Night #160: How to get out of Debt and Find Financial Freedom with Rachel Cruze

Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson

Hey friends! Welcome to Girls Night!I’m so excited about today’s episode. Today we’re talking about how to get out of debt!I wanted to do an episode on this topic because I know there are so many women in our community who are really struggling with their finances right now.There are so many things you dream of doing in life, but debt is standing in the way of all of them. You want financial freedom, but reaching that point seems confusing, daunting, and like it will require an unthinkable amount of sacrifice to achieve.I totally understand that feeling. I’ve been there too. But the things we’re talking about in today’s episode have helped me so much to get control of my financial life, and I truly believe they’ll do the same for you.And to help us with this, I invited my friend Rachel Cruze back on the show! Rachel is an author, financial expert and host of The Rachel Cruze Show. I knew I needed to have Rachel on for this episode because she’s helped countless people get out of debt and achieve financial freedom — and the way she does it is so approachable and actually doable.I can’t wait for you to hear from her. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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16 May 2022

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293: Rachel Cruze on How to Navigate Inflation without Going Crazy

Win Today with Christopher Cook

Inflation is the highest it has been in 40 years, and it’s affecting more than peoples’ wallets; it’s affecting their peace. #1 New York Times Bestselling author Rachel Cruze is here this week to give us practical advice about how to navigate the financial challenges that are affecting all of us. And the reason I wanted to have Rachel on the podcast again is not only for the financial tips but also because financial stress can take a toll on our mental and emotional health as well. But it doesn't have to, and that's exactly what we're talking with Rachel about today. If you enjoy this episode with Rachel, I'm sure you'll also enjoy: 225: Know Yourself. Know Your Money. (feat. Rachel Cruze) 285: Training Your Body and Brain to Thrive During Stress and Recover from Trauma (feat. Dr. Elizabeth Stanley) Episode Links: Rachel's Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Buy a copy of Rachel's latest book on Amazon. Subscribe to #WinTodayShow on YouTube. Join the conversation wherever hashtags are welcome using #WinTodayShow. Get the brand-new "Win the Week" email newsletter here. Connect with The Art of Leadership Network of podcasts here.


11 May 2022