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Building Wealth Through Investment Real Estate With Kyle Mitchell

Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast

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29 Mar 2021

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How Setting Small Challenges Can Help You Overcome Social Anxiety - with Kyle Mitchell, of Social Anxiety Kyle

Quiet Connections

Have you ever felt as though you are the only one struggling? Thought that you’ll never be able to hold a conversation, easily make friends, assert yourself, or say the things you want to? Have you ever cried because you’ve felt broken?This weeks episode guest, Kyle Mitchell, has been exactly where you are now. Growing up hearing things like “Oh he doesn’t like to talk, he’s really shy”, Kyle thought this was the way life was going to be, this is who he is, and there was no changing that. Nowadays, Kyle has a different story to tell about himself!Stacie and Kyle explore how setting yourself small challenges helps to rewire the brain to ease the anxieties experienced in social situations, how to embrace your perceived flaws, shift your focus away from perfectionistic outcomes, and learn to love yourself, so that you too, can go from feeling socially anxious, to socially confident. Just like Kyle did.Get your Free Workbook How to Get More Calm & Confident in Social Situations: A Quiet Person’s Guide to Gently Stretching Your Comfort Zone at Your Own PaceDownload here: www.quietconnections.co.uk/workbookAbout our GuestKyle Mitchell is a mental health speaker, podcaster, advocate, and social media influencer. With lived experience of social anxiety, Kyle is passionate about helping others overcome their social anxiety. Kyle is a member of NAMI Louisville (National Alliance of Mental Illnesses)  and is a certified Ending the Silence Speaker for NAMI where he goes into schools to openly discuss mental health and social anxiety with vulnerability. www.socialanxietykyle.com Support the show (https://www.kindlink.com/fundraising/quiet-connections-cic/podcast)


23 Mar 2021

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Episode #48: Breaking Down His Latest Acquisition with Kyle Mitchell

Asset Management Mastery Podcast

Welcome to the Asset Management Mastery Podcast. This show focuses on educating syndicators and apartment owners on how to build systems and manage their properties more efficiently to become best-in-class operators. In today’s show, Gary interviews Kyle about their most recent acquisition in Tucson to take listeners behind the scenes on how they look at markets, opportunities, and executing a business plan. The interview starts with Kyle sharing the merits of the Tucson market and why he and Gary decided to broaden their focus from Phoenix to include it. From there, Kyle gets into some of the factors that he thinks about before scooping up a new deal. After that, we hear about the business plan Kyle and Gary have come up with for their new property, the timeline of its execution, and the different ways it will make their recent acquisition as successful and lucrative as possible. Wrapping up, Kyle shares some of the biggest challenges about the deal so far before telling listeners all about this asset management superpower. Tune in today!Key Points From This Episode:Why Kyle Likes the Tucson market so much; high job diversity and value ad opportunities.Key factors about the new deal that lead Kyle and Gary to purchase it.The quality of operational efficiencies Kyle and Gary look for in a new property.An opportunity to raise the capped rents due in the new property.Key things Kyle is focusing on for the next six months of the business plan.How Kyle is communicating with tenants and investors in the next few months.Savings that are being made in the business plan in four different ways.Challenges faced and how they are being overcome in the new property.Why Kyle’s asset management superpower is attention to detail.Tweetables:“One of the things we look for in a new property are operational inefficiencies.” — @aptcapitalgroup [0:03:35]“It’s really important to get out of the gate running, and if you wait until you close before executing your business plan, you’re going to come out of the gate slowly walking, if that.” — @aptcapitalgroup [0:05:04]“I’m a very detail-oriented person and I like to catch the smallest stuff, and I think that helps us in our overall business plan execution.” — @aptcapitalgroup [0:10:42]Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Free Call with Kyle or LalitaKyle Mitchell on LinkedInGary Lipsky on LinkedInGary Lipsky on TwitterRedIQGarzella Group 


5 Mar 2021

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#186 with Kyle Mitchell: How to Get Started in Multifamily Investing & Scaling to a 150 Million Dollar Portfolio

Millennial Millionaire Real Estate Podcast

In this episode, Jonathan Farber interviews Kyle Mitchell on his journey from putting his money to work in single family rentals to growing a 170 unit, $15 million managed portfolio. Kyle is an out of state syndicator and investor based in Southern California. In this episode, we get into topics like: if you should start small before multifamily, getting started on your first multifamily deal, the psychology of leaving your W2, and more! Top Takeaways: Is it really necessary to work your way up to multifamily - 10:45 - 11:30 If you already have operations experience, you’re primed for the multifamily model While the market seems to swing farther, the vacancy rate adds some cushion You can still learn all the necessary elements, and you aren’t the only member of the team How to make the leap and do your first multifamily deal - 12:00 - 13:30 If you’re in a position with nothing holding you back, then all that’s stopping you is you A coach is a great resource to have, and can get you through the rookie hiccups Your most effective path will involve you applying all your most applicable skills to the deal Getting yourself to burn the boats and offramp from your W2 - 14:15 - 15:30 Try Tim Ferriss’s fear setting exercise - what is the actual worst case scenario if you do this If the worst that can happen is you end up back where you are, then why wouldn’t you try If everything fails and you’re back in a job, at least you know what didn’t work How to bring value to Kyle Mitchell: Check out Asset Management Summit 2021 below Resources: tim.blog/2017/05/15/fear-setting Book by Tim Ferriss: The 4-Hour Workweek Virtual Asset Management Summit Social Links: biggerpockets.com/users/KyleM19 aptcapitalgroup.com Connect With Our Sponsor, MartelTurnkey: martelturnkey.com Schedule a Call info@martelturnkey.com Connect With The host, Jonathan Farber Here! jonjfarber@outlook.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanfarber1/ Instagram: @jonjfarb Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.farber.9 Facebook Group: Real Estate Mentorship Mastermind https://www.facebook.com/groups/860025821084224/ BiggerPockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/JonathanF29 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB8BJ8K5ILXdfOnsDWamVqw Schedule a time to talk: https://calendly.com/jonathan-farber/1-on-1-with-jonathan-farber-mmtr


2 Mar 2021

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Episode 8: Kyle Mitchell:Going All in with Multifamily investing

The Real Path to BYOB(Be your own Boss)

Kyle Mitchell is a real estate entrepreneur who has a focus on Multifamily Syndication and currently has $33Million Assets Under Management. He is the Managing Partner and Cofounder of APT Capital Group and the Asset Management Summit, where their mission is to positively impact the lives of their investors and the communities in which they invest through the highest level of transparency and fiduciary responsibility.  Kyle is also the co-host of the weekly real estate podcasts, Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate & Asset Management Mastery, where he speaks with various experts in the real estate industry to help educate and create clarity for passive investors and new operators. With a background in operations, management, and logistics, he has overseen multi-million dollar businesses and has a passion for doing the same in the multifamily syndication space.Key Point Summary Kyle was in the golf business for 15 years and loved that job but eventually got burnt out and one day looked at his bank account, and 401k and realized it wasn’t where he wanted it to be and he could not see himself wanting to be in that position for another 30 or 40 years. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and in 2016, started looking around and found multifamily, which ties into what he was already doing- managing budgets, building systems, managing people holding them accountable.  He quickly understood the business aspect of multifamily. It really is purchasing multimillion-dollar businesses. And so as soon as he found it, he fell in love with it- took a mentorship coaching course, and within 11 months, left my full-time job to pursue multifamily investing full time. His company primarily focuses on multifamily investing in the Arizona markets -Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona His advice for someone wanting to start in multifamily is just to educate yourself on all things multifamily because several things can be done in multifamily. He also advises -"you've got to decide where your strengths are and what you like to do. And at that point, you can start to find a team and build a team around you, building the team to fill in for your either weaknesses or things that you don't want to do" There are 2 ways in which capital can be raised 506 b and 506c: 506b is probably the more common one because that is more of friends and family type of regulation, and 506c is for accredited investors. The way an active investor chooses to raise capital should be based on his network and can be either. Time management was the hardest thing that he had to learn when he first left his W2 because in a W2 job you have a defined deadline, and as an entrepreneur, you do what you want to do and every decision that you make, will have an effect on your bottom line His number one book recommendation for multifamily investing is the Best apartment syndication book, by Joe Fairless. The quotes he lives by are: You're three feet from gold. That's another book that I love three feet from gold, which is basically don't stop digging when you're just three feet from gold. A lot of people give up right there when they're at the end. So don't stop there. As an entrepreneur, or just in life in general, you're always faced with challenges, and just know, if you keep going and keep plugging away, you really are only two millimeters away.  Financial freedom to him is just really living life on his own terms.  Contact Info:https://www.aptcapitalgroup.com/


2 Mar 2021

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IWD- Kyle Mitchell Discusses Social Anxiety with Dads and Kids S2:E2

100% Dad with Townsend Russell

I was hanging out at NASA when we recorded this podcast. Season 2 Episode 2 with Kyle Mitchell. Kyle came on and we discussed social anxiety in regards to Dads and Kids. We talked about some tactics to help and how to handle anxiety. Kyle is a social anxiety counselor on top of a career in marketing. Check him out on  www.socialanxietykyle.com 100% Dad is traveling the country with his family sharing encouragement and wisdom with Dads to create stronger and better families. Find more information and our Tour Schedule on www.100Dad.com


25 Jan 2021

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Episode #22: Monthly Reporting with Kyle Mitchell

Asset Management Mastery Podcast

Going through a property’s monthly reports might not be the most glamorous syndication related activity, but it is incredibly important. You need to inspect each report with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that all of the numbers are correct. Today, Kyle Mitchell, co-host of this show, is in the hot seat, answering questions about monthly reporting. In this episode, Kyle talks about the new company he and Gary are launching and what they’ll be working on. He then takes us through his process of reviewing monthly reports, highlighting some of the common areas where he sees mistakes. From double changes to accidental fees, it’s easy for property management companies with a large clientele to make mistakes. Kyle stresses the importance of going into the ledger rather than looking at the summary report. Along with this, we also talk about tax expensing in your budget, being a signer on your bank account, and more. Be sure to tune in today!Key Points From This Episode:Learn more about Kyle and the new project he’s going to be launching with Gary.Find out more about the process of reviewing the monthly reporting of a property.Three of the most common mistakes Kyle typically sees with monthly reporting.Why it’s important to go into the ledger and not only look at the summary report.Two monthly report expenses sponsors typically forget when underwriting a property. Banking and property ownership: Who has access and types of accounts.Kyle’s asset management superpower and where you can find him.Tweetables:“As asset managers, you got to dig in a little bit deeper and peel back the onion a bit.” — Kyle Mitchell [0:02:38]“It’s important to really dig into these reports and take a look.” — Kyle Mitchell [0:04:41]“I just love the details. The devil is in the details.” — Kyle Mitchell [0:14:43]Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Kyle MitchellAPT Capital GroupAPT Capital Group - YouTube ChannelPassive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate Facebook Group Free Call with Kyle or LalitaredIQGarzella Group


20 Jan 2021

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Kyle Mitchell - $17MM AUM, Set Your Goals and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

5 Talents Podcast - Passive Investing, Cashflow, & Wealth Creation in Commercial Real Estate

You have a voice and you have an audience, what value will you provide? Today’s guest, Kyle Mitchell is an expert at giving value and managing people. Kyle is a Multifamily Syndicator, a podcast host of the show Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate, public speaker, and mentor. He is also the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at APT Capital Group and passionate about helping others reach their goals. I’m excited to get right into the show and learn how Kyle was able to move forward by setting the right goals and getting out of his comfort zone. [00:01 - 05:43] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Kyle Mitchell Kyle gives us a bit of background [05:44 - 16:12] Setting the Right Goals for Your BusinessKyle talks about his transition from his job to multifamily Creating the right goals - S.M.A.R.T.Kyle talks about how his company deals with targets, KPI’s and trends[16:13 - 21:26] The Keys to Management Kyle gives insights into asset management How Kyle leads and manages teams on a large scale How Kyle learned his necessary skills [21:27 - 25:58] Finding the Right Partners Kyle talks about how he looks for the right team Looking to grow and scale on the front end [25:59 - 30:51] Building Up and On Credibility Kyle talks about constant improvement and growth Kyle talks about his first meet up to who he is now How to network as an introvert [30:52 - 42:16] Closing SegmentKyle shares about leveraging a platform to raise capital Virtual Asset Management Summit How to reach out to Kyle - links below Final words from Kyle and MeTweetable Quotes:“That’s how we identify bottle-necks, by breaking it down and peeling back the onion a little bit further than normal people would.” - Kyle Mitchell “It’s about constant improvement, constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and then constantly building that credibility kit, and really giving back to others…” - Kyle Mitchell“Don’t focus on yourself, focus on what you’re going to provide for your guest… Every single person can benefit from something you have to say.” - Kyle MitchellResources:Passive Income Through Multifamily Real EstatePassive Income Facebook GroupAsset Management Summit------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Kyle on LinkedIn. Visit https://www.aptcapitalgroup.com/ to learn more.Guest Email: kylemitchell@aptcapitalgroup.comConnect with me: https://www.5tcre.com/FacebookLinkedInInstagramWatch 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/5Talents)


23 Oct 2020

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Going Outside of Your Comfort Zone with Kyle Mitchell

Passive Wealth Strategies for Busy Professionals

Today’s guest is Kyle Mitchell, a Real Estate Entrepreneur who focuses on Multifamily Syndication and currently has $17MM AUM. He is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Limitless Estates, whose vision is to provide A-class living to lower-income housing by putting the residents first and instilling a sense of community while inspiring others to do the same. In this episode, we dive deep into Kyle’s story, strategies, and advice that both passive and active real estate investors can learn from. [00:01 – 04:30] Introduction I talk briefly about great values that await you in this episode I introduce the guest, Kyle Mitchell Kyle gives a bit of background about himselfHis career before real estate investing The transition to real estate [04:30 – 13:36] Heading into Multifamily Real Estate Kyle talks about their first apartment complex dealThey didn’t have any actual multifamily experience heading into the deal The process of raising the capital The strategies and skills he used and learned in the process Things they’ve done differently heading into their second deal [13:37 – 20:43] Going Outside of Your Comfort Zone Exiting a job Kyle’s been in for over a decade to pursue real estateYou’ll never grow if you don’t go out of your comfort zone Kyle shares the important lessons he has learned throughout his journey (both in single-family and multifamily investments) [20:44 – 24:34] Closing Segment Quick word from our sponsors What is the best investment you've ever made other than your education?The 42-unit we got last year in Tucson. What is the worst investment you ever made?Single-family turnkeys in the Chicago market What is the most important lesson that you've learned in business and investing?“It’s all about consistency.” Connect with Kyle online! See the links below. Final thoughts Tweetable Quotes: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” – Kyle Mitchell. “Make sure all your ducks are in a row before you even get the deal. Know who the team’s gonna be, know what you need to close, and if you have never done it before, bring someone on that does have experience so they can walk you through the process.” – Kyle Mitchell. “If you want to separate yourself from others and your competition, it sounds very simple, but the key is consistency. If you do things on a consistent basis, people will start to follow you and believe in you and see that you are serious.” – Kyle Mitchell. You can connect with Kyle on the Limitless Estates website. Listen to their podcast, Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate. LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.


13 Oct 2020

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Kyle Mitchell: Level Up With Asset Management

Multifamily Investor Situation Room

Kyle Mitchell is a real estate entrepreneur that focuses on syndicating multifamily properties and currently has over $17 million in assets under management.  He is also the co-host of the weekly real estate podcast, Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate.  His background in operations, management and logistics has given him insight into the importance of systems, and in our case, asset management.   You can have an outstanding deal in a great market, but still lose if you don’t manage the asset properly.  Join us in this episode as Kyle shares some tips on how you can level up your business with asset management.  Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure you get registered for the asset management summit Kyle is hosting.  You can go to AMSummit2020.com and register there.


31 Aug 2020