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Jamie Gutfreund and Roddy Colmer: Toronto Mike'd #747

Toronto Mike'd Podcast

Mike speaks with Jamie Gutfreund and Roddy Colmer from Century Surfers about their new singles, Roddy's work with Jay Brody for Howard Stern, the US election and more.

1hr 12mins

6 Nov 2020

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Jamie Gutfreund on the Future of Marketing, Why Non-Linear Thinking is a Superpower, and Being Tenacious Even When You're Uncomfortable


Jamie Gutfreund is a unicorn marketer, renowned futurist, and trend spotter. She thrives in uncharted territories, keeping companies ahead of the curve by anticipating cultural shifts and integrating them with emerging technologies. She's also a recognized expert on Millennial and Gen Z consumers. With experience at Hasbro, Wunderman, CAA, and Microsoft, Jamie has paved new roads in every role she's held. In this episode, you will learn what it means to be a true catalyst, why she calls herself an "Idea Agent," and what happens when you step out of the workforce to raise kids.

1hr 4mins

21 Jun 2020

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Jamie Gutfreund on the Future of Digital, Data + Creativity, and Gen Z

Ideation Podcast

In this episode of the Ideation Podcast, Jamie Gutfreund, Strategic Advisor at SuperAwesome and Anzu.io, shares her insights on topics including the present/future of digital, data + creativity, data-driven marketing, developing digital products, insights into Gen Z, mixed realities, gaming, and thriving in unchartered territories!   Jamie Gutfreund is an accomplished executive with significant experience building teams, creating new products and delivering results. Jamie's current activities include her role as a board member for Tubular Labs, the leading measurement and analytics solution for social video as a strategic advisor for Kidtech start up,  SuperAwesome and programmatic in-game platform Anzu (On Zu).   Previously, she served as Chief Consumer Experience Officer for Hasbro, where she implemented the first programmatic media campaign, established an internal creative and analytics agency and supported the growth and expansion of Pulse, a direct-to-consumer commerce effort.    Also, Jamie previously served as Global Chief Marketing Officer at WPP's Wunderman Thompson, with a specific focus on highlighting the work of the agency's 20,000+ creative thinkers, data scientists and technologists across the globe.   Jamie lives in LA with her family and two dogs and remains a dedicated fan of the NY Giants.


10 Jun 2020

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Jamie Gutfreund and Roddy Colmer: Toronto Mike'd #524

Toronto Mike'd Podcast

Mike chats with CP24 news reporter Jamie Gutfreund and his career in media and his new band Century Surfers with Roddy Colmer.

1hr 18mins

7 Oct 2019

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GPDR is the Marie Kondo of Data, Feat. Jamie Gutfreund, CMO, Wunderman Thompson

IBM thinkLeaders

We sat down with Jamie Gutfreund, Global CMO of Wunderman Thompson, to talk about the future of marketing as she sees it. Jamie shared some key insights with case studies as diverse as Fortnite and Chance the Rapper, about how tomorrow's best marketing initiatives will be integrated and unsiloed, an elegant partnership between data and creative. They will seek to change and adapt to fit customers' changing needs, pursuing "wantedness" and community rather than the myth of the customer with undying loyalty.


28 Feb 2019

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Getting Future Ready With Wunderman CMO Jamie Gutfreund

The Modern Customer Podcast

Is your company running from the future or preparing for it? Nearly every business leader knows the the future of work and technology will bring huge changes, but very few of them are actually doing anything about it. Companies that invest now to become future ready will be the ones that lead and withstand upcoming changes instead of getting disrupted and being pulled in multiple directions. Wunderman Global CMO Jamie Gutfreund and her team recently undertook a major research project and discovered a large disconnect between companies seeing problems and actually solving them. Most people see change as an obstacle instead of an opportunity. And while Gutfreund agrees that you can’t predict the future, it is definitely possible and wise to prepare for it. One of the main keys to becoming future ready is to be constantly evolving. As technology changes, it opens new doors for how brands connect with customers. Brands that are preparing for the future pay attention to new technology and find new, innovative ways to share their messages and connect with customers. It’s easier said than done, however. The research by Wunderman found that while the majority of brands say they are future focused, 70% of business leaders said they can’t sacrifice short-term gains for long-term goals. The important thing to remember is that digital transformation and new technology isn’t just a trend. It’s a long-term game and a powerful tool for forward-thinking companies to have in their tool belts. Digital transformation isn’t a quick fix but rather something that needs to happen over time. However, digital tools don’t matter if the messaging isn’t there. Gutfreund says that the most successful companies are the ones that have set themselves up to receive feedback from employees, customers, competitors and industry leaders. These companies can hear what is going on and put it into context of what their brand stands for. Companies that are future ready can’t operate in a silo. They have to be exposed to what is going on with their customers and across all industries. Instead of simply competing against other companies in the same industry, technology and customer experience have made it so that all brands are competing against each other. Customers compare every interaction with a brand to their best brand interactions, regardless of if that means a bank or airline is getting compared to Netflix or Amazon. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make listening and customer experience a key focus moving forward. Wunderman’s research also uncovered the idea of wantedness. Today’s customers have all the power. Instead of brands seeking loyal customers, they need to pivot and serve their customers as loyal brands. The vast majority of customers will only consider using brands that show they are interested and care about their customers. Customers want to feel wanted, and it’s up to brands to give them that special treatment. So much of the buzz in the consumer world is around transparency and low levels of trust. Brands that can show they are invested in incorporating feedback and new technology and actually want to serve their customers will not only be ready for the future but will be the ones leading it.


30 May 2018

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Exceptional Women Out West: Jamie Gutfreund, global CMO, Wunderman

The Drum Arms Podcast

For Jamie Gutfreund, global CMO for Wunderman, the word “yes” comes up frequently. Yes to learning from and engaging youth. Yes to inspiring her team to achieve their goals. Yes to being an energetic force, exuding positivity every step of the way. But, crucially, the word “no” matters too. As life and work can get into overdrive quickly, the ability to say “no” is critical.” I've always been a, ‘Yes, I can do it. I'll get it done’ person. It's where my superpower comes out with energy, but you got to learn to say no.”Another aspect that belies Gutfreund’s manner is that of being uncomfortable. She is comfortable with being uncomfortable, because it helps her think of new routes to success. Her move to Wunderman seemed, on the surface, an interesting choice after time at places like Deep Focus, The Cassandra Report and Microsoft. But she saw something in Wunderman that made sense, crucially, for her.This isn’t cognitive dissonance, but rather a holistic way to keeping outside the bubble of the expected. In fact, her boundless energy, curiosity and ability to connect ideas in unexpected ways demands that she takes a wider view in every aspect of her work. But in the final analysis, it’s all about the team and the trajectory of what’s next.“We have a great team of people that are joining the company everyday,” said Gutfreund. “I do get to work with some unbelievably creative and talent people.“


20 Jan 2017