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Randoms In Your Contacts, Spinach Emails, Stonks, & Yukon Cornelius is Up to Something

Cruz Mornings with Stacie & Clayton

'I have red hair, my 2 siblings do not... Which means when I was growing up, people would joke that I must be the Milkman's kid.Thanks for basically saying that my Mom sleeps around. That's basically what you're saying... My Mom is a saint, how dare you!'#CruzMornings


2 Feb 2021

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SideTalks #28 - "Yukon Cornelius Was In Fact Searching For An Elusive Peppermint Mine"

SideTalks - The Official Sidewalk Podcast

Episode 28 of the official Sidewalk podcast, hosted by your very own Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift!Recorded, edited, and mixed by the audio wizards of Boutwell Studios in Birmingham, Alabama.01:10 5 Minute Fight: Spielberg Showdown11:13 Reflections....... on Kyle McKinnon17:41 What We're WatchingCorey: ParasiteRachel: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Lighthouse, Long Shot25:22 Fast Film Terms - Video village27:10 Film History Minute w/ Charlie Brown - Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer31:49 Filmmaker Lightning Round - Spike Jonze"Justin Timberlake can make storm noises?"


8 Feb 2020

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Bounty Hunters - Yukon Cornelius: Yeti Hunter with Mike Atchley from Dice Tower Theater!

World Forge

This week on World Forge we are joined by one of our dearest and best friends Mike Atchley from the amazing Dice Tower Theater! Mike has been a long time behind the scenes collaborator with our show and we are ecstatic to finally have him on air! If you're interested in finding more of his world you can follow him on twitter @dicetowrtheatre or on his show Dice Tower Theater all major podcast networks!As usual we explore some of our favorite pop culture influences this week including the crew of the Bebop, Samus Aran, Captain Falcon, Rick Deckard, and Dale Gribble, and more than that we create some of our own bounty hunting badasses to rival these most impressive of specimens!If you're interested in creating a great rival for your adventurers, or just an interesting NPC to fill out your world, this is a great episode for you!So the last time we talked about Harry Potter we broke down what makes an interesting and viable magic system, this time we mostly just talk about how to make Hogwarts sexy. Fair warning: this episode is definitely one of our more explicit episodes, BUT IN A FUN WAY!We decided to put our money where our mouths were and brought on some Harry Potter experts to take a stab at building a better magic school, and populating it with 4 houses that would put J.K. Rowling to shame. We also talk about things we actually like about our boy HP, and ways to take inspiration from Ms. Rowling's works.Also I apologize to all our headphones listeners for breaking your sweet little ears this week, it got pretty buck wild here.If you're interested in finding more of our wonderful guests this week you can find Maya at @ohfrocute on twitter, and Nick at... nowhere! Sorry friends he's all ours!We had a few rec room suggestions this week including Potterless, a podcast about a person who's somehow never read Harry Potter before (available on all major podcasting platforms), and Magic for Liars which is available here!As always, we had a lot of fun this week, and would love to hear your thoughts on our creations! So if you enjoyed this episode please consider leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, it's a great way to support the show for free that helps promote our content and get us new listeners. We would also love to hear any feedback you have on twitter @worldforgepod or at worldforgepod@gmail.com. If you want to send us your sexy Mandalorian fan fiction we would love to hear it, and maybe we'll read it out loud on the show!We also want to thank James Duke who composed our theme song for us, he can be found at jamesduke.info!Thanks for listening, and we'll be back next week with another exciting topic!

1hr 47mins

9 Dec 2019

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BPST Episode 32 - 2018 Christmas Spectacular "'Bipedal Locomotion' - The Yukon Cornelius Chronicles"

the bro pod with scott and todd

Christmas Spectacular 2018: We kick off the festivities with Todd bitching about trying to fix his own garage door opener...much to the potential of his own peril.  We, of course, discuss Christmas candies and treats. Then we bumble through a description of the animated/clay-mated Christmas specials (20:15) that we all know and love...kinda. And we finish the episode with our top 5 lists of Christmas songs (48:05). This is then trumped by the debut of the first of potentially many BPST originals "Bipedal Locomotion - The Yukon Cornelius Chronicles" at the very end of the pod, for which I (Scott) wrote the first verse, and Todd the second. Enjoy at your own risk! *NOTE: We do not own the rights to any of the songs heard throughout this episode...cept for that amazing Yukon Cornelius track*

1hr 19mins

26 Dec 2018

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12-02-18 Misfits, Part 1: Yukon Cornelius

City Rev Sermon Podcast

12-02-18 Misfits, Part 1: Yukon Cornelius by City Rev Sermon Podcast


2 Dec 2018

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Jordan Davis Tells Us Why His Nickname is Yukon Cornelius

Woody & the Wake-UP Call


24 Apr 2018

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***PLS VOTE ON TWITTER*** Pokemon Theme Song (Metal Cover) - Ted Starkey (Feat. Yukon Cornelius)

Well Dressed Jalapeños

Ted's Version of the Pokemon Theme (Metal Cover)Please chose which version (Alex's or Ted's) and like the video and vote on our twitter page!


17 Mar 2017

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Why was Yukon Cornelius always licking his pick ax?

JB Hager

Why was Yukon Cornelius always licking his pick ax? by J.B. Hager


16 Dec 2015

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The Haunting of Yukon Cornelius - 04-20-12

Talk Radio For The Rest Of Us with Jared Morris

JMX Highlights


20 Apr 2012