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SPS 150: Speak & Write With No Fear with Mike Acker (From Speaker To Author)

Self Publishing School: How To Write A Book That Grows Your Impact, Income, And Business

Today I'm joined by Mike Acker. He's the author of Speak With No Fear and a Self Publishing School alumni. In this interview, we talk about: -How Mike got 700+ reviews on his book -The 3 keys to a great book that sells well long term -The call that changed everything for Mike and his business -The big shift that was sparked at Author Advantage Live -How Mike shed the golden handcuffs and quit his high paying job to go all in on his business -Why Mike joined SPS and the thing he did to help publish his book in 90 days -How to sell more copies of your audiobook (and how to get an audiobook copy of Published. for free) Mike is so inspiring! Don't miss this interview. P.S. Thinking about publishing a book? Book a call with the SPS team to get our help like Mike did: self-publishingschool.com/apply


30 Mar 2022

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Episode 1071: Impact the World - Interview with Coach and Author of Speak with Confidence Mike Acker – Part 4

Inspired Stewardship

In today’s interview with Mike Acker, I ask Mike to share with you how the changes brought on by the pandemic have affected his life and business.   I also ask Mike to share with you his key principles to making a dent in the universe.  Mike and I also talk about the legacy Mike wants to leave behind. Show Notes and Resources.


21 Feb 2022

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Episode 1066: Develop Your Influence - Interview with Coach and Author of Speak with Confidence Mike Acker – Part 3

Inspired Stewardship

In today’s interview with Mike Acker, I ask Mike to share with you why his book “Speak with No Fear” is a different speaking book.  Mike also shares with you some of his tips from that book on how to speak better without fear.  Mike also shares his definition of leadership as well. Show Notes and Resources.


14 Feb 2022

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#54 Raised by Drug Smugglers Turned Missionaries; Mike Acker (Author, "Speak With No Fear", Founder of ADVANCE, Coaching & Consulting)

Most People Don't... But You Do!

Today's guest is Mike Acker, a brilliant person who shares his stories of growing up, not fitting in, and overcoming obstacles to find his true purpose and passion in life;  HELPING OTHERS TAP INTO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL.   We discuss: -Why the PAST is PERFECT -What influenced him to become a PASTOR at age 23 despite a unusual upbringing  -His success in sales that led to a career of HELPING OTHERS -Why the world becomes more about EXPERIENCES over POTENTIAL as you get older Mike is an executive and communication coach, a keynote speaker, and the author of four books including the bestselling Speak With No Fear, which has appeared on numerous booklists even getting designated as the #1 book on overcoming fear of speaking on Forbes.com. He passionately coaches business professionals to lead and speak with confidence. In presentations, he retells and relates lessons learned on how to overcome insecurity and exclusion in a cross-cultural setting. And he unpacks the path from employee to manager to leader. You can find out more at MikeAcker.com.


11 Feb 2022

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Episode 1061: Invest in Others - Interview with Coach and Author of Speak with Confidence Mike Acker – Part 2

Inspired Stewardship

In today’s interview with Mike Acker, I ask Mike to share with you some of the seven strategies he shares on how to conquer fear.  Mike also shares a bit about what all six of his books are about.  I also ask Mike to share with you his best advice for pouring into others. Show Notes and Resources.


7 Feb 2022

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Episode 1056: Invest in Yourself - Interview with Coach and Author of Speak with Confidence Mike Acker – Part 1

Inspired Stewardship

In today’s interview with Mike Acker, I ask Mike to share with you how his unique history led him to develop confidence as a youth.  I also ask Mike to share with you the two weights you carry when you are developing your confidence.  Mike also shares with you why where you are is not where you have to stay. Show Notes and Resources.


31 Jan 2022

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Mike Acker

Franze and Friends: Where leaders share their secrets

Show Information:Host: Jay FranzeCo-Host: Keith SensingCo-Host: Mindy Jo RigelGuest: Mike AckerAired: October 25, 2021Additional Show InformationMikeAcker.comFranze and FriendsFranzeandFriends.comFacebookFacebook GroupInstagramYouTubeJay FranzeJayFranze.comFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeKeith SensingLinkedInMindy Jo RigelLinkedInWorry About You TodayWorryAboutYouToday.comFacebookInstagramPinterestTikTokTwitterYouTubeThe Shoe String BlingTheShoeStringBling.comSupport the show (https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=ZAC362K9HWK74)


27 Oct 2021

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E165 - Speak With No Fear with Mike Acker

The Roller Coaster of Midlife

In elementary school our English teacher, Mrs. Lamrock would have a public speaking section every year. We’d have to write and present our speech in front of the class. Yes, as much as I love to talk, I would still get butterflies as I walked to the front of the room when my name was called. Some kids having full-blown panic attacks when their names were called. At the time, it seemed pointless and we thought it was some weird form of torture. But as an adult, those skills have proven to be invaluable. So why do we get nervous at the thought of speaking in front of a group? Joining me today is Mike Acker, author of Speak With No Fear to share how you can go from nervous, nauseated with sweaty palms to being a speaker with energy, excitement and passion. Connect with Mike at www.mikeacker.com and on Facebook @mikeackerdotcom and Instagram @mikeackerdotcom Your support of The Roller Coaster is always appreciated, please make sure to SUBSCRIBE! If you REALLY like what you hear, leave a comment, and share it with your friends! Connect with me at www.therollercoaster.com, on Facebook @therollercoasterpodcast and Instagram @the_roller_coaster_podcast SUBSCRIBE on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb1mMxhdR154StDjzwz8jIw JOIN US! www.necturegrowth.com and follow Necture Growth Network on Instagram @necturegrowth. Reach me at hello@necturegrowth.com. Thanks for joining me today and until next time I’m sending my virtually distant hugs!


7 Oct 2021

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1 - Actualizing Your Potential with Mike Acker

Masters Of Employee Development

Welcome to the first episode of Masters of Employee Development!Today, Mike switches places with his guest, Josh Elledge. As Josh interviews Mike, he reveals the purpose of this new podcast and YouTube segment. Each episode of M.E.D. has Mike welcome CEOs, HR directors or other experienced managers responsible for leadership and development and share valuable lessons on employee development! Hear the backstory behind this new venture, Mike's journey through coaching and mentorship, and what you could take away from this project launch!EPISODE 01 SUMMARY & HIGHLIGHTSWhat is the purpose of the podcast, Masters of Employee Development?3:36The purpose of the podcast is to develop and realize the true potential of people. Whether you're an HR or small business owner, whether you have dreams of starting something, or you're the CEO, you have a team around you. Reaching the potential of the company really depends on you grabbing hold of its human resource.What are the most common challenges Mike’s seen people go through?8:39The challenges Mike has addressed falls into three areas - communication (connecting skills), people relationship (or emotional intelligence), and leadership. To work together, you need to communicate, and for that, you need to relate with one another. That's emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to know your emotions, and manage your emotions or manage the emotions of the people around you. What is Mike’s internal criteria for providing mentorship in and around employee development?13:12Emotional Intelligence -Choose emotionally intelligent people who can get their own life together. 13:37Communication skills - Look for someone who can communicate well and receive feedback constructively.13:39People who can see the potential in others -Look for people who are genuinely capable of being leaders - look around.13:43Hard work -Look for people who’re genuinely willing to work hard.Some of Mike’s fundamental lessons on leadership.18:!2Personal leadership and communication are critical for your success- both are grouped under emotional intelligence. There are many facets of leaders of emotional intelligence. One of them is relationship building, or how to remember names. The other skills include social and emotional skills, communication, email-writing and the like.KEY QUOTES:13:13-13:26“For the people on my team, I'm looking for people who are emotionally intelligent, who know how to get their own life together. Realize that all of us are imperfect, but are aware of it, at least aware of their imperfections16:30-16:36“You can't afford not to have the best resource that you have, or the humans that are working for you.”20:36-20:48“These people and more are going to show you how to get where you are, from where you are, to where you want you to be, and from where your team is, to where you want your team to be.”Connect with MikeLINKEDIN


14 Sep 2021

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#35 - The Things We are Unaware of Affects the Things We are Aware of – Mike Acker

Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS with Daniela

Welcome to episode #35My guest Mike AckerMike is a former pastor, an executive coach, a keynote speaker, and the author of four books, including the bestselling Speak with No Fear. Mike shares how his life was shaped via good, bad, and ugly circumstances.  We can’t start Mike’s story without first talking about his parents.  Listen in to hear how he learned thingsfrom his family that he was unaware of, and how he adjusted to conquer life with confidence.   He lives with his wife and son in Alabama.Enjoy a few nuggets of his wisdom.   Connect with Mike Acker and get his books:  https://www.mikeacker.com/YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiQR7cOMcSIbUILZhFvIlvA


14 Sep 2021