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Davin's Den

Davin has a gig in Harrisburg coming up and New Year’s Eve.


6 Jan 2021

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Zoe Coombs Marr – Bossy Bottom

Tom & Jess

Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service is releasing 10 Australian stand-up comedy specials over the next five weeks to combat the lockdown blues.  Tom and Jess spoke to first cab off... LEARN MORE The post Zoe Coombs Marr – Bossy Bottom appeared first on Tom & Jess.


10 Apr 2020

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Interview with Zoë Coombs Marr, on her comedy show Bossy Bottom and being "Dave"

Uncommon Sense – Triple R FM

Barry Award-winning comedian and theatre-maker Zoë Coombs Marr joined Amy in the studio to discuss the encore season of her acclaimed show, Bossy Bottom, showing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – April 9-14. She also discusses what it was like to perform “Dave”: "a sexist beer-swilling caricature of the dregs of masculinity" in stand-up comedy. Zoë is also supporting Hannah Gadsby at the Arts Centre.


4 Apr 2019

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Bossy Bottom Taster

Do By Friday

This week's challenge: super taste. You can hear the after show and support Do By Friday on Patreon! Show Notes Fisherman’s Friend The Corey Lewandowski “womp womp” clip Meanwhile, On Earth-2… - by Kendra Wells Merlin Mann on Twitter: “All men are mortal! Chico and the Man! Pull my finger! Seven meats, three cheeses! Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry! I’m not gonna pay a lot for this muffler! Daisy, Daisy! Give me your answe… https://t.co/FFuc3QmaFr” Who is QAnon? The Storm Conspiracy, Explained Chico and the Man - Wikipedia “APESHIT” by Beyoncé / JAY-Z Review | Pitchfork QAnon, the Crazy Pro-Trump Conspiracy, Melts Down Over OIG Report Wrath of the Dolphins - YouTube Oklahoma! - Wikipedia Supertaster - Wikipedia


22 Jun 2018

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No one Likes a Bossy Bottom

Podcast – Secretly Timid

It’s Secretly Timid Sunday! Danielle is back! This week’s Hot Topics include: A little girl taken out of Christian school after being told she’s too much like a boy Nick Cannon sparks controversy with “white face” Tennessee passes bill allowing for LGBT students to be bullied in the name of ‘religious freedom’ Is the term ‘homosexual’ cringe worthy?  Turns out the black plague was not spread by rats. Your science and history teachers lied to you These week’s featured song is Oyster and Pearl by Amy Ray

31 Mar 2014