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56. Survivors' Communities End Sex Trafficking - Max Morris & Dan Frey of City Voices (12 Mar 2022)

Intuitive Public Radio

Our gratitude to Dan for his interest in what we're building and points of clarity necessary to all these conversations.  View and listen to our broadcast: ••• Bitchute: https://bitchute.com/video/xHuzp4NjJdMC, https://bitchute.com/intuitivepublictv ••• Anchor FM: https://anchor.fm/intuitive     Dan Frey is the Editor-in-Chief of City Voices. City Voices' mission is to empower peers to live full and active lives by providing information, resources and a means to participate in community. City Voices envisions an organized community of peers who have experienced mental health and/or substance use challenges, who can partner with like-minded groups to fight in improving lives.     Dan travels about spreading the City Voices empowerment gospel and, hopefully, in the process, attracts supporters. Mentored by the late Ken Steele from 1998-2000, he has been doing this work for almost 15 years. He enjoys building relationships and never takes for granted his support system, which includes his partner and his dog; may they live long and prosper together.     Please take some time to get to know and support Dan Frey's work at City Voices: ••• https://cityvoicesonline.org ••• https://facebook.com/groups/cityvoicesforpeers We could call this broadcast "Dan Frey Asks Crucial Questions" —- or we could call it, "Thriving, Healthy, Multi-Generational Families In Safe, Inclusive Communities." Whatever we call it, Max answers Dan's excellent questions about trafficking pathways common to nearly all community spaces --- and how they can be eliminated --- in this tremendously important conversation about what's occurring for so many in unwitting proximity.      Tune in: https://t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio/9927     Share your thoughts: https://t.me/joinchat/U-Ncl_gYJqWbiAA-     Reach out to Max directly: https://t.me/maxmorris More of our interview links can be found here: ••• Support Intuitive Public Radio & Intuitive community network successes: https://Intuitive.community/support ••• Join our public chat: https://t.me/joinchat/U-Ncl_gYJqWbiAA- Links & comments: https://t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio/9927, https://t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio/9928--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/intuitive/support


13 Mar 2022

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Dan Frey interview - Episode 473

Reading And Writing Podcast

The 473rd episode of the Reading and Writing Podcast features an interview with Dan Frey, author of the novel THE FUTURE IS YOURS. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/reading-and-writing-podcast/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


23 Aug 2021

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Hall of Fame Songwriter Don McLean : American Pie 50th Anniversary : Author Dan Frey of "The Future is Yours" : The Week in Geek 2/7/21

The Week in Geek Radio Show

Hall of Fame Songwriter Don McLean who wrote "American Pie" joins the show to discuss the 50th anniversary of American Pie. I think I made him mad, and we're treated to a 3 minute rant on the meaning and power of lyrics in music.Author Dan Frey of "The Future is Yours" which comes out February 9th tells us the inspiration of his latest novel. We also discuss the ongoing battle of getting Hollywood to option new ideas, and not the same tired old stories.Skungy's Pick of the Week is "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game". We also dig into the Microsoft Xbox Live fiasco.All that and more on The Week in Geek with D Squared. Sunday nights at 7pm on WRNO.com and the Free iHeart Radio App. The Week in Geek 2/7/21


8 Feb 2021

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Ep 25 - Dan Frey

Don't Sit in the Front!

Ep 25: I talked to science fiction novelist and screen writer, Dan Frey (@wordsbydanfrey). His novel, The Future is Yours is out 2/9 on Del Rey, but you can pick it up for preorder at links below. It is also available as a full cast audiobook on Audible. The book is a very innovative look at what would happen if “two best friends create a computer that can predict the future. But what they can’t predict is how it will tear their friendship—and society—apart.” We also watched Mike Birbiglia’s The New One on Netflix because Dan also just became a father! We talked about standup comedy, tech and social media's impact on society, and just how damn creative and brilliant Mike Birbiglia is.  *We talk about it in the episode and I did confirm that Eddie Izzard does now go by she/her pronouns. Cool, good for her.  The Future is Yours hardcover pre-order: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/633970/the-future-is-yours-by-dan-frey/ Audible Version: https://www.amazon.com/Future-Yours-Novel/dp/B08BGBHRS9/ref=tmm_aud_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= 1. Always punch up.  2. Keep swinging. 

1hr 22mins

5 Feb 2021

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Dan Frey

That B Word: Bipolar | Borderline | Beautiful

Hi, friends! My guest this week is Dan Frey from the City Voices magazine!


22 Sep 2019

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Rocket IT Business Podcast | Dan Frey | Know Yourself to Lead Yourself | Ep 2

Rocket IT Podcast

In this episode of the Rocket IT podcast, we sit down with Dan Frey, Founding Partner of a global company dedicated to liberating the leaders of today, whilst simultaneously raising the standard of leadership for tomorrow.Having spent over 15 years working in Corporate America, Frey quickly learned that leadership teachings are useless without meaningful applications. Using this framework as a platform for innovation, Frey and his colleagues worked together to establish GiANT Worldwide, an organization committed to improving the productivity of companies through the intentional apprenticeship of its leaders.


4 Jun 2019

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Lecture 18: Sequential experimentation: "Experimentation and Robust Design and Engineering Systems." (Courtesy of Dan Frey)

Control of Manufacturing Processes

1hr 34mins

7 Apr 2015