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Ricky Garard: "I can now focus on being the best athlete I can be, putting in the work every day."

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After finishing third overall at the CrossFit Games, Ricky Garard feels more confident than ever that he's on the right track to climb to the top of the podium. Morning Chalk Up's Lauren Kalil sits down with Garard to discuss the highs and lows of the Games, what it was like to be back and even how the energy from fans can play a huge part in mindset during the week of competition.The U.S. Army’s Warrior Fitness:https://www.goarmy.com/?iom=BHCQ-2747552_FMT_AP_2747552_USAREC_MEB_EVENT_LAPVideo Breakdown:1:00 - Vacationing with Pina Colada5:00 - Emotions with the CrossFit Games8:00 - What happened in the Echo Press Event9:45 - Envisioning being back14:00 - How the fans affect his headspace15:45 - Atmosphere with the other athletes18:13 - Chalked out his eyebrows20:10 - Programming and Games volume23:24 - Is the Games different now24:24 - Off season competition plans


16 Sep 2022

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#516 - Ricky Garard & Jay Crouch / Rob Forte

The Sevan Podcast

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1 Aug 2022

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Ep. 19 - Ricky Garard

Athlete Stories

Australian native Ricky Garard is a controversial figure in the sport of CrossFit after testing positive for testolone and endurobol, both banned substances, at the 2017 CrossFit Games where he finished third. He was hit with a four-year ban from the sport, meaning he could not compete in any CrossFit sanctioned event until after October 3, 2021 Throughout those 4 years, Ricky continued training and pursuing his original goal of competing in CrossFit when his time would come Garard placed 3rd at the 2021 Dubai CrossFit Championship and recently placed second at this year's Torian Pro semifinal event against a stacked lineup of fierce competitors, qualifying him for the 2022 CrossFit Games. Tune in to learn his story before CrossFit, during his 4 years of patiently waiting his second chance, and where he's at now. Athlete Stories is brought to you by: WODProof app FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE with this link: https://fitvlptt.onelink.me/cNS1/57de81b9 Xendurance: https://xendurance.com/ use code ZELOS15 for 15% OFF!


12 Jul 2022

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Torian Pro Day 1 Recap: What Happened to Ricky Garard?

The Bottom Line

Day 1 is in the books for the Torian Pro in Australia -- and it's no surprise to see Tia-Clair Toomey leading the way on the women's side. In Event 1, Kara Saunders and Toomey were battling neck and neck but ultimately, Toomey took home the win and ended Day 1 at the top of the leaderboard.For the men's side, the big story is what happened to Ricky Garard after Event 1?Morning Chalk Up's Lauren Kalil sits down with Bella Martin whose boots on the ground at Torian to talk about all of the major moments from the day and who you should have your eye on going into day 2.


20 May 2022

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Ricky Garard: "It's everything I've dreamed of...try to get back on the podium again."

The Bottom Line

It's the first in-person CrossFit sanctioned event that we will see Ricky Garard since 2017 -- The Torian Pro Semifinal. As he gears up to try and punch his ticket back to the CrossFit Games, Morning Chalk Up's Lauren Kalil catches up with him to see what it's like being back on the leaderboard and how he's hoping to step food back on the CrossFit Games FloorVideo Breakdown:0:22 - Getting ready for the Torian Pro1:30 - Being back on a CrossFit leaderboard2:30 - Working with coach Justin Cotler3:40 - Plans to train in person again with the Underdogs Crew before the Games4:50 - Thoughts on programming so far5:50 - How his support system fires him up at competition7:20 - Hobbies away from CrossFit9:13 - Finding time to try different sports10:58 - What it will be like if he punches a ticket to the Games again12:15 - How does pressure affect Garard13:12 - Looking forward to compete in-person against Justin Medeiros13:41 - Ultimate goal


16 May 2022

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Fitness with Friends #92 - Ricky Garard

Talking Elite Fitness

Ricky Garard is back competing in the sport of fitness after serving a four-year suspension after testing positive for PEDs following the 2017 CrossFit Games. Garard talks about returning to live competition for the first time at the 2021 Dubai CrossFit Championship, what it's like to be part of the Underdogs Athletics crew and how he's changed as an athlete and a person over the last four years.


26 Apr 2022

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Ricky Garard with Justin Cotler | Taking advantage of a second chance!

Clydesdale Media Podcast

We talk with Ricky Garard and his Coach Justin Cotler about why it was the right fit to come together, Ricky talks about how hard it was to wait 4 years to make his return, and how meeting his now girlfriend Michelle was a big help to him at the time, he also shares how a supportive familty and community helped his as he went back to do class workouts. We also explore how being a rugby player can help with the mindset of CrossFit. Plus so much more.


25 Apr 2022

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Rig Report Episode 9 | Special Guests Ricky Garard, Arielle Lowen, Michel Jean & Justin Cotler

Clydesdale Media Podcast

This week on the Rig Report we talk with Ricky Garard and Justin Cotler about why they chose each other, The Fantasy Fitnessing Crew look at the Strength of all 10 Semi-Finals and preview their Semi-Final Fantasy Game. Scott Sits down with Arielle Loewen aka Super Mom to talk about what is different and what is the same this year after a surprise 2021 CrossFit Season, The Blues City CrossFit crew look at the advantages and disadvantages to the week you have to do the Semi-Final. Tom Lennon From Type-1 Lifting talks with Michel Jean a fellow type-1 diabetic about what it is like to compete at the CrossFit Games as a diabetic, We finish up with our Nutrition Expert Cheryl Nasso from the FitBody Secrets podcast who is educating us on Nutrition Periodization this week.


21 Apr 2022

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#269 - Ricky Garard

The Sevan Podcast

Ricky is a CrossFit Games athlete, but he is also an enthusiast of all things outdoors. He loves snowboarding, skating, mountain biking, and surfing. He owns a van that he can live in and take on life's adventures. After having a rough go with illness while in the United States, he is soon to be headed back to his home in Australia to begin the 2022 CrossFit season.Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/therealsevanpodcast/Watch this episode https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC59b5GwfJN9HY7uhhCW-ACw/videos?view=2&live_view=503 Support the showRegister for the Fight for the Fittest partner series below!https://app.conquestevents.net/events/fight-for-the-fittest-partner-series-2022/registerPartners:https://cahormones.com/ - CODE "SEVAN" FOR FREE CONSULTATIONhttps://www.paperstcoffee.com/ - THE COFFEE I DRINK!https://www.hybrida...

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17 Jan 2022

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EPISODE #2: The Ricky Garard Comeback & Squid Games

The Frog Squad Podcast

A general chit chat between friends on the sport of fitness and the highest streaming netflix show in history! We dissect  and breakdown the recent podcast episode with Ricky Garard on his comeback discussing key points and our interpretations and thoughts. Whichever side you sit on this saga there are going to be some newsworthy months ahead. And of course what does Squid Games have to do with fitness? Have a listen to find out.


14 Oct 2021