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Sex & Food with Karley Sciortino

Having A Night

Karley Sciortino is about as fun as a guest can possibly get. Hysterical, scintillating, and whip smart, she writes Vogue.com's Breathless column, hosts a show for Vice, and founded the website Slutever. She's our icon in more ways than one, and that's putting it mildly. On this, the maiden episode of 2021, we dive into food, sex, and the things we hope never to be confronted with on a date. Spoiler Alert: Soylent is still a dealbreaker. Here's to a lot more food, a lot more dates, and a lot more sex in the new year! XOXO Ari & Sophie Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


7 Jan 2021

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Queer Enough and Down to F*ck with Karley Sciortino

Two Bi Guys

Two Bi Guys is produced by Rob Cohen, Alex Boyd, and Moxie PengMusic by Ross MintzerCover art by Kaitlin WeinmanKarley Sciortino's book, Slutever: https://www.amazon.com/Slutever-Dispatches-Sexually-Autonomous-Post-Shame-ebook/dp/B071986LB8/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1594401191&sr=8-2Karley's new podcast, Love In Quarantine: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/love-in-quarantine/id1508636808#:~:text=Love%20In%20Quarantine%20is%20hosted,quarantine%20that%20isn't%20depressing.The "Bisexual Men" episode of Slutever that inspired this podcast: https://www.vicetv.com/en_us/video/bisexual-men-1-774/5c0a974ebe407728f37431ce


13 Jul 2020

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Love in Quarantine with Karley Sciortino

Stuck At Home with Cliff and Jason Presented by Starburns Audio

Slutever Founder Karley Sciortino gets "stuck at home". Cliff and Karley discuss some pivotal moments in Karley's book. They discuss ways people satisfying their desires during shelter at home. Jason shouts his love for the new interactive Kimmy Schmidt episode on Netflix.Listen to Karley Sciortino's Podcast, Love in Quarantine: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/love-in-quarantine/id1508636808 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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14 May 2020

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012. - Karley Sciortino

How Long Gone

Our guest this week is Karley Sciortino. Author of Vogue's Breathless column, and host & EP of Slutever on Viceland. Chris and Jason chat with Karley about her moving to Los Angeles mid quar, sex drives, cooking, education, watching football in slow motion, Louis CK, Vice, Netflix’s Easy, Marc Maron, early squatter blogging, and Karley’s new podcast. https://www.instagram.com/karleyslutever https://www.instagram.com/donetodeathprojects https://www.instagram.com/themjeans/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/howlonggone/support

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10 Apr 2020

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Karley Sciortino's Scrambled Egg Omelette

Lunch Therapy

Karley Sciortino is the hilarious creator of the blog Slutever, which is now a TV show in its second season on Vice; she's also the sex and dating columnist for Vogue Magazine. On today's episode, we talk about the relationship between food and sex, how Karley differentiated from her food-loving family, and the journey she's gone on with her body image (it involves TJ Maxx and TCBY). We also cover her time living as a freegan in a London squat, why she refuses to eat tongue, and the most surprising thing she's encountered involving food and sex (it made me fall out of my chair laughing). See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 9mins

25 Nov 2019

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Episode 148 - Karley Sciortino

Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Karley Sciortino is on this week! She reflects on her childhood, growing up Catholic in the age of Britney Spears, and sexual awakenings, her parents' steadfast relationship, her first sexual experience, journeying across the pond for college, dropping out and not coming back, living in an "egalitarian-esque" artist commune for 6 years, first reactions to her sex-heavy blog, what "slut" really means to her, how writing helped uncover her sexual identity, falling in love, hard and fast, Eyes Wide Shut-style swingers' parties, her 30th birthday foursome, talking about sex: men vs. women, thoughts and insights during a #MeToo era, pushing her boundaries, and the time she might’ve gone too far.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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15 Sep 2019

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12 Slutever (Karley Sciortino)

How C*m

This one is a banger. We get to chat with the one, the only, the amazing and stupendously slutty host of Viceland's Slutever Karley Sciortino. We talk about everything from Karley’s re-definition of the word “slut”, witches on broomsticks (aka magic dildos), the switch from vagina shame to pussy power, having an “anti-social clit”, VR porn, and so much more. Also, Remy has a sexual experience that she never has before AND Remy & Karley were both named "Innovators" in Cosmopolitan's first ever Sexcellence Awards!  Karley's book Slutever is out now, you can read her Vogue column Breathless and follow her @KarleySlutever --- Follow us @HowCumPodcast, @RemyKassimir and @Charkasstic We couldn't be more excited to be partnering with Helix Sleep and Sweet Vibrations this season! Get up to $125 off the best mattress you'll ever sleep on at HelixSleep.com/HowCum Go to SweetVibes.Toys & use promocode: "HOW CUM" for 15% ALL PRODUCTS, ALL SEASON LONG! This episode has a TON of bonus content. To access 40 min of Kirill and Jax uncensored become a $5 Patron on Patreon- Extras will be posted 3/20 Thank you for all the love over the past year, we LOVE YOU and couldn't do it without you. If you want to support the show, please oh please consider helping us in the following ways:  1) Donate on our Patreon page at www.patreon.com/howcum. You will receive awesome extras, BONUS EPISODES, photos, etc. and all proceeds go to creating this podcast!  2) Subscribe, share, and leave us a rating/review on iTunes. It helps us get in touch with great new podcast guests and listeners!  3) Stay close with us by following us and reaching out on social:  Instagram/Twitter- @HowCumPodcast  Website - www.RemyKassimir.com

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24 Mar 2019

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Poptarts Episode 52: Slutever's Karley Sciortino!


Karley Sciortino is the creator and host of the hit Viceland show "Slutever," now in its second season. On the show, Karley navigates the world of sex, love, hookups, open-relationships, sex parties, sex work, sexual technology, and more in a way that is brave, surprising, and very feminist. She’s also the co-writer of the new comedy series "Now Apocalypse" on Starz, she wrote a book called "Slutever: Dispatches from a Secxually Autonomous Woman in a Post-Shame World," and she writes a sex and relationship column for Vogue.com. On this episode of BUST’s Poptarts podcast Sciortino reveals what her mom’s reaction was to her becoming a sexspert, what it’s like to work for Vice, and how she maintains her high feminist standards while covering the sex industry.


19 Mar 2019

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356 - Karley Sciortino (Slutever)

Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Karley Sciortino is a writer, television host, and producer. She is the founder of Slutever, a website that focuses on sex and sexuality, and executive producer and host of the Viceland documentary series of the same name. She also writes Vogue's online sex and relationships column, Breathless. Karley is @Slutever on Twitter, @KarleySlutever on Instagram. Find me on Instagram or Twitter. Please consider supporting this podcast on Patreon. This Amazon affiliate link kicks a few bucks back my way. Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; “Fun for Me,” by Moloko; “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.

2hr 24mins

15 Dec 2018

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Episode 018: Coming Out w/ Karley Sciortino


On this magnificent episode of the acclaimed podcast Babe? Ryan and Lara are joined by CELEBRITY GUEST Karley Sciortino: author/star/creator of Slutever! It's an XXXL affair filled with fake orgasms, bisexuality, lesbian flings, Felicity-esque reader mail and much, much more! Warning: There is some extremely frank (and potentially triggering) discussion about rape and sexual assault in this episode. Please take into consideration how that may affect you before deciding to listen. Give the babes a hand and visit babepodcast.com to take our reader survey and follow us on Insta @babepodcast. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 58mins

19 Mar 2018