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How to Drink Mahala with Danielle Schoeman & Paul Scanlon

Lush Life

What to do when your country bans alcohol sales during the height of covid, and you own a distillery? Create a non-alcoholic spirit, and then find the perfect partner to help you introduce it to the world.Danielle Schoeman used her distilling know-how to produce Mahala Botanical, then she sent it to Paul Scanlon to see what he thought. After years working for a drinks company, he was ready to bring one of his own to market. It was kismet, and they have not looked back.I was lucky enough to meet them both at the launch of Mahala in London a few weeks ago, and am delighted to have them here on Lush Life to let them tell you their story! Thanks so much to Danielle and Paul for not only introducing us to Mahala but also sponsoring the transcription for the hearing impaired! I know I’m thirsty after all that chat about cocktails…Which brings us right to our cocktail of the week!Here’s one of Paul’s favorite cocktails made with Mahala - the Mahala Mule:INGREDIENTS50ml Mahala Botanical150ml Ginger beer15ml Lime juiceLimesMETHODAdd the Mahala over ice in a Mule cup or rocks glassTop up with the ginger beerAdd the lime juiceStir gentlyGarnish with lime You’ll find this recipe, more non-alcoholic cocktails, and all the cocktails of the week at alushlifemanual.com, where you’ll also find all the ingredients in our shop.Full Episode Details: https://alushlifemanual.com/mahala-with-danielle-schoeman-paul-scanlon-----Become a supporter of A Lush Life Manual for as little as $5 - all you have to do is go to buymeacoffee.com/lushlife.Lush Life Merchandise is here - we’re talking t-shirts, mugs, iPhone covers, duvet covers, iPad covers, and more covers for everything! And more! Produced by Simpler MediaFollow us on Twitter and InstagramGet great cocktail ideas on PinterestNew episodes every Tuesday, usually!!


17 May 2022

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Faith, Relationships and Connection - A Conversation with Paul Scanlon

On a Mission Podcast

This week, Ellie is on a mission with Paul Scanlon, one of the most sought after public speakers in the world, as well as a best-selling author, coach, mentor and master communicator. Paul discusses his journey in life, from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success, why faith matters so much when it comes to determining our paths in life, and how a more relationship-based approach to religion and life can create a greater sense of connection. KEY TAKEAWAYS Education is not a one-size-fits all endeavour, yet many authorities enforce this practice, meaning that many children, who require different learning pathways or specialised focus, slip through the cracks. Religion seems to be built upon a rigid sense of conformity and regulation, when in fact, a more relationship-based approach is far more compatible with the way we as human beings connect and communicate. When our organisations focus upon growing with the same client base, but our marketing aims much wider than that, it indicates a disconnect between what we believe and how we behave. As leaders, we function best when we put people at the heart of everything we do - managing, building, connecting with our people are the best ways of getting the best from them. BEST MOMENTS 'My entry point was not religion. It was relationship' 'What I knew I had to do was change our culture - not just our beliefs' 'None of it really matters until you are willing to disrupt yourself and start barbecuing a few sacred cows' 'I knew I had to become more intentional about being a people person' VALUABLE RESOURCES On A Mission - https://omny.fm/shows/on-a-mission Paul Scanlon - https://www.paulscanlon.com ABOUT THE HOST The On A Mission Podcast brings you Ellie Mckay's no holds barred chats with some of the UK's top business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, top thought leaders, influencers and mindset experts. On a Mission is for unconventional thinkers that want to challenge the status quo. For all those people on a mission to live their best lives and take control of their own destiny. Ellie is a straight-talking, successful property entrepreneur who passionately believes that everyone has the power within themselves to transform their lives no matter what their situation. As a mumpreneur with 3 young children and multiple businesses, Ellie likes to keep it real with her no-bs insights and share the things that have helped her achieve the level of success she has enjoyed to date. CONTACT METHODS: Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/ellie-mckay/ Facebook: Facebook.com/ellie.mckay.3150 Instagram: Instagram.com/ellie_mckay_official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTIA0t0Xcm2Fz3kOzX3XaBA?sub_confirmation=1 Clubhouse: @ellie83See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


22 Aug 2021

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#327: Paul Scanlon on The Art of Unlearning, Developing ‘Get Back Up’ Skills When Life Gets Difficult and Why It’s Okay To Outgrow People!

The Brian Keane Podcast

Paul has trained and mentored people for over 30 years as a keynote speaker all over the world.  After 3 decades in the not-for-profit sector, Paul has successfully transitioned and reinvented as an educator through both his LIVE and online Masterclass events in Communication, Leadership and Personal Development.  Paul's three strands of focus are: Communication, Leadership and Human Flourishing.  His hallmark is making complex things simple.  Paul passionately believes it’s more important to grow people than things.   He believes that there's greatness in everyone and knows that most need the help of a well-chosen coach or mentor to discover it. He is also the host of the podcast Growing Big People with Paul Scanlon. This was a fantastic conversation and one I am very grateful for having. Although Paul’s microphone quality isn’t as high as other podcast guests, the value he speaks more than makes up for it. This was a mini therapy session for me so I hope you get as much from it as I did.  Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast:      How labels can become our identities and how to watch out for that in your own life     How to change your and upgrade your identity through repetition       How to develop ‘getting back up skill’s when life knocks you down      The art of unlearning beliefs, habits and behaviours that are no longer serving you      The super power of reframing      Why it’s okay to outgrow people     And much more.  SHOWNOTES: Paul’s Website: https://www.paulscanlon.com/ Paul’s Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/paulscanlonuk/?hl=en Paul’s Link tree: https://linktr.ee/paulscanlonuk BRIAN'S LINKS: The online business podcast https://briankeanefitness.com/business-podcast/ How to move your PT business online course https://briankeanefitness.com/online-business-course/ Rewire Your Mindset course (new): https://briankeanefitness.com/rewire-your-mindset-course/ BKF Online Course: https://briankeanefitness.com/bkf-online/


3 May 2021

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Paul Scanlon | A Kick in the Right Direction

The Fighting Fit Show

In this episode, Brandon chat to Fighting Fit member Paul Scanlon. He talks about doing two Kickstarter programs back to back, losing a total of 32 lbs and how he has continued to lose weight and stay healthy www.fightingfitnation.com

1hr 6mins

28 May 2020

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6 Rooms That Are Missing From God’s House | Paul Scanlon

C3 SYD Podcast

Listen in on our 6 PM service with guest speaker Paul Scanlon talking about the varying rooms we need to create in Church Life.


8 Mar 2020

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The Sin of Certainty | Paul Scanlon

C3 SYD Podcast

Listen in on our 10 AM service with guest speaker Paul Scanlon speaking on the sin of certainty, and how we think about God can shape our faith, in positive and negative ways.


7 Mar 2020

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Paul Scanlon - Bricks without Straw

Calvary Christian Church - Video Podcast

Paul’s unique ability to make complex things simple is a hallmark of his skill as a communicator. His belief that it’s more important to grow people than things combined with his innate ability to walk in other people's shoes creates a rare sense of connection with his audiences and followers.  Enjoy this inspiring message


16 Oct 2019

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Collateral Grace - Paul Scanlon

Calvary Christian Church Podcast - Audio

Paul’s unique ability to make complex things simple is a hallmark of his skill as a communicator. His belief that it’s more important to grow people than things combined with his innate ability to walk in other people's shoes creates a rare sense of connection with his audiences and followers.  Enjoy this inspiring message


16 Oct 2019

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Paul Scanlon | Stand Up Chameleons

Heart Church Podcasts

Paul Scanlon | Stand Up Chameleons by Heart Church


13 May 2019

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The Hierarchy of the soul| Paul Scanlon | NL

C3 Imagine


3 Mar 2019