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#15: Teague Egan - EnergyX

Out of the Lab

Teague Egan is the founder and CEO of EnergyX, a company focused on commercializing the LiTASTM tech for lithium extraction and solid state battery electrolytes. The company was founded based on a discovery that metal organic frameworks, similar to membranes, can selectively separate monovalent ions like lithium in mixtures of high salinity. It's a spinout from the University of Texas Austin, Monash University in Australia, CSIRO (Australia's national lab) and others. Teague licensed and commercialized this technology which is the foundation of the EnergyX startup.  This interview rocks for a few reasons. We really hear the details of how Teague decided to get involved in lithium ion exploration and extraction in the first place and how he discovered the core technology by reading an academic paper. This story is close to my heart as I had read the same paper and reached out to one of the inventors, Professor Benny Freeman, a few years ago. But Teague was the one who got on the plane, worked his butt off, and made it happen. In just a few years, Teague took a piece of research and built it into a technology company valued at $300M. He's raised money, executed collaboration agreements with leading lithium producers, and built a team of 15 people.  His background before research commercialization is also fascinating. He invented a technology in textiles that he patented, founded and ran a record label, was the youngest certified NFL sports agent in history while studying entrepreneurship at USC, and more.  His hustle, grit and determination are all inspiring and its exciting that his attention is now laser-focused on climate change, batteries and renewables. Enjoy!  More about Teague: With a background of serial entrepreneurship, investing, inventing, and philanthropy, Teague has been investing in public sector energy assets and sustainable technologies since 2013. Prior to EnergyX, he started businesses in entertainment, music, and sports, and is also the inventor of energyDNA - a patented multi-component graphene textile fiber technology. In 2012, Teague founded Innovation Factory VC, a venture capital fund focused on tech, life sciences, real estate, space and consumer products. Teague is actively involved in philanthropic efforts with the Thomas E. Smith Foundation. He is the co-founder of Dance For Paralysis, The Reality Ride Challenge, and The Kindness Project. Teague is a USC Trojan, and also studied exponential technology including artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology at Singularity University. Find Teague on LinkedIn. Learn more about EnergyX on their website. Join the Bountiful community today and realize your power to save the world. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn if you haven't already.


13 Oct 2021

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#40: In Conversation with Teague Egan, Founder and CEO of Energy X

EV Brief Podcast

In this episode, I sit down with Teague Egan (via Zoom) for a chat about all things lithium. Teague is the founder and CEO of Energy X, and his company plans to revolutionise lithium extraction, increasing efficiency, yield and speed over traditional evaporation extraction methods with its patented nanotechnology membranes. As developed countries rapidly push for a clean energy future, how will the world supply enough lithium for renewables, electric vehicles and energy storage? How can this be done sustainably?    Timecodes:  00:00 Introduction  00:29 Teague Egan's background  03:37 What is EnergyX and what do they do?  06:21 LiTAS technology from EnergyX  08:05 Using sodium to extract lithium; Elon's point of view  10:30 LiTAS technology implementation to enhance EV production  12:19 What is EnergyX doing to improve efficiency of lithium extraction?  15:26 Who are EnergyX's customers?  16:38 LiTAS technology in the developing world  18:02 Sustainability and EnergyX  21:42 Tesla and its 4680 cells  25:38 Solid state battery technology  30:08 Driving clean energy into the hands of all consumers  31:40 Aiming for 1000 mile batteries  32:40 EnergyX's timeline for rolling out pilot plants and production  34:50 Teague's assessment on the biggest issues facing the energy transition and our climate  --  Thanks for tuning in! Please get in touch with any questions and comments! If you enjoyed the content, please leave a thumbs up and hit subscribe to ensure you don't miss next week's show! For the latest EV news, analysis and reviews, visit our home at https://evbrief.com Also Find EV Brief on your favourite podcasting network! https://anchor.fm/ev-brief-podcast


15 Aug 2021

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How to Raise Million to Finance Your Business with Crowdfunding w/ Teague Egan

Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

CEO and founder of EnergyX, Teague Egan, takes us on a journey into the future like no other. Energy Exploration Technologies is on a mission to provide the world with clean energy and on this episode, he walks us through the unconventional path of crowdfunding his business and marketing through avenues like YouTube and podcasts.    On a serendipitous trip to Bolivia, Teague found himself on the world’s largest lithium reserve. Having been a tesla owner and shareholder since ’13, it dawned on him the massive amount of lithium these electronics cars required; from this experience, Teague set out to create the most cost-effective and efficient lithium battery.  Tune in to hear Teague’s story…  [01:01] Introduction to Teague Egan   [01:57] EnergyX  [03:06] Coming up with the idea   [06:24] Raising capitol  [09:51] Two avenues when starting a venture   [11:11] Record label   [12:46] Platform used for crowdfunding  [15:05] Key components in crowdfunding   [18:08] Driving awareness   [21:32] How would you crowdfund if you had to do it over again?  [24:10] Favorite growth tool  [25:09] Favorite book  [26:16] Connect with Teague  Resources:   Connect with Teague:   Email hello@energyx.com Website: Energyx.com Instagram Twitter NetCapital Teague’s Favorite Business Tool:    Salesforce  Teague’s Favorite Book:    Make Your Bed by Admiral McRaven   ———————————————————————————————————————————  Are you getting a steady flow of highly targeted leads from LinkedIn??  If not, I can help…  Get the ultimate guide to generating inbound leads on LinkedIn!   Text 44222 with the word LIGUIDE or visit AskDennisBrown.com/guide If you enjoyed this episode, please RATE / REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE to ensure you never miss an episode.   Can’t get enough? Connect with me!  AskDennisBrown.com LinkedIn Twitter Instagram [Free Giveaways] 


19 Jul 2021

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Teague Egan: Energy X — Episode 4

The Impact Economy

Today on the show is Teague Egan, an American businessman, entrepreneur, investor, inventor, and philanthropist. He’s the CEO of EnergyX, a sustainable energy company focused on lithium extraction, separation, recovery, and refinery technology, as well as solid-state battery storage. By Combining these technologies, Energy X is creating a process that dramatically lowers the cost of lithium resources. The company’s goal is to develop technology and assets that turn it into one of the premier, low-cost lithium providers for the growing lithium-ion battery industry. In this episode, we discuss the advent of the lithium industry, the opportunity which sustainable transformations in the economy brings as well as his practical advice for hardware solution founders raising capital. 


1 Jul 2021

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The Energy X Factor, ft. Teague Egan

The Minerals Manhattan Project

The Minerals Manhattan Project welcomes Teague Egan, Founder and CEO of Energy X.As the world is steadfast in transitioning to sustainable energy, Energy Exploration Technologies Inc. (EnergyX) has a mission to power the future. Founded by serial entrepreneur, Teague Egan, and a team of the world’s leading scientists and sustainable energy veterans, EnergyX is creating revolutionary technology to support the shift to clean energy.https://energyx.com/@energyx@teagueegan


2 Oct 2020

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EnergyX partners with Nobel prize winner on next gen battery tech: CEO Teague Egan


Techstination interview: EnergyX partners with Nobel prize winner on next gen battery tech: CEO Teague Egan


18 Sep 2020

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"White Gold" with Teague Egan

On The Cusp by Rachell Vallori

"white gold" with Teague Egan CEO of Energy X


27 May 2020

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Teague Egan: Energy Storage Technology

The Energy Talk

Teague Egan is the CEO of EnergyX and on this episode, he guides us through a conversation on the exploration and production of lithium for battery technologies and the role the lithium industry will play in the clean energy systems of the future. _ Connect with Teague Twitter: @TeagueEgan Learn more about EnergyX: https://energyx.com/ _ Music by Jensen Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jensen_chuah/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jensen_chuah SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jensenneedsfriends YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtHFEpuTjAVekbI1xz


17 Apr 2020

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226 - Breakthrough Lithium Extraction, EnergyX CEO - Teague Egan


Teague Egan, is a young titan with an established track record of successful ventures, investments and philanthropy who has turned his eye toward the rise of renewable energy. Today’s discussion broadly focuses on the technology Teague’s company, EnergyX, is working to bring to market, focused on improving the lithium extraction process and vastly lowering the cost. Gain access to all the show notes & resources from this episode here You can connect w/host, Nico Johnson, on Twitter, LinkedIn or email Thanks a ton to our podcast sponsors for continuing to help make this content FREE to You! Please check them out and let me know what you think!


6 Feb 2020

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Interview with Teague Egan, Founder & CEO of EnergyX

Climate Change with Scott Amyx

Interview with Teague Egan, Founder & CEO of EnergyX


2 Dec 2019