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What is Heaven? - Justin Moore - 4-25-2021

Revelation Rock Church

What is Heaven? - Justin Moore


25 Apr 2021

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Bobby’s Top 5 Hated Bands + Fun Fact Friday Faceoff: Eddie vs. Morgan2 + Justin Moore Performs His First Ever Hit!

The Bobby Bones Show

Bobby gives his list of 5 artists that he thinks get the most undeserving hate. We weigh in on if it’s justified or not. Eddie and Morgan2 battle it out to see who has the 5 most fun facts of the week. Justin Moore drops in to talk about his new album and perform his first no. 1! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 14mins

23 Apr 2021

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NFL | Inside the WFT with Blake and Justin Moore

Fantasy Team Advice

What happened with Dwayne Haskins? Was Chase Young the pick over Tua Tagovailoa--then and now? How much better was Antonio Gibson than even YOU could imagine in 2020? What do we make of Ron Rivera? Dan Snyder...discuss amongst yourselves. What is the future at the QB position? The answers to these questions and MORE in our latest Fantasy Team Advice podcast.

1hr 19mins

23 Mar 2021

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State of the Nova Nation: Shaking off the Big East Tournament, Justin Moore update, and March Madness is Back!

VU Hoops: for Villanova Wildcats fans

It was a tough time at the Big East Tournament for the Villanova Wildcats, who were bounced out of the quarterfinals by rival and eventual champion Georgetown. While it was a rough loss, the positive is that the season is not over yet and there's a chance to make one last stand in the NCAA Tournament. The even bigger takeaway was Justin Moore's surprise return. Jay Wright gives a little perspective on that day and his status for the NCAA Tournament. For the first time since 2019, March Madness is back, which is a definite plus. The Wildcats are a 5-seed and will begin against 12th-seeded Winthrop. Brackets are finalized and the countdown to the first games tipping off on Friday is on! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


16 Mar 2021

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Country Star Justin Moore Jumps back into business & we've got him first!

Obie & Ashley

We're fortunate to have show's back and Justin Moore is putting one on for us but first, he's on our show with a personal update and in the Fast Five question hot seat!


10 Mar 2021

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241: Michael Camporini and Justin Moore on Learning to Yield in the Gym, Clarifying “Stiffness”, and Understanding Stretch-Shortening Dynamics in Athletic Movement

Just Fly Performance Podcast

Our guests today are Justin Moore and Michael Camporini.  Justin is a master instructor and the professional development manager at Parabolic Performance and Rehab.  Justin has been a popular guest on the podcast many times in the past, discussing advanced biomechanical principles in regards to things like breathing, positioning in strength training, and much more.Michael Camporini, "Campo", is a sports physical therapist in Phoenix, AZ, and previously worked with athletes of all different levels and ages with experience as a strength coach at Parabolic.  He has completed internships with Resilient Physical Therapy and IFAST, as well as completing a clinical rotation with Bill Hartman.You may have heard me speak on the drawbacks of doing too much strength and barbell training many times in the past.  Unless we have some ideas of the exact, negative structural changes that happen with excessive barbell lifting strain (and how to reverse them) we might potentially live in a world where heavy weightlifting is some sort of bogey-man we can’t quite define the effects of.  This is important because some athletes need heavier training, while others do not. Recently, Justin Moore (who has a long history of heavy strength training) had a significant knee injury that occurred while demonstrating a skipping exercise (he had injured his knee multiple times in the past), that led him to reach out to Mike Camporini to help him create an intervention program, which led Justin to playing flag football pain free and moving extremely well.  On the podcast today, Justin and Campo talk about the intervention, the issues Justin had from years of too much lifting strain, and how they reclaimed his range of motion and athletic ability.  This podcast goes into many concepts of human function, stretch shortening cycle dynamics, compression versus expansion, defining what “stiffness” really is in context of sport skill, and much more.Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster and Lost Empire Herbs.View more podcast episodes at the podcast homepage.Head to www.lostempireherbs.com/justfly for 15% off of your purchase!Timestamps and Main Points6:35 Justin’s history of knee injury, and his athletic pursuits that contributed to not being an optimally functional athlete21:35 How Justin would approach taking compressive lifting away from an individual, and what might warrant the need to avoid bilateral lifting in a program30:35 What KPI’s in terms of range of motion are Justin and Campo looking at for field based athletes who need to run, jump and change direction40:55 Thoughts on lifting strategies that produce excess stiffness in an athlete’s system, and how stiffness and stretch-shortening action can be specific to athletic action52:25 Why being overly “stiff” in a standing vertical jump will negatively impact jump height and resiliency and topics on being “expanded” vs. “compressed”1:13.45 Some of the tests and corrective strategies that Campo and Justin went through to help fix some of Justin’s faulty mechanics1:24.35 The use of yielding and oscillating work to help improve the quality of Justin’s movement strategy“Those elements, those compressive training strategies that you do over years to build the strength, to build the muscle.  Those lead to structural changes and certain biases that you need to give time to create any adaptation in the other direction” Moore“When we look as an individual’s situation, we say, what does this person need to reach their goals, where is their endgame, and then we establish things we need to track and we don’t want to lose” Campo“There is a stretch shortening cycle in Olympic lifting or Powerlifting, it is just going to be different compared to throwing a baseball” Campo“How he is behaving and creating these motion deficits is also influencing how he is absorbing energy, or can potentially absorb energy within his elastic tiss...

1hr 39mins

11 Feb 2021

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380. The Blake Shelton and Justin Moore Song Controversies

The HodgePodge Podcast

D. Hodge and Big Shrimp talk about the controversy around Blake Shelton's new single, Minimum Wage. They talk about if it is really offensive and should be taken down off of country radio. They are also chatting about the possible racist slur from Justin Moore's hit song, Bait a Hook.  D. Hodge: instagram.com/iammrdylanhodge Big Shrimp: instagram.com/bigshrimpradio --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dylan-hodge/support


9 Feb 2021

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S3E15 - Justin Moore

The Abstract Athlete

Join the art professor, Ron Johnson (Virginia Commonwealth University) for episode twelve of our third season of podcasts with Justin Moore, artist and Stanford University Baseball player. Together they will discuss his football and baseball backgrounds and his love of Boston sports..This episode will discuss what inspires him as a creative and how he got into drawing. .For more information on Justin Moore please visit:twitter.com/justin_moore18?lang=enFor information of Stanford University Athletics visit:gostanford.comFor more information on The Abstract Athlete, check out our website at:https://www.theabstractathlete.com/For information on the One Man's Ethos Podcast visit:https://www.onemansethos.com/For more information on The Abstract Doctors Podcast visit:https://www.theabstractdoctors.com/


16 Nov 2020

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Justin Moore | Barrel Maker Printing | Shirt Show 20


Andy & Dylan catch up with Justin Moore of Barrel Maker Printing. While spending his Sunday at the shop, we got to talking about printers working normal hours vs coming in on their own time, printer/shop manager roles and how they can differ from shop to shop, analyzing shop data, and live printing. Having started Barrel Maker during the market crash in '08, this isn't Justin's first time operating through tough times, and we discuss the effects covid has put on his business and his team. Justin also shares a couple horror stories for us as well, one involving fire, and the other involving a poorly aimed bow and arrow.

1hr 35mins

26 Oct 2020

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Justin Moore in Motley Crue and with their song called home sweet home on the Kenny Rodriguez show r

Kenny Rodriguez Show Case Number One Showcase 1 Through 10w

Episode 89 on the Kenny Rodriguez show disc jockey disc jockey segment with Ellen broom right here on a Kenny Rodriguez show Kenny Rodriguez sings a couple of karaoke songs on the Kenny lights Regus show


20 Sep 2020