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410 Magic, Miracles, Travel and Romance with Renee Linnell

Path 11 Podcast

Renee knows loss—her beloved father died on Thanksgiving Day when she was 15. Then, after more than a dozen years of conflict and estrangement, she lost her mother—who went missing and turned up drowned in a hotel bathtub. Renee knows devastation—when she was 33, she joined a Buddhist cult, got brainwashed, burned almost everything she owned, and nearly lost her sanity and her life. Renee stuffed down plenty of shame. But eventually, she shook it off, made peace with her flaws and failures, and got busy living her life to the fullest. Magic, miracles, travel, and romance—this is where Renee leads you in her long-awaited sequel to The Burn Zone. From love affairs with men half her age, to being rescued by angels, to getting stranded at 22,000 feet in the Himalayas and being electrocuted in the Maldives, Renee takes you on a wild page-turning adventure; sharing with you soul-soothing wisdom she gained along the way. Where The Burn Zone was an exploration of what happens when we don’t listen to our Inner Guidance, Still on Fire is an exposition of what happens when we do. As Renee courageously takes leap after leap into the unknown, picks up the pieces after being shattered, or recounts hilarious attempts to regain her mojo, you will see yourself in her stories. You will remember it is not only okay, but necessary to try and fail. www.reneelinnell.com ------------------------------- Watch Path 11 TV wherever you want, on the iPhone, AppleTV, Android, Amazon Fire, and Roku Apps. 👉Podcast listeners can use coupon code: PODCAST30, for a 30% discount off the annual plan. This code is only available for a limited time. -------------------- Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer https://www.thereconnection.com Be sure to use coupon code PATH2PORTAL on checkout, to take 25% of your purchase of the portal. -------------------- Check out our new music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): https://uppbeat.io/t/all-good-folks/connections


17 Oct 2022

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How To Put The Flame Out When You Are Still On Fire With Renee Linnell

Outside The Studio with Tessa Tovar

On episode 69 of Outside The Studio: The world tells us, "You can't" to anything daring we want to accomplish. Our arguments against ourselves most often stop us from following our dreams. In this rich episode, Tessa asks Renee Linnell how she's always taken leaps of faith, overcome tremendous pain and loss, healed from mistakes, and what happens when we are receptive. "For those who understand, No explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, No explanation is possible' - Ziad K. Abdrlnour Renee knows devastation—when she was 33, she joined a Buddhist cult, got brainwashed, burned almost everything she owned, and nearly lost her sanity and her life. Renee stuffed down plenty of shame. But eventually, she shook it off, made peace with her flaws and failures, and got busy living her life to the fullest. Renee is the author of The Burn Zone and her newest book Still On Fire. Timestamps (00:00) Who is Renee Linnell? (01:40) Has Renee always been adventurous? (04:15) Renee's career as a professional dancer (09:30) How does one become a professional dancer? Is it ever too late to start? (11:30) What stops us from following our dreams? (16:40) Renee's entry into Buddhism (19:10) What Buddhist lessons does Renee still follow after being in a Buddhist cult? (21:35) What is Renee's meditation routine? (22:15) Is there a happily ever after? (25:20) Trying everyone's point of view isn't always possible (28:25) How do we create a community with unreceptive people? (30:15) Why do certain people attract certain personalities? (33:00) Does having time between relationships make a difference? (34:20) Why is being alone so difficult? (38:20) How do we invite the divine, magic and miracles? (40:40) Renee’s miraculous hip recovery (45:10) Turning pain into purpose (47:50) What's next for Renee? Key Takeaways 1. We often focus on and argue for our own limitations, which prohibits us from doing what we want. Instead, knowing where you are starting, what you need to do, and how to overcome the roadblocks, will lead us to action for following our dreams. 2. Being in a Buddhist cult, Renee naturally experienced negative aspects of Buddhism. When she left, she walked away with positive teachings from Buddhism such as practicing simple meditations, rather than the rigid courses she followed. Through our negative experiences, we can pick up constructive lessons or aspects. 3. We can't always see everyone's point of view, because we are all unique on different levels. Someone on the top floor can't see the point of view of someone in the basement, especially if they’ve never wanted to be anywhere near. It's better to spend our energy living our brightest, most thriving life while being open and receptive. 4. Renee joined the cult because she felt love was missing from her life, and was searching for something to fill it. The more we love ourselves the less we are going to let people treat us poorly. We attract the love pattern that we grew up with as children while accepting the love we think we deserve. Connect with Renee Linnell Renee Linnell's new book, Still on Fire: https://reneelinnell.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/renee.linnell/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Renee_Linnell Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReneeLinnellAuthor/ Connect with Tessa Tovar Website: https://tessatovar.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tessamarietovar/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tessa-tovar-baa27613 Twitter: https://twitter.com/TBenedicktus


15 Oct 2022

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Still On Fire - Renee Linnell

Late Night Health Radio

Many and all kinds of people across the country feel sad, hopeless, and exhausted. If that hits home, you might be thinking: When will life get better? Will I ever be happy? Author, entrepreneur, and grief, trauma, and cult survivor, Renee Linnell has a message for everyone who is tired of being afraid, tired of feeling overworked and overstressed, tired of fitting in, making do, and pleasing others: “Stop making excuses for why mediocrity is okay for you and take the leap into a life that you love.” Renee visits with Mark Alyn on this edition of Late Night Health.


3 Oct 2022

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Still on Fire: Joy, Intuition, and Your Soul's Path with author Renee Linnell

Jump Start Your Joy

I'm really excited to have author Renee Linnell back on JSYJ!. This is her second time on the podcast, and in this brand new conversation, we're talking about her book that came out on August 16, 2022, which is titled "Still on Fire: A Memoir." Renee first came on the show when her first book, "The Burn Zone," came out.  This book was was all about how she found herself in a cult several years ago. Her new book is a delightful continuation of her amazing craft of storytelling. The themes that come through in her new book are all around  trusting your intuition, manifesting things in your life, and the idea that this life is a continuation of your soul's ongoing journey. Of course, these are some of my very favorite themes and there's such joy and delight in this conversation with Renee. Resources: Renee Linnell's first interview on JSYJ Renee Lineell's book: "Still on Fire: A Memoir" Renee Linnell's book: "The Burn Zone"


18 Aug 2022

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Author Renee Linnell returns to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss #StillOnFire

"Conversations LIVE!" with Cyrus Webb

Author Renee Linnell returns to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her new book STILL ON FIRE---and what it's been like to share her journey with the world.


17 Aug 2022

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Restoring the Health and Power of Your True Self: How to Let Go of the Past so You Can Start Thriving Today with Dr. Christiane Northrup and Renee Linnell

Harvesting Happiness

In this week’s episode:•How to get rid of an energy vampire•Replenishing the empath spirit•Effectively setting boundaries•Creating space for nourishing the soul


29 Jan 2020

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Restoring the Health and Power of Your True Self: How to Let Go of the Past so You Can Start Thriving Today with Dr. Christiane Northrup and Renee Linnell

Harvesting Happiness Podcasts

In this week’s episode:•How to get rid of an energy vampire•Replenishing the empath spirit•Effectively setting boundaries•Creating space for nourishing the soul

29 Jan 2020

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MyNDTALK The Burn Zone Renee Linnell

MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer

After seven years of faithfully following her spiritual teacher, Renee Linnell finally realized she was in a cult and had been severely brainwashed. But how did that happen to someone like her? She had graduated magna cum laude with a double degree. She had traveled to nearly fifty countries alone before she turned thirty-five. She was a surf model and a professional Argentine tango dancer. She had started five different companies and had an MBA from NYU. How could someone like her end up brainwashed and in a cult?


10 Oct 2019

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The Dark Side of Spirituality: Escaping a Buddhist Cult with Renee Linnell

Wellness Lately

Why We Love Renee: Renee Linnell graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double degree, traveled to nearly fifty countries before she turned 35, was a surf/bikini model and a professional Argentine Tango dancer, started 5 different companies, and got an MBA from New York University. She also spent close to seven years in a Buddhist cult and ended up severely brainwashed. In her new memoir, The Burn Zone, Renee discusses her journey into "deranged and damaged" and her awakening on the other side. Her key message is:  “Our difference is our destiny, and that when we stop trying to hide the parts of us that make us different, we will truly soar!" On the Pod, We Discuss: How Renee eventually found herself brainwashed in a cult, after initially wandering into a meditation seminar The parallels between being in a cult and a toxic relationship What drew her into the cult and why the leader and her philosophy was so compelling for Renee How we’re taught over the course of growing up that we’re not worthy, and how it affects us as adults Tantric Buddhist Mysticism and the other guiding principles of the cult that Renee was part of The major red flags that popped up along the way and how she trained herself to ignore her intuition The specific distinction between an uplifting, spiritual community and a group that can potentially be harmful Spiritual narcissism, and why it can lead to self-righteousness and ultimately a form of hell How the spiritual and wellness world can promote adhering to perfectionism and unrealistic beauty standards instead of actually feeling good Toxic relationships and what Renee learned about love throughout her journey How Renee ultimately discovered her purpose, and how we can work toward worthiness and love without joining a cult and going through a similar experience Why cults or other types of organizations based on power structures are so prevalent in our increasingly tumultuous world The near death experience and the learning moment that was a catalyst for Renee’s healing process and understanding she had given up her personal power Akashic Records and what we can learn from doing a reading What it took for Renee to rebuild her life and how she returned to her true self and her intuition Writing as a cathartic part of her recovery and why she decided to write the book And much more Helpful Links:  Visit Renee’s website  Follow Renee on Instagram and Facebook Get a copy of Renee’s book, The Burn Zone Listen to The Burn Zone on Audible Featured image credit: In Her Image Photography The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Elizabeth Locey, who Renee did her Akashic Records reading Brené Brown For more information and to view full show notes, visit wellnesslately.com/podcast

1hr 7mins

2 Oct 2019

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Ep. 45: Renee Linnell — How to Free Yourself from Manipulative Relationships

Think Act Be Podcast

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a manipulative relationship—you know deep down it's toxic, yet each time you try to leave you're pulled back in? My guest this week is Renee Linnell, who had exactly that experience during her time in a religious cult. She offers an intimate look at that period in her life in her recent book, The Burn Zone: A Memoir, which I explored with her on this week's episode.Topics we discussed included: Experiencing the original mind state of pure love The danger in deifying spiritual teachers The author’s experiences of Buddhism How people end up in abusive and manipulative relationships Life experiences that can make us vulnerable to being manipulated by others Relationships between narcissists and people who are co-dependent Lessons we can learn from everything “bad” that happens to us How denying our intuition can lead us to stay in toxic relationships Gaslighting in manipulative relationships (with shoutout to previous guest Dr. Stephanie Sarkis) Ways that social isolation facilitates mind control Intermittent reinforcement in manipulative relationships A realistic vision of enlightenment as accepting life just as it is Finding happiness by being ourselves The connection between pain and wisdom The freedom that comes from taking our focus off ourselves The powerful effect of taking small actions to be of service to others What it means to be a warrior Practical ways to show ourselves loveIn Her Image PhotographyHere are the links to Renee's highly engaging book (a percentage of each purchase made through these affiliate links will be used to support the podcast, at no additional cost to you): The Burn Zone: A MemoirClick here for the Audible Audiobook edition.Renee Linnell completed her Executive MBA at the NYU Stern School of Business. A serial entrepreneur, she has founded and cofounded five companies. She is currently working on starting a publishing company to give people from diverse walks of life an opportunity to tell their stories. Renee divides her time between Colorado and Southern California.Find Renee online at her website and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


5 Jun 2019