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Kevin Kelly believes optimism — and technology — can solve the world's toughest problems

Tapestry from CBC Radio

Despite the challenges we face in 2022 — declining environment included — Kevin Kelly, an author, futurist and founding editor of Wired magazine, says he still believes in a brighter tomorrow.To that end, every year, he provides a list of advice on how you can improve your own life. Tapestry host Mary Hynes asks Kelly about his most recent list, and why even 20 years on from some flopped predictions, he stays optimistic.


9 Sep 2022

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Chapter 110: Kevin Kelly on quashing quandaries with curiosity and creativity

3 Books With Neil Pasricha

Kevin Kelly is a man of many titles. Krista Tippett calls him a ‘philosopher technologist’, Tim Ferriss calls him ‘the world’s most interesting man’, and Stephen J. Dubner says simply, “If I was the Queen, I would want Kevin Kelly on my Privy Council.” Kevin Kelly is the first person — ever! — to be hired online. When? 1983. For what job? A fascinating one! We’re going to talk about it. He dropped out of college after a year to spend ten years backpacking around Asia. (His photos have just been released in a wonderful paperweight-dwarfing book called Vanishing Asia.) In the same breath he might drop stories of spending time with the Amish just as easily as chatting with Google’s founders in the late 90s. His online home, kk.org, is a fountain of deeply insightful and wise blog posts, such as, 1000 True Fans and his annual bits of birthday advice (which are coming out as a book next year!) Kevin also edited The Whole Earth Catalog, founded The Hacker’s Conference, and is Co-chair of the Board of the Long Now Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to encouraging long term thinking and which is, right now, building a clock in a mountain that will tick for 10,000 years. See why titles don’t really work with Kevin? I mean, sure, he calls himself a ‘packager of ideas’ and the Internet may know him best as ‘Senior Maverick at Wired Magazine’ (which he cofounded in 1993.) But he’s also written a series of prophetic bestsellers including: What Technology Wants (2010) and The Inevitable (2016). That last book came out six years ago but it lays out the future of technology over the next thirty. Clear and clairvoyant, Kevin’s words helped me feel more positive about the omnipresent magnetic pull of technology we’re all breathing in today. I would recommend it especially if, like me, you’re occasionally prone to digging your heels in the dirt, throwing your smartphone out the window, and screaming “I don’t wanna!” Kevin Kelly is a kind, wise, and optimistic finger-pointer. And, unlike most mystics, fortune tellers, and futurists, he’s got a long track record of being right. We are very lucky to have Kevin Kelly join us on 3 Books. Let’s flip the page into Chapter 110 now… What You'll learn: What makes for a good podcast conversation? What are the different types of vacation? How might you plan a vacation to optimize learning? Why are books a long-term technology? What does technology want? How might AI change us? How do you define optimism? How is technology both the problem and the solution? How do we learn to think longer term? What are recursive loops and how do they help explain the world? Why should we strive to engage in infinite games for growth? Why is population a concern? You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: https://www.3books.co/chapters/110 Leave us a voicemail. Your message may be included in a future chapter: 1-833-READ-A-LOT.   Sign up to receive podcast updates here: https://www.3books.co/email-list 3 Books is a completely insane and totally epic 15-year-long quest to uncover and discuss the 1000 most formative books in the world. Each chapter discusses the 3 most formative books of one of the world's most inspiring people. Sample guests include: Brené Brown, David Sedaris, Malcolm Gladwell, Angie Thomas, Cheryl Strayed, Rich Roll, Soyoung the Variety Store Owner, Derek the Hype Man, Kevin the Bookseller, Vishwas the Uber Driver, Roxane Gay, David Mitchell, Vivek Murthy, Mark Manson, Seth Godin, Judy Blume and Quentin Tarantino. 3 Books is published on the lunar calendar with each of the 333 chapters dropped on the exact minute of every single new moon and every single full moon all the way up to 5:21 am on September 1, 2031. 3 Books is an Apple "Best Of" award-winning show and is 100% non-profit with no ads, no sponsors, no commercials, and no interruptions. 3 Books has 3 clubs including the End of the Podcast Club, the Cover to Cover Club, and the Secret Club, which operates entirely through the mail and is only accessible by calling 1-833-READ-A-LOT. Each chapter is hosted by Neil Pasricha, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Awesome, The Happiness Equation, Two-Minute Mornings, etc. For more info check out: https://www.3books.co


27 Aug 2022

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#429 – Kevin Kelly – How To Invest in Genetic Editing, Residential Real Estate, & The Hotel Industry

The Meb Faber Show

Today’s guest is Kevin Kelly, the founder & CEO of both Kelly ETFs and Kelly Intelligence. In today’s episode, we start with Kevin’s entrance into the ETF space years ago with a Covered Call ETF, ticker QYLD. Then he shares what he’s been up to lately with Kelly ETFs. We talk about some thematic offerings around genetic editing, residential real estate, and hotels, and the bull case for each. As we wind down, Kevin shares his thoughts on the future of the ETF space and what other products he’s thinking about offering in the future, and if you’re wondering about how China invading Taiwan may effect your portfolio, you won’t want to miss what Kevin has to say. ----- Follow Meb on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube For detailed show notes, click here To learn more about our funds and follow us, subscribe to our mailing list or visit us at cambriainvestments.com ----- Today’s episode is sponsored by The Idea Farm. The Idea Farm gives you access to over $100,000 worth of investing research, the kind usually read by only the world’s largest institutions, funds, and money managers. Join today and get access to quarterly CAPE ratios, top podcasts and the entire research library. Subscribe for free here. ----- Interested in sponsoring the show? Email us at Feedback@TheMebFaberShow.com ----- Past guests include Ed Thorp, Richard Thaler, Jeremy Grantham, Joel Greenblatt, Campbell Harvey, Ivy Zelman, Kathryn Kaminski, Jason Calacanis, Whitney Baker, Aswath Damodaran, Howard Marks, Tom Barton, and many more.  ----- Meb's invested in some awesome startups that have passed along discounts to our listeners. Check them out here! 

1hr 10mins

18 Jul 2022

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AOW 400 Kevin Kelly

Art of Wrestling

The Voice of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Kevin Kelly joins Colt to talk about commentary, WWF, The Rock & his father and more. SPONSOR:www.MANSCAPED.com (code: COLT)Colt's Other Podcasts:WRESTLING ANONYMOUSPRO WRESTLING FRINGEListen Ad Free on Patreon:www.Patreon.com/COLTCABANABUY COLT'S MERCH....www.ProWrestlingTees.com/ColtCabanawww.ColtMerch.comImage Photo:www.portraitofawrestler.comImage Design:Jimmy Lee

1hr 9mins

2 Jun 2022

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WKPWP Interview Classics with Sean Waltman (5 Yrs Ago) & Kevin Kelly (10 Yrs Ago): Bullying in wrestling, Reigns, Rock for President, more

Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

In this week's Interview Classic episode, we jump back five years to PWTorch editor Wade Keller's May 11, 2017 interview with Sean “X-Pac” Waltman who talks about the prospects of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson running for president and if he thinks Rock showed traits consistent with a potential president during his time around him WWE, the upside for Shinsuke Nakamura, the current push of Roman Reigns, what Vince McMahon is like now compared to 20 years ago, his reaction to the hazing and bullying in WWE over the years, this days in the NWO and GWF, and more including phone calls and emails.Then in a bonus Interview Classic, we jump back ten years to a May 2, 2012 interview with ROH announcer Kevin Kelly conducted by PWTorch columnists Pat McNeill & Sean Radican. They, along with live callers, cover a number of subjects including ROH's iPPV future (Kelly says an announcement is coming soon), current ROH storylines, the Border Wars show next weekend, calling the incredible Michael Elgin vs. Davey Richards match, background on how he came up with the Stephanie McMahon/Triple H marriage angle in WWF, various WWE stories, and much more. In the VIP Aftershow, McNeill and Radican go through the Live Events Center and review the latest news.

3hr 4mins

14 May 2022

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180. S8 E16 "A Winter's Tale" with Kevin Kelly

Let's Face The Facts - A Facts Of Life Podcast by David Almeida

Orlando Actors David Almeida & Matthew Arter re-watch another episode of “The Facts Of Life” — so you don’t have to.📝 Transcript of the episode at Subtitles Like Scripts💻 Connect with Let’s Face The Facts: Website • Facebook • Instagram • Twitter💵 Support Let’s Face The Facts: PayPal • Venmo • CashApp • Patreon💋 Connect with Matthew Arter: Facebook • Instagram 📺 Next Week’s Episode: S8 E16 “A Winter’s Tale” (2/7/87) Watch it for free at DailyMotion.com.Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, RATE, and REVIEW! 😁

1hr 4mins

30 Mar 2022

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Kevin Kelly | Sub 4 Minute Mile Runner | The Converse Cowboy

The Converse Cowboy Podcast

1hr 34mins

22 Mar 2022

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The Next Generation of Health Care with Kelly ETFs Founder Kevin Kelly

The 7investing Podcast

The disruptive potential of gene editing could have huge implications for health care. Suddenly, several chronic diseases -- which may have required patients to be treated for decades -- have a potential to be fundamentally cured at the genomic level. This is unlocking publicly-tradable investment opportunities. Companies are utilizing the power of CRISPR gene editing, base editing, and prime editing to directly modify patient DNA. Larger pharmaceutical companies are partnering with these smaller drug developers and are building commercial programs that could be worth billions of dollars. Genetic sequencing companies are reducing costs and unlocking broader market adoption, which is rewarding them with greater volumes and higher profits. These opportunities are what has led Kelly ETFs to launch its newest investment product, the CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology ETF (Nasdaq: XDNA). In this exclusive conversation with 7investing CEO Simon Erickson, Kelly ETFs founder Kevin Kelly describes why he brought the ETF to market and how it is less-correlated with other health care funds that are available. He describes his allocation approach and why he isn't afraid to take large stakes in smaller companies. The two also dig into several of the ETF's largest positions, including Beam Therapeutics (Nasdaq: BEAM), Intellia Therapeutics (Nasdaq: NTLA), and Illumina (Nasdaq: ILMN). Publicly-traded companies mentioned in this interview include Abbott Laboratories, Beam Therapeutics, CRISPR Therapeutics, Editas Medicine, Illumina, Intellia Therapeutics, Regeneron, and Thermo Fisher. 7investing's advisors or its guests may have positions in the companies mentioned. Welcome to 7investing. We are here to empower you to invest in your future! We publish our 7 best ideas in the stock market to our subscribers for just $49 per month or $399 per year. Start your journey toward's financial independence: https://www.7investing.com/subscribe Stop by our website to level-up your investing education:  https://www.7investing.com Join the 7investing Community Forum: https://discord.gg/6YvazDf9sw Follow us: ► https://www.facebook.com/7investing ► https://twitter.com/7investing ► https://instagram.com/7investing --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/7investing/message


8 Feb 2022

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Wired Co-founder Kevin Kelly's 50-Year Project


One of the most interesting people I've had on Brainfluence is Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly. He's a renowned futurist, a perpetual gadget guru, a serious photographer, and an even more serious traveler. His latest project doesn't fit our usual conversation topics, but, as expected, his insights are fascinating. Book link: https://amzn.to/33rqNzv Show notes link:  Kevin Kelly, co-founder of WIRED and renowned futurist, has toured Asia for over half a century. Not only has he witnessed its changing culturhttps://www.rogerdooley.com/kevin-kelly-vanishing/e and landscape, but he’s also captured his experience in 9000 photographs, later compiled into 1000 pages of his most recent book, Vanishing Asia. Kevin set off for Asia in 1972 with a film camera. With no remote idea about Asia or its culture, he started to document the traditions that eventually seemed “disappearing even from first sight”. He put together the results from his privileged journey (as he describes it) in his three-volume book, which speaks everything traditional about Turkey in the West to Japan in the East. Kevin’s current title at Wired is “Senior Maverick,” a designation I’m sure you will agree is appropriate.


12 Jan 2022

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191 Super J-Cast Wrestle Kingdom Preview with Kevin Kelly

Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network

191 Super J-Cast Wrestle Kingdom Preview with Kevin Kelly -Joel and Damon return with our special guest Kevin Kelly for the annual Wrestle Kingdom preview show. The guys discuss the full line-ups for Wrestle Kingdom week, missing Jay White and Juice, the growth of Strong , NOAH prep work, House of Torture and EVIL, NJPW television in the US, and so much more.Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

2hr 53mins

1 Jan 2022