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189: Is Your Website's Copy Holding You Back w/ Josh Cantrell

Grow Your Video Business

If you’re not working with the clients and budgets you’d like, the problem may lie in your website. What does the copywriting on it look like? Is it helping your ideal client find you? If not, it’s time to reassess the story you’re telling. Josh Cantrell is the founder of Signal Brandworks, a messaging and copywriting agency that helps people find the right words to sell more. Josh is also a certified Storybrand guide and a Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response copywriter. Josh and I discuss why you need to care about copywriting if your business is to thrive. Proper copywriting is what gets your message across and sets you apart from the competition. It comes down to having the right framework in place. With that established, the right ideas and words will follow. To achieve this, you need to identify what it is that makes you special. We’re each individuals with unique qualities. Making that your brand will automatically distinguish yourself. That being said, don’t focus on yourself. Instead, make the focus on what your clients receive from you. How can you make your clients the heroes of their own stories? Let’s talk in the comments on the episode page! In this episode Why videographers should care about copywriting Establishing the right frameworks for creating successful copy What it takes to make a clear and compelling website How to turn your copy into a compelling story Being clear on what you don’t do as well as what you love to do Quotes “If you have the right framework, then the ideas come a lot better. And once you have the ideas, then the words can come a lot better.” [8:25] “The harder it is to understand and work through the words on your website, the less likely they’re going to stay and do business with you.” [17:35] “You, yourself, are the brand. You are different from everybody else out there. The way that you talk about what you do is going to be different from the way that other people talk about what they do.” [18:16] “If you get the right words, the right clients will fall through the cracks onto them.” [34:01] Links Find Josh Cantrell online Storybrand Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller Storyblocks Join the waitlist for the Video Business Academy   Additional Links: Check out the full show notes page Do you have something to share on this podcast? Fill out this form here. Be sure to take the Studio Sherpas survey for a chance to win some incredible prizes (if we do say so ourselves!) Stay up to date with everything we're doing at Studio Sherpas Tune in to our weekly Facebook Lives Follow Studio Sherpas on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram If you haven't already, we'd love it if you would take 1 minute to leave us a review on iTunes!


10 Aug 2020

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Learning to Understand the Differences of our Brethren( Feat Ty Rhymes, Caleb Rutherford, Josh Cantrell)

When the Scriptures become Real Podcast

How can we all be one and still be so different? Lets open up the Word of God and find out!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

1hr 7mins

28 May 2020

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59: Be Clear, Not Clever with Josh Cantrell

No BS Sales School

How to tell others what you do so it resonates—that’s what we talk about on today’s podcast. My guest, Josh Cantrell, is a Certified StoryBrand “Guide” and the founder of Signal Brandworks, where he and his team help people use words to spread ideas and sell stuff. Josh explains how being clear is more important than being clever. That your bio should be short. And that marketing doesn’t have to be complex to make you a lot of money. Check out the episode and tell me what you learned that will help you make more money.


4 Mar 2020

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StoryBrand: How to Tell More Compelling Stories for Your Business - Josh Cantrell

The Agents of Change: SEO, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing for Small Business

One of the best ways to create a rapport with your customers and earn their trust is through storytelling. When you learn to tell stories that customers in all points of your sales funnel can relate to, you’ve made your product or service that much more valuable to them. The ideal way to create your stories is to have a brand script in place, with carefully chosen words that resonate specifically with your customers. Your brand is about customer perception, so you need to be able to tell stories that substantiate and embody the challenges and experiences of your customers. Josh Cantrell helps clients create these scripts using a 7 point plan for effective storytelling.


15 Jan 2020

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Episode 46: Ashley Black & Josh Cantrell

It is For Freedom

In this episode, Holly chats with Ashley + Josh about their freedom stories. These two are currently engaged and preparing for their upcoming marriage - the first engaged couple on the show!


12 Nov 2019