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10 Jun 2021

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015 - Exploring alternate realities to get healing with Oryx Cohen

Break Down. Wake Up.

How experiencing extreme states of consciousness helped a non-profit chief operating officer process childhood challenges, improve his marriage and shift his approach to leadership Oryx Cohen was a leader in an organization training people to better support those in an emotional crisis. He knew about the value of these periods because he experienced several extreme states of consciousness throughout his life. So when he entered an altered state of consciousness suddenly at the end of leading a large conference, he saw this as an opportunity to wake up. In the midst of psychological space travel, he processed the devastating grief of his parents divorce and realized that his wife was indeed his soulmate. In this episode, we explore the value that extreme states of consciousness have in processing unresolved trauma, how we can ground ourselves when we are feeling disconnected through physical touch and present attention, and how feeling connected to people and things influence our care and investment in them. You can find out more about Oryx or his documentary Healing Voices by visiting https://power2u.org/. If you like what you've heard and want to be part of our podcast community, participate in special events, or discover the wisdom waking up in your own breakdown, check out our website at www.breakdownwakeup.com.     The Break Down. Wake Up. Season 1 podcast is sponsored by JAEC Foundation: Rethinking Mental Health.

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15 Sep 2020

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Oryx Cohen: Healing Voices Movie

Trauma Informed Podcast

Here I have Oryx Cohen. Oryx is featured in the film Healing Voices. This film asks us to think about what it means when we use the term "Mental Illness".Learn more about the film at www.healingvoicesmovie.com Read Oryx's recovery journey here: www.power2u.org/articles/recovery/recovery_stories/oryx.htmlFollow him on Twitter @OryxCohen


9 Apr 2016

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Journey Through Mania | Oryx Cohen | Madness Radio

Madness Radio

Psychiatric survivor leader Oryx Cohen was at a national conference when a seizure suddenly launched him out of his body and into a visionary state of madness. Avoiding medications or hospitalization, friends held a hotel room vigil for Oryx for many sleepless nights, and then drove him 4 days across country to safety. What surprising lessons – about the usefulness of medications, support, spirituality, and his own trauma – did Oryx learn? How can the fear of manic psychosis turn into healing? http://healingvoicesmovie.com


29 Aug 2015

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Men and Trauma with Oryx Cohen

Madness Radio

Freedom Center co-founder Oryx Cohen talks about how men can recover and heal from trauma, and creating a trauma-informed mental health system. Oryx also discusses the creation of the new Recovery Learning Community in Western MA.


7 Oct 2007

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Coming Off Medications w/Oryx Cohen

Madness Radio

Oryx Cohen and Will Hall of the Freedom Center discuss how to reduce and go off psychiatric drugs safely. Oryx is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Will with schizophrenia, and both are medication-free. They talk about their own experiences as well as general principles and things to keep in mind for anyone working to reduce or go off psychiatric drugs, lessons learned from 5 years of working with the Freedom Center support group and helping people reduce and go off drugs successfully.


30 Aug 2006