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LGBTQIA Fertility & Law with Gena Jaffe

mot(HER) with Dr. Gertrude Lyons

In today’s episode, Dr. Gertrude is joined by Gena Jaffe. Gena is the founder of Connecting Rainbows, an organization that connects LGBTQIA+ individuals with lawyers and fertility specialists in order to make it easier for them to start, grow, and protect their family. She is also a lawyer, a wife, a mom of two, a former gymnast, and a complete inspiration to many. She beautifully embodies authenticity, transparency, and what it looks like to live your passion while also balancing mothering yourself so you can show up for the world in a more sustainable way.  Today on Mot(HER):The vision and importance behind Gena’s organization, Connecting RainbowsThe power of visibility, transparency, and authenticity in business and personal life How becoming a morning person has helped Gena feel more present  Rewiring old beliefs around parenting, success, and failure Connect with Dr. Gertrude: Website: drgertrudelyons.com IG: @drgertrudelyons Connect with Gena: Website: www.connectingrainbows.org IG: @connectingrainbowsorg | @genajaffeThis show is produced by Soulfire Productions


6 Sep 2021

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Ep 64: The Legalities of LGBTQ+ Parenting that People Don’t Know About with Gena Jaffe

Fertility Forward

When Gena Jaffe had a baby using her wife’s egg, she learned that even though the baby was genetically her wife’s, only she, as the woman giving birth, was considered the legal parent. Gena discovered just how much confusion and misinformation is out there concerning the legalities of LGBTQ+ families, even among lawyers. As an entrepreneur and lawyer herself, as well as a mom who has gone through fertility treatments to conceive two children, Gena has a wealth of knowledge on both fertility treatments and the legal implications relating to them. It was this expertise that led her to establish Connecting Rainbows, an organization that helps those in the LGBTQ+ community start, grow, and protect their families by offering legal and fertility resources. Today on Fertility Forward, Gena sheds light on some of the confusion around what the law actually says about LGBTQ+ families. Hear about what second-parent adoption is and why you may need to do it, the importance of having a will, and things you need to know before using a sperm donor. She also shares her advice and encouragement for anyone starting out on their own fertility journey, so be sure to tune in today!


3 Jun 2021

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Ep. 117 Jamie Confronts Doug about Mysterious Phone Call, MAFS Recap, & Touching Chat with LGBTQIA+ Advocate, Gena Jaffe!

Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.

Today on the podcast we will be discussing a super important topic! Gena (pronounced "Jenna") Jaffe is a mom and lawyer. She and her wife did reciprocal IVF for both of their kiddos - her wife's eggs in Gena's oven. While Gena is a lawyer, she came to learn that there are so many steps involved in the parenting process for a lesbian couple so Gena created a business to help educate the LGBTQIA+ community. Her new business, Connecting Rainbows, is an organization that helps those in the LGBTQIA+ community start, grow and protect their families by offering legal and fertility resources. They provide a directory of attorneys, fertility clinics, surrogacy agencies, and a blog and vlog to learn from real families and experts. You can find her at connectingrainbows.org.Before Gena comes on, Jamie discusses a mysterious phone call with Doug and they recap another exciting MAFS episode!22:15 - Welcome to HMCP, Gena! 24:12 - How did you discover that you were a lesbian and that your wife was the one?38:57 - After you met your wife, Jordana, eventually you decided that you wanted to get married and have a family together...what was that conversation like because obviously you would need help since you are both of the same sex?40:41 - Can you explain reciprocal IVF a little bit more?47:00 - How do you address the fact that you’re both moms and does one take more of a parental role? How do you present this topic to your children?49:41 - Do you and your wife know who the donor is for your children?56:30 - Gena explains how Connecting Rainbows helps people learn what hoops they will need to go through.59:58 - What does the plus in LGBTQIA+ stand for? Stay tuned for another awesome episode next week! 😊Connecting Rainbows Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/connectingrainbowsorg/Gena’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/genajaffe/ Connecting Rainbows Website: https://connectingrainbows.org/hello/And thank you to our sponsors:ThirdLove - Go to thirdlove.com/HMCP to find your perfect-fitting bra… and get 20% off your first purchase! June's Journey - Download June’s Journey free today on the Apple App Store or Google Play.RebateKey - Just go to RebateKey.com to start earning cashback today! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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26 Apr 2021

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188: Start, Grow, and Protect Your LGBTQ+ Family with Gena Jaffe, Founder of Connecting Rainbows

The Out Entrepreneur | Bringing Our Whole Selves to Work | Conversations with Leading LGBTQ Bosses

Gena ("Jenna") Jaffe is the Founder of connecting rainbows - a national LGBTQ+ database connecting individuals and families to lawyers who specialize in family formation and estate planning as well as provides fertility resources.  The overarching theme is to start, grow + protect your family.  As a lawyer, mom and member of the LGBTQ+ community, she saw a huge need for this service after learning that so many people struggled to find lawyers who knew how to handle the specific needs of the community - especially after Amy Coney Barrett was appointed to the Supreme Court.


6 Apr 2021

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Episode 111: Connecting Rainbows - Gena Jaffe

I Want to Put a Baby in You!

Gena is an attorney and Founder of connecting rainbows - an organization that connects members of the LGBTQIA+ community with attorneys who specialize in family formation and estate planning, as well as provides fertility resources so you can start, grow and protect your family. She and her wife have two children via Reciprocal IVF. Listen to Gena as she discusses with Ellen and Jenn:• “Shopping” for a sperm donor to grow their family.• Deciding on reciprocal IVF to conceive and carry their children. • Facing some complications in trying for their second child. • Overcoming the hurdles. • Her experience giving birth during COVID.• Her professional life and background (spoiler – she’s a lawyer!)• The legal process they had to overcome in their journey. • Forming her new business, Connecting Rainbows. Want to share your story or ask a question? Call and leave us a message on our hotline: 303-997-1903.Learn more about our podcast: https://iwanttoputababyinyou.com/ Learn more about our surrogacy agencies: https://www.brightfuturesfamilies.com/ Get your IWTPABIY merch here! https://iwanttoputababyinyou.com/merch Learn more about Ellen’s law firm: http://trachmanlawcenter.com/ Learn more about Connecting Rainbows: https://connectingrainbows.org/ Learn more about Gena: https://genajaffe.com/


17 Mar 2021

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Gena Jaffe on Motherhood + Mental Health [NE 072]

Naptime Empires with Nikki Elledge Brown: Refreshingly Honest Conversations for Entrepreneurial Moms

Gena (pronounced "jenna") is a mom to two reciprocal IVF babes, wife to her wife, and serial entrepreneur. She was a corporate lawyer in NYC until she started her own law practice in Jan 2014. She then started a mama blog after the birth of her son Parker and 2 years ago, became a fitness + wellness coach after being a nationally competitive gymnast for 15 years. but of all the things she has done and all the awards she has won, "mommy" is her very favorite title of all. In this convo, we cover what sparked her shift from the traditional corporate attorney route to becoming an entrepreneur, how she and Jordana tag-team working + parenting from home, their experience with reciprocal IVF, what it was like delivering during the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic, her experience with postpartum anxiety - what helped her, plus ideas for supporting loved ones going through it, how she's shifted approach to business in the early months (years) of motherhood (+ a super smart strategy for being of service without actually taking on new clients), and more. Enjoy! ______ If you enjoyed this episode, safe to say you will LOVE The Naptime Empires Survival Guide - a free email-and-audio series I created to help get you out of overwhelm / hiding in the bathroom and back into aligned, imperfect action. Get started here: http://naptimeempires.com/guide ________ SHOW NOTES: http://naptimeempires.com/072 FB GROUP: http://naptimeempires.com/facebook INSTA: http://instagram.com/nikkielledgebrown MUSIC: "So Far So Close" by Jahzzar is licensed under an Attribution-ShareAlike License.


16 Nov 2020

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44: Celebrating Pride Month with Gena Jaffe

The Stylish Bride

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Stylish Bride! Today Julie Sabatino sits down with Gena Jaffe, in honor of pride month. They discuss taking time out of each day to focus on fitness for its mental health benefits, and how Gena can assist women who are prepping for their wedding to feel better in both their body and their mind. Gena is a member and advocate of the LGBT community, a virtual fitness coach, and a lawyer that helps other online entrepreneurs protect their businesses. Tune in to find out how Gena’s wife, Jordana, encouraged her to become an entrepreneur, what pride means to Gena, and the laughs Julie and Gena share, reminiscing over Julie’s and Jordana’s 2014 wedding! What makes this epidose even MORE fun is the fact that Julie and her guest, Gena, are FIRST COUSINS! Don’t miss this! Show Highlights:  Don’t work out to lose weight, work out for mental health Brides-to-be need an outlet and should take some time out each day Gena offers fitness programs for every body, 10-60 minutes Fitness should feel fun! Fitness routines help children to see that exercise can be fun Working out helps lift depression Planning a wedding should be about what makes you and your partner happy Same-sex weddings can have an added layer of pressure and sometimes sadness Every family is going to look different Gena’s photo shoot with a national retailer’s Pride campaign  Links:  Instagram: @thestylishbride  Julie@thestylishbride.com https://thestylishbride.com Promo Code for the first item you purchase:  Email Julie code: TSBPODCAST  https://freckledfoodie.com Instagram: @genajaffe


25 Jun 2019

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Dream Life is Real Life Ep 23 Gena Jaffe How to legally protect your online business and work from home

Dream Life is Real Life

Gena is a sparkly lawyer, fitness coach and mom aka the Legally Fit Mama.She provides easy-to-use DIY legal templates for online business owners and runs online fitness programs to help others feel better in their body + minds.But her favorite job is being a mommy, so working from home so she can be with her son is something she is eternally grateful for.Learn More: www.genajaffe.comDream Life is Real Lifehttps://businessinnovatorsradio.com/dream-life-is-real-life/


15 Jan 2019

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BB2 E46: Cover Your Legal Booty w Gena Jaffe

Brand and Blossom


13 Sep 2018