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Ald. Anthony Napolitano on the City’s Respect for Police “I’ve Never Seen Anything this Bad”

The John Howell Show Podcast

John Howell speaks with Ald. Anthony Napolitano from the 41st Ward. Ald. Napolitano discusses the new proposed ordinance that would allow CPD officers to decline previously unscheduled hours. This is about relief, he says, and mental health support in a time when it’s never been worse among the CPD.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


21 Jul 2022

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How To Become A Leader In Network Marketing With Anthony Napolitano

Home Business Profits with Ray Higdon

In this episode Ray speaks with Anthony Napolitano about his journey to becoming a leader in network marketing as well as tips to get started and have longevity in a network marketing business. Ray Higdon is a best-selling author, coach, high-energy speaker, and philanthropist. Going from foreclosure to multimillion-dollar success in a few short years, Ray’s journey to excellence has been fueled with an unrelenting passion for teaching people how to find their voice and understand their worth. We’re constantly testing, tracking, and innovating every single days… every single week… To get our latest trainings and specials, check out the link below. See Our Special Offering This Week: Higdongroup.com/podcastspecial


6 Jul 2022

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How To Consult Subscription Companies with Anthony Napolitano, Founding Partner at Triple C Consulting

Subscriptions: Scaled - A podcast about subscription businesses

In this week’s episode of Subscriptions Scaled, we speak with Anthony Napolitano, Founding Partner at Triple C Consulting.Triple C Consulting helps businesses create a compelling value proposition for their customers, company, and channel partners. One of the areas Triple C Consulting specializes in is direct-to-consumer subscriptions.Before founding Triple C Consulting, Anthony worked at HP for over 20 years. However, he had never worked in the core business before, and almost his entire career involved building and scaling new businesses. One of the businesses Anthony built and scaled was a subscription business. He joined the team early on in the consumer supplies space for HP, which essentially involved selling ink cartridges to consumers.But in 2015, the team wanted to take a fresh look at serving customers, so they started a subscription service. It involved selling blocks of pages monthly that customers bought as a subscription. There was an algorithm developed to monitor ink levels based on personal usage so customers would receive the paper before they ran out. Anthony was in this business for six years which gave him plenty of experience in the subscriptions industry.Discover how Triple C Consulting specializes in direct-to-consumer subscriptions by tuning into the latest episode of Subscriptions Scaled with Anthony Napolitano, Founding Partner at Triple C Consulting.Triple C ConsultingReady to get started with Rebar?Head to rebartechnology.com or email info@rebartechnology.com to schedule a call today.


6 Jun 2022

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Judge Anthony Napolitano | 1-14-22

Frank Morano

Judge Andrew Napolitano, former NJ Superior Court Judge and former Fox News Senior Judicial analyst gives his analysis on SCOTUS rules on vaccine mandates. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


14 Jan 2022

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Alderman Anthony Napolitano: ‘Support the Police’ rally, the need for law and order in the City of Chicago

Dave Plier

WGN Radio’s Dave Plier speaks with Chicago Alderman Anthony Napolitano about the need for law and order in our city and the support we need to provide to the good men and women of the CPD. https://serve.castfire.com/audio/3784437/3784437_2020-09-12-034237.64kmono.mp3

12 Sep 2020

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HP, Anthony Napolitano, VP and GM, Instant Ink Subscription Service

Insights For Growth: Stories of Enterprise Innovation

VP and GM of HP Instant Ink, Anthony Napolitano, talks about how customer experience has transformed, thanks in part to rapid digital transformation.   Read more >   Enjoy this episode? Be sure to leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  review and share it with your network. Connect with Widerfunnel at hello@widerfunnel.com  or Chris Goward @chrisgoward


8 Sep 2020

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HP Instant Ink’s Anthony Napolitano: Reinventing the Razor & Razorblades Model by Focusing on Subscriber Outcomes

Subscription Stories: True Tales from the Trenches

Anthony Napolitano, VP and General Manager of HP’s Instant Ink Subscription Service, joins Robbie to discuss his role as an intrapreneur, and what it’s like to be the subscription guy in a transactional business. They cover running a physical subscription business, ensuring customers get full value from their subscriptions, and managing a business in times of change. Highlights from this episode: 1:40 -- Anthony’s journey at HP 4:13 -- The birth of Instant Ink 6:42 -- Additional challenges of being a physical product subscription 10:57 -- The metrics used to diagnose problems or anticipate opportunities within the business 13:05 -- Addressing and solving Instant Ink’s key consumer issues 18:43 -- How Instant Ink caters to its superusers 21:54 -- The importance of a company continuing to evolve with the needs of the customers 23:21 -- Onboarding to ensure a customer gets the value they are paying for 28:26 -- Anthony’s contribution to HP as a whole 30:26 -- Advice for fellow intrapreneurs who are leading subscription in businesses that don’t typically do subscriptions 34:37 -- Anthony’s lessons learned and business approach during the COVID-19 pandemic 38:20 -- Robbie’s Speed Round Links: Anthony’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonynapolitano/ Hewlett-Packard’s Instant Ink: https://instantink.hpconnected.com/us/en/l/ Podcast Website: https://robbiekellmanbaxter.com/podcast Robbie’s Book THE FOREVER TRANSACTION: https://robbiekellmanbaxter.com/the-forever-transaction/ Anthony's Bio: Anthony Napolitano specializes in profitably scaling subscription businesses. Anthony joined Hewlett-Packard in 1997 as a financial analyst in the Notebook Computer Division. Over the next 23 years he progressed through various levels of management in the areas of Finance, Global Supply Chain, Procurement, Quality and General Management. For the past five years, he has served as the Vice President, General Manager of HP’s Instant Ink Subscription Service. Anthony earned a BA from Loyola Marymount University and an MBA from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.


26 Aug 2020

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Ep. 8 - Anthony Napolitano - How Vision Helps You Attract And Develop Leaders

The Relationship Capital Podcast

“I can tell you the reason I've been able to build relationships is because I put the relationship before the business and I put the friendship before the business so people know when I come at them with something or approach them with something or we're talking about something, I'm talking to them as a person”-Anthony Napolitano


19 Mar 2020

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Ep. 10 With Anthony Napolitano - One of the youngest top earners in the Network Marketing Profession

Legacy Leadership

Episode 10.with Anthony Napolitano​Anthony Napolitano . . . Italian American entrepreneur, investor, & mentor. Napolitano is most known for being one of the youngest top earners in the network marketing industry. He has already accomplished more than most people accomplish in a lifetime. Anthony helps people expand their lives financially, providing an effective suite of services that helps individuals Make, Manage, and Save more money on a daily basis. He serves as a great example to his team on what can take place when someone truly commits. Napolitano travels the world to help others become financially fit. He currently resides in Florida but is always on the move with his team. His mission is to reach as many people around the world that are in need of making extra income.www.contactmapping.com


14 Feb 2020

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460: How to Prevent Your Emotions from Sabotaging Your Business by Anthony Napolitano

MLM Nation

Deep relationships create long term business. Anthony Napolitano shows us that if you don’t understand the offline aspect of the business, you’re never going to going to build a long term residual check because it’s all about relationships, teaching people, and helping them get to where they want to be. Also, learn to think logically and not emotionally. Who is Anthony Napolitano?Anthony Napolitano is a 23 year old entrepreneur, born and raised in South Florida.He was a full time college student athlete when he was introduced to network marketing at 18 years old. Since then, he has earned over 7 figures in career earnings and is currently the top income earner in his company. Favorite Quote“Winners do what winners do” (Rick Rowberry)Must Read Book Beach Money by Jordan Adler Building Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn Recommended Online App Dropbox Over App Recommended Prospecting ToolPre-qualifying callContact Info Facebook Instagram What Did You Learn?Thanks for joining me on the show.So what did you learn? If you enjoyed this episode please share it on social media and send it to someone that needs extra motivation in their MLM business. Do you have any thoughts or comments? Please take 60 seconds to leave an HONEST review for the MLM Nation Podcast on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely important for me to make this show better. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes so that you get updates and new episodes downloaded to your phone automatically. Subscribe to our show  iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify | TuneIn | RSS


2 Apr 2018