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47 of The Best Podcast Episodes for John David Mann. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about John David Mann, often where they are interviewed.

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47 of The Best Podcast Episodes for John David Mann. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about John David Mann, often where they are interviewed.

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how to write a NY Times bestseller with John David Mann #127

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John is an award-winning author, 3 x NY Times bestseller, he has written 30 books, in 35 languages and have sold more than 3 million copies. He won Nautilus Award, the Axiom Business Book Award (Gold Medal), Taiwan’s Golden Book Award for Innovation, and the 2017 Living Now Book Awards “Evergreen Medal” for “contribution to positive global change.”

John is the first writer I have interviewed, in the sense that he is not promoting his own brand with non fiction business books but is the writer behind many bestsellers.

A fascinating insight into the mind of a writer, his practices, the world of publishing and how he collaborates with business leaders and celebrities.

He is co-author of the international bestseller The Go-Giver (with Bob Burg), the New York Times bestsellers The Latte Factor (with David Bach), The Red Circle (with Brandon Webb), and Flash Foresight (with Daniel Burrus), the national bestsellers The Slight Edge (with Jeff Olson), Among Heroes (with Brandon Webb), Out of the Maze (with Spencer Johnson), and Real Leadership (with John Addison), and the Washington Post bestseller Take the Lead (with Betsy Myers), which was named Best Leadership Book of 2011 by Tom Peters and the Washington Post. His first full-length novel, Steel Fear (with former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb) comes out August 2021. 

Aug 13 2020 · 1hr 9mins
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Rejection: with New York Times Best-selling Author, John David Mann

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My special guest this week on TIME with Fred is John David Mann, New York Times Best-selling author whose books have been published in 35 languages and sold more than 3 million copies. John co-authored the international bestselling classic The Go-Giver (with Bob Burg), the New York Times bestsellers The Latte Factor (with David Bach), The Red Circle (with Brandon Webb), and Flash Foresight (with Daniel Burrus), and the national bestsellers The Slight Edge (with Jeff Olson), Among Heroes (with Brandon Webb), Out of the Maze (with Spencer Johnson) and Real Leadership (with John Addison).

He also ghost-wrote the New York Times bestseller The Answer, by John Assaraf and Murray Smith. He has written for American Executive, CNBC, Financial Times,, Huffington Post, Ivey Business Journal, Leader to Leader, Leadership Excellence, Master Salesmanship, Strategy & Leadership, and Wired. In this podcast, John shares lessons and insights after being rejected 40 times by publishers. For more information about John, visit

Jul 11 2020 · 54mins
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MBS262 - Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL's Guide with John David Mann

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In this episode, Matt is joined by Award-Winning international author John David Mann. John co-authored the book 'Mastering Fear' based on the life of his close friend and former Navy Seal Brandon Webb. Drawing on Brandon's experiences in combat and business, along with colorful anecdotes from his vast network of super-achiever friends from astronauts to billionaires, Mann shows how people from all walks of life can stretch and transcend their boundaries and learn to use their fears as fuel to achieve more than they ever thought possible. "Fear can be a set of manacles, holding you prisoner," writes Mann. "Or it can be a slingshot, catapulting you on to greatness."
Jul 08 2020 · 57mins
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#65: Creating Multiple Successful Careers with John David Mann

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John David Mann is an award-winning author and entrepreneur that has been creating careers and doing the impossible since he was a teenager. After founding his own highschool at 17, John forged a successful career as a prize-winning composer and cellist before building a multi-million dollar sales organization and writing dozens of highly reviewed books on happiness, success, and living an extraordinary life.

Max Out Insights:
Be easier on yourself during the creative process, and tougher on yourself during the editing process
To become your best self, you need the arrogance of a teenager and the humility of a monk
To be truly happy, you must detach yourself and who you are from what you do
Imagine you`re 90 years old and in good mental and physical shape, how would you spend your time? How can you do more of that today?

Max Out Quotes:
“The number one thing that stops people from being writers is they start writing and then they squash it. You have to create a space where you can genuinely be free to put down stuff that will probably be awful.”
“The identification of what we do with our self-worth is such a trap.”
Jun 11 2020 · 1hr 7mins
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Người Dám Cho Đi - Bob Burg, John David Mann

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Người Dám Cho Đi

Người dám cho đi chứa đựng một triết lý sống – hay đúng hơn là phương cách sống – giúp việc kinh doanh của bạn phát đạt, giúp cuộc sống của bạn phong phú và tạo cho bạn một ấn tượng tuyệt vời đối với thế giới xung quanh.

(Gary Keller, người sáng lập và là chủ tịch của Keller Williams Realty International)


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May 02 2020 · 2hr 56mins
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Ep 218-John David Mann on The Latte Factor

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John David Mann rose to international prominence with his award-winning parable The Go-Giver (coauthored with Bob Burg), which has sold nearly a million copies in two dozen languages, has been hailed as "one of the most important parables about business—and life—of our time" by Adam Grant (Give and Take) and praised by the likes of Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, and Glenn Beck. The Latte Factor is his 30th book.     This episode is sponsored by Dorico by Steinberg, the future of scoring. Visit for a free 30-day trial version.  

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John David Mann returns to discuss The Latte Factor and how you can meet your financial goals and shatter your money myths.

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Sep 05 2019 · 44mins
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The Go-Giver with John David Mann #168

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“The size and measure of your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.”– John David Mann

What are the five stratospheric laws of success? In this episode, Brian talks to bestselling author John David Mann. John discusses the principles and philosophy behind his book “The Go-Giver”– a parable about the power of giving that has inspired a worldwide movement and impacted and transformed the lives of millions of people.

Access your digital copy of The 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success here and follow along as Brian and John discuss these principles from John’s book, “The Go-Giver.”

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“When you’re in business, you’re telling stories, you’re engaging people.” – John David Mann

“Facts tell, stories sell.” – Brian Buffini

“We’re drowning in information and starving for wisdom.” – Brian Buffini 

“The law of value says that your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.” – John David Mann

“It doesn’t mean that we should give our stuff away for free...It means to value what you do and to put the maximum value into it.” – John David Mann

“The law of value is really about giving your best to the world and focusing on the giving.” – John David Mann

“You need to trust that if you give away all your best stuff, you’re going to get a lot more good stuff.” – John David Mann

“As you other people receive it and use it, it amplifies you. It’s like increase your love by giving it, by showing it. The same is true with respect; the same is true with value.” – John David Mann

“Give it out in slices, it comes back in loaves.” – Brian Buffini

“Your income is determined by how many lives you touch.” – John David Mann 

“You do have to reach out and impact people’s lives.” – John David Mann

“It’s all about making a difference, that’s where the actual flow of compensation comes.” – John David Mann

“It’s not the mindset of a quid pro quo – I gave now you owe.” – Brian Buffini

“It’s so tempting to keep score...but what really works is giving unconditionally...and trusting that it will come back – and it will!” – John David Mann

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

“The size and measure of your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.” – John David Mann 

“When you put somebody else’s interests first, it’s like it makes you a bigger person. It enlarges you.” – John David Mann

“The substance of influence is not push, but pull.” – John David Mann

“How far can you push a river? Not very far; but the sea can pull it for miles and miles and miles.” – John David Mann

“Influence is about’s not about me first.” – John David Mann

“The greatest gift you have to offer is yourself.” – John David Mann

“Authenticity does not mean license. It doesn’t mean regress.” – John David Mann 

“Real authenticity is when you are giving yourself wholly to another or to others.” – John David Mann

“You’re going to get the most out of a relationship when you show up as your true self.” – John David Mann

“Just being yourself is good enough to be great.” – Brian Buffini

“People tend to have difficulty with freely receiving.” – John David Mann

“The way to keep continuously giving – the way to allow yourself to continuously give – is to stay open to receiving.” – John David Mann

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“The Go-Giver” 

“The Latte Factor”

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Aug 13 2019 · 47mins
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John David Mann - The Guide to Mastering Your Fears

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From New York Times bestselling author and former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb, alongside his bestselling coauthor John David Mann, comes a simple yet powerful five-step guide to transforming your life by making your fears work for you instead of against you.

Brandon Webb has run life-threatening missions in the world's worst trouble spots, whether that meant jumping out of airplanes, taking down hostile ships on the open sea, or rolling prisoners in the dead of night in the mountains of Afghanistan. As a Navy SEAL, he learned how to manage the natural impulse to panic in the face of terrifying situations. As media CEO and national television commentator, he has learned how to apply those same skills in civilian life. 
Drawing on his experiences in combat and business, along with colorful anecdotes from his vast network of super-achiever friends from astronauts to billionaires, Webb shows how people from all walks of life can stretch and transcend their boundaries and learn to use their fears as fuel to achieve more than they ever thought possible. "Fear can be a set of manacles, holding you prisoner," writes Webb."Or it can be a slingshot, catapulting you on to greatness."
The key, says Webb, is not to fight fear or try to beat it back, but to embrace and harness it. In the process, rather than being your adversary, your fear becomes a secret weapon that allows you to triumph in even the most adverse situations. In Mastering Fear, Webb and his bestselling coauthor John David Mann break this transformation down into five practical steps, creating a must-read manual for anyone looking for greater courage and mastery in their lives.
Jul 14 2019 · 1hr 6mins
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The Go-Giver Part 2 - John David Mann (#83)

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The Power of Parables and Story with John David Mann

Welcome to the season finale of Season 6: Business Storytellers. This is part 2 of 2… focusing on the “Go Giver” series of books and their principle in business and in storytelling.

My guest for part 2 is co-author John David Mann. John is an award-winning author whose titles include the New York Times bestseller The Red Circle and of course the international bestseller The Go-Giver. His new book The Latte Factor is already earning a ton of praise.

As a storyteller, John knows what it takes to create effective, engaging parables that move people. If the reader isn’t moved, they won’t care, they won’t learn, and they won’t retain.

“If I don’t cry when I’m writing it… if I don’t laugh when I’m writing it… if I’m not moved when it’s going on the page, then the reader won’t be moved.” - John David Mann on the power of story.

Connect with John:

John’s Website

John’s books on Amazon




Jun 24 2019 · 44mins
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John David Mann - Achieve Financial Freedom Using "The Latte Factor"

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What if there were a way you could achieve financial freedom and live your dreams, without taking big risks or making drastic change? 

From legendary personal finance expert David Bach and master storyteller John David Mann, their newest book, The Latte Factor, tells the story of Zoey Daniels, a twenty-something professional, living and working in New York City. Zoey likes her job and she’s good at it—but no matter how hard she works, she still struggles to make ends meet under a growing burden of student loans and credit card debt. And she can’t help wondering: Is this all there is to life?

From Baby Boomers who worry if they’ve saved enough for retirement, to Millennials who are drowning in student loan debt, to young Gen Zers who want to make smarter choices than the generations that have come before, The Latte Factor can help anyone, of any age, achieve financial independence. At once page turning and heartwarming, The Latte Factor is an inspiring story you can read in less than an hour—but its impact can last for a lifetime.

Learn more about this inspiring book as we talk with coauthor John David Mann; discover how his personal experiences has lead him to uncovering what he and Bach call the "Three Secrets to Financial Freedom."

The Latte Factor

John David Mann
Jun 02 2019 · 1hr 6mins