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Mission City Church w/ Pastor Josh Hershey

Join us as we worship the LORD together! We are honored to have Casey Diaz with us today who will be ministering to us. Casey has a powerful testimony concerning how God has brought him out of a life in gangs and prison to place where he is a powerful witness for Jesus!


20 Oct 2021

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9 - 15 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Casey Diaz (From Gangs to God) Lewis Allen (The Puritans)

Janet Mefferd Today

How did the Lord deliver one man out of the gang life and a criminal history to new life in Jesus? I’ll discuss it with Casey Diaz, author of, “The Shot Caller: A Latino Gangbanger’s Miraculous Escape from a Life of Violence to a New Life in Christ.” Plus: What do Christians today need to learn from the Puritans? Lewis Allen, pastor of Hope Church Huddersfield in England, stops by to talk about it and his book, "The Glory of Grace." Join us for Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


15 Sep 2021

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#51: Casey Diaz of Shot Caller ~ From Los Angeles Gangs to Prison to Jesus Christ

The Ann & Phelim Scoop

The story of Casey Diaz will shake you to your core.  Casey is a former Los Angeles gang member who was sent to one of the most dangerous jails in the country to serve out his sentence.  He was a “shot caller” which is a high ranking gang member that is considered one of the most dangerous inmates.  Casey’s life was changed when he discovered the power of Christ in prison and his story is an inspiration.    He’s our guest on this week’s Ann & Phelim Scoop and you will be moved by his incredible story.   While behind bars, Casey spent the first few years in solitary confinement. There, he had an incredible experience that led him towards Christianity. We don’t want to spoil the tale, so tune into the podcast and read Casey’s book to hear it. Casey is also involved in turning his life story into a film.  He received an offer from a big Hollywood studio in the past, but declined because he knew that Hollywood leftists wouldn’t be inclined to include his story of faith in the film.   Casey has told his story in full detail in his powerful memoir The Shot Caller.  We cannot recommend this book enough!  He also hosts his own podcast The Shot Caller podcast which tells the stories of redemption through Christ.   Please give it a listen!   Buy the Shot Caller: Click Here Listen to the Shot Caller Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-shot-caller-podcast/id1493813493--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ap-scoop/message

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15 Jul 2020

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Candid Conversations: Casey Diaz –from Maximum Prison to Pulpit

Candid Conversations with Charles Hsuan from Flying Kite

The following information is summarised from caseydiaz.net  Casey Diaz was introduced to gang culture at the age of 11. As part of an initiation into his gang, during a violent attack on a rival gang member, the leader handed Casey a screwdriver and said, “Now it’s your turn”. That was the first time Casey took part in a stabbing – many more would take place for years to come. He was later sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison for second-degree murder, along with 52 counts of armed robbery. During his imprisonment, Casey became a shot caller. Shot callers have an elevated rank in the gang world; not only are they the ones who command respect, but they are power brokers inside prison walls as they determine who gets hurt or killed and who doesn’t. While Casey was in prison, one day he heard the guards come by his cell with an announcement, “Church service. Any inmate wanting to go, stand by your gate.” Casey heard an older woman say, “Is there someone in that cell?” She sounded Southern and spoke with a syrupy drawl. “Yes, ma’am, but you don’t want to deal with Diaz,” a guard said. “You’re wasting your time.” “Well, Jesus came for him, too,” he heard her say. And what she shared with Casey would change his life forever.


16 Apr 2020

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9/10/19- Candace Payne, Casey Diaz, World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

The Bottom Line

- CANDACE PAYNE: Simple Joys - Discovering Wonder in the Everyday- CALL-IN: Do You Agree with Children's Hospital Colorado's Decision to Remove Gender Markings of "M" and "F" from Patients' Wristbands?"- CASEY DIAZ: The Shot Caller - A Latino Gangbanger's Miraculous Escape from a Life of Violence to a New Life in Christ- Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Here are Some Sobering Statistics About Suicide in the United States- "Grossmont Union High School Expels Black Student 7 Times More Often than Students from Other Ethnicities. But What's REALLY Behind This Disparity?

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11 Sep 2019

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"Supernatural Events - Normal People" Guest Speaker Casey Diaz 9-8-2019

Osborne Church


8 Sep 2019

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Casey Diaz - Training Children Up in the Lord & Its' Significance

Scott Herrold's SOS Radio Podcast

Casey Diaz grew up on the streets of South Central Los Angeles and spent years in solitary confinement. He shares his remarkable story of redemption on how God got a hold of him. If you're... Scott Herrold is known for his interviews. He does a daily radio show on SOS Radio. This postcast is conversations about worldview, faith and culture with famous personalities.


4 Jun 2019

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Death Row Murders comes to Jesus: Casey Diaz

Pray In Jesus Name - PIJN - NEWS

1. Death Row Murders comes to Jesus: Casey Diaz2. Urban Cure is fighting socialism among African American thought(c) 2018, Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD. Airs on NRB TV, Direct TV Ch.378, Roku, Amazon FireTV, AndroidTV, GoogleTV, Smart TV, iTunes and www.PrayInJesusName.org


1 May 2019

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4 - 17 - 19 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Casey Diaz (A Former Gang member's Testimony)

Janet Mefferd Today

How did the Lord deliver one man out of the gang life and a criminal history to new life in Jesus? I’ll discuss it with Casey Diaz, author of, “The Shot Caller: A Latino Gangbanger’s Miraculous Escape from a Life of Violence to a New Life in Christ.” Plus: Mayor Pete Buttigieg says he wants Vice President Mike Pence to stop “harming” children by upholding biblical principle on marriage. I’ll offer my response on the Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


17 Apr 2019