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17 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ann Williams. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ann Williams, often where they are interviewed.

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17 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ann Williams. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ann Williams, often where they are interviewed.

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244. Toni-Ann Williams - Jamaica's 1st Olympic Gymnast

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Toni-Ann Williams is the first Olympic gymnast in Jamaica's athletic history. Toni-Ann chats about the 2016 games as well as her successful collegiate career at Cal. www.anygivenrunway.com
Nov 05 2020 · 23mins
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Government & Politics with Rep. Ann Williams

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In this episode, I sat down with Illinois Representative Ann Williams, who is currently serving her fifth (soon to be sixth!) term as State Representative of the 11th District on Chicago’s North Side. We chat about her path from law school through nearly every role possible in the world of state government in Illinois. Talk about an expert! We also discuss some of her current priorities in the General Assembly, including spearheading the Clean Energy Jobs Act, and touch on some of the many ways to get involved in government and politics, no matter what you're passionate about.

Oct 28 2020 · 32mins

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Passion for Protection with Carol Ann Williams

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Often, we overlook the importance of personal safety. On this podcast Jeff interviews self-defense expert, Carol Ann Williams. She has been doing self defense for over a decade. Carol Ann targets and specializes in helping women protect themselves from an attack.

Learn more at https://instinctivedefense.net/

In this podcast we discuss:

·      What is taught in self-defense and Jujitsu

·      The importance of being aware

·      The mindset and mentality that helps protect you

·      3 important tools for defending yourself

Oct 19 2020 · 24mins
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Former UC Berkley Gymnast and Jamaica's fist Olympic Gymnast, Toni-Ann Williams with Coach Rebecca Smith

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On today's podcast, I'm interviewing Toni-Ann Williams, former elite and collegiate gymnast who also represented Jamaica as the first Jamaican gymnast in the Olympics. We talk about her support squad, how silly things from home helped her, and having resilience because of her big drive to make a difference and inspire young gymnasts.

Oct 14 2020 · 27mins

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Podcast Olympic Series: Toni-Ann Williams' historic journey

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Guest: Toni-Ann Williams
Olympian Gymnast

In this episode, Toni-Ann discusses her historical journey. The Olympians shares her emotions when she learnt she had qualified to represent Jamaica at the Rio 2016 Summer Games. She also speaks about family’s support in her athletic journey especially her mom’s level of involvement in her achievements.

Toni-Ann also discusses:

  • Her decision at age 15 to compete for Jamaica even though she was not born in Jamaica. 
  • Wanting to use her success and Olympic qualification to inspire a new generation of gymnasts in Jamaica. 
  • The support from, and interacting with, other Jamaican athletes at Rio 2016. 
  • How she balanced competing for Jamaica and at the collegiate level at the University of California, Berkeley simultaneously. 
  • Her recovery and motivation to persevere from six major injuries and five surgeries

Other topics discussed are:
Her continuous preparation for the upcoming international games. 
Her experience as a coach so far at United Gymnastix and Towson University.
Top and lowest moments as a gymnast. 
Her advocacy on raising awareness of racial discrimination and diversity in gymnastics. Abuse of athletes in the sport and the need for continued advocacy for the protection of youth in sports

Connect with Toni-Ann on:

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Aug 03 2020 · 38mins
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Female Founder: How One Woman Grew Her Business from $50k in Revenue to $2.2 Million in 3 Years with Ann Williams of Yearly Co.

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Ep. 171: Joining us on today's Female Founder episode is Ann Williams of Yearly Co. She's sharing her product journey from the beginning of creating jewelry in her garage to running a brick & mortar! 

Connect and support Ann here:

Yearly Co. website

Yearly Co. Instagram


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Jul 27 2020 · 26mins
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Sally-Ann Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Cicada Innovations

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In this episode of the Commercial Disco host James Riley talks to Cicada Innovations chief executive Sally-Ann Williams about Australia’s deep tech entrepreneurs and the big problems they are focused on solving. Based at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, Cicada Innovations is the nation’s most successful deep tech accelerator, with a 20-year track record in helping grow highly technical startup companies into commercial successes. Ms Williams joined Cicada a year ago after a 12-year career at Google in Australia, where she was responsible for leading the company’s efforts in entrepreneurship and startup engagement, research collaborations and STEM education & outreach (K-12).

Jun 15 2020 · 36mins
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E77- Sally-Ann Williams, Cicada Innovations

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In this episode, Ian sits down with one of the leading figures in the Australia startup ecosystem. Sally-Ann Williams is the CEO of Australia's founding deep tech incubator, Cicada Innovations. Prior to taking over as CEO at Cicada in 2019, Sally-Ann spent 12 years working her way up to the exec level at Google Australia. As an Executive Program Manager at Google, she was responsible for leading Google’s efforts in entrepreneurship and startup engagement, research collaborations with universities and CS and STEM education & outreach. Alongside her work at Google Sally-Ann helped found StartupAUS, a non-for-profit organisation with a vision to make Australia one of the best places in the world to build a tech startup.
Sally-Ann's north star is making innovation the driving force of Australia's economic future. That's why she left Google: to get people all around Australia to understand the importance of innovation. Her first step? Taking Cicada out of the shadows.Some of the highlights of the discussions include:
  • Some of the greatest success stories coming out of Cicada's incubator
  • Her plan for taking Cicada out of the shadows
  • What she learned from her time at Google
  • and how people working in innovation and technology need to bring the rest of Australia along on the journey
You don't want to miss this conversation with one of the most important voices in the Aussie startup world.
Mar 19 2020 · 1hr 10mins
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Episode 6: The One Where Illinois State Representative Ann Williams Takes The Fight to Big Tech (and others)

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In Episode 6, we speak with Illinois State Representative Ann Williams. We all know that the political climate is toxic and broken. The federal government simply isn’t working for regular Americans. While some of us give up, Representative Williams sees unique opportunities at the state level. Williams takes us through some of the hardest fought political fights over privacy and explains how to battle back against Big Tech and the endless resources they have to shut down even an honest discussion. We don’t like to throw around the word “visionary” loosely, but Williams shows how important it is for politicians to be thinking years ahead, whether it comes to privacy, the environment, or protecting women’s reproductive rights in a potentially post-Roe world. If anyone thinks politicians are only concerned about themselves, this episode will change your mind.
Jan 27 2020 · 48mins
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State Rep. Ann Williams joins C2C

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Joining the show this week is State Rep Ann Williams. Bill and Ann discuss journalism, the Clean Energy Jobs Act, Comed lobbying scandal, and corruption in Springfield. Is there a way to legislate honesty?

Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron on WLS-AM 890
Jan 03 2020 · 47mins