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48. Stress, Drugs, & Food Being Delicious w/ Ashley Pardo

The Lion's Mane Podcast

Ashley Pardo is NOT a dietician; she's a nutritional therapist with a life's worth of experience with food struggles, food's deliciousness, and food's freedom. She gives us the insider look at what is going on behind our societal and personal relationships with food, and how, by giving up our need for control with our substance of choice (food, drugs, alcohol, pain, training, etc.), we actually gain control. To connect with Ashley online, visit her website or follow her on Instagram. Also, did you know we have merch? Treat yo self in time for summer with White Lion Lifestyle.


4 Jun 2021

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Intuitive Eating and Food Tracking – Can They Go Together? with Ashley Pardo – Balanced Vibes Ep 30

Balanced Vibes Podcast - Healthy Fitness, Food and Mindset

Ashley Pardo is a professional chef, nutrition coach and online business coach for introverts. After many years of struggling with food and going through various eating disorders, she has fully recovered and has now a healthy relationship with food. She is helping women to eat mindfully and achieve their goals in a healthy way. And […] The post Intuitive Eating and Food Tracking – Can They Go Together? with Ashley Pardo – Balanced Vibes Ep 30 appeared first on Urban Jane.


1 Aug 2020

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Ashley Pardo on Listening to your Intuition and Finding Confidence from Within

Your Simply Big Life

Ashley Pardo is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, business coach, and former private chef. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she left her steady job in Human Resources and got her Masters in Food Studies at Boston University. She created and ran her own business as a private chef and nutritional educator for seven years and began coaching others in their relationship with food and nutrition from there. Ashley now teaches others how to cook in her online cooking school, Quick Fire Kitchen, coaches women 1:1 in nutrition with her signature method, Intuitive Macros, and also does 1:1 online business coaching for introverted wellness professionals. In this episode Ashley shares her story so powerfully and had way too many quotables for me to be able to share all of them here...you will just have to listen to the episode to get all of her wisdom bombs! ;) I will say that a recurring theme in our conversation was all about simplicity and sustainability. What is simple is not necessarily easy, but always worth it.  Ashley says, “Change is not a light switch. Simple things done consistently is where true change occurs.”  I LOVE her fresh take on health and wellness. Ashley flawlessly combines mindset, heart and strategy to help women find their unique balance. I can’t wait for you to listen! Ashley and I would both love to hear from you!  Topics we covered:  Boundaries Inner Confidence  Intuition  Self trust  Connect with Ashley:  Website: https://ashleypardo.com/ Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/heart-food-podcast/id1295030715?mt=2 Instagram: @ashleykpardo

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21 Jul 2020

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Ashley Pardo - A Coach for The Entrepreneurial Introvert

The Heidi B Show

How to Thrive in Business as an Introverted Entrepreneur with Ashley Pardo Do I have to force myself to be an extrovert to succeed? If you're an introvert, you have probably asked this question before. It's hard to connect with other people if you feel more vitalized when you're alone. The overwhelming stimuli of the business world can also overburden you. But being an entrepreneurial introvert has its perks. Your uniqueness and traits can be instrumental to your success. In this episode, we are joined by Ashley Pardo, a body-mind business coach and a nutritional therapy practitioner. She shares with us her journey toward mindful living, recovering from eating disorders, and the challenges she faced in becoming a thriving entrepreneurial introvert. She also gives advice on relationships.  Tune in to this episode if you are  an introvert who is just starting in the online business industry. Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: How do you use your traits as an introvert to your advantage in entrepreneurship? Discover how Ashley, an introvert herself, thrives in her online industry. Implement Ashley’s advice to introverts starting their businesses.  Resources How I Stopped Fucking Randos And Started Cupcaking My Soulmate by Heidi Busche WISE - Women Introverts, Sensitives, & Empaths Podcast by Ashley Pardo Women, Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything by Geneen Roth School of Greatness Podcast by Lewis Howes Episode Highlights Ashley's Transition to Coaching Entrepreneurial Introverts Ashley first started working in corporate human resources. Deep down, she had always known that it wasn't for her. Struggling with eating disorders most of her life, she wanted to help others to have a good relationship with food. She got her master's degree in food studies then went to a cooking school and ended up working on farms in Italy. Ashley's Recovery From Eating Disorders As early as ten years old, she started struggling with eating disorders. She did therapy but never went to a recovery center. The book by Geneen Roth called Women, Food, and God helped her tremendously. People have to learn how to deal with food and develop an internal drive to make the right decisions. At age 32, she started helping women with their emotional eating and became a certified nutritional therapy practitioner. Experiences in Cooking School and Working in Italy She learned the classic and meticulous style of preparing French cuisine in cooking school. Ashley recognized that it was not accessible for home cooks. She joined an organization called WOOF (Worldwide Organization Opportunities on Organic Farms). She also had an opportunity to live on farms in Italy for three months and learned a sustainable and easy way of cooking. Through that experience, she aimed to teach people how to cook by publishing content online. She worked for people who wanted somebody to cook in their homes; it taught her quick thinking and selling tactics.   Ashley's Likes and Dislikes in Cooking She loves to bake and prepare classic French dishes. To know more about her favorite recipes, listen to the full episode! Her least favorite is cooking and preparing chicken meals. Being an Introverted Entrepreneur Ashley considers herself as an introvert, but she cherishes meeting and talking to people. She used to be very timid and soft-spoken at first, but she got through it by practicing. Be willing to suck if you're going to be an entrepreneur. Go ugly early. Video and voice communication build intimate connections. If you're going to be in the online business for the long haul, start now. Be in a community that does the same thing as you so that you can talk about your struggles easily. Tips for Introverts Starting in Entrepreneurship Introverts have an advantage when it comes to connecting with people. It has been one of their quintessential traits. Provide solutions for specific problems. Be aware of your customers' struggles, thoughts, and fear points. How to Do Market Research on Your Customers Pay attention to what people are talking about. Listen to media outlets like social media and television. Assist people with the same problems you once had. In that way, you know how to help them inside and out. Conduct 15-minute free coaching sessions and take notes.  Making a Relationship Work Relationships are hard, but having excellent communication and honesty with each other helps. Keep an open mind. Express your appreciation to your partner. Be mindful of your partner's triggers. Fascination with Tarot Cards Ashley is very spiritual, and tarot cards keep her grounded. Tarot and crystals are only tools to connect deeply with yourself and to other people. Having a structure and routine every day can be beneficial for emotional women amid the COVID-19 crisis. Tarot cards only confirm your intuition. Interpret what it means to you and integrate it into your life. Ashley's Daily Non-negotiables Exercise. Although it is called non-negotiables, be flexible when it's not available to you. Advice for Struggling Introverts Because introverts think a lot, they must be reminded of the importance of taking action. Perform one piece of action you can do today to get near to your goal. Any action is a good action. Just start doing something, whether it’s little or big steps. The confidence and momentum you build up will propel you as you move forward. 5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode “If you have something that you're not addressing, it's not the symptom. It's the cause.” “If anybody's out there listening who is starting their business, go ugly early.” “Any action is a good action.” “Sometimes it feels like we're taking action by thinking about something, you know, when we fantasize about it, like, ‘Oh, yeah, I'm thinking about it. It's happening!’ It's not happening yet.” “I'd rather just not put pressure on the amount of action. Just start doing something. And the momentum that you gained from that, and the confidence, and the forward motion that you're going to have from just doing one thing is going to be the thing that keeps you moving forward.” About Ashley Ashley Pardo is a body-mind business coach, nutritional therapist, and a private chef. She is the host of WISE Podcast, dedicated to women, introverts, sensitives, and empaths. Ashley is on a mission to change the lives of entrepreneurial introverts everywhere. She is also a certified mindfulness-based eating awareness trainer. Fusing her experience and education, she formulates bio-individual resources for people to heal themselves and their relationship with food. If you want to connect with her and learn more about her advocacy, you can contact her through Instagram and her website.  Enjoy the Podcast? Learning how you could improve your relationships—be it romantic, familial, business, friendships, and with yourself—has never been this easy. If you enjoyed today's episode of The Relationship Ready Podcast, then hit subscribe and share it with your friends! Post a review and share it! If you enjoyed tuning into this podcast, then do not hesitate to write a review. You can also share this with your family and friends so that they can feel empowered and inspired to reach their dreams. Have any questions? You can contact me through email or find me on Instagram or Facebook. For more updates and episodes, visit my website. You may also tune in on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify. Thanks for listening! To being relationship-ready, Heidi B


23 Apr 2020

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Ep. 140: Coaching Introverts to Success in an Extroverted World with Ashley Pardo

The Best Life Podcast

Ashley Pardo started her business the way so many do—by deciding enough was enough at her corporate job and taking a leap into the unknown. Starting as a chef & nutrition coach, she now feels a calling to something nearer to her heart: helping introverts flourish in online business. This world may feel like it’s dominated by extroverts, but Ashley knows introverts posses their own unique skills and is there to coach you to success. @ashleykpardo https://ashleypardo.lpages.co/introvert-biz-bootcamp/ Ashley’s entrepreneurial evolutions [2:50] Eating an elephant one bite at a time [6:21] Balancing being an introvert with being an action-taker [13:52] Are you an introvert or an extrovert? [19:28] Use your expertise to get out of your comfort zone [24:11] Learning not to please everyone [32:26] Every person identifying as an empath [37:09] Highly Sensitive People and developing strength over discomfort [43:13] Placing boundaries around the things that drain you [47:08] Real-time actions when your self-esteem takes a hit [50:57] Ashley’s mentorship for introverts in the online space [1:00:23] Visit cbdforlife.us and use code ‘thebestlife’ at checkout for 20% off all products! Use code ‘thebestlife’ at beekeepersnaturals.com for 15% off all of their natural remedies You can also get 20% OFF Organifi products at organifi.com using code ‘thebestlife’ Don’t forget to leave us a review and subscribe so you never have to miss an episode! Comments and questions can also be sent to info@thebestlifepodcast.com, and you can head to thebestlifepodcast.com to join our Facebook Group. FOLLOW ASHLEY: @ashleykpardo FOLLOW US ON IG: @TheBestLifePodcast FOLLOW JILL: @jillfit FOLLOW DANNY J: @dannyjdotcom You can also follow us on Facebook @Jill Coleman @Danny-J

1hr 3mins

5 Feb 2020

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Sarah & Dr Brooke Show #160 Transform How You Eat with Ashley Pardo

Dr. Brooke Show

Become a food prep pro with a positive body image? Sign us up! The delightful Ashley Pardo, a private chef and nutritional therapy practitioner, joins us to share her journey of healing a tough relationship with food and her body and the work she now does to make all of that easier for women.She shares her best strategies for meal templates, classic cooking techniques vs. recipe following and how to ditch dieting forever.  Learn more about Ashley here. Do you have your copy of Hangry yet? If so,we can’t wait to hear how it’s going! Be sure you connect with us in our  FREE PRIVATE Facebook group where we’re already hanging out with other amazing, like minded women like YOU! Join us! Want a little help with the program? Check out what we made for you! If you love Hangry please leave us a review on Amazon - we appreciate it so much! If you haven’t got your copy yet, you can still get Hangry and extra resources here! This episode is also sponsored by BeeKeeper’s Naturals. You can check out our interview with founder, Carly, here and learn more than you ever imagined about propolis! And you can save 15% off your first order with this link and using code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout. Try the throat spray, amazing for virus prevention and treatment as well as helping to quell a histamine reaction. Finally, a new sponsor of our show is Comrad Socks the cutest, most effective compression socks you’ve ever seen! And these impressive socks are great for travel, if you sit all day or if for any reason you deal with decreased circulation and water retention. They are also ideal for pregnancy, hiking and even post workout for enhanced muscle recovery. Save an amazing 20% off your first order with code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout. 


8 Jan 2020

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072: An introvert’s guide to sales confidence, with Ashley Pardo

Powerhouse Women

Ashley Pardo is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner and business coach. Her journey began when she left her steady job in Human Resources and got her Masters in Food Studies. She created and ran her own business as a private chef and nutrition educator for seven years. Ashley now teaches others how to cook in her online cooking school, Quick Fire Kitchen, and coaches women on how to build a positive relationship with food, and how to build a successful wellness business they love. In this episode we talk about: How to work within the way you’re wired, and that you don’t have to become someone else to be successful in business The fact that being good at sales is NOT a personality type, it’s a skill that can be learned Some easy tips for how to be more confident in selling your products and services Connect with Ashley! instagram.com/ashleykpardo Free Training - Business for Introverts Free cooking download Let’s connect! instagram.com/powerhouse_women instagram.com/llindseyschwartz facebook.com/groups/powerhousewomencommunity


19 Dec 2019

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MOTM #164: Building an Online Business by Taking Small Steps with Ashley Pardo

Maestro on the Mic

Ashley Pardo isn’t my typical podcast guest. She’s a former chef, a nutrition and business coach, she isn’t in the movement space at all… but damn it, she is Doing. The. Thing. And that’s something we all need to hear.Before Ashley took the leap to working in food, she had a stable job in Human Resources, but—like many of us—knew a piece of her soul died every day she worked in the same boring, gray building. Her career took a 180 as she went to culinary school and began working as a private chef, and eventually built her career even further by working as a nutrition and a business coach. Ashley’s career may not look anything like yours, but the principles of business she uses to thrive remain the same: provide value for free, make meaningful connections with your clients, and uphold sincerity above all. All it takes to make your dreams come true is a desire to make a change paired with taking action.In This Episode You'll Hear:Ashley’s leap of faith out of HR and into the culinary worldHow she dealt with disordered eating and discomfort around foodPitching yourself and your products by building relationshipsWhat is Ashley’s WHY?Understanding the cause instead of just treating the symptomsHow Ashley stumbled upon InstagramFinding direction through mentorship and self-investmentGo where the clients take youWhat nutrition coaching with Ashley looks likeHow Ashley goes deeper with her clientsProvide value to others’ audiences in order to grow your ownPeople appreciate sincerityHow to go into business as an introvertLinks & Resources For This Episode:Website: ashleypardo.comConnect with Ashley on Instagram: @ashleykpardoWomen Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything by Geneen RothThe Jovian Human Design ChartThe post MOTM #164: Building an Online Business by Taking Small Steps with Ashley Pardo appeared first on The Movement Maestro.


2 Dec 2019

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Ashley Pardo On Merging Macro Tracking With Intuitive Eating -133

The Ali Damron Show

Ashley Pardo, a private chef and nutritional therapist, is on the podcast today talking about how she works with clients to determine how to customize their nutritional strategies between macro tracking and intuitive eating. We talk about underlying emotional and mindset issues behind food and how to know which one is best for you. www.ashleypardo.com IG www.instagram.com/ashleykpardo www.alidamron.com IG www.instagram.com/alidamron Free Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/alidamron


10 Sep 2019

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Episode #43: How to Shift to Mindful Eating with Ashley Pardo

The My Journey Experience

Today's episode is with the amazing Ashley Pardo and I wanted to bring Ashley on the podcast to discuss how to eat more mindfully. In today's culture, it is very easy to eat in a hurry while doing something else and understanding what mindful eating will bring into your life is something you will not want to take for granted. It's been a huge shift in my life and I want it to be for you as well. We also discuss meal prep strategies and one strategy that isn't discussed a lot is mini-preps during the week and I think this is something we can all incorporate into our week and make our lives easier and more healthy. I hope you enjoy this episode! Time Stamps: (0:15) Ashley Intro (6:02) Last Week’s Episode and Lindsey’s Retreat! (7:40) My New System (9:00) Free Facebook Community (10:56) What does “Mindful” Eating Mean? (14:28) How to be More Mindful when Eating (17:40) Unconscious Food Habits (20:48) Shifting Habits (30:07) The Progression (36:18) Identity (47:20) Meal Prep (44:48) Mini-Preps (55:20) Rapid Fire Questions My 1-1 Coaching Thank you all for tuning in & don’t forget to leave a review on ITunes so you have the opportunity to become the reviewer of the week and make sure you leave your email address! To learn more about my one-on-one lifestyle & wellness coaching, check me out at www.BrianPickowicz.com/start and check out my new book Proclaim your Power at www.proclaimyourpower.com/book! Thank you again & remember, the journey begins with you!

1hr 7mins

13 Aug 2019