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Freedom Lifestyle: Travis Sherry

ReDesign Travel + Life

How do you design for freedom? Can you turn your life around and redesign everything? How do you create choices for yourself? In these times of change, many of our listeners are considering what´s next for their lives. If this is you, then you need to tune in to this week´s episode if you want to hear the story of a high school teacher turned into 5 million subscribers travel podcaster Travis Sherry. Travis is a travel expert, entrepreneur and has been location-independent for the last eight years. We talk about how travel became part of his lifestyle design and how that lead to his company. This summer episode brings you a different type of travel and redesigns conversation.Travis started as a high school teacher and turned his life around to become one of the most successful travel podcasters in the world. His beginnings weren't always easy. Before Travis decided to become an entrepreneur, he went through some tough years (including being a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman). These experiences lead Travis to eventually figure out a system that worked and has allowed him to reach the Triangle of Freedom (time, financial, and location independence). He started with the travel site Extra Pack of Peanuts in 2012  to help people travel more affordably and added a podcast in 2013. Since then, the podcast has been downloaded over 5 million times, and he’s been fortunate enough to speak about travel while travelling in over 50 countries. Determined not to let others spend as many years in the entrepreneurial wasteland, he co-founded Location Indie and the Lifestyle Launch Academy to help people create a side hustle while still working full-time Thank you so much for listening. Take a minute to leave a review for us! It helps so much to spread the word on these crucial topics.  Don’t forget to hit subscribe so that every other week you get a fresh Design perspective on Travel.I’m @elenarodriguezblanco from @authenticitys, and I’d love to be in conversation with you and hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback. Visit ReDesign-Travel.com for more notes on this Podcast and Authenticitys.com to follow our workTravis Podcast Extra Pack of PeanutsTravis Lifestyle Freedom Academy


30 Aug 2021

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Ep#2: Travel Podcaster Travis Sherry of LocationIndie.com [Impact 2020 Mini-Series]

Roaming Lifestylers

Travis Sherry from the Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast, travel hacker extraordinaire and co-founder of Location Indie and Lifestyle Launch Academy shares his silver lining experience of world lockdown in this second episode of our Impact 2020 launch mini-series.Outside of all his business accomplishments, Travis really is a boutique brewery buff and we do look forward to sharing a beer flight with him and his lovely wife Heather in the near future (to meet his adorable kids as well).  Travis has provided a great resource for anyone looking to start a side hustle that can replace your job and allow you to have complete location independence.  You can download the guide at locationindie.com/sidePODCAST TRANSCRIPT TIMESTAMPS:0:57  Alright, so I'm having this weird relationship with time right now because it was like, okay, it was any couple of years ago that the last time we spoke was on a live stream and funnily enough, I was in Mexico, but then I realised Travis Sherry, who is the boutique brewery King, we did a big flight in Breckenridge five and a half years ago.1:41  Wow. No, I can't I in time, you know, I have Heather around me. She's an amazing wife. But one of the things she's best at is helping me remember either how long ago things were or not how long ago things are. If you're talking time, Jodi, I am probably worse than you. I'll be like, Oh, yeah, that was like a couple months. Guys. Like that was three years ago. Whoops. Okay, well, so five and a half years, five and a half months, five and a half days ago, it all seems the same to me.2:07  What the craziest part is that your life has been completely changed around like, you know, a dad of two. Congratulations.2:17  Thank you. Yeah, that's, that's probably the biggest I mean, that is the biggest change for sure is, you know, when we were meeting five and a half years ago, and then when we hung out in Breckenridge a few other times closer to that, and all that. Um, yeah, no kids and kind of just flying by the seat of our pants and going where we want wherever the wind blew us similar to you and and that but you know, we weren't house sitting at all the time. But yeah, now we have two kids who are a little more bumped in, compared to normal people, you know, God, like, they're like, right, you're bumped in this is you're plugged in, but for us, that's, uh, you know, we're we're nesting a little bit. But um, yeah, things have changed to kids. They're great. They're crazy. But yeah, lots of good stuff on the business side, lots of good stuff on the travel side. And of course, on the family side, too. So it's been a good five and a half years since we last had that beer.3:04  That's crazy. We got to do it again soon, because I really want to meet those two little gorgeous babies, as they are just beautiful. So the thing that this little episode, I know I'm going to get you back here because you've got so much to talk about cuz roaming lifestyle is for me is a philosophy. And something that I realised are catching up with Hannah Dixon actually, was that there is a point at which you kind of take on another label of Okay, am I a digital nomad? But I also remembered that you were the one of the first people that first brought the term location independence to me, and that was kind of like, Oh, yeah, okay, that makes sense. And it goes, you can talk all about location India in a moment, but the element of being a roaming lifestyle and having that philosophy, I feel you're a little bit the same too, because sort of like going way back before you even first went to Japan. Was this kind of like part of your DNA? You think?3:54  It's funny? I know, it's that nature nurture question, right of like, was I born a certain way or, because for me travelling wasn't really that much of my lifestyle up until, let's say, really, when I was 27, and I went to Switzerland to do an internship after getting a master's degree, and that's the first time I lived abroad. And then like you mentioned, that kind of snowballed, and we're living in Japan and we started travelling, start a travel site, all that it's, I don't know, I don't know, because I have a twin sister. This is interesting, who then moved to Spain and live there for six years, but neither of us grew up travelling, you know, other than a few occasional trips in the US. Our parents weren't big travellers. They like travelling and they travel a lot now because they come to see us and we kind of push them do it. They enjoy it. But it wasn't like both of us ended up living in different places and having these roaming lifestyles, because that's how we grew up. It was very far from how we grew up. So I guess in that case, maybe it is more nature versus nurture, right. Both of us as twins ended up doing it. A few other siblings who have travelled a little bit, but not as much as my sister. Nice. So I guess I guess it is DNA how I got it? I don't know. Well,5:09  it's gonna be interesting in the next 10 years, let's say to ask that question to your son, because I believe he's got quite a few passport stamps already. His little sister's missed out a bit because of 2020. I'm assuming5:20  she has Yeah, she's been out of the I mean, she's been to Canada, I believe. And that's it. So yeah. COVID has kind of, you know, waylaid her passport stamps and a bit of her international travel. But I likewise, I'm very interested Jody to see like, what's it like, if you grow up in a lifestyle, where travel is the norm, or living abroad or live or, you know, kind of having a home base and going off of that, which is what we do now? Is the norm for them? How will they react to that, and, you know, getting to see how much they like it. And of course, when they're older, they can tell us, hey, maybe we don't want to do this. And we're gonna have to take their opinions into, at least into consideration. So we'll see. It's an interesting experiment. Let's call it that.6:03  I love it. Well, let's focus on the topic of the 2020 impact. Because I guess from you know, not just the travel side of things, but there's a lot that's gone down this year. So from an impact from both personal standpoint being, you know, the parents of a new little baby as well, and the business side of things. So what, can you summarise it for me,6:26  I will try to summarise it as best as I can, or anyone can summarise that the craziness has happened. But I would ultimately say if we're looking from a big picture perspective, it has been a positive experience for us. Now, that's not to say there haven't been hard things. And thankfully, we've all been healthy and and my family and AWS has been healthy. But looking at it as how it's affected us. I'll start with a business one, we have two businesses, two main businesses. One is a travel website called extra pack of peanuts, and the travel podcast, the other teaches people how to be location independent and build and grow location independent businesses, so that they can leave their nine to five and transition into something that gives them more freedom. So if you look at those two things, you're like, well, I can guess which one might have had a positive growth and which one might have had a negative growth, right, the travel site. Thankfully, the podcast has stayed pretty steady. But you know, I haven't even checked the traffic to the travel site. And one of the positive things about that is that I was already trying to balance two things. And this gave me the opportunity to step back from that a bit and say, Alright, the stuff you're going to do, or you felt like you should, that's like an entrepreneur's curse, right should do with extra pack of peanuts. Well, because COVID is here and people aren't travelling, who cares, you don't need to do it now, shift focus over to helping people build location independent businesses remote work, which obviously is becoming a huge buzzword and all that. And so we were already looking to maybe transition some of our mental energy and our time over there. And this just gave us a nice clean break. And so we have seen a really big, dramatic increase in the stuff that we're doing. And we launched a new course. And we've run challenges and all that good stuff that had COVID not happened and kind of forced us to go after the things we were proud when it's privatised anyway, might not have happened that quickly. And so from a business perspective, that has been really nice. It's it's focused my mental energy, from a travel perspective, almost in a positive way as well, like we had planned to basically be Go Go going from April, all the way through October, wedding in Panama, a couple conferences in the US, we're going to be in Bulgaria in August, we're going to be in South Africa right now in September. All that's great. And, you know, we chose to do all those things, but because we couldn't, again, it's helped the business grow. Because it's given us more time to sit and be calm and focus on that. But we also then put a house at the beach here in North Carolina, which had was a dream for us and probably not, would not have been realised how do we begin Go Go going because we would have been out of the country not had the mental energy to do it, maybe not have the financial wherewithal to do it. So I'm looking at it as a positive thing. It's slowed us down in a lot of ways. And I need that sometimes to happen. And you know, it took COVID to maybe make me realise that9:23  I love it. You did a fantastic job at summarising all of that, and both sides and even wearing the T shirt. If you're just listening. It says side hustling. And so perfect. So with regards to that sort of side hustle side of things, have you found that the people being attracted to the idea of being location independent, the people that want to or were already being forced into working from home that are maybe thinking Oh, if I'm working environment, I'm kind of used to or the bosses letting me be here. You know, do I do a side hustle or do I just sort of become location independent and take this further?9:56  Yeah, I think this has been a really cool way that it's crispy. lives in our head and also in a lot of people's heads. So, you know, I didn't have the opportunity to side hustle necessarily, I had a full time job, I got put in a position where I ended up quitting pretty spontaneously because I was promised something and they went back on it, I was just like, I'm done with this, I'm going to become an entrepreneur. And, you know, five years later selling vacuum cleaners door to door saying, like, well, this isn't exactly what an entrepreneurs lifestyle look like to me when I said I was going to do this. And so a lot of time and effort and money, and I made a lot of painful mistakes, it took a while to kind of grow out of that and build something that now I'm super proud of, and, and does well for us and I get to do what I love. But what I've came come to realise is that, man, there is no better way to do it than starting something on the side while you have your job while you are in a similar situation. So you're not uprooting everything and saying, yep, I'm taking this crazy leap. And let's hope it works. You're not pulling the safety net out, you're saying, Let me start something up. And this is what our programme does now is like, let me start something up on the side with a plan to transition out of my nine to five or, you know, people are listening, they're like, well, nine, nine to five in out of your, what your life looks like now, to say, Alright, in two years, I want it to look like this. And here's the plan to get there. I you know, I didn't have that plan. I didn't have that kind of system in place when I started and it was much harder. And so what we've seen happen, because of COVID is a lot of people are getting a little taste of that maybe like, Oh, you know, I always knew I wanted more freedom. And I wanted a roaming lifestyle. But I I didn't ever think was possible. I had no idea what it even felt like I just knew I didn't want this cubicle work, right. And now they're like, oh, I've got a taste of it. Because I'm working from home and I don't have to commute. Well, that's cool. But there's also these other parts of it, I don't like I might not like my boss, or that I have to work a certain schedule, or the work I'm doing I'm doing it for a big company. And that doesn't really fulfil me. And so it's like, well, let's keep removing the pieces that you don't like, and filling them in with things that you do like, so that instead of maybe a five or six out of 10. And I use those numbers God because when we ask people when they come into our ecosystem, like how satisfied are you with your current job? And a lot of people I thought would say like one or two out of 10 I don't know why even assume that because even in my job when I was a high school teacher, I was like a six out of 10 there was stuff I liked and stuff I didn't like. And most people are falling in that five or six level. And you know, if you're one or two fine, if you're seven fine, but we feel a lot of people are like I'm content to a point, but I want more. And so we just say okay, cool, you're five or six, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, and like start from scratch and be at a zero and have to build up to attend. Take the things you like about what you're doing. Keep them start removing the pieces you don't like and because of COVID Some people have already got to see some of those pieces they didn't like removed, whether it be a commute that was you know, awful. Whether it be I just don't like going in the office every day. Or like, you know, I could do this work from a different location. And now I'm able to so yeah, it's really helped people realise that they can start a side hustle and get it moving and come up with a plan so that when they eventually quit their job, it's not like you went from zero to step 15. All at once, it's step 14 to 15, because you've taken those other 14 steps over a year or two, however long your plan is. And now it's just the culmination of it. Not this crazy leap. You know that that's the biggest thing I had, I had this massive aha the other day in 2012. I remember reading an article that said by 2020 now just like take yourself back in time to 2012 guy, man 2020 seems so far away. And it said that by 2020, up to half of the US workforce could be location independent, or remote working. And bang, here it is. It's like this amazing destiny path that created this opportunity for people exactly. Like I say, get a taste of it to be able to say, Well, if I can do it here, what would stop me from doing it from the other side of the country? Or perhaps in the next country down? Or Yeah, it's just incredible. It's, it's awesome. I mean, it stinks that COVID COVID had to happen to make this a realisation. But like, we know there are a lot of positives that come out of things that are disastrous. And this is probably if I'm looking from from my vantage point, at least, probably the biggest thing that people will take away is just that oh my gosh, all the structures when it around work that we thought were necessary. So many of them aren't the biggest one being, hey, you have to come into an office and you have to be around people. You know, that's not necessarily the case for a large majority of people. And what I think is pretty neat about coming up with a plan to is like you've got a taste and you're like alright, I want that. Now I want I want the roaming lifestyle that Jodi's talking About, but you know, I again, I don't want to I've got family or kids, I don't want to take this huge leap. What's neat is you've got a taste of it, you've set up a plan. And what I've seen happen with people who have been able to successfully transition then to a location independent lifestyle is that you know, your job that used to seem so kind of claustrophobic and awful. When you have a light at the end of the tunnel, even if that tunnel is two years in the future, or three years in the future. All of a sudden, you have this lighter feeling of like, Alright, well, I'm not in here for 30 years, like, hey, it's actually not that bad because I'm planning for something else. And so for a lot of people are saying, God, I'm sure it was. Alright, that light at the end of tunnel was the two week vacation or the three week vacation and then taking it was just enough to get them there. And then they went on vacation, they came back like, Alright, I'm a little refresh that can make it another 11 months, but it was a slog. And now the lighter then a tonne, I was like, Well, listen, you're not going back to that, like this light is brighter, because when you get here, now you've got a full break from that old lifestyle. Absolutely love it.16:00  Or I'm going16:00  to finish it off there. Because we need to have a new session to really dive into this psychology of stuff I find it's so fascinating. It's the stuff that I'm the most interested in as well. But in that next conversation, if you say yes to me, will you explain extra pack of peanuts to us?16:18  The the name behind extra pack of peanuts, I will surely surely surely explain to you. You're right. We don't have enough time to do it. Now. It's a little bit in depth. But of course,16:29  of course, it would be amazing. Thank you so much. I'm sorry. I mean, I think you I don't even need to ask your advice on what you would say to people that are considering this because you've already laid it out so beautifully. This is whether it's nurture or nature, like you say it is possible. And I think that's the opportunities now are absolutely endless to be able to be location independent.Transcribed by https://otter.ai/referrals/Y007ORN6


30 Sep 2020

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4 Aug 2020

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How To Live Location Independent With Travis Sherry (323)

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28 Apr 2020

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17 Jun 2019

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Total Business Makeover with Travis Sherry

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13 May 2019

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EJM 15: ✈️ What's a Lifestyle Business REALLY Like? With Travis Sherry

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20 Apr 2019

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270: How to become location-independent w/ Travis Sherry

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19 Apr 2019

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Location independence!: The Travis Sherry Story

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17 Apr 2019