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Clip: Joshua Rhodes explained how Texas power infrastructure failed in extreme winter weather

EcoRight Speaks

From this week's show, Texas energy expert Joshua Rhodes explained how the Texas power infrastructure failed in the extreme winter weather compared to how it handles a sweltering hot summer day.Hear it here and make sure to subscribe/5 star rate and review "EcoRight Speaks!" on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.!!


3 Mar 2021

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Full Ep: Dr. Joshua Rhodes Texas energy expert 3 2 21

EcoRight Speaks

The situation that every Texan went through recently regarding the blackouts, loss of power and over turmoil due to the extreme and rare winter weather were devastating. On this week's show, Texas energy expert and University of Texas research associate Dr. Joshua Rhodes joined host Chelsea Henderson to talk about what went wrong in Texas? Why it happened and some of the problems related to getting things going again. Plus the voices of two of our republicEn members from Texas and what they experienced.Hear it all as part of "EcoRight Speaks!" and make sure to subscribe/rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.!!


2 Mar 2021

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Episode 134: Texas Blackout (Baby, it's cold inside) with Joshua Rhodes

The Urbane Cowboys Podcast

Joshua Rhodes, Research Fellow at the Webber Energy Group at the University of Texas, joins us to explain what went wrong with the Texas grid this week.Cohosted by Josiah Neeley of R Street Institute and Doug McCullough of Lone Star Policy Institute.


19 Feb 2021

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The College Football Experience - Joshua Rhodes – Family, Social Environment & Routines

Confused Confucius

Before going to college on both an academic and athletic scholarship Joshua Rhodes had somewhat of an unconventional upbringing. His father was getting into the MLB but decided to drop out to support him and his mother. When he finally moved in with his dad at 14 his life became heavily routine-based. This lifestyle has stuck with him to this day into the business world and his podcast on wealth education Rhodes To Wealth. In this episode we really dive into family affairs, social influence and other factors that influence you as a college athlete. Along with discussing some of these stressful situations we also have a look at all the different resources available to you and how to find the people who can support you on your mission. We ended the episode in a Q&A-type section specifically what makes a routine good or bad? And what are some important factors of Flow or “Getting Into The Zone”. And as always, I hope you enjoy the show! 0:30 Introduction3:44 The Sacrifice Josh's Father Made7:23 Dealing With Strict Routines as a Teenager10:39 Choice of Career Path or Lack Thereof13:17 Family Sport vs. Personal Choice14:18 What Joshua Taps Into When Going on a Grind15:22 The West Point Appeal16:37 Providing Support For His Step-Mother20:16 On "Borrowing" Strength From Others22:56 Moving Beyond Mental Toughness & David Goggins23:44 Pushing Limits - Spa Day Edition24:30 Awareness - The Big Unknown27:03 A Note of Caution on Pushing Your Limits29:21 Possible Downsides of Extreme Achievement31:17 Joshua On Making The Big Decision33:34 Dealing With The Pressures of The College Environment35:51 Inventory of Your Mental Toolbox & Being Honest37:31 Resources Available As A College Student39:56 Finding People & Resources To Support Your Journey42:02 My Story With The Kinesiology Department43:39 The Q&A - Are Routines Good or Bad? - Joshua's Experience47:11 Baumeister - Theory of Willpower48:58 The Key To A Healthy Mind - Adaptability51:29 Testing & Improving Your Mental Flexibility53:27 Joshua's Routine - Deconstructive Habits55:26 Throwing Up - The Functional Part57:16 Better Ways of Dealing With Stress - Progressive Relaxation59:06 Mental Tool - Progressive Relaxation Breakdown1:01:56 Q&A - Flow & (Not) Getting In The Zone1:06:00 2 Factor Quadrant of Flow by Csikszentmihalyi1:07:21 Internal Environment - Reinforcing Cycles1:08:49 Directing Your Focus1:11:32 Chocking Under Pressure - How (Not) To Get In Flow1:13:21 Joshua's Favorite Mental Practices1:15:37 Where To Find Joshua

1hr 16mins

12 Nov 2020

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Smile You're On Camera Podcast Hosted by Lourenzo Smith | 005 Joshua Rhodes

Smile You’re On Camera Podcast Hosted by Lourenzo Smith

Smile You're On Camera hosted by Lourenzo Smith where artists, photographers, visual artists & creatives are highlighted and discuss current projects, music , and so much more ! In this episode, we discuss J-Rho's faith based brand & design studio "The Last Adam", designing through COVID-19, getting engaged to Erin Lim, Kanye's influence on modern day art, and so much more!  Say HI! Guest: http://instagram.com/joshuadrhodes/ Host: http://instagram.com/lourenzo.smith Editor: http://instagram.com/bincerr Production: http://instagram.com/slatedvs Website: http://slated---vision.com


9 Nov 2020

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#8 Joshua Rhodes On Networking, Sales And Building Wealth

Addicted To Learning

Subscribe to the Rhodes To Wealth Podcast:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rhodes-to-wealth/id1501427732https://open.spotify.com/show/5HHLPX6oj0wQYH0AwOKmkvRhodes To Wealth Websitehttps://rhodestowealth.com/Social Linkshttps://www.facebook.com/RhodesToWealth/https://twitter.com/Rhodes2Wealthhttps://www.instagram.com/rhodestowealthpodcast/Disclaimer The Content in this episode is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


15 Oct 2020

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Improving Energy Infrastructure & Transmission For Better Renewables Adoption w/ Joshua Rhodes

You've Been Warmed

Joshua Rhodes (Ph.D.) is a Senior Energy Analyst at Vibrant Clean Energy and Research Fellow in the Webber Energy Group. His current research revolves around smart grids, energy efficiency, resource planning and distributed generation & storage. He is also interested in policy that can help us implement clean energy as fast as possible, particularly policies that utilise market forces to increase efficiencies.Joshua also consults on a broad range of energy topics and he sits on vetting committees for companies looking to enter technology incubators in Austin, Texas.We discussed in depth the main issues behind using renewables to a larger extent - mainly the infrastructure capabilities that need to be developed to transmit the energy from various points across regions. We also covered smart grids, how demand & supply interact when it comes to energy grids and how battery technology is evolving.Finally, Joshua also shared technology innovations that he finds interesting in the climate change space along with his take on the Politics vs Business vs Science vs Society question.RELEVANT LINKSJoshua’s Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/joshdr83TIMECODES2:47: Joshua’s Background. Studying Energy & Researching SmartGrids10:18: What Are the Main Challenges Of Energy Transmission For Renewables?15:31: What Policy Measures Can Be Implemented To Encourage Green Energy?19:23: Do Companies See Profit Opportunities in Clean Energy?24:02: The Key Factors Behind Making Batteries Cheap26:59: Interesting Climate-Focused Companies He's Encountered35:10: Science vs Politics vs Businesses vs Society


28 Jan 2020

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Joshua Rhodes, Webber Energy Group and UT Energy Institute

Texas Energy Lab

Native Texan Joshua Rhodes, Ph.D., is a Research Analyst at the Webber Energy Group and The University of Texas at Austin Energy Institute. Hosts Kyle Frazier and Tim Duffy chat with him about how electricity supply and demand can be better controlled to bring more wind and solar power onto the grid, address climate change, and lower energy costs for all consumers.


22 Jan 2019