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Sports Equity with Jedidiah Collins, Money Vehicle

Sports Equity Podcast

Jed is a graduate of Washington State, had the opportunity to play with elite talent in the National Football League and is now building his own business as the Fullback of Finance, teaching financial planning to those on and off the field. 


1 Jun 2021

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Developing and Teaching Financial Literacy with Jedidiah Collins

Money Checkup with Anjali Jariwala

While playing professional football, Jedidiah Collins realized that he didn’t know how to manage money. Despite earning a high salary, he’d spend most of his paycheck right after he received it and didn’t know how to plan for the future. With encouragement from his family and mentor, he began to learn about personal finance, eventually studying for the CFP® exam during the offseasons. After a few years of working in wealth management, Jedidiah realized his passion was helping people who were just beginning their financial journeys.    "Rich is having a lot of money today," Jedidiah says. "Wealth is how many tomorrows I don't have to worry about money."  Today, Jedidiah runs Your Money Vehicle, an online certification course in financial literacy. His hope is that students will learn basic principles of personal finance and put them to use throughout their lives. https://fitadvisors.com/financial-literacy-jedidiah-collins


11 May 2021

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Financial Literacy and Making Money Your Employee with Jedidiah Collins

One Day Advice Podcast

Jed Collins, CFP is an ex-NFL athlete turned personal finance educator. He's the Founder of Money Vehicle, an online financial literacy certification course. In today's episode, we touch on Jed's incredible story, his experience with money, and his journey of not only teaching financial literacy but also empowering people to take action on their finances. We talk about the movement he is building around his online course, and discuss the foundation of building and accumulating wealth, no matter your age or circumstance. You can purchase or gift Jed's course at YourMoneyVehicle.com Schedule your free 30-minute consultation at OneDayAdvice.com or by emailing us at hello@onedayadvice.com.


7 May 2021

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MI089: NFL Player to Teaching Financial Freedom w/ Jedidiah Collins

Millennial Investing - The Investor’s Podcast Network

Episode ResourcesGet more FREE content from RobertGet a FREE audiobook from AudibleListen to the Jed’s previous episode MI051: From Pro Athlete to Certified Financial Planner with Jedidiah CollinsJedidiah Collins’ book Your Money VehicleThomas Stanley and William Danko’s book The Millionaire Next DoorRick Ferri’s book The Power of Passive InvestingErin Lowry’s book Broke Millennial Talks MoneyGary John Bishop’s book Do the WorkAll of Robert’s favorite booksDo more than just spellcheck. Say what you really mean with Grammarly Premium. Get 20% off todayFollow other investors, discover companies to believe in, invest with any amount of money with Public.com. You’ll even get a free slice of stock when you joinDo your best thinking with Baronfig's Idea Toolset. Use code TIP20 at checkout to receive 20% offProtect your data and stop paying full-price for streaming services while only getting access to a fraction of their content with ExpressVPNRaise capital for your next real estate deal or join other peer-to-peer lenders online with Fund That FlipSave with a credit union that helps you build financial confidence with Navy Federal Credit UnionSave a lot of time and take advantage of a reliable way to discover and research new stocks, and get stock pick ideas from other successful investors with Stockcard. Upgrade to the VIP plan using promo code "robert" to get a 10% discount after your 14-day free trialSupport our free podcast by supporting our sponsorsRead this episode’s transcript and full show notes on our website.Connect with Jed: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | InstagramConnect with Robert: Website | Instagram See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


21 Apr 2021

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What is Money To You…and What Do You Want It To Be? | Jedidiah Collins

Millennial Money

What is money to you? It’s time to use your money to help you get where you want to be and time to let go of your money using you. But how do you practically do that? Jedidiah Collins, a former guest on our show, is back to share his story of pivoting from NFL career to Certified Financial Planner to author and speaker, understanding how to grow through hard times, and the power of asking yourself one simple money question that can forever change your life.About Our GuestJEDIDIAH COLLINS, CFP® is Founder of Rookie to Veteran™ and Author of Your Money Vehicle. After being signed as an undrafted free agent in 2008, he played seven seasons in the NFL while studying for the Certification in Financial Planning in the off-seasons.Today, Jedidiah’s mission is to empower students, athletes, and young professionals with the behaviors needed to eliminate the gap between the potential of their goals and the success they desire!What You'll LearnHow Jed went from NFL Veteran to a money expertHow to not only get through but grow through hard timesHow to pivot in life when it feels challengingWhy you need a healthy money mindsetThe power of setting goals…consistentlyWhy it's ok to fail in your career and with your moneyHow to uncover your money story (and why it’s important)How to figure out your money burn rateLinksYour Money Vehicle bookYour Money Vehicle courseJed's WebsiteEpisode SponsorThis episode is sponsored by Manscaped. Get 20% off + free shipping with the code MYMONEY at Manscaped.com.SUBSCRIBE & SHAREWant to be the first to know when new episodes are released? Click here to subscribe in iTunes! IT’S FREE!👉 Sign up for my weekly LET’S TALK MONEY email newsletter.Ask ShannahHave an Ask Shannah question, submit it hereGet SocialShannah on TwitterShannah on InstagramSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


10 Nov 2020

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Discovering Your Money As A Vehicle with Jedidiah Collins

BetterWealth with Caleb Guilliams

Being rich with a lot of money today leads to poor wealth when there is an inability to take your money today and manage it for the future.In today's Better Wealth Episode, I interviewed Jedidiah Collins former NFL player, best-selling author, podcaster, and financial player. Jedidiah shares with us his story of overcoming failure in multiple areas of life and how he grew through that failure. Listen as he discusses “stealing” mindsets, principles and behaviors that took him from veterans that gave him success in what he now calls “Rocky to Veterans.” Listen as he discusses the transition from the NFL to financial. Jedidiah attributes the off season years of financial education he sought after to discover the language and secret of the wealthy, which lead him to become an investor. While playing in the NFL and pursuing financial planning Jedidiah saw how people were lost in the idea of being rich, having money today, and didn't realize how to manage towards tomorrow or the future. Jedidiah grew a passion beyond traditional financial planning which led him to write a book, develop a course, and educate and empower thousands.  Jedidiah shares with us a brief overview of his book and explains his ice cream scoop tax example. #BETTERWEALTHFor more information on BetterWealth or the content you hear on the Podcast visit us at www.betterwealth.com/podcast.Guest Bio: Jedidiah Collins CFP® is a former NFL player, Amazon best-selling author, podcaster, and adjunct professor at Washington State University who after being cut 12 times became the #1 Fullback in the NFL. He took many principles and behaviors away from the game of football but was also faced with the reality of how unprepared he was for the financial opportunity of professional sports. This dilemma drove him to study for his Certification in Financial Planning while he was still playing in the NFL. Transitioning away from football, Jed knew he would pursue real life experience with his CFP ® and went to work in Wealth Management. Although a great career, Jed quickly discovered helping the wealthy was not his passion. His passion was delivering financial wellness workshops for those at the beginning of their financial journey, not the end. The Money Vehicle workshops, best-selling book Your Money Vehicle, and virtual course are on a mission to empower young professionals how to U.S.E. money (Understand, Strategize, Efficient).Guest Links: Jedidiah’s Your Money Vehicle - Course Check our more about Jedidiah at JedidiahCollins.com


28 Oct 2020

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Jedidiah Collins: The Fullback of Finance

THE IT FACTORY: Pac-12 Football with Yogi Roth

Jedidiah Collins, known as the Fullback of Finance, joins The Yogi Roth Show to share his journey from undrafted free agent out of Washington State, who was cut 12 times in 7 NFL seasons, to an expert in finance.Fast forward to today and Jed is an accomplished author of the book 'Your Money Vehicle' and founder of the Virtual Financial Literacy program titled 'Your Money Vehicle.'Visit https://jedidiahcollins.com/ or https://your-money-vehicle.teachable.com/p/home for more information and be sure to follow @FullbackFinance on twitter.For more podcasts around sports and humanity, visit www.YogiRoth.com or follow @YogiRoth on social media.


24 Aug 2020

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Insights From a Career in the NFL - Jedidiah Collins

Insight Out with Billy Samoa

Jedidiah Collins is the "Fullback of Finance." After a successful career in the NFL, he's on a mission to empower one million people to own their financial stories.He’s an author, a speaker, a podcaster and a teacher…his story is one of grit and determination.There are 380,000 collegiate athletes , yet only 1% percent of them make it at a professional level.Despite having success in college, Jed knew it would be challenging to make it as a pro. But that didn't stop him.It wasn't a smooth ride by any means, and he shares his story of getting cut over and over again before finally landing a starting role for the Super Bowl defending New Orlean's Saints. Not only did he became a starter, he was even named to the Pro Bowl team.Jed was a part of what he calls the "Breakfast Club," when he would be one of the first people in the locker room learning and understanding what it takes to be a peak performer. A consistent theme for Jed is he was able steal success from each of the organizations he was a part of. We get a first row seat to hear the fascinating stories of how he learned from iconic athletes like Drew Brees.After realizing that only 30% of retired NFL athletes walk away with their financial dream still in tact, Jed decided to become a Certified Financial Planner during the off-seasons.On the show, we cover a lot of ground, including why thoughts are things, the difference between external and internal success, why repetition matters, how to silence the voice of quit, and why we should focus on most vs now.A the core of Jed’s philosophy is a belief that we must eliminate potential.Jed has a winners mindset and shares how one-on-one basketball competition with his brothers as a kid made an impact on his entire life. We also learned why he feels his greatest asset is his lifelong habit of journaling.Links and Resources:03:10 NFL Fullback07:57 Ball Four by Jim Bouton 13:14 Train your mind, change your brain Book 20:40 "Silencing the voice of quit"28:15 "You don't lose until you quit"32:24 "Successful people do not sacrifice, they prioritize"50:34 Jed Collins - Money Vehicle Course 50:37 Your Money Vehicle: How to Begin Driving to Financial Freedom Jed's course: https://your-money-vehicle.teachable.com/p/homeSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=23010497)

1hr 4mins

3 Aug 2020

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MI051: From Pro Athlete to Certified Financial Planner with Jedidiah Collins (Personal Finance Podcast)

Millennial Investing - The Investor’s Podcast Network

Episode ResourcesSUBSCRIBE to the NEW Real Estate Investing PodcastGet a FREE audiobook from AudibleJedidiah Collins’ book Your Money Vehicle Erin Lowry’s book Broke MillennialGeorge Clason’s book The Richest Man in BabylonErin Lowry’s book Broke Millennial Takes On InvestingPatrick O’Shaughnessy’s book Millennial MoneyAll of Robert’s favorite booksCapital One. This is Banking Reimagined. What’s in your wallet?Get a free book on how to get ahead without college from Praxis.Experience full plates and fuller wallets with EveryPlate. Get 3 weeks of EveryPlate meals for only $2.99 per meal by entering code tip3.Get daily content from Robert on Instagram @therobertleonardRead this episode’s transcript and full show notes on TIP: theinvestorspodcast.com/millennial-investingSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


29 Jul 2020

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238 From NFL Player to Financial Planner - Jedidiah Collins, CFP, Ex-NFLer & Author of Your Money Vehicle

More Money Podcast

Have you ever watched the show Ballers with Dwayne Johnson? I know, that doesn’t sound like the type of show I’d watch (I know nothing about sports!), but my husband was watching it one night and told me it was about an ex-NFL player who becomes a financial planner. Now that’s my kind of show! Well, cut to present day and I have basically a real-life “baller” on the podcast!  played for the NFL for seven seasons, and studied to become a CFP on the off-season. Post-NFL career, he now owns his own financial services company, does public speaking and is on a mission to educate others how to make their money work better for them. We get into what it was like playing for the NFL, earning those big game cheques, and how he was able to avoid being another sports star who ended their career with no savings in the bank. We also dive into his new workbook  that he developed to be an actionable guidebook for others to build their own financial plans and set themselves on the right path. For full episode show notes visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/238


29 Apr 2020