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🍺🔍 Suds and Search 40 | David Mihm, founder of Tidings

Suds & Search | Interviews With Today's Search Marketing Experts

David Mihm, founder of Tidingshttps://tidings.com/@davidmihmMy guest on this episode of Suds & Search is David Mihm. David is the founder of Tidings, a software product that automatically generates perfectly-branded email newsletters for small businesses. For over a decade, David has been one of the leading voices on Local SEO. He founded GetListed in 2009 during the early days of Local SEO. GetListed was acquired by Moz, and David took a role at Moz as their Director of Local Search Strategy. Over the years, David has been featured in blogs on pretty much every major SEO publication including GatherUp, BrighLocal, Moz, and Street Fight Mag. He currently serves on the faculty at LocalU. He appears pretty every local SEO conference and on tons of podcasts and webinars. I heard David present at Whitespark’s Local Search Summit a few weeks before he came on the show. I started our conversation by asking him about his presentation titled, “Email: Your Marketing Lifeline During COVID-19 (and Beyond).” It’s interesting to hear him talk about the ways that COVID has disrupted digital marketing and how email marketing has gained greater exposure. We also talked about Local SEO. David published the original Local Search Ranking factors study way back in 2008, and a few years ago when he left Moz, he handed the study over to Darren Shaw of Whitespark. I asked him about the importance of reviews, how to set up a good Local SEO foundation and the ways the industry has changed, but also remained the same over the years.Grab a beer and join me for a conversation with David Mihm. We talk about email marketing for small businesses, Local SEO best practices, and his efforts to remain a scratch golfer during the global pandemic. Listen to Suds & Search Podcasts:Google Podcast:https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9teXNvdW5kd2lzZS5jb20vcnNzLzE1OTUzNTQ3MjgwNTZzApple Podcast:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/suds-search-interviews-todays-search-marketing-experts/id1526688363Spotify Podcast:https://open.spotify.com/show/5ALxRpeDgIvg63bK6eoUTeSearchLab1801 W Belle PlaineSuite 107Chicago, IL 60613(312) 256-1574Catch SearchLab on these platforms:https://www.linkedin.com/company/searchlabdigital/ https://www.facebook.com/SearchLabDigital https://twitter.com/SearchLabAgency https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3kf-yP3bwhI6YvFFeKfegASuds and Search Video Serieshttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqSrUsIw8Jit8A6IwPpFw7IPKuuyGF0IiLocal Search Tuesdays Video Serieshttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqSrUsIw8JiuxY0eDWZr7Us_WgNNP-GDnSubscribe to Suds & Search | Interviews With Today's Search Marketing Experts on Soundwise


19 Nov 2020

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David Mihm from Tidings shares his top 3 pieces of marketing technology

Martech Stacked

I’m joined today by a man who’s written and spoken extensively about how small businesses can improve their presence in local search engines. He’s served as VP of Product Strategy for ThriveHive, Director of Local Strategy for Moz, and was the co-founder of GetListed.org. He’s now the founder of Tidings - an app that automatically builds your email newsletter from social content, bookmarked links, and RSS feeds. Welcome to Martech Stacked, David Mihm.Here are the 3 top tools in David’s current martech stack:#1: GoogleMyBusiness: Connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.#2: Shopify: Create an ecommerce website backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day.#3: MailChimp: Turn audience insights into personalized marketing with an email platform that gets smarter over time.


17 Sep 2020

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#4/7 ThriveHive Grader with David Mihm

Deep Dive into Local Search & SEO

Join Mike Blumenthal, Mary Bowling and David Mihm as they take a Deep Dive into the Thrive Hive Grader.


18 Jun 2019

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E219: Rocking Your Google My Business Listing (with David Mihm)

Massage Business Blueprint®

Getting your massage business found on Google has gotten easier than ever, thanks to Google My Business. With the right attention, this platform can help you connect with the right clients who are searching online. David Mihm from ThriveHive joins us for this expert interview episode and we walk through an overview of how to [...]


30 Apr 2019

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The David Mihm Interview


Google has been investing a significant amount of resources into Google My Business (GMB) but not a lot of businesses are fully taking advantage of it yet. David discusses why he thinks that’s about to change and why GMB is becoming more important than ever for Local SEO.


2 Dec 2018

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EP 241: How to Build the Marketing Agency of 2020 w/David Mihm

EDGE of the Web - The Best SEO Podcast for Today's Digital Marketer

Imagine the year is 2020 and Google and Amazon have taken over the world and Skynet has become a reality. What can you do to prepare your marketing agency for this ultimate reality? We're talking to David Mihm is the founder of Tidings this week on Edge of the Web. David Mihm has been involved in Local SEO for several years now and even founded the company GetListed.org which he sold to Moz in 2012. David's newest company is only a few months old and is looking to turn the email marketing industry on its head! This tool combines all of your social media postings and turns it into a weekly or monthly newsletter. Email marketing has proved to be one of the more effective marketing tools out there that people seem to ignore or push aside. This new tool will help to change that! A few of the topics we cover in this episode include: Home Service Ads Local SEO Artificial Intelligence Voice Search The Value of AdWords in the Future The Future of SEO

1hr 7mins

20 Sep 2017

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How to Win at Local Search - David Mihm

The Agents of Change: SEO, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Staying ahead of the Google algorithm curve can be frustrating. Just when you think you’ve made some headway, they change it again. You need to remember that what works on Google today may not work tomorrow, so be prepared. A couple strategies to strongly consider that certainly don’t look like they will change as far as Google search is concerned, are making sure your website is both fast loading and mobile optimized. And don’t underestimate the power of the customer review. Google puts a lot of stock in how others perceive your business as a means to determine if you rank high in their eyes, so acquiring and maintaining a robust selection of customer reviews is also a great way to impress Google. http://www.theagentsofchange.com/212


23 Aug 2017

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#21 The Local Marketing Stack: A Roadmap for Small Business Marketing Decisions with David Mihm

Deep Dive into Local Search & SEO

Mike Blumenthal, David Mihm & Mary Bowling discuss The Local Marketing Stack: A Roadmap for Small Business Marketing Decisions. Check out the charts & other links on our Localu.org blog


5 Jul 2017

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What's Next In Local, and Digital, with David Mihm

The Zip - An Ultra-Local Podcast

Hi everyone. It’s a big week here in the US. There’s a lot going on nationally, but, as always, we’re going to focus on the local perspective here on The Zip.Just a couple of neat announcements before we get started with today’s interview, with David Mihm.First - ZipSprout, and therefore, by extension, The Zip, is a sponsor of MozCon Local conference this coming February 27th and 28th. This year, MozCon local will be joined with a Local U conference, so it’ll be featuring Mike Blumenthal, Mary Bowling, and a few other folks I’ve talked to here on the podcast - Joy Hawkins, Mike Ramsey. I’ll be there as well, with my colleague, Claudia Cruz, and I think it’s going to be a great time. Local marketing, local SEO, is going through some big changes, some that we’ll talk about today on the podcast too.Second - I’ll also be attending and speaking on a panel at the engagePDX conference in Portland this upcoming March. Another great round of speakers will be there - I’m excited about this one, because David Mihm, our guest on the Zip today, is one of the people behind this conference, and as I think you’ll see, he’s got a lot of knowledge to share.So now, on to the interview. David Mihm has been in the SEO world since it’s early days, and he made a big footprint when he sold a local listings app for small businesses, Get Listed, to Moz in 2012. He’s spoken at local search conferences from StreetFight to Moz, and he very recently, as in late 2016, launched a new business called Tidings, which offers strategies, tactics and advice for small business’s digital media presences.And interestingly, even though a lot of his work focuses on small business, and David will say that’s where his passion lies, he’s really a marketer of all trades, which is what makes him such an an interesting guest.How can enterprise businesses channel their local talent for good content at the neighborhood level?Why David sees organic SEO as a shifting tactic, with the rising prominence of voice and local search, but, interestingly, he doesn’t go the way of ad pushing. There are more “organic” methods that David sees as promising on the local level.But we’ll also talk about the consolidation of the ad market, an issue I’m a bit worried about, but I really like David’s perspective on it - he’s very FOR the future of programmatic, though he doesn’t say that exactly say that word.And our conversation takes a futuristic turn in a few ways:Like asking what does search look like in 2022?Plus David has experience with nonprofits, so I asked his advice on building website and marketing in this sector too.So let’s jump in.Welcome to The Zip.


18 Jan 2017

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11.18 Social Media w Emily Bell & Local SEO w David Mihm

School for Startups Radio

November 18, 2014 Social Media w Emily Bell & Local SEO w David Mihm

18 Nov 2014