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55 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jen Hatmaker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jen Hatmaker, often where they are interviewed.

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55 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jen Hatmaker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jen Hatmaker, often where they are interviewed.

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How to Protect Your Mental Health When Fighting Injustices and Standing Up Against the “Boy’s Club” + Tips on How to Deal with the Loss of a Tribe and Stability with Jen Hatmaker

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Fighting injustice and fighting for what you believe often sounds exciting, but it can come at a great cost. Yet the cost of being inauthentic, of denying who you are and what you believe in, is often greater, and can keep you in bondage, as I discuss in this week’s blog and podcast with speaker, NY Times best-selling author and top podcast host Jen Hatmaker. As Jen discusses in her amazing new book Fierce, Free and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Gloriously You, even though standing up for what you believe is right and embracing who you are and what you want in life can be challenging, the struggle is worth it. On the other side you will find beauty, fulfillment and true freedom.
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Podcast Time Stamps:
3:40 Why Jen believes women need to be free, and why we need to get over the “angry feminist” caricature
7:50 It is on us as women to say NO: we need to believe that we have agency and authority over our own lives
12:50 Why the patriarchy does a deep disservice to every man
13:50 How to discover the real you, and how this will help you find freedom!
17:28 How to deal with fear, pain and shame
23:00 Why you will know when you are not okay, and how you will feel your lack of peace in your body, in your mind, and in your life
26:29 We don’t need to be afraid of the truth, even hard truths
28:50 Jen’s story, and why belonging, success, and authority were not enough
31:39 How Jen dealt with the backlash, and why freedom is its own reward
36:38 How to be fierce, free and full of fire
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May 21 2020



Episode 100: In Conversation with Jen Hatmaker

The Zeitcast with Jonathan Martin
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Jen Hatmaker is an author of several books including NY Times bestsellers For The Love and Of Mess and Moxy. She hosts the award winning For The Love Podcast and regularly found speaking through the United States. Her bookclub The Jen Hatmaker Bookclub reaches thousands of women who believe good books are everything and stories still matter.

In today’s special 100th episode, Jonathan talks with her about her new book Fierce, Free and Full of Fire- The Guide To Being Glorious You. They talk life, community, social media, cancel culture, and what it means to go on the journey with your whole self. We could not think of a better conversation to celebrate this monumental centennial episode.

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May 20 2020



213: Jen Hatmaker: Fierce, Free and Full of Fire

The Same 24 Hours
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Jen Hatmaker joined my community for a LIVE recording of the podcast via Zoom. We covered all the bases, y'all. From body image to the Enneagram (Jen's a 3, I'm an 8), to "the truth will set you free" and how The King's Daughters often present the biggest challenges. We talk grace, forgiveness, self-awareness; criticism and pain; community and finding new friendships. Two powerful questions from audience members, Kimberlea and Rebekah, round off the show. 

Jen writes: "I believe women living in freedom are the answer to all that ails society. When we are exactly who we are, how we are, where we are, as we were always meant to be, women are the greatest gifts to this world. My whole life’s work is to serve women as they genuinely show up for their own lives. We need not fear the truth, or hard questions, or spiritual curiosity, or challenging unjust systems; that is literally why we are here... You are beloved and necessary and good."

A special thanks to Jen for her time, grace, wisdom... and all of her fierceness that is giving women a voice and a space to be heard. 

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May 12 2020

1hr 5mins


Episode 801: Jen Hatmaker and Kim Walker-Smith

The RELEVANT Podcast
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On today's show, author and podcaster Jen Hatmaker joins us to talk about her new book, and worship artist Kim Walker-Smith brings us Jesus Culture's new album. Plus, our new cast (Jamie Ivey, Derek Minor, Cameron Strang and Jesse Carey) bring you the news you need to know, Tyler Huckabee brings the Hot List, and a lot more.

May 08 2020

1hr 20mins


Brené with Sue Monk Kidd and Jen Hatmaker on Longing, Belonging and Faith

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown
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In this episode, I talk to two women who provide wise counsel for those of us who have struggled with belonging and faith (and still do on occasion). Sue Monk Kidd and Jen Hatmaker are dissident daughters, brave leaders, and the very best companions for a contemplative journey.

Apr 28 2020

1hr 23mins


215: Self-actualization, spiritual curiosity & choosing your “yeses” | Jen Hatmaker

The mindbodygreen Podcast
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Jen Hatmaker: "When you’re more in tune with who you are, what you want, and what you need, you’ll be a more effective communicator."

Hatmaker, a New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and TV personality, says being genuine with yourself isn't easy; she joins mbg co-CEO, Jason Wachob, to discuss how to listen to your inner voice and why it's worth it, plus:

*How loneliness can affect our productivity, optimism, and physical health*

*Why we should celebrate, not punish, spiritual curiosity*

*How a growth mindset can lead to confidence and happiness*

*How to choose your yeses and why you should*

*Why passive aggressiveness damages relationships*

Whether it's an article or podcast, we want to know what we can do to help here at mindbodygreen. Let us know at: Also be sure to check out Hatmaker's new book, Fierce, Free, And Full Of Fire, which you can find at

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Apr 22 2020



143: The Secret to Leadership Is Closer Than You Think with Jen Hatmaker

RISE podcast
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Do you know that leadership doesn't start the moment you enter the office, or check your email: it starts with how you live your life every freakin' day. You guessed it - it's Leadership Week in our Next 90 Days Challenge, so I reached out to my good friend Jen Hatmaker, whose latest book, Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire, comes out TODAY, to talk about the role of leadership in your life. Jen's incredible wisdom shines through as she gives practical advice on admitting when things are hard, the dangers of comparison, and the power of sitting down and getting real with the people on your team (at home, at work, or anywhere in between).,

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Apr 21 2020

1hr 3mins


Episode 215: Jen Hatmaker

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs
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A longtime friend and a favorite human, writer, speaker, can we say comedian? (yes we can), I am just so happy to have Jen Hatmaker on the show today. We cover all the topics, you aren't surprised about that, including some important thoughts on friendship. Her new book Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire releases tomorrow!

(Jen and I also did a quick video talking ALL ABOUT HAMILTON over on YouTube. Check it out-

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Apr 20 2020

1hr 2mins


Jen Hatmaker: The Preacher's Wife

Everything Happens with Kate Bowler
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Author and speaker Jen Hatmaker ruled the Christian marketplace as the evangelical darling. But when her theology shifted, she learned how harsh the penalties could be. Kate and Jen speak about what it means to lead faithfully when you lose certainty.

Oct 22 2019



Postmodern Realities Episode 140 The Theological Mess in the Moxie of Jen Hatmaker

Postmodern Realities Podcast
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Of all the public conversions from conservative evangelical too progressive, Jen Hatmakers is one of the most culturally appealing. Her trademark breezy, well timed humor penetrates to the heart of the overwhelmed American woman she gathers into her tribe and admonishes to keep up the hard work, which will, by her gritty love, save the world. This is Hatmakers gospel as you model your life on Jesus and love as inclusively as He did, you will heal yourself, your family, and the world. This gospel is delivered in a package of can do, no nonsense American pragmatism. Hatmaker rose to prominence in May 2013 with a viral blog post hilariously decrying the trials of the exasperating end of the school year. This led to an HGTV home remodeling show and her New York Times bestseller For the Love Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards Thomas Nelson, 2015. She joined the conference circuit and endeared herself to mainstream feminine evangelicalism with her insightful, funny, and unobjectionable Bible teaching. She was well positioned, then, to rock the evangelical world with her apparent about face embrace of the LGBT agenda in an interview with Jonathan Merritt in 2016. After the interview, Lifeway pulled her books and social media drew up for battle. This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Anne Kennedy about her Volume 42:2 feature article The Theological Mess in the Moxie of Jen Hatmaker. Also see a special blog post by Anne Kennedy The Unhindered Leadership of Jen Hatmaker Subscribe in Fall 2019 and receive this as your first issue. When you to subscribe to the Journal, you join the team of print subscribers whose paid subscriptions help provide the resources at that minister to people worldwide. These resources include our free online exclusive articles, such as this review, as well as our free Postmodern Realities podcast. Another way you can support keeping our resources free is by leaving us a tip. A tip is just a small amount, like $3 or $5, which is the cost for some of a latte, lunch out, or coffee drink. To leave a tip, click here. Other articles and podcasts featuring this author Have You Considered Trying Harder The Theology of Rachel Hollis Episode 136 Have You Considered Trying Harder The Theology of Rachel Hollis The Theological Legacy of Rachel Held Evans Episode 125 The Theological Legacy of Rachel Held Evans Do not miss an episode; please subscribe to the Postmodern Realities podcast wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Please help spread the word about Postmodern Realities by giving us a rating and review when you subscribe to the podcast. The more ratings and reviews we have, the more new listeners can discover our content. Itunes Spreaker Google Podcasts Player FM Podbean Also available on the following Smart Speakers. Ask them to play Postmodern Realities podcast. Alexa (Amazon) Google Assistant Siri (Apple)

Sep 12 2019