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36 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Peter Greer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Peter Greer, often where they are interviewed.

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36 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Peter Greer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Peter Greer, often where they are interviewed.

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Acton Line: Ismael Hernandez & Peter Greer on addressing poverty

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For this week's episode, we're bringing you a conversation that was a part of Acton's recent Poverty Cure Summit.

The Poverty Cure Summit provided an opportunity for participants to listen to scholars, human service providers, and practitioners address the most critical issues we face today which can either exacerbate or alleviate poverty. These speakers discussed the legal, economic, social, and technological issues pertaining to both domestic and global poverty. Rooted in foundational principles of anthropology, politics, natural law, and economics, participants had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of poverty and identify practical means to reduce it and promote human flourishing.

In this conversation, Acton's Michael Matheson Miller spoke with Ismael Hernandez (executive director of The Freedom & Virtue Institute) and Peter Greer (president & CEO of HOPE International) to examine the challenge of poverty in the US and internationally, and the most effective ways to think about poverty in light of the transcendent dignity of the human person.

Poverty Cure Summit

Ismael Hernandez - The Freedom & Virtue Institute

Peter Greer - HOPE International

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Nov 25 2020 ·
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Episode 104 - Peter Greer - Leaders on Leadership

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We all have our moments as leaders sometimes. However, without knowing it, we get into this Us versus Them mindset that we can’t help but create that self-imposed divide between us and the people around us. This is a different price to pay in leadership that we brought on ourselves. Providing a unique spin on the wisdom from the book, Price of Leadership, Peter Greer, the President and CEO of HOPE International, joins Dr. Tracey Jones in this episode. Here, he talks about self-imposed loneliness and weariness and what he does, not only in his professional life but in his personal as well, to help get past them. As the author of Mission Drift, Peter then gives us a peek into his book, sharing some wisdom on how we can avoid drifting away from our mission as our business goes to new levels and takes on new devils. 

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Nov 18 2020 · 39mins

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Peter Greer – President of HOPE International, helping ministries avoid mission drift.

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11/04/2020 - Peter Greer -
President of HOPE International, helping ministries avoid mission drift.
Nov 06 2020 · 27mins
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Leading With Mission w/ Peter Greer

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Peter Greer is the CEO of Hope International which is an organization that invests in the dreams of families in the world’s underserved communities through micro-loans. 

Hope International serves over 1 million entrepreneurs in over 16 countries. 

In this episode, Peter talks about the importance of lead with a mission and how to stay on track with your organization's mission as you grow.

Oct 30 2020 · 43mins
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10/09/20 - GA Waffle House, Becky Baudouin, Tim Tebow, Friends & Political Views, Peter Greer

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- "A Group of Former White Supremacists has Received a $750,000 GRANT from the Department of Homeland Security to Fight Threats from Right Wing Extremists"

- A Church in Suburban Georgia Turns a $40 Tip into a $12000 BLESSING for a Single Mom Working as a Waitress at the Local Waffle House

- BECKY BAUDOUIN: Enjoy Every Minute: And Other Ridiculous Things We Say To Moms

- 2 Years Ago, Tim Tebow Prayed Over a Man Who Had a Seizure at a Baseball Game. Today, He Remains SEIZURE-FREE!

- Two Good Friends who are at Opposite Ends of the Political Spectrum have Gone Viral with their Message that Politics SHOULD NOT DIVIDE US!

- PETER GREER: "Rooting For Rivals - How Collaboration and Generosity Increase the Impact of Leaders, Charities, and Churches"
Oct 09 2020 · 1hr 43mins
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S5E30: Do You Have a Great Succession Plan? // Peter Greer

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No matter what leadership role we're in, we should be thinking about succession. Listen in as Peter Greer describes the seven practices to navigate mission-critical leadership transitions.

It gives me great joy to welcome in one of our most popular guests on the Flourishing Culture Podcast, the President and CEO of HOPE International, Peter Greer. Peter, so good to see you.

I’m looking at a fresh copy of the new book you’ve co-authored with Doug Fagerstrom, who is CEO of Marketplace Chaplains. The title of your book is Succession: Seven Practices to Navigate Mission-Critical Leadership Transitions. Congratulations on the book. 

Find full show notes here https://www.bcwinstitute.org/podcast/do-you-have-a-gr…plan-peter-greer/

Oct 05 2020 · 43mins
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01 - Peter Greer

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Peter Greer is the CEO of Hope International, sure, but he's also co-written 10 books, works with global leaders, is a committed husband and father to 4 and has lived in some wild places.  Tune into OR's debut episode to gather Peter's take on the poverty problem and how to solve it and what he's gathered along his path as a leader and a family man.  Finally, stay tuned for Peter's Dinner Party Story and make sure that there's something to catch your dropping jaw.

Sep 28 2020 · 59mins
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Peter Greer on Rooting for Rivals During a Crisis

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Peter Greer Interview

Peter Greer, President & CEO at HOPE International and a 2019 keynote speaker at the Business On Purpose conference, talks about what it looks like to root for rivals, even while our businesses might be fighting for survival. Does it even make sense to root for rivals during a time of uncertainly and widespread economic fallout from the pandemic?  Peter shares some examples of businesses and organizations that are engaged in open-handed collaboration despite very difficult times.

Conversation Highlights:

-Is this crisis bringing out the best or the worst in you, your business or your team?

-Partnership and collaboration are the tools we need to survive this crisis.

-“There are no competitors in the Kingdom of God.”

-Uncommon kindness means looking out for people and organizations other than ourselves.

-“Chose the generous path, the path of open-handedness, the path of trust.”

-If God owns it all, that frees us to open our hands to allow the resources God has entrusted to us to flow through them. (Ps 24:1)

-The Rise of Christianity by Rodney Stark.  We are writing our chapter of church history right now.  How will God’s people be known as we emerge from this crisis?

-What lessons can we learn from the generosity of the New Testament-era Macedonian church?

Learn more about Peter and HOPE International at https://www.hopeinternational.org/ or https://www.peterkgreer.com/

Peter's book is Rooting for Rivals. https://www.amazon.com/Rooting-Rivals-Collaboration-Generosity-Charities/dp/0764231251

Jun 03 2020 · 6mins
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Episode 8 - Rooting for Rivals with Peter Greer, CEO of Hope International

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“The goal is not to grow an organization—it’s to build the Kingdom of God.”

Now, if you’ve followed along with us for a while you may remember Peter Greer from an episode we did with him on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur podcast. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend listening to that interview. But in this episode, we’re talking specifically about his book Rooting for Rivals

Peter is going to explain why he believes that leaders in this Faith Driven Investing community can multiply their impact when they focus on collaboration and cooperation. He shares both anecdotal and analytical evidence to support his theory, and we think you’ll be glad you listened in…

Useful Links:

Rooting for Rivals Book

Rooting for Rivals Podcast

How to Slay a Dragon: FDE Podcast with Peter Greer

Oct 29 2019 · 38mins
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Prioritizing Family | Laurel + Peter Greer

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On Episode 39, we meet Peter and Laurel Greer. Peter is the CEO and President of HOPE International, which invests in the dreams of families in the world's underserved communities as they proclaim and live the Gospel.

Peter and Laurel have four kids, biological, adopted and fostered. We hear briefly about adoption, and we hear about the beautiful and hard work of fostering as a family.

Peter and Laurel share how their family truly found their priorities. Peter drafted a resignation letter, and Laurel is in charge of it. This episode also hits on the importance of sex in marriage, but not without an emotional connection.

Welcome to the Love or Work Podcast, hosted by Andre Shinabarger (Physician Assistant, Grady Hospital) and Jeff Shinabarger (Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Plywood People). They are asking the question: Is it possible to change the world, stay in love and raise a healthy family? 100 interviews where Jeff and Andre learn from other working families in the journey of marriage, purpose and parenting.

Learn more about HOPE International:

Website: www.loveorwork.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/loveorwork

Love or Work is a project of Plywood People.
Plywood is a non-profit in Atlanta leading a community of start-ups doing good.

Apr 15 2019 · 56mins