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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lindsay Northen. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lindsay Northen, often where they are interviewed.

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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lindsay Northen. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lindsay Northen, often where they are interviewed.

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#330 - Movin' Out (feat. Lindsay Northen)

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Scanning the pages of Broadway ensemblists on social media, its hard not to take stock of the number of performers who are moving out of New York City. While some of these moves are temporary and others seem more permanent, what I'm struck by is the fact out performing artists have a reason or means to stay in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

One of those artists is Lindsay Northen. A 12-year veteran of Broadway's Wicked, she and her husband, actor Jared Bradshaw, recently moved out of their New York City apartment and headed south. Here to tell us how and why is Lindsay Northen.

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Jul 11 2020 · 12mins
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Jared Bradshaw and Lindsay Northen

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I’m Stefan Sittig and welcome to AMERICAN THEATRE ARTISTS ONLINE, where we talk with leading contemporary figures in American Theatre.

Jared Bradshaw and Lindsay Northen are a true theatre couple.  Both of them have extensive experience performing on Broadway and in theatres across the country.

Lindsay is currently in the Broadway cast of Wicked where for years she has understudied the role of Glinda and performed nightly in the ensemble. Jared was in the original Broadway cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and performed in Jersey Boys for 8 years in Chicago, on tour and on Broadway.

Both of them are often called to take on the most challenging roles as understudies or swings. Their work often keeps performances running even under the most difficult circumstances and, in many ways, they are the backbone of the Broadway industry.

When not on stage, both of them work hard to balance maintaining a career in the performing arts while being parents to their 6 year old daughter Georgia.

Jul 06 2020 · 52mins

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#7 - Lindsay Northen & Bonita Hamilton, Grateful for the Longterm Grind

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What happens when you land “the show”, the Broadway hit that doesn’t close, and then you are in it…. For a LONG time. Join us as we speak with Lindsay Northen and Bonita Hamilton about just what it means to be in the same show year after year. Don’t get them wrong, they are beyond #grateful, especially for having a consistent job after becoming mothers, but we get down to the nitty gritty of what it feels like to be in Wicked and The Lion King for 12 and 15 years respectively. We cover it all; how they use their daily life experiences to keep their performances fresh, how they deal with missing their kids events (year after year), and how they keep from feeling forgotten.

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Jan 11 2020 · 55mins
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25: Being a Mom on Broadway with Lindsay Northen ("Wicked")

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Lindsay Northen finished her 7pm Wicked show, came home, paid the babysitter, and we were on the interview by 10:30 p.m. Lindsay's husband is also an actor, and their five year old daughter, Georgia, just finished kindergarten. Lindsay is in the ensemble in Wicked and is a Glinda understudy!

I couldn't wait to hear how in the world Lindsay and her husband, Jared Bradshaw, made everything work so seemingly smoothly. 

Lindsay insists it's just a "different kind of hard" compared to other working moms. She insisted it requires an "army of super-awesome babysitters" and sometimes tag-teaming sleep schedules with her husband. 

I was pretty curious, and probably a little nosy, but loved hearing about Lindsay's life in NYC, in Wicked, auditioning and landing TV opportunities, and more. Just a few of the questions I asked Lindsay:

  • Is Georgia interested in acting?
  • What support system do you have with other broadway moms?
  • What happened to Glinda when Lindsay had to become Glinda in the middle of the show
  • What is it like living in NYC with a young child
  • Her favorite mom hack and Disney tips
  • What she hopes is next for her career
  • What it's like to be pregnant in a Broadway show

Check out Lindsay on Instagram at @lindsaynorthen and learn more about her at www.lindsaynorthen.com. And, of course, go see her on Broadway in NYC in Wicked!

Jul 02 2019 · 48mins