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191. Everything we’ve been lied to about: Weight loss, cholesterol, and seed oils, Kyle Kingsbury interviews Paul

Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

On this week’s podcast, Paul sits down with former football player, retired American professional mixed martial artist, former Director of Human Optimization at Onnit and host of The Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, Kyle Kingsbury. They do a a deep dive into ideals that Paul is passionate about, and Kyle interviews Paul about the truth behind seed oils, cholesterol, weight loss, and more controversial topics. A note from Paul: Throughout my training and practice as a physician I have come to one very disappointing conclusion:  Western medicine isn’t helping people lead better lives. Now that I’ve realized this, I’ve become obsessed with understanding what makes us healthy or ill. I want to live the best life I can and I want to be able to share this knowledge with others so that they can do the same. This podcast is the result of my relentless search to understand the roots of chronic disease. If you want to know how to live the most radical life possible I hope you’ll join me on this journey. Time Stamps: 00:07:37 Podcast begins 00:18:42 The benefits of cholesterol  00:24:22 Paul’s LDL while eating a Carnivore diet 00:28:57 Honey versus processed sugar 00:37:07 Thoughts on satiety & linoleic acid/HNE 00:48:27 Seed oils and endogenous cannabinoids 01:09:22 The connection between seed oils & cardiovascular disease/macular degeneration? 01:21:57 Detoxing seed oils and HNE 01:23:57 Thoughts on alcohol and tobacco 01:32:07 Creating an intentional environment 01:34:27 What causes insulin resistance? 01:38:22 Thoughts on carbohydrates and insulin resistance 01:43:57 Are some seed oils/fats better than others? 01:55:27 Wrapping things up Sponsors: Heart & Soil: www.heartandsoil.co Carnivore MD Merch: www.kaleisbullshit.shop Make a donation to the Animal Based Nutritional Research Foundation: abnrf.org White Oak Pastures: www.whiteoakpastures.com, use code CarnivoreMD for 10% off your first order or Carnivore5 for 5% off subsequent orders Bon Charge: https://boncharge.com, use code CARNIVOREMD for 15% off your order or get 25% off site wide until 11/30 Colima Salt: drpaulsalt.com, for a free bag of Colima Sea Salt Higher Dose: www.higherdose.com/paul, or use code PAUL for 15% off your order

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27 Nov 2022

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Fighter, Podcaster, and Wellness Guru | BPW Ep 005 w/ Kyle Kingsbury

The Bulletproof Workshop

Kyle and Jeff talk all things health and wellness from hunting your own food to looking at your poop before you flush it! They cover Kyle's love for fighting and journey to becoming more in tune with his bodies needs and how to provide them. This is a hilarious show with a lot of educational takeaways!Download Our Podcast:http://thebulletproofworkshop.com/Learn More About Daniel Defense: https://linkin.bio/danieldefenseFollow Kyle:https://kingsbu.com/

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19 Aug 2022

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#83: Kyle Kingsbury (@Kingsbu) - Optimizing Human Performance

The Meat Mafia Podcast

We had the pleasure to go speak with Kyle Kingsbury out at the Ranch he’s building outside of Austin and let me tell you - this was a treat. Kyle is an incredible guy - ex-college football player, UFC fighter, and Director of Human Performance at Onnit Gym in Austin. He now works as a part of the team at Fit For Service as he also works to build a regenerative farm outside of Austin. In our conversation with Kyle we discussed:* Building momentum to create change* Forging strong bonds amongst your community* Nourishing your family through high-quality food* Handling adversity during challenging and uncertain times* Healing the mind, body, and soul through fasting & meditationKyle is also the host of the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast and he’s appeared on Mark Bell’s Podcast and used to host the Onnit Podcast where he had interviews with some the greats like Paul Chek and more. SPONSORS:Optimal Carnivore: Use the code "MEATMAFIA" to save 10% on all productsLiver is hard to come by and the quality, taste, and convenience make it challenging for most people to source properly. Optimal Carnivore provides the perfect solution through their Beef Liver and Organ Complex. Go check them out and let us know what you think!Equip Foods: Use the code “MEATMAFIA” at check out to save 15% on your order. The protein powder & supplement industry is riddled with products that aren’t sourced from high-quality sources or contain ingredients and fillers that you don’t want in your protein powder or body. Equip provides a clean, beef-sourced protein and even has a product that’s a single ingredient, beef protein. If you’re a purist like us, eating real foods is the only way to maximize your health. Equip ensures that if you don’t have access to freshly cooked food after a workout, you can at least opt for a high-quality protein powder. BRAND AFFILIATESLMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix: LMNT is loaded with the necessary electrolytes without the sugar. We personally used LMNT during our Ironman training and performance and also during everyday training to provide us with the sodium we need on a low-carb diet.✅LINK: DrinkLMNT.com/MEATMAFIA✅The Carnivore Bar: The Carnivore Bar is a delicious, 3-ingredient bar that will fuel you with the highest quality animal-protein possible. Each bar only has 3-ingredients (Beef, Tallow, Salt) and has a creamy yet crunchy texture. The Carnivore Bars are grass-fed / grass-finished and will truly make "staying on the path" easier when traveling.✅LINK: https://carnivorebar.com/ CODE: MAFIA (10%)✅Kettle & Fire Bone Broth: Kettle & Fire Bone Broth is a simple yet important part of our days. The healthy protein and amino acids in the broth has been a critical part of our morning routines.✅LINK: Kettleandfire.com/MeatMafia CODE: MEATMAFIA (15%)✅Farrow Skincare: Farrow is a product we recently started using for skincare and we love it. It’s animal-based, using pig lard and tallow and leaves your skin beaming with essential vitamins and minerals without the added fillers.✅LINK: https://farrow.life/ CODE: ‘MAFIA’ for 20% off✅PAST EPISODESTexas Slim, Dr. Brian Lenzkes, Matt D, James Connolly, The Gourmet Caveman, Doug Reynolds, Chris Cornell, Jason Wrich, Mike Hobart, Gerry Defilippo, Cal Reynolds, Dr. Phil Ovadia, Cole Bolton, Colin Carr, Conza, Carmen Studer, Dr. Ken Berry, Mikayla Fasten, Josh Rainer, Seed Oil Rebellion, Dr. Ben, Dr. Tro, Mike Collins, Dave Feldman, Mark Schatzker, Marty Bent, Dr. Mary Caire, AJ Scalia, Drew Armstrong, Marko - Whiteboard Finance, Vinnie Tortorich, Nick Horowitz, Zach Bitter, C.J. Wilson, Alex Feinberg, Brian Sanders, Myles Snider, Tucker Goodrich, Joe Consorti, Jevi, Charles Mayfield, Sam Knowlton, Tucker Max, Natasha Van Der Merwe, Colin Stuckert, Joey Justice, Dr. Robert Lufkin, Nick Norwitz, The Art of Purpose, Carlisle Studer, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Ancestral Veil, Brad Kearns, Justin Mares, Gary Fettke, Dr. Brooke Miller, John Constas, Robb Wolf, Amber O’Hearn, Tristan Scott, Dr. Phil Pearlman, Dr. Anthony Gustin, Callicrates, Dr. Shawn Baker, Francis Melia, Joel Salatin, Dr. Anthony Chaffee, Oliver Anwar, Ryan Dreyer, Denell Randall. Get full access to The Meat Mafia Podcast at themeatmafiapodcast.substack.com/subscribe

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4 Aug 2022

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152: When the World You Knew Changes: Grief, Loss, & Adjusting to a New Normal w/ Kyle Kingsbury

Soul Seekr

I am so excited to introduce you to Kyle Kingsbury. I met him through Fit for Service. It was an amazing experience, and I met great people like Kyle. He is passionate about getting the truth out, especially thought manipulation. LINKS & RESOURCESConnect w/ Kyle: https://kingsbu.com/Kyle's Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/48np1CmAhgejG9lWz4zzmG?si=a1320c297f674630Kyle's Red Pill Podcast Episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/225-red-pill-solocast/id626299586?i=1000540934875The Green Knight Movie Referenced: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9243804/Kiss the Ground Documentary: https://kissthegroundmovie.com/Lion Tracker's Guide to Life: https://www.amazon.com/Lion-Trackers-Guide-Life/dp/B08Y2VZ57V/ref=sr_1_1?gclid=Cj0KCQjw8O-VBhCpARIsACMvVLOUefdBdaDM-GF77pGexmUG_LfkWdaMCQcsB93obYNwqUyidGGon-MaAqjsEALw_wcB&hvadid=385805236286&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9032156&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=4710540955715093530&hvtargid=kwd-876839969207&hydadcr=7466_9611873&keywords=lion+trackers+guide+to+life&qid=1656535538&sr=8-1My Book "SOUL/Life Balance": https://cutt.ly/hAydeYsMagicMind | https://cutt.ly/VRADrOH   use code "SoulSam" for 20% off!Wizard Teams (Virtual Teams For YOU Managed by US) | https://cutt.ly/xmVsYTeCheck out my Review of Pixar's "SOUL" Movie | https://cutt.ly/OmVsUNeFREE Glossary of Spiritual Terms for the Newly Activated: https://soulseekrz.com/terms/ Wizard Websites - Learn to Build a Website w/ Virtual Assistants | https://bit.ly/3lCw2kU SHROOM BEACH Clothing | Use Promo Code "SoulSam" for 15% off with this link: https://cutt.ly/oItje42Defiant Mushroom Coffee (Use "Sam15" for 15% OFF!) | https://defiantcoffee.co/Permission to Podcast (Simply Show Up & Record): https://bit.ly/2N2NUoILET’S BE SOCIALJoin the journey — come hangout on social mediaInstagram | https://www.instagram.com/samkabert/ Join the Soul Seekr Facebook Group | https://buff.ly/2yi8ldA Twitter | https://twitter.com/soul_seekr_ LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/kabert/YouTube | https://buff.ly/3e4kXUOASK me ANYTHING: Email is Sam@CloneYourselfU.com and you can book a FREE business strategy call with me by going to Calendly.com/CLONE.Thank You,SamSupport the show

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26 Jul 2022

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Personal Freedom, Social Media Addiction, Farming, Structured Water, Personal Productivity & More With Ben Greenfield & Kyle Kingsbury.

Ben Greenfield Life

https://bengreenfieldlife.com/kyleandben My friend Kyle Kingsbury is the host of the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast and a Master Coach for the Fit For Service app. Through his podcast and Fit For Service, Kyle teaches people how to enhance their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices. Kyle is a former football player (Arizona State) and mixed martial artist who fought professionally for eight years (UFC six years). While fighting at the highest level he became fascinated with all things diet, performance, and recovery related. Since retiring, Kyle's focus has shifted to learning more about longevity, plant medicines, and inner peace. The Fit For Service app is a place to learn, be inspired, transform, and connect with other people. The guiding principle is simple: practice vulnerability and serve yourself by serving others. The app is a platform for discussion groups, houses a library of content unavailable to the public, and provides members with access to guided meditations and breathwork, binaural beats, ecstatic dance playlists, and other exclusive media. As a Master Coach, Kyle offers unique digital knowledge and support to members. Kyle Kingsbury has previously appeared on the podcast in the following episodes: Biohacked Superfood Smoothies, Healing Wounds Faster, Advanced Hypoxic Training Tactics, Hormesis & More With Kyle Kingsbury. Smart Drugs, Nootropics, Microdosing With Psychedelics, Enhancing Deep Sleep, Rites Of Passage & Much More With Kyle Kingsbury Of Onnit. Recently, Kyle and I had a great chat in Austin, Texas about social media, cultivating a positive relationship with the earth, structured water, parenting, and much more. In this conversation with Kyle Kingsbury, you'll discover: -Ben and Kyle's favorite travel spots... -Addictions and the dark side of social media... -Why Kyle felt compelled to form an in-person educational farm... -Exotic game and personal sovereignty... -Why Ben is a fan of structured water... -Ben's recent content production tear... -Important takeaways from Ben's parenting book... -What we really need to make America great again... -How much of the Book of Revelation has actually taken place?... -How to leave a lasting legacy beyond your life... -Regrets held by Ben from his life adventures... -And much more... Upcoming events: -Peptides Summit -Health Optimization Summit: Episode sponsors: -JOOVV -Ice Barrel -Hapbee -Kion Aminos -Inside Tracker https://bengreenfieldlife.com/kyleandben

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21 May 2022

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Take Back Control With Kyle Kingsbury

The Bledsoe Show

Do you let people make & set the rules of your life… or do you make & set your own? Listen in as Kyle Kingsbury teaches you exactly how to question authority so you can create & own your sovereignty in life and create actual freedom


17 Apr 2022

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#53 - Kyle Kingsbury: A Father's Pursuit of Freedom

The Holistic OBGYN Podcast

Kyle and I became quick friends through Paul Chek. We took a wild ride together on medicine served by Paul and have been exchanging ideas and love ever since, ranging from health optimization to longevity to parenting to freedom. Kyle is a former UFC fighter turned conscious father and awakened man. This was a beautiful conversation between two men who are just trying to figure this whole thing out...It's my great pleasure to share this one with you! [00:05:45] - How Kyle met Aubrey Marcus and got his start with Onnit [00:12:00] - Prepare for the worst; hope for the best [00:23:00] - Kyle’s tenderness is on par with his intensity [00:28:45] - Parenting forces you confront your childhood traumas [00:32:00] - Raising kids responsibly requires “the village” [00:37:45] - Birth is a transformation of spirit [00:45:00] - Psychedelics can assist with the challenges to our Ego presented by fatherhood [00:48:15] - Even Kyle experiences negative self-talk (Hint: it never goes away completely) References and Links Kyle’s - Website, Podcast, Instagram Fit for Service Zion - a new, uncensored approach to social media The Soul of Discipline: The Simplicity Parenting Approach to Warm, Firm, and Calm Guidance- From Toddlers to Teens, by Kim John Payne Kim John Payne’s podcast, “Simplicity Parenting” Hold on to Your Kids, by Gabor Mate Jilly's Terrible Temper Tantrums: And How She Outgrew Them, by Martha Heineman Pieper (children’s book) Tash Kingsbury’s interview on The Holistic OBGYN Podcast The Power of Kabbalah: 13 Principles to Overcome Challenges and Achieve Fulfillment, by Yehuda Berg Big thanks to our sponsors Organifi: https://www.organifi.com/beloved (Use code "BELOVED" for 20% off at checkout) Needed: https://www.thisineeded.com (Use code BELOVED for 20% off! Or use code BELOVED100 to save $100 off your first three-month order of their Complete Nutrition Plan(s)) Show Notes | Donate Music by: Labrinth, Chancha Via Circuito, and Joaquín Cornejo --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theholisticobgyn/message

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1 Apr 2022

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Lessons From The Hero’s Journey & Hero’s Dosing with Kyle Kingsbury

Ceremony Circle

As a former UFC fighter, Kyle Kingsbury knew how to deal some heavy blows. But when life dealt him some blows of its own, nearly losing his life, he had some eye-opening experiences with dosing which changed everything.  Kyle is the former Director of Human Optimization at Onnit, and is currently the host of his own show, “Kyle Kingsbury Podcast”Top 5 Things You’ll Learn from This Episode:he shares his darkest moment in life that nearly took them from this earth plane,how he's the quantum shifter in his family linehow he healed wounds from his childhood (and the brave steps his dad even took to mend the relationship), why humility is such a beautiful key in walking the pathwhat taking “hero dosing” amounts in various plant medicine & sacred ceremonies taught himWe’ll explore Kyle's openly shared experiences of ceremonies he was called into and his interactions with the spirits of the plants and fungi.Find more from me on IG at @IAMALYSONCHARLES or alysoncharles.com.Visit Kyle’s website to find more about him and his podcast. This episode was made possible by Dharma Coaching Institute where you can become a double certified soul purpose & dharma life coach. Be sure to use code ALYSON in the coupon area when you register - this is the only way you will also receive a FREE copy of my best-selling book, ANIMAL POWER, along with a free video guided shamanic journey to meet the power animal who wants to support your career. Head to https://dharmacoachinginstitute.com/ref/136/ to enroll and use code ALYSON at checkout. Doors for enrollment are only open now - April 03

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29 Mar 2022

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Ancestral Living - Kyle Kingsbury - Human Optimization

Collective Insights

Modern life as we know it is a blessing, but it comes at a cost. Today, Kyle Kingsbury, former football player and retired MMA fighter, is here to help us integrate ancient living into modern life for an optimized brain and body. Learn along with us as we get back to our roots in the pursuit of human optimization. Complete episode transcript: https://neurohacker.com/integrating-ancient-living-into-modern-life-for-an-optimized-brain-and-body

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8 Mar 2022

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Satsang Podcast - Kyle Kingsbury

Satsang Podcast

Today on the podcast we have my brother, Kyle Kingsbury. Kyle is a former UFC Fighter, was previously head of human optimization at Onnit, and most recently a coach at Fit for Service.Kyle and I drop in on parenthood, psychedelics, transitioning out of fighting, and a whole gaggle of other stuff. As always please like, subscribe, share and listen!This episode is brought to you by Onnit. Go to onnit.com/satsang to save 10% on all my favorite products.


21 Aug 2021