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Satsang Podcast - Kyle Kingsbury

Satsang Podcast

Today on the podcast we have my brother, Kyle Kingsbury. Kyle is a former UFC Fighter, was previously head of human optimization at Onnit, and most recently a coach at Fit for Service.Kyle and I drop in on parenthood, psychedelics, transitioning out of fighting, and a whole gaggle of other stuff. As always please like, subscribe, share and listen!This episode is brought to you by Onnit. Go to onnit.com/satsang to save 10% on all my favorite products.


21 Aug 2021

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Healthy Masculine with Kyle Kingsbury

Mikey Likes You with Mike Catherwood

Kyle Kingsbury is a retired professional MMA fighter and now the Director of Human Optimization at Onnit. He was nice enough to chat with me inside the Onnit Academy in Austin Texas. I really like and admire Kyle and you'll hear why if you listen. We chat about insecurities, the shadow self, progress, adversity, modern masculinity and so much more. I highly recommend this pod my friends. kingsbu.comSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 17mins

2 Aug 2021

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485 - Kyle Kingsbury (Former UFC Fighter / Podcast Host)

Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Kyle Kingsbury is a guy you want on your side when the shit goes down. Big, strong, smart, kind, and thoughtful, he's a good example of how to do this thing called being a man. A former UFC fighter, Kyle now works at Onnit, and hosts a podcast. Kyle on Instagram and Twitter. Find me on Instagram or Twitter. Please consider supporting this podcast. This Amazon affiliate link kicks a few bucks back my way. Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; "My Baby Blue," by John Hiatt; "Smoke Alarm," by Carsie Blanton. 

1hr 47mins

21 Jul 2021

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AMP # 307 The Sacred Masculine Archetype with Erick Godsey & Kyle Kingsbury

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

In today’s podcast, I am joined by my two best friends, Kyle Kingsbury and Erick Godsey. We dive into the theme of our next Fit For Service Trimester, the Masculine Archetype, which is present in all genders. In order to understand masculine energy, we must comprehend the full spectrum of this archetype, ranging from it’s dark shadow to its highest, divine expression. So much of what is touted today as “toxic masculinity” misrepresents the totality and potential of masculine energy.  At the end of the podcast Godsey mentioned The Dharma Journal, a project that he has been working on for six months and fundamentally believes it will help you discover your Dharma, remember your life’s purpose and build a system that will keep you in daily alignment. Check it out here | https://bit.ly/TDGAMPM This episode is sponsored by: EIGHT SLEEP Go to eightsleep.com/AMP to check out the Pod Pro and save $150 by using the promo Code  AMP at checkout Vivobarefoot Get 20% off Vivo footwear and 100 day Free Trial by visiting Vivobarefoot.com/AMP and using the code “AMP” Onnit Get 10% off Onnit products |  https://www.onnit.com/Aubrey/ Connect with Kyle Kingsbury Instagram | https://bit.ly/32PWEqr Subscribe to the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast Itunes | https://apple.co/2P0GEJu Stitcher | https://bit.ly/2DzUSyp Spotify | https://spoti.fi/2ybfVTY IHeartRadio | https://ihr.fm/2Ib3HCg Google Play Music | https://bit.ly/2HPdhKY Connect with Erick Godsey: Website | https://www.erickgodsey.com/ Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/erickgodzey/ Twitter | https://twitter.com/erickgodsey?lang=en Subscribe to The Myths That Make Us podcast: Itunes | https://apple.co/2Je6RG4 Stitcher | https://bit.ly/2TbivRD Spotify | https://spoti.fi/2XZMakj Connect with Aubrey: Website | https://www.aubreymarcus.com/ Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/aubreymarcus/ Twitter | https://twitter.com/aubreymarcus Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/AubreyMarcus/ YouTube | https://bit.ly/2DLctpk Check out  Own The Day Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus| https://bit.ly/2t6x4hu Subscribe to the Aubrey Marcus Newsletter:  https://www.aubreymarcus.com/pages/email Subscribe to the Aubrey Marcus Podcast: iTunes | https://apple.co/2lMZRCn Spotify | https://spoti.fi/2EaELZO Stitcher | https://bit.ly/2G8ccJt IHeartRadio | https://ihr.fm/397Msh0 Google Podcasts | https://bit.ly/3nzCJEh Android | https://bit.ly/2OQeBQg

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5 May 2021

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Kyle Kingsbury: A Conversation About Unearned Knowledge, Psychedelics, and Depression

Align Podcast

What is embodied cognition? How do our senses help us process our reality? How can psychedelics help us let go and surrender? In this episode of the Align Podcast, Kyle and I discuss psychedelics. Kyle narrates his 17-day experience with a medicine known for allowing its users to continue living through the experience during their sleep, with one single dosage. Further on, we also discuss depression and what is currently going on in the world.  Another interesting subject we cover is the value of intentionality. We are intentional about certain things, such as a business. but then we can be completely unintentional about other things, such as a geographic location. However, having acceptance and love for whatever your answers are to what you are intentional and unintentional about is essential. There’s no answer to what is the right or wrong way to live a life, but you must have the awareness to be able to engage with the choices you make.  Kyle Kingsbury is the host of the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, is an optimization expert, everyday shaman, full-time coach on the Fit For Service Fellowship, and a former UFC fighter.

1hr 33mins

15 Apr 2021

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#04: Relationships, Health, and Plant Medicine with Kyle Kingsbury

Wake The Fake Up

Kyle and Chervin dive deep questioning modern relationship dynamics, and expanding upon topics of health, alternative education, and plant medicines.  Kyle Kingsbury is a former mixed martial artist having competed in the UFC for 6 years. He is a lifelong learner focusing on physical fitness, health, nutrition, mental/emotional well-being, and spiritual development. In addition to all of this Kyle has a deep knowledge & history with entheogens (psychedelics).  Intro & Outro Music: Carbon Based Lifeforms =- Follow Chevrin Jafarieh -=https://www.instagram.com/chervin333/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/chervin-jafarieh-907807205/ =- Follow Kyle Kingsbury -=https://www.instagram.com/livingwiththekingsburys/ =- Follow Cymbiotika -=https://cymbiotika.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Cymbiotika/ https://twitter.com/CymbiotikaDHA https://www.instagram.com/cymbiotika/ https://www.youtube.com/c/Cymbiotika https://www.pinterest.com/cymbiotika/_shop/ =- Stream -=https://podlink.to/eViX

1hr 17mins

31 Mar 2021

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Bad Trips and Psychic Flips: Round and Round in the Medicine Wheel w/ Kyle Kingsbury #334

The Life Stylist

Join me for a wild ride into the ethers of hell and beyond with spiritual thrillseeker and optimized human Kyle Kingsbury.   We reflect on his recent harrowing experience on 5-MeO-DMT, the warped reality of playing the game in this 3D simulation, the different ways parenthood was shown to us during soul-searching ayahuasca ceremonies, and how these medicines have taught us to surrender the ego in ways we’ve never thought possible. This episode taught me so much about feeling into the edges of my own fears and how to harness elements of ego to serve myself and those I care about. 08:14 — Conscious Parenting  Becoming a father for the second time Children as gurus  Rewriting inner-child wounds through parenting  The Native American medicine wheel and the seasons of healing  Vedic meditation for householders 28:40 — Consciousness and Control  How ego separates householders from observers Crushing ego during addict recovery  The ballet dance of higher-consciousness and playing the game in the 3D realm 42:12 — Merging Souls on Mushrooms Receiving the call to take a 30-gram dose of mushrooms Learning from pure divinity and darkness Connecting with his son’s wise soul A psychedelic interpretation of the Eucharist 1:05:51 — Surrendering to Parenthood  How his son expresses his love and compassion to the world Seeing his children before they were born with his wife during an ayahuasca ceremony  Studying 2nd generation Indigo children  Unpacking the depths of my sexuality  Confronting the prospect of fatherhood during ceremony Preparing to be a parent 1:48:19 — Integrating a Hellish Bufo Alvarius Toad Medicine Experience  Breaking down Bufo Alvarius Toad medicine on a molecular level  Living through an eternal hell loop Intense flashbacks post-ceremony Cleansing the experience with Paul Chek Choosing to live in love More about this episode. 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Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and all your social pals Resources Instagram: @livingwiththekingsburys Twitter: @kingsbu The Kyle Kingsbury Podcast: onnit.com/kyle "The Map of Consciousness Explained” by David Hawkins  “¨DMT Dialogues” by David Luke “The Immortality Key” by Brian C. Muraresku   Related Shows Episode #116: Emily Fletcher Stairway to Heaven: The Magic of Modern Meditation  Episode #326: 5-MEO-DMT Integration Session: Bufo Alvarius Toad Medicine w/ Aubrey Marcus 

2hr 34mins

2 Mar 2021

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#12 Kyle Kingsbury: Integrating The COVID-19 Era

Business, Life, and Ayahuasca with Daniel Cleland

Kyle Kingsbury is the host of the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, coach for the Aubrey Marcus Fit For Service Mastermind, former UFC fighter, and a deep explorer of psychedelics and open relationships. Kyle comes to the podcast today bringing many of the world’s current issues to the conversation. We get into some details of the COVID-19 era and how it’s shaping the future. Kyle offers tools for how to learn more efficiently and become a better you. And of course, we had to dive into Kyle’s journey with psychedelics and psychedelic integration, including his recent experience with the Sonoran Desert Toad. Hope you enjoy. Dan discusses the healing benefits of ayahuasca & plant medicine & his entrepreneurial journey in the plant medicine industry. He talks with top minds like Aubrey Marcus, Dorian Yates, Dennis McKenna, & Patrick Bet-David.  “No one can have your psychedelic experience for you; you just have to screw your courage up & raise the cup to your lips & face what's in there.” - Dennis McKenna on psychedelics & plant medicine “Ayahuasca is a symbiotic ally of the human species.” - Dennis McKenna on ayahuasca & plant medicine “Ayahuasca is changing global environmental consciousness.” - Dennis McKenna on ayahuasca & plant medicine “Life itself is a drug experience.” - Dennis McKenna on psychedelics & plant medicine “Psychedelics are not suppressed because they are dangerous to users; they’re suppressed because they provoke unconventional thought.” - Dennis McKenna on psychedelics & plant medicine “We never feel completely ready for life’s big decisions; but in taking the leap, we push ourselves to the next level.” - Patrick Bet-David on entrepreneurship “You're going to use experiences to become either bitter or better.” - Patrick Bet-David on entrepreneurship “If you always make the right decision, the safe decision, the one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else.” - Patrick Bet-David  “The bigger the vision you have, the more important it is to think on what type of a team you’re going to put around you." - Patrick Bet-David on entrepreneurship “If you can walk, talk, hear or see, you have everything it takes to do something big with your life.” - Patrick Bet-David “Plant medicines like ayahuasca ask us to connect to all parts of ourselves.” - Dorian Yates on ayahuasca & plant medicine “The first time, mother ayahuasca couldn’t work with me. She told me I was too toxic & to stop poisoning myself & come back later.” - Dorian Yates on ayahuasca & plant medicine “The plant knows who she wants to heal each time.” - Dorian Yates on ayahuasca & plant medicine “The people who do ayahuasca are bonded together forever, like a brotherhood.” - Dorian Yates on ayahuasca ceremonies “With good practice, plant medicines can play a key role in the healing of collective suffering on the planet.” - Aubrey Marcus on ayahuasca & plant medicine “You’re not rewarded for the comfortable choice.” - Aubrey Marcus on ayahuasca & plant medicine “Know the plants, know yourself, be honest, & decide the terms of your relationship with them.” - Aubrey Marcus on ayahuasca & plant medicine _____________________ As always this episode is brought to you by Soltara Healing Center. Connect with Daniel Cleland Website - http://danielcleland.com/ Instagram - @danielccleland Twitter - @pulsedaniel Facebook - @danielccleland Sign up for my Newsletter: http://danielcleland.com/ Subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DanielCleland


18 Feb 2021

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Episode 149: Kyle Kingsbury


Kyle Kingsbury- Former UFC fighter and director of Human Performance for Onnit. Now coach for Fit For Service and Father of two incredible kids.  Kyle has been a big driving force for a lot of the psychological changes in my life and changes in perspectives.  We talk about his podcast the Kyle Kingsbury show and everything going on with the Pandemic.   Sponsors: CHILITECHNOLOGY: https://trk.chilitechnology.com/SH3k  SAVE 22% on the best sleep system ever. Hybrid Performance method: code umso saves 5% on subscription Eat Rite Foods: Use code UMSO25 and saves 25% code UMSO saves 10% forever  Stay Classy Meats: code UMSO saves 10% Habit Coffee: yournewhabit.com code thankyou saves 20% HVIII Brand Goods: code UMSO saves you 10% at checkout Mark Bell Slingshot: code UMSO15 saves 15% Powerdot.com code UMSO saves 20% GOODR sunglasses: code UMSO saves 15% Daily Destroyer: team training and programing SIGN UP HERE: https://bit.ly/DailyDestroyer

1hr 11mins

13 Nov 2020

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Kyle Kingsbury - Parenting, Polyamory, and Accepting Paradox

The Third Wave

In this episode, Paul Austin, founder of Third Wave, and former UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury discuss the role of psychedelics in parenting, polyamory, interconnectedness, masculinity, caring for the earth, and accepting paradox.

1hr 57mins

9 Nov 2020