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Introducing: How Did We Get Weird with Vanessa Bayer and Jonah Bayer

How Did We Get Weird with Vanessa Bayer and Jonah Bayer

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17 Sep 2021

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Episode 33: Jonah Bayer of United Nations on pursuing a career in counselling

Scream Therapy

Host Jason Schreurs welcomes Jonah Bayer to the podcast. Jonah plays guitar in United Nations and is the former music editor at Alternative Press. Jonah is pursuing a career in mental health counselling and, in 2019, enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health Counselling Program at Antioch University in New England. Jonah's longterm goal is to provide counselling for bands. With his clients, he hopes to cover band dynamics, the pressures of touring, and what he calls arrested development; what to do for a career outside the band.https://theofficialun.bandcamp.comFeatured songs:United Nations - "Stairway To Mar​-​a​-​Lago" (2017)At The Drive-In - "Arcarsenal" live at Big Day Out Festival (2001)The Lovekill - "Heart Wires" from These Moments Are Momentum (Astro Magnetics, 2006)Photo: Christian NapolitanoAbout this podcast:Scream Therapy explores the link between punk rock and mental health. My guests are members of the underground music scene who are living with mental health challenges, like myself.Intro/background music:Submission Hold - "Cranium Ache"Render Useless - "The Second Flight of Icarus"Artwork: Luke Ramsey - http://lukeramseystudio.comContact host Jason Schreurs - jasonwschreurs@gmail.com


4 Apr 2021

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092 - The Lie (ep 5x02) w/ Jonah Bayer

Back To The Island / Bat To The I Man

Three blobs make sound at eachother


25 May 2017

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088 - Fire Plus Water (2x12) w/ Jonah Bayer

Back To The Island / Bat To The I Man

Jonah Bayer joins us for a very episode. Follow Jonah on twitter @mynameisjonah and listen to his podcast @goingofftrack

1hr 2mins

27 Apr 2017

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Vanessa Bayer with Jonah Bayer

Talkhouse Podcast

The holidays are upon us, which means one thing: family. To celebrate that whole being related thing, the Talkhouse threw a special live podcast at New York’s Sonos store featuring a conversation between Saturday Night Live‘s Vanessa Bayer and her brother, musician and writer Jonah Bayer. The hilarious sibs sat down to discuss Jonah's first-ever cappuccino (at Lilith Fair), how Vanessa only gets into cool bands after they play on SNL, their sibling band and how the Bayer family spends the holidays. Subscribe now on iTunes or Stitcher to stay in the loop on future Talkhouse Podcasts. — Elia Einhorn, Talkhouse Music Podcast host and producer


20 Dec 2016

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019 - Jonah Bayer

Sad Punks

This week we bring you a mix of music curated by Jonah Bayer, who currently plays guitar for the band United Nations, co-hosts the podcasts Going Off Track and Drifter's Sympathy, and works as a freelance music journalist--writing for Playboy, Noisey, The AV Club, and more. In addition to all of this, Jonah also co-created the web series Sound Advice with his sister and Saturday Night Live cast member Vanessa Bayer. His Sad Punks mix includes songs by Silkworm, Tim Kasher, The Jealous Sound, GG Allin, Golden Smog, and Pedro the Lion! As an addendum, we also include a song by United Nations. Support each of these bands and check out Jonah's work online! Click here to find us on Facebook, or here to find us on iTunes. As always, thank you to Rubee True Fegan for the artwork for this episode!


8 Sep 2016

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Episode 68 - Jonah Bayer (United Nations, Sound Advice, Going Off Track Podcast)

Turned Out A Punk

You can’t pick your punk scene. For Damian's guest this week on the show Jonah Bayer, this meant joining up at age 15 with the one of 90’s Hardcore's most infamous groups: THE OLC Hear how Jonah grew out of that scene and became a writer and guitarist in United Nations and the role Clevo Hardcore has had in his life. Also covered-Samiam-The popularity of Moist in America-Millencolin, Good Riddance and Down By Law -Hi Standard headlined that festival-Beatnik Termites.-Straight Edge-Catharsis Stage Banter record: “We should bomb a bank!”-Apartment 213 lyrics and the 90s-“I don’t know how it happened but I started hanging out a tanning salon…” Enter the OLC-The Cleveland Handshake: “I gave them the money and then they kicked me out of the band”-Going to see Ignite: Riding in Cars with Large Men-Being Committed!-Getting the kids to sing along-Grudgematch-The unrecorded greatness of Do Respect with a cartwheeling bass player-Taking Nate Jochum to his first show…. MxPx-The One Life Crew riot.-“…ON AOL!!!!”-Who was friends and who hated each other.-Regression Fanzine-Muddle Fanzine-Discount-Not staying in touch with the past-The irony of the American Pride Guys riding Japanese motorcycles-AND MORE!!!!!!!

1hr 28mins

24 Feb 2016

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Jonah Bayer (Going Off Track)

In Traffic with Neil Rubenstein

Jonah Bayer of United Nations and Going Off Track podcast took some time to help me cope with the pains of rush hour traffic. We discuss some stuff that makes me sound pretty horrible. Starting to be a theme, I guess. Maybe I'm a shittier person than I think I am. Or maybe trying to be a good person makes you a shittier person. I'm the worst. Jonah is a close second. Like seriously, I couldn't be inconvenienced for 3 seconds to say "Preferred Gender Preference?" What a jerk.  I see the error of my ways now.  Check out Jonah's website and get the low down on all the amazing things he does. 


1 Feb 2016

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#52 - Jonah Bayer (Writer, Musician)

Washed Up Emo

Welcome to Episode 52 of the Washed Up Emo Podcast, this podcast is part of the Jabberjaw Media Podcast network. You can find out about all the shows on JabberjawMedia.com. This episode I talk to writer/musician Jonah Bayer. You’ve possibly read his work in Law of Inertia, most certainly his work at Alternative Press or quite possibly a joke said by Steven on Steven’s Untitled Rock Show. If not, his popular podcast Going Off Track or you've probably seen him in the band United Nations playing guitar… Now that I think of it, you can’t get away from him. That aside… If you’ve ever thought about writing about your favorite music and living to tell about it and keep your friends, well most of them, you’ll certainly enjoy this episode. Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/washedupemo) Washed Up Emo is a partner of the Double Elvis podcast network.


25 Dec 2015

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Vanessa Bayer and Jonah Bayer

Feliz Navipod

Our first siblings! Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer and her brother Jonah Bayer (Going Off Track podcast, United Nations) stop by! Old friends of Tony’s from way back. Check out their web series, Sound Advice.

1hr 9mins

8 Jul 2015