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Developer Platform Experience at Slack with Mike Brevoort

PodRocket - A web development podcast from LogRocket

Mike Brevoort is the Head of Product, Developer Platform Experience at Slack. Mike joined Slack through the acquisition of a company he created called Missions, which was a mission-based workflow system. Mike has gone through different roles at Slack including IC roles as well as managing teams. We cover his journey, developer experience, and product management in this episode. Links https://twitter.com/mbrevoort https://slack.com Review us Reviews are what help us grow and tailor our content to what you want to hear. Give us a review here. Contact us https://podrocket.logrocket.com/contact-us @PodRocketpod What does LogRocket do? LogRocket combines frontend monitoring, product analytics, and session replay to help software teams deliver the ideal product experience. Try LogRocket for free today.Special Guest: Mike Brevoort.


9 Mar 2022

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Mike Brevoort - Platform Architect at Slack

Junior to Senior with David Guttman

Talking Points: Management and Individual Contributor roles Career Awareness and Growth Technology Acceleration Transferability of skills between programming languages Negative aspects of a generalist career path Hirable aspects of an applicant Quotable Quotes: “It’s hard to be really serious about being good at [ either management or individual contributor ] and do each well.” - MB “If you want to be a really great manager you really have to care about people. You have to invest your time with those people.” - MB “Projecting where you want to be in 5 years … is enough for a perspective shift.” - MB “If you are not deliberate [ about your career path ] it’s not going to happen.” - MB “The knowledge and the things that [ flash developers ] did and their capabilities really translated into other technologies.” - DG “We tend to overestimate these [ technological ] shifts; that we’ll be left behind.” - MB “Everyone’s path is different, but there is a lot of commonalities and there is a lot that you gain from your experience over time.” - MB “There are multiple skills or attributes of a person that are more important than the proficiency of the framework that you are using.” - MB “The thing that separates a lot of engineers from others is just your drive and ability to adapt and solve problems.” - MB “There’s no substitute for becoming deeply proficient in some technology.” - MB “When it comes down to it, this isn’t a single-player game. You have to work with teams of people.” - MB Notes:Mike Brevoort'sTwittertwitter.com/mbrevoortLinkedInlinkedin.com/in/mikebrevoortGitHubgithub.com/mbrevoortJunior to Senior Communitycommunity.juniortosenior.io


23 Nov 2020

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2. Working Agreements w/ Mike Brevoort

Brave New Work

The best teams in the world don’t just agree on what they’re going to do, they agree on how they’re going to do it. In this debut episode, we talk about working agreements—what they are and why we need them—and explore which working agreements might be critical to success. Later in the episode, we’re joined by Mike Brevoort from Slack, who takes us inside the norms and agreements that enable the company's “work hard and go home” ethos.Our book is available now at bravenewwork.com.Have an idea for an episode, or the perfect guest? Reach out to podcast@theready.com.Looking for some help with your own transformation? Visit theready.com.


2 Dec 2019