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Ep.83 Bowhunting League W. Ben Harrison & Dan Porter

Backcountry PA Podcast

On this episode we chat Ben Harrison & Dan Porter from the Bowhunting League which was established in 2015Hear how the Bowhunting League got started and is now the largest free bowhunting contest nation wide and all the prizes are donated by their sponsors.The King of TinesThe Showdown You're also going to hear about some stories from their hunting seasons!

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25 Apr 2022

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Premonition Fridays with Tony Five| Interview with producer Ben Harrison

The Showgram with David Cooper

 "Premonition Fridays" with our certifiable psychic and foreign correspondent  Tony Five from London, England Interview with the producer, Ben Harrison


22 Apr 2022

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Greg Solo! And Tim Interviews Ben Harrison

Yub Nub

Greg is, like someone escaping Corellia, SOLO this episode! He talks The High Republic before handing it over to an interview between Tim and Ben Harrison (@BenjaminAhr) of the Greatest Trek podcasts. Will Tim or Jim return next week? Only Yoda knows...

1hr 4mins

21 Jan 2022

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Ben Harrison

Canada Out of the Closet

Today's episode takes a deeper look at the world of Bible School. Travis & John are joined by Ben Harrison, who Travis originally met while attending Bible School in Saskatchewan. Ben shares his own coming out story, reminisces with Travis about their Bible School days, and talks about his experiences as a gay man living in the New Brunswick. 


6 Oct 2021

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Getting the Inside Scoop on the Independent Space: A Conversation with Ben Harrison

Powering Independence Podcast

Episode 30: Getting the Inside Scoop on the Independent Space:  A Conversation with Ben Harrison In this episode, Austin speaks to Ben Harrison, Co-Head of Wealth Solutions at BNY Mellon | Pershing.  Their discussion covers Ben’s professional journey and some of the lessons he has learned along the way, as well as, his insights into the future of the independent space.  Austin and Ben also cover the importance of financial literacy and the wealth management industry’s responsibility to help people understand their wealth and finances.


19 Aug 2021

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The Nationwide Buck Pole -Bowhunting League – Ben Harrison and Daniel Porter

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 158: The Nationwide Buck Pole -Bowhunting League – Ben Harrison and Daniel Porter This week Adam and John are talking with Bowhunting League founder Ben Harrision and Marketing Director Daniel Porter on what wxactly is the Bowhunting League. It happens to be a bowhunting contest geared to keep guys shoting their bows all year long with there one shot challenges as well as putting together 3 man teams hunting their respective states wiht a gross antler score for 1 buck per teammate. Hunt multiple states? The king of tines allow you to add up to 5 bucks across the country for the highest gross total. You can also add mule deer, blacktail and cous deer with additions or deductions based on species. You can check it out at www.bowhunting league.com Save 10% at Trophyline.com with code BCTL10. https://www.spartanforge.ai – save 25% with code bowhunter https://www.tactacam.com app.basemap.com save 20% with code chronicles If you like what we are doing and want to see more, please consider checking out our Patreon account.  Any funds generated through our Patreon account are funneled right back into the podcast to help fund equipment, hosting fees and gear for reviews and giveaways and as always future hunts. http://bit.ly/BHCPatreon http://bit.ly/BowhunterChroniclesPodcast

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16 Jun 2021

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Going long with Michael Kitces and Ben Harrison

The InvestmentNews Podcast

Interview with Michael Kitces — Niches, fees, brands and RIA valuations — 0:50-41:30Niche practices — what’s behind their rise and salience.Why the old niches are less unique.Subscription fees vs. AUM fees — how they work together, where the industry is heading, and why.What limits the AUM model.Financial advisers’ changing views on Bitcoin and crypto.Moving out of the day-to-day advising, and brand-building in the advisory space.Why RIAs deserve the valuations they’re getting in the merger market.Interview with Ben Harrison — 42:10 Pershing’s realignment and the convergence of different wealth markets.Impact on RIAs.Competitive pressure vs. changing market.The INSITE Conference: virtual vs. hybrid vs. in-person.Support for clients — is it time to go back to the office?The future of custody in a Big Three world.Changes in custodial fee arrangements?This episode sponsored by:Broadridge is a global fintech leader whose infrastructure powers investing, corporate governance & communications. Visit Broadridge.comFor more on retirement planning and strategies for 2021 tune in to Retirement 2021 and beyond webcast OnDemand.Guest BiosMichael E. Kitces, MSFS, MTAX, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC, CASL, is head of planning strategy for Buckingham Wealth Partners, a private wealth management firm in St. Louis, Missouri, that oversees approximately $50 billion of client assets. In addition, he is the co-founder of the XY Planning Network, AdvicePay, fpPathfinder, and New Planner Recruiting, former practitioner editor of the Journal of Financial Planning and the publisher of the e-newsletter The Kitces Report and the popular financial planning industry blog Nerd’s Eye View through his website www.Kitces.com, dedicated to advancing knowledge in financial planning.Ben Harrison is a managing director and member of the Executive Committee for Pershing. He is co-head of our wealth solutions segment, which serves wealth-oriented broker-dealers, registered investment advisors  and trust companies, and the evolving and converging needs of these clients. Prior to this role, Ben led our RIA custody business and before that, both business development and relationship management for the advisory marketplace.

1hr 10mins

14 Jun 2021

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Episode 19 - Ben Harrison

Heading For Home

When you are with the same group every day things can get a little repetitive. That is the beauty of having teammates like Ben Harrison. From pulling pranks on teammates, to playing piano, to growing up on a sailboat, Ben has always been an interesting guy. In this episode, Keith and Ben discuss the process of dealing with never making the big leagues, winter ball, and finishing in style in Italy. Thanks for checking us out and please like and subscribe if you are digging us.

1hr 2mins

12 Apr 2021

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Filmmaker Series: Ben Harrison on The Hudsucker Proxy

Movie Crush

Ben Harrison is back to continue our Coen Brothers series with their very weird, brown comedy, The Hudsucker Proxy. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 Mar 2021

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17. Analytics in Construction: Beginner's Guide to Data Visualization and BI with Frank Di Lorenzo and Ben Harrison

The Mobile Workforce Podcast

Every industry has trends that come and go, so it’s understandable leaders get wary of the latest buzzwords. The true test of what’s a shiny toy object versus what has longevity is the value it provides. Take Business Intelligence, or BI for short. BI gives contractors the ability to visualize data and quickly decipher it so they can recognize trends on the job site and take action. The buzz around the power of analytics is for good reason. BI and data visualization signifies a huge step forward in construction technology and productivity.  In this episode, Frank Di Lorenzo Jr. and Ben Harrison from Preferred Strategies share how to take the data you have and leverage it with the help of BI. They also share how BI can be used with other key technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to put powerful reporting in the hands of everyone on the job site. 


5 Mar 2021