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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Richard Gadd. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Richard Gadd, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Richard Gadd. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Richard Gadd, often where they are interviewed.

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S3, Ep 3 Richard Gadd: Art and Sex after Trauma

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This week of The Pleasure Podcast we welcome the award-winning comedian, actor and writer Richard Gadd. In 2016 he won the esteemed Edinburgh comedy award, with Monkey See Monkey Do, a raw, personal account about his sexual assault. It was a performance which pushed the boundaries of comedy and which felt monumentally cathartic for its win.

In 2019 his first solo theatre show Baby Reindeer was the talk of Edinburgh. In it he relives his experience of being stalked by a woman with a dangerous obsession with him, about wrestling with his sexuality, and trying to come to terms with his assault.

We speak about the effects of growing up in an uber masculine world where you thank God you’re not gay, and sex ed was devoid of condoms. He speaks about the sexual abuse and grooming which threw his relationship with sex out of orbit. And of the erectile dysfunction that followed which destroyed relationships and his confidence.

The dissociation that followed felt at odds with his happy teenage years and the cost was his loss of the ability to be vulnerable and intimate throughout this period of deep pain.

Richard tells us how he has been able to approach sex and intimacy again. And how his deeply personal shows have been part of that healing process.

He describes what drives a person to make a show about their trauma and what the effect is when you thought it might ruin you but in fact launched you into a whole new dazzling chapter of your career.

The emotional and psychological honesty of Richard’s work is astonishing. How he tackles the source of his trauma and his evolving understanding of his own masculinity is truly breath taking.

CW: There are some subjects which we cover that listeners might find disturbing: Sexual Abuse, Stalking.

Follow Richard on social media @MrRichardGadd for more information on his shows and upcoming dates.


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Mar 30 2020 · 44mins
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Richard Gadd - The writer, comedian and actor who isn’t afraid of hard graft and taking a gamble

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As a student at UofG Richard travelled the UK performing and regularly taking shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, unbelievably he never missed a single lecture or tutorial during his four years of studies. This commitment and drive set him on an award-winning career path as a writer, comedian and actor, and here Richard shares his professional highs and lows.

Richard’s 2016 show ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’, written about his experience of being sexually assaulted and his subsequent battles with mental health, won the prestigious Edinburgh Comedy Award. In this episode Richard talks about his anxiety ahead of performing the show and how writing from a place of personal experience was deeply cathartic.

His debut play ‘Baby Reindeer’ premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 and was another profoundly personal narrative exploring obsession and delusion. The show was Olivier Award nominated in 2020.

Richard is also a successful actor, starring in BAFTA-nominated BBC2 drama ‘Against the Law’, in BBC3’s ‘Clique’ and E4’s ‘Tripped’. He has also written episodes on Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’.

In this episode Richard shares his tips for budding writers and performers. He encourages you to follow your gut and to write from a place of experience, and explains how hard graft and taking the odd gamble have helped to shape his success.

Please note this episode contains references to sexual assault and harassment.

What's your soundtrack?

With - Alex from Student Theatre at Glasgow (STAG), with 3 awesome tracks to his student theatre journey, now added to the UofG SoundTracks Spotify playlist!

For resources and links to take next steps visit www.gla.ac.uk/soundtracks 

Mar 13 2020 · 1hr 9mins

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Richard Gadd

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Find out more about Richard here:
And our partners at threadUp
Jan 03 2020 · 55mins
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Richard Gadd Talks Anti-Comedy & Solo Shows

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Temi sits down with Richard Gadd to talk about his journey into being a writer, actor and comedian. He won the Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2016 for his show, Monkey See Monkey Do, and has been awarded The Stage award for outstanding performance in his play, Baby Reindeer, that is being staged at the Bush Theatre in Winter 2019.  In this episode, Richard reveals what made him start to write and how he continues to be an obsessively driven playwright from repeatedly editing drafts to performing his own work. Richard discusses structure, themes and his relationship to theatre. This is an open conversation that gets into the mindset of an exciting talent.  Richard Gadd’s play, Baby Reindeer, will be showing at the Bush Theatre from 9th October, for more information, follow the link:  https://www.bushtheatre.co.uk/event/baby-reindeer/
Host: Temi WilkeyProducer: Jane Ryan
Editor: Kazra Firouzyar
Part of the OneFinePlay network
Oct 07 2019 · 57mins

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Live in Edinburgh : Richard Gadd & Christina Bianco

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From the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 listen to our live recording with Richard Gadd and Christina Bianco. On today's episode James challenges impressionist diva Christina to make metal more ‘Gay friendly’ and the boys chat to comedian Richard Gadd about his latest show, the award-winning ‘Baby Reindeer.' Trigger warning - this episode does contain conversations about abuse.

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Aug 29 2019 · 28mins
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Edinburgh Fringe Special - Episode 2: Francesca Moody, Richard Gadd, Remy Beasley

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In our second Edinburgh Fringe episode, we chat to producer Francesca Moody, Richard Gadd and Remy Beasley about finding the work, writing and performing your own (autobiographical) solo show, and transitioning between genres. Francesca also shares golden nuggets of advice about bringing work to the Fringe. Richard Gadd's BABY REINDEER is in ROUNDABOUT and Remy Beasley's DO OUR BEST is in Underbelly Cowgate.

Aug 19 2019 · 36mins
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14: Richard Gadd

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Richard Gadd joins Aaron and Lauren to discuss life after trauma, coping mechanisms and monkey memorabilia.

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Aug 06 2019 · 34mins
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Episode 36 - Richard Gadd

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This week, Dan got up close and personal with comedian Richard Gadd. They spoke about growing up in Scotland and their love for Trainspotting and the comedy scene.
Aug 11 2017 · 51mins
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7. Richard Gadd - On paper, life is so good

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Sofie speaks to Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Richard Gadd about eye contact, anger black-outs, work ethic, parents and the disappointment of life sometimes.

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Oct 05 2016 · 1hr 20mins
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Ep 15 Maff & Edward's Podcast with Richard Gadd

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Today's guest is the huge Edinburgh Festival hit Richard Gadd. Richard asks us such questions as... What's been you most inspiring show that you have seen at the fringe? Do you think Critics have a purpose at the festival? Does the Edinburgh award carry the weight it once did?

Aug 18 2016 · 50mins