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Brandon Turner | Skateboarding Fame, Unresolved Trauma, Addiction, Sobriety, Skateboarding An Art?

Knockin‘ Doorz Down

Why did I want to talk with Brandon Turner? Brandon Turner is a skateboard prodigy and addiction recovery coach, who is proving that age doesn't have to slow you down; it can actually make you better. Brandon has come a long way from his early years of substance abuse and over-the-top partying and recently partnered with San Diego-based rehab center Healthy Life Recovery to create a skate recovery program for individuals struggling with addiction. He also just broke a skating record, completing his biggest switch hardflip down Wallenberg at the age of 39. Brandon and I talk about skate culture, the upsides, the downsides, and why he's chosen to dedicate his life to helping others within the skate community, all while bucking the long-held notion that skaters retire or slowly disappear after the age of 30. He shares how his unresolved childhood trauma which included finding out that who he thought was his mom, was his grandma and who he thought was his sister is his mom. This led to Brandon drowning out the emotional pain with alcohol and other substances. Eventually landing Brandon in prison.  Brandon Turner skateboarded with heavy hitters like Andrew Reynolds, Elissa Steamer, and Arto Saari who have all opened up about their addiction struggles. Many veterans with similar experiences are now using their passion for skateboarding as a point of reference for a more sober approach to life. This is Brandon Turner Knockin' Doorz Down. To subscribe to the audio form of the podcast, and follow Knockin' Doorz Down on social media go to www.kddpodcast.com For 51FIFTY use the discount code KDD20 for 20% off! https://51fiftyltm.com/ For more information on Carlos Vieira's autobiography Knockin' Doorz Down, the Carlos Vieira Foundation, the Race 2B Drug-Free, Race to End the Stigma, and Race For Autism programs visit: https://www.carlosvieirafoundation.org/ For more on Brandon Turner and to see his switch hardflip https://www.instagram.com/bturner https://skatenewswire.com/brandon-turner-switch-hardflip-wallenberg/ 


22 Jan 2023

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FBF #515: Trading Up from Single Family Rentals Into Multifamily Apartments and Mobile Home Parks – with Brandon Turner from Bigger Pockets

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Today's Flash Back Friday Episode is from Episode #147, which originally aired on June 13, 2017. Our guests for this week’s show is real estate expert and co-host of #1 Real Estate Investing Podcast on ITunes (Bigger Pockets), Brandon Turner In today’s show we’re going to be speaking with Brandon about how he got his start as a real estate investor and why he’s in love with multifamily real estate. Even better, we’ll discuss the reasons why he is shifting away from his smaller investments and focusing solely on larger apartment properties as well as my favorite, mobile home parks.  Here’s What You’ll Learn: How Brandon got his start as an investor by flipping homes before getting bit by the rental bug Why you should steer clear of single family homes if your goal is to build a cash flow realm estate business Learn why Brandon is changing is focus over to Mobile Home Parks and is currently working on purchasing his first park The reasons why Brandon is starting to divest of his smaller investments with the intention of using that equity to purchase larger scale multifamily properties and/or mobile home parks. Learn about the most common challenges new investors face when get started and how to easily overcome them The magic of direct mail and why you need to add this strategy to your real estate business. Why multifamily is the perfect asset to build incredible wealth while also maintaining a very even keeled work/life balance What sequential steps Brandon would take to rebuild his business if he lost everything tomorrow. And much, much, more… Recommended Resources:  Accredited Investors, you’re invited to Join the Cashflow Investor Club to learn how you can partner with Kevin Bupp on current and upcoming opportunities to create passive cash flow and build wealth. Join the Club! If you’re a high net worth investor with capital to deploy in the next 12 months and you want to build passive income and wealth with a trusted partner, go to InvestWithKB.com for opportunities to invest in real estate projects alongside Kevin and his team.  Looking for the ultimate guide to passive investing? Grab a copy of my latest book, The Cash Flow Investor at KevinBupp.com.  Tap into a wealth of free information on Commercial Real Estate Investing by listening to past podcast episodes at KevinBupp.com/Podcast. Learn more about Kevin’s investment company and opportunities for Lifetime Cashflow at sunrisecapitalinvestors.com.


18 Nov 2022

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Brandon Turner - Stop And Chat #86

The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

Brandon Turner Stops by and Chats with us about helping skaters with his new recovery center West Side Recovery, winning Trick Of The Year with his switch hard flip down Wallenberg, getting fully on Shorty's & beef with Sammy Baptista, filming for a new Mafia video, his clothing company with Sammy Baptista “Gift Intl”, the Hongo brothers from Japan and much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

2hr 6mins

11 Nov 2022

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S5E43: Finding Financial Freedom in Real Estate Investing with Brandon Turner

The Mentee Podcast

There's a lot of buzz about real estate investing, and we get it. It is the quickest and safest way to financial independence. However, not everyone succeeds in this venture because they lack the right people, systems, and vision.In this episode of The Mentee podcast, I invited Brandon Turner — a real estate broker, author, and speaker — to discuss investing in real estate. He talked about the fundamentals of starting a business, finding the right talent, identifying the critical factors in achieving massive growth, and much more! Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:Stop living in the past Find the right people, systems, and visionEstablish your reputationOnly hire people who earn their spotProperties are businessesEpisode Highlights:[07:05] Nobody Knows EverythingNobody knows everything about the changing market, but you can prepare ahead of time. There are multiple sources available today that can help you in planning.[13:07] Hire From the Top DownMost people start their businesses from the ground up but doing that is time-consuming. Instead, hire from the top down. Find the right people, systems, and vision to achieve monumental growth. [22:39] Hire People Who Deserve the PositionOn paper, some people appear to be excellent hires. However, it’s prudent to consider employing people who have earned the position. In Brandon's company, they adopted the practice of offering unpaid internships to find stellar talents.[43:51] Buy BusinessesBuying land means purchasing a business. It’s the value of the land that appreciates, not the infrastructure.  Notable quotes from the Episode:[08:32] “You can say this is what's going to happen, and then you'll be wrong. But it's the act of saying this is what I think is going to happen and then doing that every single day that helps.”[15:38] “Sometimes when you assemble the right team, you don't hit your goal, you far exceed your goal because the right people with the right systems and the right vision—that's where you get just monumental growth.”[22:53] “The biggest lesson from that whole thing was that you never know how somebody is going to be until you actually work with them.”Resources Mentioned:Connect with Wyatt Graves: LinkedIn | WebsiteThe Mentee Podcast: Website | Apple | SpotifyConnect with Brandon Turner: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Linktr.ee | WebsiteBiggerPocketsMyBodyTutorTheDataDeliVivid VisionOpen Door Capital


7 Nov 2022

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Goal Setting, Hacking Self-Discipline, and Finding Work-Life Balance with Brandon Turner

All the Hacks

#82: Real estate investor and author, Brandon Turner, joins Chris to discuss how he's managed to be successful and still prioritize friends, family, and quality of life. They talk about working with a performance coach, hacking self-discipline, goal-setting, ways to make money matter through business and Brandon's top Maui recommendations.Brandon Turner (@BeardyBrandon) is a podcaster, author and real estate investor with a portfolio of >7,000 properties. Having hosted the BiggerPockets podcast with over 100 million downloads, Brandon is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts on real estate investing. He is also the best-selling author of several books and the founder and of Open Door Capital.Full show notes at: https://allthehacks.com/performance-brandon-turner Partner Deals Inside Tracker: 20% off personalized wellness & nutrition plans backed by sciencegoodr: Free shipping on $25 stylish and comfortable sunglassesFabric: Affordable term life insurance for you and your familyDeleteMe: 20% off removing your personal info from the web Selected Links From The EpisodeConnect with Brandon Turner: Website | Newsletter | TwitterBrandon Turner’s ResourcesBooks The Book on Investing In Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down: Real Life Strategies for Investing in Real Estate Using Other People's Money The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth With Intelligent Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing The Intention Journal: The powerful, research-backed planner for achieving your big investing goals in just ninety days eBooks: How the Rich Pay No Income Tax | How to Invest $100,000 in Real Estate Open Door Capital Bigger Pockets The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth About Extraordinary Results From Strength to Strength: Finding Success, Happiness, and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life Performance Coaching Jason Drees Tony Robbins  Strategic Coach Below The Line Podcast Loom: Async Video Messaging for Work  All the Hacks Podcast EpisodesFinding Happiness, Success and Deep Purpose with Arthur BrooksBrandon’s Maui Recommendations Monkeypod Kitchen Maui Brewing Company Moku Roots Tin Roof Maui Black Rock | Maui Cliff Diving Lava fields Wailea Big Beach | Little Beach Road to Hana Full Show NotesAdjusting your mindset to achieve your ideal life (01:17)Key to an amazing relationship: scheduling a goal-setting retreat with your spouse (3:05)Achieving relational, fitness, and business success by setting specific goals (4:57)Strategies to hack your self-discipline and attain maximum productivity (8:19)What a performance coach brings to the table (16:44)Where to find a performance coach (19:00)Brandon’s “Starbucks” Strategy (21:34)Finding the balance between pursuing audacious business goals and prioritizing quality family time (23:58)Strategies Chris uses to prioritize his work/life balance (27:15)  Learning to drop the “right” balls and establish boundaries (30:24)Brandon's perspective on reading books and information about his text message newsletter (36:46)Reading every book as if you are going to teach it (38:11)Making money matter: why philanthropy has become a bigger focus in Brandon's life (39:35)Philanthropy: ways to make money matter through business (41:56)Brandon’s Maui recommendations (43:33)Where to find Brandon Turner online (46:56) Connect with All the HacksAll the Hacks: Newsletter | Website | Facebook | EmailChris Hutchins: Twitter | Instagram | Website | LinkedIn


12 Oct 2022

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Real Estate: Investing, Rentals, Taxes, House Hacking and More with Brandon Turner

All the Hacks

#80: Real estate investor and author, Brandon Turner, joins Chris to discuss investing in real estate. They discuss who should invest, how people can get started, real estate tax strategies, house hacking, the four wealth generators of real estate and much more.Brandon Turner (@BeardyBrandon) is a podcaster, author and real estate investor with a portfolio of >7,000 properties. Having hosted the BiggerPockets podcast with over 100 million downloads, Brandon is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts on real estate investing. He is also the best-selling author of several books and the founder and of Open Door Capital.Full show notes at: https://allthehacks.com/real-estate-brandon-turner Partner Deals Inside Tracker: 20% off personalized wellness & nutrition plans backed by scienceLinkedIn: Post your job for free and find the candidates your want fasterTrade Coffee: $30 off the best coffees that you can brew at homeDeleteMe: 20% off removing your personal info from the webPacaso: Free early access to listings and $2,500+ in closing credits Selected Links From The EpisodeConnect with Brandon Turner: Website | Newsletter | TwitterBrandon Turner’s Resources: Books Bigger Pockets Article: House Hacking: A Beginners Guide to Hack Your Housing and Live for Free All the Hacks Podcast:Protect Your Family, Mitigate Taxes and Preserve Your Wealth with Patrick Hicks and Mani MahadevanResources Mentioned:  Credits Cards with 3-4x points on ad spend American Express Business Gold Chase Ink Business Preferred The Everything Guide to House Hacking: Your Step-by-Step Guide Investment Calculator Fundrise Pacaso Events Bigger Pockets Events Meetup Full Show NotesBrandon shares his points story (2:01)The two things that occupy 100% of Brandon’s head space (3:02)Should everyone invest in real estate? (3:54)Ways to get into real estate (5:35)Investing in real estate without moving (10:37)Four wealth generators of real estate (11:50)Tax strategies for real estate investments (15:30)Investing in real estate vs. investing in the market (19:47)REITs as a form of real estate investing (23:27)  How investing works with Open Door Capital (24:13)Finding property that can be bumped up in value immediately (27:31)Buying property to flip (28:47)How the current market affects what the average person should be doing in real estate (31:02)How interest rates affect landlords (33:12)Considering an adjustable rate mortgage in today’s market (34:13)Should the average person invest in a syndicate? (36:15)Hiring a property manager (38:56)Chris’ analog to hiring a property manager: interviewing au pairs (40:52)Applying strategies that work to all areas of your life (42:07)Owning vs. renting (44:48)Brandon's opinion on vacation homes and timeshares (45:18)How to learn the nuances of investing in real estate (48:31)Resources to dive deeper into real estate investing (50:26)Connect with All the HacksAll the Hacks: Newsletter | Website | Facebook | EmailChris Hutchins: Twitter | Instagram | Website | LinkedIn


28 Sep 2022

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Life After Bigger Pockets To A Billion Dollar Real Estate Portfolio | Brandon Turner

Millionaire Mindcast

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a huge guest Brandon Turner who shares wisdom and his story on unlocking financial freedom, how quick things really accelerated for him in real estate business from being scrappy, how he gets into the Bigger Pockets, the four levels of leadership mindset, IRR versus stability, tips on creating social media content, and the key to making a billion dollar in real estate! Brandon Turner is a husband, father of two, an entrepreneur, a real estate investor with 7,400 Units with $650 million AUM, best-selling author with over 1 million copies sold, previous Host of the BiggerPockets Podcast, and Founder and Managing Member of Open Door Capital, a well-capitalized real estate investment firm that helps clients achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition of value-add manufactured housing communities,and is financed by accredited investors seeking a combination of strong cash flow and equity growth. This amazing man became a millionaire at the age of 30, and he was 33 when he had 35 units then. He spent 10 years of podcasting and writing blog posts, and putting in education to achieve growth. This decade of planting creates compound effects and he’s clearly harvesting it now. Brandon admits that he’s not really pretty much good at anything but he’s a good visionary. Having a strong mindset to solve a problem is innate to him. He is really into real estate. He loves the freedom that investing brings. Hence, today, Brandon's goal is to help others find that freedom too through real estate investing education and providing passive investment opportunities with Open Door Capital. Some Questions I Ask: Did you ever envision when you first started out in real estate? What are those four phases that you are mentioning a little bit earlier? What were you most grateful for about what you learned and who you became in Bigger Pockets and what do you attribute that too? What’s one thing that you wished you would have done differently while you're with Bigger Pockets? How do you help someone to get over money objections? What were one of the two takeaways when you were setting and talking with Ken that really transformed you? What does your process of making a decision look like? How do you continue to balance ambition and family life? What is that alone time and creative time for you look like? What is that framework and strategy for you when it comes to content creation and distribution? In This Episode, You Will Learn: The level one financial freedom: how to achieve it How Brandon’s get into the Bigger Pockets The key to making a billion dollars in business The difference between being a visionary and an integrator The four levels of leadership mindsets How to build business with no money Tricks in social media – a psychology to sell  Quotes:  “There’s nothing wrong with any of these mindsets, but every mindset has a limit.” “You do not have to progress from the bottom to the top, you can literally choose whatever level you want to start on.” “The higher you go on those mindset levels, the less you have to work but the more money you make.” “The amount of equity that you give out being in your company is an inverse relation to your confidence in that business succeeding.” “Your vision will define how much equity you give out.” “When your brain is giving moments to just be bored and to rest, that’s when the magic comes out.” Resources Mentioned:  Real Estate In Your Twenties.com Heartbeat song by Brandon Turner The Vivid Vision book by Cameron Herold The ABCs of Real Estate Investing book by Ken McElroy Crushing It In Apartments and Commercial Real Estate book by Brian Murray HandBrake QuickTime Traction book by Gino Wickman Connect with Brandon Turner on:  Instagram Beardybrandon.com LinkedIn Sponsor Links: Policy Genius Talkspace use code for $100 off: MINDCAST GoBundance  - Text: MILLIONAIRE to 844.447.1555 Credit Investor List - Text DEALS to 844.447.1555 Free Financial Audit: Text XRAY to 844.447.1555 Hello Fresh use code for 65% off + Free Shipping: MINDCAST65 Connect with Matty A. and Text me to 844.447.1555  Show Brought To You By: TheRichLifeAcademy.com Episode Sponsored By: TheRichLifeStore.com Questions? Comments? Do you have a success story you would like to share on the show? Send us an email to Questions@MillionaireMindcast.com


26 Sep 2022

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347. Is Money Your Scorecard? w/ Brandon Turner

Earn & Invest

Is money your scorecard? We talk with Brandon Turner, formerly of BiggerPockets, about purpose, freedom, and impact. He discusses his four phases of financial freedom and ultimately what he plans to accomplish with all his success.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


1 Sep 2022

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Real Estate Investing in an Erratic Market with Brandon Turner #547

How to Money

This is the episode you need to listen to if you’ve been making excuses for not getting into real estate investing. Our interview today is with Brandon Turner who quite literally wrote the book on investing in real estate. He has published many books on the topic including “The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth With Intelligent Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing”. He was also a former host of the Bigger Pockets podcast with over 100 million downloads and of course that’s a show that’s all about real estate. And today our conversation covers Brandon’s story- how he first got into real estate, how as an entrepreneur he keeps work from overtaking his life, how you can choose an investing strategy, how you should approach cash flow vs appreciation, what to do about current housing market conditions, if being a landlord is ethical, and more! During this episode we enjoyed a Do or Die: Spiced Chocolate Stout by Orpheus Brewing! And please help us to spread the word by letting friends and family know about How to Money! Hit the share button, subscribe if you’re not already a regular listener, and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Help us to change the conversation around personal finance and get more people doing smart things with their money! Best friends out!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Aug 2022

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Real Estate lessons with Brandon Turner

Real Estate Strategies with Ken McElroy

Looking to get started in real estate, join Ken and Danille as they talk with Brandon Turner about how he got started in his real estate investing journey and the key lessons that he has learned. He walks through insights into how to build a successful real estate career.  You can learn more about Brandon at his Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/beardybrandon Want to ask Ken a question or have him look over a deal? Sign up for his inner circle: https://kensinnercircle.com Ken's new Master Course is LIVE! Looking to buy your first rental property or grow your investments? Click here to purchase Buying Your First Rental Property: https://kenmcelroy.com/rental-property-master-course Gain access to weekly real estate updates, mini courses, sample forms, and more by signing up for a FREE Membership: https://www.kenmcelroy.com/free-member Visit Ken's Bookstore: https://kenmcelroy.com/books/ • ABOUT KEN: Ken is the author of the bestselling books The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing, The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing, The ABC’s of Property Management, and has an upcoming book: "ABCs of Buying Rental Property: How You Can Achieve Financial Freedom in Five Years." Ken is a Rich Dad Advisor. With over two decades of experience in real estate investing, Ken McElroy is passionate about sharing the good life by helping real estate investors grow and prosper. This channel is a place for Ken to discuss numerous topics connected to real estate investing, including finance, budgeting, the entrepreneur mindset, and creating passive income.      Ken offers a wealth of personal experiences, practical advice, success stories, and even some informative setbacks, all presented here to educate and inspire. Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, the information and resources on this channel will set you on a path where you and your investments can thrive. Ken's company: https://mccompanies.com/ •   DISCLAIMERS: Any information or advice available on this channel is intended for educational and general guidance only. Ken McElroy and KenMcElroy.com, LLC shall not be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages arising out of access to or use of any of the content available on this channel. Consult a financial advisor or other wealth management professional before you make investments of any kind. Although Ken McElroy and his affiliates take all reasonable care to ensure that the contents of this channel are accurate and up-to-date, all information contained on it is provided ‘as is.’ Ken McElroy makes no warranties or representations of any kind concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained on this channel. Any links to other websites are provided only as a convenience and KenMcElroy.com, LLC encourages you to read the privacy statements of any third-party websites.  All comments will be reviewed by the KenMcElroy.com staff and may be deleted if deemed inappropriate. Comments which are off-topic, offensive or promotional will not be posted. The comments/posts are from members of the public and do not necessarily reflect the views of Ken McElroy and his affiliates. © 2022 KenMcElroy.com, LLC. All Rights Reserved.  #kenmcelroy #realestate #realestateinvesting


27 Jul 2022