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Security Leaders, the Podcast: Alan Bell, President, Globe Risk International

Security Leaders

In this episode, Alan Bell discusses how his military background has contributed directly to his security knowledge, particularly at the beginning of his career. Bell also offers his thoughts on the evolution of the security profession — in terms of technology, methodology and c-suite buy-in — and describes the process of reviewing his life experiences as he writes his memoirs with a collaborator in the U.K.


24 Jun 2021

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Ep155: How a Tentpole Hollywood Feature Editor Stays Healthy, Fit, and Sane | with Alan Bell, ACE

Optimize Yourself

Have you been grinding it out, "paying your dues" on the job, sacrificing social and family life, hoping that one day it will pay off and you'll finally land the top level, “tentpole” gigs you've been dreaming about your whole career? Or maybe you're just starting your career and you're wondering how much you need to sacrifice in order to achieve your lifelong dream of winning major awards and if it’s even worth it? Most importantly, perhaps you’re constantly asking yourself: “Is it even possible to work as a successful creative professional and still enjoy spending time with family and friends, taking time off to enjoy vacations, and having time to pursue other interests and goals in life?” I can't think of anyone more qualified to answer these questions than my good friend, mentor, and Hollywood tentpole editor Alan Bell, ACE who has edited such films as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Mockingjay (parts 1 &2), The Amazing Spider-Man, and 500 Days of Summer, to name a very select few. In this conversation Alan freely shares his habits and routines and the changes he's made to keep himself healthy and sane during his insanely demanding work schedules. He reveals his honest thoughts on how many hours need to be worked and whether anything can be done to change the demands placed upon editors & creative professionals in the entertainment industry. He also shares some of the perks that come with being at the top and working on big budget films while offering tips that anyone can implement for healthier snacking and higher energy levels throughout your workday. One quick caveat: This interview was originally recorded several years ago back in the “Fitness In Post” days, so you'll hear some references to that program along with some talk about working in offices, (remember that??) clearly pre-pandemic. But the topics of discussion are still relevant issues that we're all confronting today, so for those that missed this interview the first time, I hope it provides as much value now as it did when it was first released. Want to Hear More Episodes Like This One? » Click here to subscribe and never miss another episode Here's What You'll Learn: How post production affected his competitive rock climbing career. The routine Alan developed to help himself lose 23 pounds in 4 and a half months. Why counting calories is not an effective long-term weight loss strategy. How counting calories can be useful as an initial barometer for what you’re eating and building awareness around that. The mindset shift that Alan used to create healthier eating habits. KEY TAKEAWAY: Food is nourishment for the mind and body. How Alan recalibrated his fullness level and began to understand how the types of calories he eats affects his hunger levels and how he feels. The difference between emotional eating and eating to fuel your body. A day in the life of Alan Bell on a tent pole film. Alan's honest assessment of the hours he works and what it takes to work at the level he works at on a consistent basis. How Alan has improved his memory over the last 4 months. The role that finances play in your ability to choose the right projects and take the downtime you need. Healthy replacements for snacking habits. Useful Resources Mentioned: MyFitnessPal How ‘Midnight Rider’ Victim Sarah Jones Lost Her Life: A Train, a Narrow Trestle and 60 Seconds to Escape – The Hollywood Reporter Continue to Listen & Learn I Was Tired of Putting My Kids to Bed via FaceTime Every Night. Here’s What I Did About It. Ep113: The Importance of Setting Boundaries, Advocating For Yourself, and Asking For Help | with Janace Tashjian Dear Hollywood...We Create Entertainment For a Living. We’re Not Curing Cancer. Dear Hollywood: We Don’t Want to “Go Back to Normal." Normal Wasn’t Working. Ep128: How to Have a Successful Career Without Sacrificing Family | with Farrel Levy Ep141: Michelle Tesoro (ACE) On Playing Chess With Your Career (Instead of Checkers) - pt1 Ep142: Michelle Tesoro (ACE) On Playing Chess With Your Health & Well-Being (Pt2) Ep35: FOCUS: The Superpower of the 21st Century | with Cal Newport Ep04: The Zen-like Art of 'Getting Things Done' | with David Allen Ep144: Redefining What It Means to Be “Productive” (and Aligning Your Values With Your Time) | with Tamara Torres Ep136: Promoting Mindfulness, Well-Being, and Sanity In the Edit Bay | with Kevin Tent, ACE Tired of Holding it Together All the Time? Here are Five Basic Needs to Get You Back On Track Ep118: Legendary Editor Walter Murch On Optimizing Creativity, Productivity, and Well-Being In Hollywood For 50+ Years Our Generous Sponsors: Struggling With Real-Time Remote Collaboration? Meet Evercast As work begins to slowly trickle in again, perhaps the most pressing challenge we as creative professionals face in our post-pandemic reality is real-time collaboration. Zoom is great for meetings, but it sure doesn't work for streaming video. Luckily this problem has now been solved for all of us. If you haven't heard of Evercast, it's time to become acquainted. Because Evercast's real-time remote collaboration technology is CHANGING. THE. GAME. → Click here to see a free demo of Evercast in action! This episode was brought to you by Ergodriven, the makers of the Topo Mat (my #1 recommendation for anyone who stands at their workstation) and now their latest product. New Standard Whole Protein is a blend of both whey and collagen, sourced from the highest quality ingredients without any of the unnecessary filler or garbage. Not only will you get more energy and focus from this protein powder, you will notice improvements in your skin, hair, nails, joints and muscles. And because they don’t spend a lot on excessive marketing and advertising expenses, the savings gets passed on to you. Guest Bio: Film editor Alan Edward Bell A.C.E., is best known for his work on (500) Days of Summer, ‘Water For Elephants’, ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, and the last three installments of the “Hunger Games” series. His resume spans 30 years in post-production, and includes a long list of credits in editorial as well as visual effects. Over the last 15 years he has been pushing the limits of what is possible in the cutting room by blending visual effects and editing techniques. Alan currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three sons. Show Credits: This episode was edited by Curtis Fritsch, and the show notes were prepared by Debby Germino and published by Glen McNiel. The original music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Joe Trapanese (who is quite possibly one of the most talented composers on the face of the planet).

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9 Jun 2021

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June 7 Seg 9: Alan Bell of Sportsline.com to talk NFL!

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

June 7 Seg 9: Alan Bell of Sportsline.com to talk NFL!


7 Jun 2021

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Alan Bell on Being a Hollywood Film Editor, Rock Climber, and Silversmith

Living Philosophy

Alan Bell reflects on his life experience and lessons as a major Hollywood film editor (e.g. 500 Days of Summer, the Hunger Games Trilogy, Little Manhattan), a rock climbing guide, and silversmith. He draws on stoicism and the charity of interpretation while offering interesting ideas about the unique ways in which jewelry can aid in the process of self-discovery.Alan’s jewelry and silversmith business is called AEB Silver (www.aebsilver.com).  For more on his film editing career, he can be found on the Internet Movie Database. Living Philosophy is brought to you by Philosophy2u.Host: Dr Todd MeiMusic: www.bensound.comPhoto: Hand in Hand Turquoise Ring by Alan Bell


16 Jan 2021

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The Recipe w/ Alan Bell

Purpose On Purpose

This episode we bring Portland's first and only Snoball creator Alan Bell. We talk about life, confirmation from God and what it's like to run Hana's. Pleases leave us a 5 star rating and review on your podcast platform it really helps. If you leave a review we will read it on our upcoming From Us To  You episodes. God bless. 

1hr 24mins

29 Aug 2020

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Episode 1: David Alan Bell

This Is Country Podcast

To promote the release of his self-titled debut EP, David Alan Bell joins OK Country for a New Artist Spotlight segment featuring insight into David's songwriting process, the making of the EP, and Nashville Hot Chicken. David performs two songs off the EP, "Eyes on the High Road" and "Broadway Nashville Saturday Night" and has his music knowledge put to the test in a speed based song guessing game.


28 Mar 2020

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EP #3 Alan Bell | British Special Forces

You Too with Mike Bullard

You Too with Mike Bullard | EP #3 Alan BellAlan Bell was born in England is the CEO of private security firm GlobeRisk. He joined the British Navy as a young teenager and soon after became a member of the Royal Marine Commandos where he served for 10 years - then passed selection to the Special Air Service (SAS) and spent 12 years with this elite regiment as a paratrooper commando.He operated worldwide as a Special Forces commando in classified areas over a period of twelve years, including combat in several wars (including the Falkland Islands). He trained commandos in all aspects of anti-terrorist tasks, and VIP protection teams in sensitive high-risk areas.Mr. Bell was involved in a CBC documentary called "Shadow Company" which was about Contract Security Specialists. His company GlobeRisk was featured in the documentary and was interviewed in a short segment that can still be seen on the CBC website.Globe Risk Website:http://www.globerisk.comSign up at http://www.YouTooMikeBullard.com Video LinksYouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnnMYUUSzBPSqkQTy0ri8ABitChute https://www.bitchute.com/channel/youtoowithmikebullard/Audio LinksAppleh�t�t�p�://p�o�d�c�a�s�t�s�.�a�p�p�l�e�.�c�o�m�/�c�a�/�p�o�d�c�a�s�t�/�y�o�u�-�t�o�o�-�w�i�t�h�-�m�i�k�e�-�b�u�l�l�a�r�d�/�i�d�1�4�7�4�6�9�1�0�9�5�Soundcloudhttps://soundcloud.com/youtoowithmikebullardGoogle Playhttps://play.google.com/music/m/Iuax7gqcycyqy3rmdn44sg7p2pu?t=You_Too_with_Mike_BullardStitcherhttps://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=449446&refid=stprSpotify https://open.spotify.com/show/4WtNKbjOZgKQbFhSb6PZBk?si=L_AVmYa3QvuEVO2zRcrpKA Sign up at http://www.YouTooMikeBullard.com Twitter: @YouTooPodcastFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/MikeBullardsPage/Minds: www.Minds.com/PossiblyCorrectEmail: YouTooMikeBullard@gmail.com


7 Oct 2019

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Poisoned by Chemicals with Alan Bell

Falling Through the Cracks: Feel alive and thrive

Environmental Health is a new civil rights issue because it so often violates the rights of low-income people – often people of colour—more than the rights of any other population.” —Alan Bell.Alan Bell was poisoned by a sick building. It took years for him to realize what caused the damage to his body, and why there was no government regulations in place to protect people from chemicals. After finally finding a diagnosis, and becoming well enough to leave his home, he began advocating for other in similar situations. Teaming up with other top lawyers—including those portrayed in the films Erin Brockovich—he has helped other victims of environmental toxins. His book “Poisoned: How a Crime-Busting Prosecutor Turned His Medical Mystery Into a Crusade For Environmental Victims,” tells his story, and explains why we aren’t being protected from these chemicals.


8 Apr 2019

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Ep17: Is Taking Free Work Really Worth It? | with Alan Bell, ACE

Optimize Yourself

In creative industries like film & television post-production, it's extremely common to see job listings for free or low paid work, but how do you know if it's worth it or if you should run for the hills? After all, would you ask for services for free in other industries? » Click here to download your 'Should I Take Free Work?' Assessment Tool Just imagine walking into an upscale restaurant and saying, “I’d love to try out the most popular item on your menu, and while I won’t pay for it this time, if I love it there’s a high likelihood I’ll have business for you in the future.” Um, that would be a big giant NO. So why is it okay for people to exploit creative talent and imagination in exactly this way? In this archival episode from my ‘Fitness In Post’ days, Alan Bell and I discussed how to distinguish between whether or not a low or no paying job is worth the gamble for the bigger picture of advancing your career. We evaluate the many reasons that a specific job opportunity may be worth it based on the potential long-term payoffs, and we also talk about when it is absolutely unacceptable under any circumstances to take on a job that is clearly looking to exploit your talents and experience (not that anyone would ever be interested in exploiting your creative talents). When I originally released this episode I also created a bonus document to accompany it that was an assessment questionnaire to help you break down step-by-step whether a specific job opportunity is worth it or not. Since releasing this I have received lots of great feedback from listeners who have said it helped them make the right decision with peace of mind about whether or not a potential job would make sense for their career. If you’d like to download this assessment questionnaire free of charge just visit optimizeyourself.me/episode17download. Want to Hear More Episodes Like This One? » Click here to subscribe and never miss another episode Here's What You'll Learn: Why I decided to leave a high paying job to go cut a low paying indie film Alan’s background and credits Is free work the right thing for your career? There is good kind of free work out there, you just have to watch for it You can’t treat every film and every job posting the same way Never take a free job if you’re not going to get something out of it: participation points, producing, new experience etc How Alan got his start in the film industry with free work Alan’s work experience with Norman Hollyn How I learned After Effects by working FOR FREE Free work that’s right for one person might not be right for another Take stock of where you are in your career and life before deciding to work for free How taking on a free web series (Bannan Way link..which site should this link to?) helped jump start my career in television Building relationships is a key component to finding quality work Bring your own questions to an interview! Make sure the job is a good fit for you Take the work that’s good instead of taking the work that’s there Questions you should ask during an interview Know your own temperament Learn how to spot the “catch phrases” and red flags of exploitative producers Be honest with yourself and surround yourself with honest people Be aware of your situation and decide what’s best for you Useful Resources Mentioned: FiP Podcast Ep40: Editing Hollywood Blockbusters FiP Podcast Ep61: Do You Really Need to Go to Film School? #SayNoToSpec Video Our Generous Sponsors: This episode is made possible by Ergodriven, the makers of the Topo Mat, my #1 recommendation for anyone interested in moving more at their height-adjustable workstation. Listen, standing desks are only great if you’re standing well, otherwise you’re constantly fighting fatigue and chronic pain. Not like any other anti-fatigue mat, the Topo is scientifically proven to help you move more throughout the day which helps reduce discomfort and also increase your focus and productivity. And they’re really fun and a great conversation starter. This episode is made possible by the HumanCharger,  a revolutionary new light therapy device made specifically for people who spend long days in the dark and don’t get enough sunlight…i.e. You and me. Simply put in the earbuds for 12 minutes a day to receive your daily recommended dosage of UV-free white light. Doing so can drastically increase your energy, improve your mood, and increase mental alertness and focus.This device has literally changed my life and I use it every morning without fail. Use the code ‘OPTIMIZE’ to get 20% off your order. Guest Bio: Film editor Alan Edward Bell A.C.E., is best known for his work on (500) Days of Summer, ‘Water For Elephants’, ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, and the last three installments of the “Hunger Games” series. His resume spans 30 years in post-production, and includes a long list of credits in editorial as well as visual effects. Over the last 15 years he has been pushing the limits of what is possible in the cutting room by blending visual effects and editing techniques. Alan currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three sons. Show Credits: This episode was edited by Curtis Fritsch, and the show notes were prepared and published by Jakin Rintelman. Special thanks to Krystle Penhall and Sarah Furie for helping to spread the love! The original music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Joe Trapanese (who is quite possibly one of the most talented composers on the face of the planet). Note: I believe in 100% transparency, so please note that I receive a small commission if you purchase products from some of the links on this page (at no additional cost to you). Your support is what helps keep this program alive. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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24 Oct 2017

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The Ripple Effect Podcast #130 (Alan Bell | Attorney Turned Activist)

The Ripple Effect Podcast

Alan Bell is former organized crime prosecutor who almost died from an environmentally linked illness. He now devotes his life to raising awareness about environmental injury through public speaking and his book, POISONED: How a Crime-Busting Prosecutor Turned His Medical Mystery into a Crusade for Environmental Victims.

1hr 4mins

8 Jun 2017