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015 The Need to Prioritize Yourself with Drew Mayville

Got Your Six with Tony Nash

On this new episode of Got Your 6, Tony Nash talks with Drew Mayville, a US Army Special Operations Forces veteran and special operations equipment manager at Beaver Fit North America.Drew, who transitioned out of the military just over a year ago, says he still carries with him some habits from the military, such as waking up early and having a regimented schedule. This helps him keep his discipline and momentum primed as well as setting his day’s tempo.However, there are some key lessons he had to unlearn as he navigates the civilian life. Now, he tells veterans to learn how to prioritize themselves.He reminds veterans that the military keeps on moving and turning even without you, so you need to take care of yourself, too.While veterans should not abandon their military values, he says they have to be flexible in adopting to new values.“You’re the priority in this transition. You really got to build your stake and look out for your own interests because you don’t have this giant big green Army machine looking out for you.”“Money isn’t everything, but it is a thing. That’s just how the civilian world works."-----Growing up in a military family and having served for a decade, Drew says another lesson he had to let go of is focusing too much on the future. He is now working on living life in the moment. Enjoying the present allows him to take a step back and see the big picture, especially in his job and career. Ranger School and getting difficult things doneOne thing that has made a tremendous impact in his life is Ranger School, which he says was the first hard thing he did coming out of West Point. He learned a lot about leadership and, most of all, about himself.It has become a motivation for him to get up and do better every day. As he says, once you have a Ranger tab, people expect more from you. You also expect more from yourself.It was also there where he learned one key lesson in failure that has stayed with him until now. He recalls their last week at SFAS or the Special Forces Assessment and Selection, where his team was leading in the early events but went downhill after encountering a problem – getting stuck on making it easy to transport telephone poles and ropes led to internal bickering and conflict.Then, a teammate calmly told them that the issue is that they spend so much time and effort to make it easier instead of accepting the enormity of the task and just get it done anyway.While it’s sometimes good to think outside the box, Drew says, “sometimes you just gotta have it done.”“It’s gonna suck; the sooner you can get over the fact that it is gonna suck, the quicker you’re gonna get to the end.”Tomorrow is always a good day to be better Drew shares his mindset in ensuring continuous improvement: There’s always a tomorrow to become a better version of yourself.He says it does not matter so much what happened yesterday – whether you failed or succeeded –because that is already over. You have to focus on what can still be done.Failures and mistakes are part of change and learning, but they should not control you.“Learn from it but don’t dwell on it. Forget what happened yesterday, good and bad, and just focus on the present and just know tomorrow’s coming. I can do better tomorrow.”-----Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking Wins


19 Jul 2021

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122: An Exclusive “Look” Into the Eagle Rare Lab with Master Blender Drew Mayville

The Whisky Topic

We visit the Eagle Rare Lab, newly opened, where Master Blender Drew Mayville builds some of the best bourbon and ryes coming out of Kentucky from Buffalo Trace Distillery. Drew takes us through the new lab, and we do a tasting of whisky (of course!). We discuss the essence of George T. Stagg Bourbon, the story behind Taylor Four Grain, and explore a brand new expression from Weller as chosen by Buffalo Trace fans!  Special thanks to our sponsor: The State of Logic Podcast This podcast is available on YouTube Follow Jamie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bourbonthing Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bourbonthing Follow Mark on Twitter: https://twitter.com/markbylok Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markbylok This podcast was edited and mixed by Bryan Goman. The theme song is licensed in thanks to Alan Doyle! It's available on iTunes.


2 Aug 2018

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103 - Do Master Blenders Get The Recognition They Deserve? With Drew Mayville, Master Blender at Buffalo Trace / Sazerac

Bourbon Pursuit

Drew Mayville, Master Blender at Buffalo Trace / Sazerac, has one of the most important jobs and that’s making sure the blended products meet a flavor profile. We dive into the differences between tanked and non-tank Sazerac 18 year and even talk about his involvement with the Old Rip 25 year.Show Notes: Talk about your past because I did some LinkedIn sleuthing last night and come to find out you’re no spring chicken. Talk about what it means to be a master blender because we talk to master distillers all the time but we don’t get to see this side very often Talk about the panel and the process Would you say blenders are under appreciated in this business? Talk about some of the labels you are blending for Let's take Eagle Rare as an example, what are some of the characteristics you are looking for to have it’s consistency? Are you using a previous batch or set of samples and comparing that to new samples? Did I read somewhere that BT’s Buffalo Cream is your baby? What else are you or your team responsible for? Fireball? Harlen has his vodka. If you have your way, what sort of spirit do you want your name across? Everyone knows that warehouse X is part of the experimentation projects. Do you have some of your own things over there as well? Don’t you think experimentation of everything has been done already? Many consumers are just looking for good bourbon from a good distillery with a rich history. Personally, the EHT 4 Grain was a way to build the EH Taylor hype but, of BT knew the 4grain bourbon was better than 3, then all bourbons would have been 4grain from the beginning. am i wrong? Is the single barrel, barrel proof explosion going to put you out of business?


13 Jul 2017

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96: Drew Mayville, Master Blender of Buffalo Trace, Returns!

The Whisky Topic

Drew Mayville discusses Buffalo Trace’s quest for the perfect whisky, the Pappy 25 release, High River Canadian Whisky, and Sazerca’s plans for the new distillery in Quebec! Follow Jamie on Twitter and Instagram Follow Mark on Twitter and Instagram This podcast was edited and mixed by Bryan Goman. The theme song is licensed in thanks to Alan Doyle! It's available on iTunes.


22 Jun 2017

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