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Evolving Soul with Stacy McKenna and special guest Maria Clark

Evolving Soul Network

Inspired Ideas: Rising Above the ChaosJoin Stacy McKenna with special guest Maria Clark, soul coach and intuitive, to explore how to not only remain hopeful, but to show up powerfully despite the fear-based social climate of today.We look forward to connecting with you all.

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2 Feb 2017

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Evolving Soul with Stacy McKenna: Interview with Comedian Jacqueline Kabat

Evolving Soul Network

By practicing the basic rules of improvisational comedy, you begin to walk a path toward a spiritually satisfying life. Improv has become a wisdom tradition of its own and its teachings can unleash the best in us. Doing comedy improv is synonymous to life. We can tend to feel a little off-centered and unsure, but in the act of balancing we become alive, get up, do something, try it out, make mistakes, play, laugh and try it once again. This form of expression allows us to reach beyond ourselves in our conventional lives, realities, and consciousness, to access deeper ways of knowing and even profound spiritual realizations

1hr 6mins

29 Sep 2016

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Evolving Soul with Stacy McKenna: Interview with Stacey Richmond

Evolving Soul Network

Stacey practices as an integrative nutrition therapist for over 20 years, specializing in helping her clients transform their relationship with food and body by weaving together the best of nutrition science with ancient wisdom traditions. Stacey received a Bachelor of Science from Keene State College, NH and professional dietetic training from Beth Israel Hospital, Boston. In addition to regular advanced training in nutrition and dietetics, Stacey is a certified eating disordered registered dietitian, certified food and spirit practitioner, yoga teacher and energy medicine practitioner. Stacey’s appetite for personal growth and explotation lead her to explore numerous trainings and retreats in yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Stacey enjoys offering her clients and community specialized seminars, retreats, counseling and training programs for people who are looking for a whole person approach to healing body, mind and spirit through her Kind Eating nutrition counseling practice

1hr 9mins

23 Jun 2016

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Evolving Soul with Stacy McKenna: When Was The Last Time You Had A First?

Evolving Soul Network

Your Life Is A Hot Date.  Show Up.Life is a train ride and we all we know where it’s going. No one gets out alive.  All the fear, failure & humiliation will die with you so you may as well show up big and play full-out whilst you are here.http://www.stacyrmckenna.com/#!about/cjg9


26 May 2016

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Evolving Soul with Stacy McKenna; Getting to know Stacy

Evolving Soul Network

Get to know Evolving Soul's Network newest host Stacy McKenna. Stacy is a certified life, executive and leadership coach with 20 years experience working with a team of brilliant change agents who have created paradigm shifts in companies around the globe. She has worked with JP Morgan Chase, Cisco Systems, IBM, NovaAmerican, TATA Industries and Adidas to mention a few. Stacy is a published writer, an executive producer and a sought after speaker dedicated to creating shifts in perception and shattering self-limiting belief. She is currently producing a documentary entitled, Skipping Joy. Stacy lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with her husband Andrew and their beloved English Springer Spaniel, Maggie McGee. To learn more about Stacy’s coaching practice, workshops or speaking engagement opportunities, please visit her on Facebook: Stacy McKenna/Firefly Studio et al, LLC. Email: stacymckenna5@gmail.com

1hr 8mins

28 Apr 2016

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EP 66 Part II – Interview with Stacy McKenna

The Business of Life | Self Help | Spirituality | Wellness | Create Your Ideal Life

My FREE GIFT to you!  Go to www.KeithsTopBooks.com to get a LIST & DETAILED OVERVIEW of my personal Top 12 Most Influential Books of my life. These are the highlighted-dog-eared-underlined-special place in my library books that played a major role in developing the skills, mentality and personal philosophy I have today.   Have you checked out my sister podcast ALL ABOUT BEACHBODY COACHING?  This opportunity has given my family and those I mentor, better health, community support and financial stability.  I highly recommend taking a listen, you never know, it just might be for you!  Search All About Beachbody Coaching in your podcast app. ABOUT TODAY’S EPISODE:  Part II –Today’s interview is with Stacy McKenna.  Stacy is a Transformational Coach, Writer, Speaker and Publisher.  We dive into her first mentor, Dr. Eli Goldratt, a movie she is producing – Skipping Joy, her work as a Keynote Speaker and Transformational Coach, the importance of commitments, etc. **** Hey Keith here...  If you enjoyed today’s podcast, next step it to subscribe and download a few episodes.  Also, the biggest compliment you could give me is to rate and review the show!  Not only does it tell me that you're listening, but it helps to get the word out to others.  For additional information, show notes, podcast transcripts and tons of other goodies, head over to www.keithcallahan.com  Connect with Keith on Facebook!https://www.facebook.com/TheBusinessofLifePodcast/ Send Keith a message!Email: Keith@KeithCallahan.com Are you still reading this thing??  Man, you're like me and you want to absorb it all!  I truly am grateful for you taking the time to listen, comment, share and help me improve our community in any way I can. Much Love-Keith


23 Mar 2016

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Evolving Soul interviews Transformational Coach Stacy McKenna

Evolving Soul Network

Stacy was born and raised in Connecticut and earned a Bachelors of Science from Bryant University with a concentration in Marketing and Psychology.  But it was during her junior year when studying in London that she realized she had bigger plans than to just earn a degree and get a job; she wanted to see the world.   After landing her ‘dream job’ as a fashion buyer in Manhattan, she began to crave something more than the ‘dog-eat-dog’ environment that surrounded her.  Although, passionate about fashion & design, Stacy knew she wanted something of more substance, something more impactful.  She soon landed an exciting position and became the global director of public relations for an international best-selling author/business guru.  This opportunity allowed Stacy to travel extensively opening her eyes and mind to new ideas and challenges, fascinating people, diverse cultures, but most importantly the pleasure of touching and making a difference in other lives.A trip to India in 2004 proved pivotal forever changing Stacy’s life and thus began her inward journey toward self-realization.   Soon after her return from India she began to manifest all the dreams that were shelved for so many years working to ‘get ahead’.  Stacy later met and married a kindred soul, moved to beautiful Cape Cod, hung up her corporate career and took a leap of faith to become an entrepreneur dedicated to changing lives. To learn more about Stacy’s coaching practice, workshops or speaking engagement opportunities, please visit her on Facebook:Stacy McKenna/Firefly Studio et al, LLC.Office:  508.362.4063Cell:  203.710.6822Email:  stacymckenna5@gmail.com

1hr 7mins

24 Nov 2015