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#31: Steve Layton the Covid Travel Nurse

My Future in Medicine

Steve tells us about his time as a paramedic and his transition to nursing. He also tells us about the last several months being a COVID travel nurse in NYC and Texas. It's a real look at the front lines and what nurses are doing.

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12 Jan 2021

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Episode 59 – Steve Layton on Ministering During a Crisis, Ministry Transition, & Dealing With Loss

Church Leadership Podcast

Even in the middle of social distancing and stay at home orders, Mark and Andy sill find a way to have great conversations with church leaders you should know. This week, the CLP guys get to spend some time online with one of their friends and mentors, Steve Layton. Steve serves as the Senior Pastor of Riverchase Baptist Church in Hoover, Alabama. You can follow Steve on Twitter  or on Facebook. You will enjoy listening to our conversation with Steve, as we discuss ministering during a pandemic, dealing with loss, second chair leadership, disciple making, and transitioning to become a lead pastor. So, listen, learn, and laugh along with us this week, as we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. Quotables “First, we had to figure out, how do we keep the community? How do we drop the fear among our people?… How do we manage information? How are we going to deliver services?” “First, we had to figure out, how do we keep the community? How do we drop the fear among our people?… How do we manage information? How are we going to deliver services?” – Steve Layton on Episode 59 of the Church Leadership PodcastClick To Tweet “I just want to know where their fishing hole is.” “As I look back on that, I see how God guides the steps of men and women, to get us back here.” “So, to be a discipleship pastor now, or a pastor with a heart of discipleship, is one of the key changes. And that’s one of the things I’m most thankful for… I see my role as that of a lead disciple maker.” “They understand when we talk about things like, love God, make disciples, and live sent; where we are headed and what we are trying to accomplish in each of those things.” “… But the good thing is, I’m gonna be a senior high boy one day. And although I won’t know the answer, at least my clothes will fit and I’ll be able to get my layup back.” “If we can be encouragers. If we can ask people how God is blessing their ministry and focus on them. If we can just trust that God really is sovereign and who He says He is. Man, that’s the words of encouragement that I have today.”


7 Apr 2020

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Steve Layton

Business of Innovation Pawdcast

When it comes to himself and his team, Steve Layton, president of Polartec, champions three key traits: Humble, Hungry, and Smart. On this episode, Layton speaks with host Gail DePriest about growth by taking on challenges, continuous personal reinvention, and devotion to family.Read more about Steve’s journey > newsstand.clemson.edu/milliken-company-names-mba-alum-president-of-polartec


12 Nov 2019

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Of Reason, Composition and Remix, the musings of Steve Layton

Words On New Music, a New Music audio podcast

From the Western New Music States to the Eastern New Music States this is the New Music audio podcast Words On New Music with your rocking and rolling hosts’ Jim Goodin and Paul Muller. This episode Jim and Paul welcome composer, musician, NIWO label pioneer and every present musical wordsmith of the modern alternative classical blog Sequenza 21, Steve Layton to the mic! Join us now for the words and music of Steve Layton! LISTEN NOW Music by Steve Layton and member musicians of Sound-In featured this episode, Punch Back (2018) Summer Going Out of Focus (2017) – featuring Sound-In member artists Paul Muller, James Bailey, Kavin Allenson and Roger Sandstorm.  Remix by Steve Layton. At the Foothills (2018) – featuring Sound-In member artists Bill Newbold, Jim Goodin and Paul Mimlitsch.  Remix by Steve Layton. Afterimages (2012) Steve Layton online resources www.niwo.com stevelayton.bandcamp.com

24 Nov 2018

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$50M in revenue- Steve Layton, Layton Groups

Beyond 8 Figures

Steve Layton is the founder of the furniture business The Layton Group. Supplying furniture to large Australian retailers such as John Cootes and Harvey Norman since 1998. Layton started the business in Hong Kong in 1990, exporting furniture to Australia, the US, and Europe. Layton’s new, reworked venture Sofa Brands is a three-way supply and retail agreement with Italian furniture business Calia Italia and leading Chinese furniture retailer, De Rucci, which has more than 2000 stores. What was the first transaction for Steve? (13:39) The very first transaction would have been a container of sofas shipped to Auckland in New Zealand. The tough thing was finding the factories, finding the manufacturers, finding the product, and then developing the product. Back in the day, they had to be on the ground, shaking hands and making relationships with the Chinese manufacturers. How did Steve go about hiring his first employee? (20:51) The first hire was in Hong Kong in 1991. They had the shipping person who handled all the logistics and the paperwork for the export. They had a PA who was handling all his travel and various other things. The people they focused on most, which they spent most of their money on was quality control. They had four quality control inspectors based in China. Steve believes that focusing on good quality products from the start is what helped his business grow.  They did not own the manufacturer; they were only developing the product and then sold that. Roland’s mistake which ended up making everything move faster? (7:12) They committed to material back in 2009, which was a new material called bonded leather. They put together a collection of furniture, presented it to one of the biggest retailers in Australia and they took it up. Everyone was telling him that he can’t use that material since no one would be interested. However, it became a $12mil category of leather material. By taking such a big risk, it ended becoming a huge success. Since the pivot, the IP that they have, and the business models that they're actually growing is going to have a real value. There are huge upsides on average transaction values now, as they’re racing back up to the middle and having the exclusive production and distribution rights on the two big Italian brands.  The Layton Group The Layton Group has been one of Australia’s premier furniture supply and manufacturing businesses, supplying furniture and homewares to the majority of Australia’s largest retailers since 1998. Resources Sofa Brands: Website Beyond 8 Figures: WebsiteSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


30 Oct 2018

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Mega venture to counter discount wars - Steve Layton

Business Essentials

If you and everyone in your industry is slowly sinking to the bottom, how do you get back on top? By taking a radical shift in the way you do business. That's what Steve Layton, CEO of the Layton Group, has done as other furniture companies across the country discount their way to oblivion. Steve's new Sofa Brands company offers affordable luxury furniture to Australian and Chinese markets. Steve's aim? To break the discounting cycle in Australia and create a sustainable future for his business.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Sep 2018