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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Peter Karp. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Peter Karp, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Peter Karp. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Peter Karp, often where they are interviewed.

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#530-ALL CKNM - Bobby Rush, Kat Riggins, JD Taylor, Peter Karp, Lucky Losers

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Bobby is still recovering from his bout with Covid-19, but he is coming by for a short visit and to talk about the new album, Rawer Than Raw.  Honored we can speak with the legend again.

We spoke with Kat back in June and got to preview a song.  The album, Cry Out, is now out and Kat and I will sit and talk about the music and much more.

JD has released The Coldwater Sessions and I look forward to sitting with him and talking about the new music and how he has been doing during these tough times.

Peter returns to The Couch with Magnificent Heat, a collection of new music with a talented group of folks working with him. We’ll listen and talk about his world.

Godless Land is the fourth release from the band.  Cathy and Phil will join me to talk about the new music and the lack of live music in our world.
Aug 25 2020 · 3hr 1min
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Living Room Blues Special with Peter Karp

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Living Room Blues Special with Peter Karp

Aug 01 2020 · 59mins

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Peter Karp: Dealing with the loss of his wife changed him forever

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On this Peter Karp interview, Peter discussed the deep musical & personal polar opposite influences of growing up in the NYC area and in the deep south… touring with Mick Taylor and what that experience was like, losing his wife and the profound impact of this loss, trusting your gut, being stubborn & doing things your own way, Italy, basketball, & why you need to always expect the unexpected, LOTS of fun, VERY cool convo

Peter Karp grew up in New Jersey and in rural Alabama, becoming fully immersed in the music scene in both locations. After playing clubs in NYC like CBGBs, he took a 12 year hiatus from the music business. Then, after an intense period of songwriting, he released a record that caught the attention of Mick Taylor. Mick would end up playing on Peter’s next LP, The Turning Point, and shortly thereafter the two toured. Peter also recorded 2 LPs and toured with Sue Foley, charting #5 & #1… and then released a live LP made with Mick Taylor at New York’s Bottom Line. Funds from the project go towards a charity Peter started in his wife’s memory. He new LP is Magnificent Heart, a very cool blues guitar record, filled with some intense songwriting

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Jul 27 2020 · 1hr 58mins
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LIVE from the Midnight Circus Featuring Peter Karp

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Making a Scene Presents the PODCAST of LIVE from the Midnight Circus Featuring Peter Karp

This is the Voice of Indie Blues, the future of the blues. Artists who embrace the diversity of the blues that always has and still is being created from it's roots. These artists understand the blues is a living art form that is driven by innovation and creativity. These are the Indie Blues Artists!

May 08 2020 · 2hr 59mins
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Peter Karp is Making a Scene

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Making a Scene Presents an Interview with Peter Karp

Peter Karp is known for many things. An assertive singer, a skilled guitarist and a passionate performer, he’s also an individual who writes songs that frequently reflect tales told as part of life’s journey, spawned by passion and personal experience.

Consequently he’s not easily confined to any singular genre. Blues, Americana and rock and roll reverence all find common ground within his visceral template. He taps tradition and yet also maintains contemporary credence. As his friend and collaborator, Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor once noted, “Guys like Peter Karp, James Taylor and Bob Dylan embody Americana Blues, and us English guys are inspired by it.”

Peter Karp,Going Home,Magnificent Heart

Peter Karp,Chainsaw,Magnificent Heart

www.makingascene.org,Peter karp,

Peter Karp,Scared,Magnificent Heart

Peter Karp,Compassion,Magnificent Heart

May 08 2020 · 50mins
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Peter Karp

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Blues performing songwriter Peter Karp from the 30A Songwriters Festival
Oct 04 2018 · 18mins
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Reverend Raven, Big Shoes, CKNM Peter Karp, CKNM Angel Forrest

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03/12/18 -SHOW #414?


Mike stopped by to talk about a special performance he has coming up on St. Patrick’s Day
REVEREND RAVEN – Segment Begins At The XX:XX Mark

The hard-working mid-west based band celebrates their 20th anniversary with the release of My Life.  Raven and I talked about his journey...the history of the band, and the future.
BIG SHOES – Segment Begins At The XX:XX Mark

The seven-piece outfit from Nashville and Muscle Shoals, release their national debut album, Step On It.  Andy Peake and I sat down and talked about his road to the band and where they are heading with this new release.

Segment Begins At The XX:XX Mark

Peter returns with his new album, Blue Flame. This is his 9th release and Peter brings 13 original songs, infused with his humor and candor.  Peter and I talked about the new music, his touring and what has been happening in his life.


Mar 13 2018 · 2hr 10mins
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COUCH KID NEW MUSIC-Hurricane Ruth, Dave Fields, Eliza Neals, Peter Karp

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4 Couch Kids Return With New Music

Hurricane Ruth returns with her brand new album, Ain’t Ready For The Grave.  Ruth has continued to garner fans around the country as she shares her talents with so many.  We’ll talk about the new album and find out what is to come for this talented vocalist.

Dave Fields returns for his third visit to The Couch.  His new album is entitled Unleashed and that is exactly what Dave has done.  The album contains 7 studio and 7 live cuts, so you get to hear the power of Dave’s live sets.  Dave and I will dig into the songs and the future for this sensational musician.

Eliza Neals has released 10,000 Feet Below, 11 original songs from the Detroit songstress.  With Howard Glazer heading an impressive list of musicians, Eliza has come out strong once again.  She and I will discuss what has been happening in her life since she last visited and where she is heading.

Peter Karp visited last April and returns tonight with his new album Alabama Town. His eighth album, it contains 13 original songs from this singer, songwriter, and guitarist.  The album has a stellar lineup; Peter has dedicated this to his step-mom Ruth Turner and features music inspired by the music of his youth.  Peter and I will dig into some of the tunes and discuss his plans moving forward.
Apr 04 2017 · 2hr 45mins
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CKNM Shaun Murphy, Peter Karp, Jeff Chaz & CKNM Sandy Carroll

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Show # 322
Shaun Murphy returns to The Couch to share her latest release It Won’t Stop Raining.  Shaun has brought the Blues out in full-force on this one.  We’ll talk about the making of this album and plans are in her future.

Peter Karp has released The Arson’s Match, a live concert in NYC where his long-time friend and collaborator Mick Taylor participated.  The result is something incredibly special.  I’ll speak with Peter about his career…and where he is headed in the future.

Jeff Chaz sat with us during the IBC Preview shows this past January and he has just released his latest album, Sounds Like The Blues To Me.  We’ll delve deeper into Jeff’s history and play music from the album.

Sandy Carroll released Last Southern Belle back in February.  It has a more country flavor about it, so I never received a copy.  When I found out about the album I reached out to Sandy and scheduled this return.  I told Sandy, doesn’t matter what some call it, if it is Sandy Carroll music, it belongs on The Couch.
Apr 26 2016 · 2hr 57mins
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Woodsongs 586: Peter Karp & Sue Foley�and The Rockridge Brothers�

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PETER KARP & SUE FOLEY are two the of the finest roots artists working today and have teamed up for an incredible new project called "He Said - She Said." Peter is a gifted troubadour, a master songsmith with an art for spinning true-to-life emotions, humor, and candor. Sue was born to a working class family and spent her early childhood moving from Canadian town to town with her mother. After moving back to Canada Sue won the prestigious Juno award for her critically acclaimed CD "Love Coming Down." Their project project is based around a correspondence the two shared through letters that were written over a year period. Those letters became their songs.

THE ROCKRIDGE BROTHERS are a bluegrass and old-time band of young musicians from Stockholm, Sweden that perform high energy hillbilly style mountain music. The band got together to make a bluegrass soundtrack for an animated movie. Right away they felt the need to make something more out of this newly formed combo. Pooling their different musical experiences, ranging from country to punk, they found common ground in old time string music Since that time the Rockridge Brothers have been touring Europe and USA and have released two CDs including their latest "Rockridge Hollerin'
Aug 04 2010 · 1hr 7mins