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Ed Slott: How Taxes Can Kill Retirement Dreams

Framework with Jamie Hopkins & Ana Trujillo Limón

Taxes are the biggest challenge for investors approaching retirement, says Ed Slott, Founder and President of Ed Slott and Company, Professor at The American College of Financial Services and nationally recognized IRA distribution expert. In today's episode of Carson Group and PIMCO's Retirement Income Series, Ed shares insights and strategies to minimize taxes in retirement. You can find show notes and other information at CarsonGroup.com/Framework. Carson Group is committed to advancing financial literacy. Our coaches work with thousands of FPA members. Schedule a consultation to learn how Carson can help you help your clients and grow your business.Investment products contain risk and may lose value. There is no guarantee that an investment product will be successful in achieving its objectives. Investors should consult their investment professional prior to making an investment decision.This podcast is brought to you by Carson Group and PIMCO, who are unaffiliated entities. This material contains the opinions of the speakers and not necessarily of Carson Group or PIMCO and such opinions are subject to change without notice. This podcast may include discussions of investment strategies. These discussions are for illustrative purposes only and may not be appropriate for all investors. The discussions are not based on any particularized financial situation, or need, and are not intended to be, and should not be construed as, a forecast, research, investment advice or a recommendation for any specific PIMCO or other strategy, product or service. Individuals should consult with their own financial advisors to determine the most appropriate allocations for their financial situation, including their investment objectives, time frame, risk tolerance, savings and other investments. Pimco does not provide legal or tax advice.  Further, this seminar is not intended to provide specific legal, tax, or other professional advice in this podcast. For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor. The discussion herein is general in nature and is provided for informational purposes only. There is no guarantee as to its accuracy or completeness.  Any tax statements contained herein are not intended or written to be used, and cannot be relied upon or used for the purpose of avoiding penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Service or state and local tax authorities. Individuals should consult their own legal and tax counsel as to matters discussed herein and before entering into any estate planning, trust, investment, retirement, or insurance arrangement.           


12 Aug 2022

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067: Ed Slott In-Studio!

The Guided Retirement Show

If you don’t understand the rules of IRAs, bad things happen. With the wrong portfolio, you may find yourself hearing people tell you what you could’ve, should’ve, and would’ve done–and those little decisions can add up to make some big differences. If you don’t want to wake up to an unpleasant tax surprise in retirement, today’s episode is for you. Once again, I’m speaking to Ed Slott, America’s IRA Expert. He’s been teaching financial advisors about the ins and outs of IRAs for decades, and he’s returned to the podcast to share lots of great new information on this extremely complex topic. In this conversation, Ed and I discuss why retirees often get such bad guidance, the new time bombs ticking in the world of retirement (and how best to avoid them), and why now may very well prove to be the best time in your life to pay taxes for years (or decades) to come. In this podcast interview, you’ll learn: Why bad tax planning does the most damage to people with the biggest retirement savings. How changes to the tax codes have created a number of new “time bombs” for retirees to worry about. Why the SECURE Act took away many of the greatest benefits of holding retirement accounts. The one document that’s more important than your trust that so many retirees fail to recognize the value of. Why IRAs or 401(k)s can no longer be passed on to your children. What makes “defer, defer, defer” such a bad tax strategy right now. Why now is the right time to find a great financial advisor. Get Today's Show Notes To get a full recap of today's conversation, including the biggest takeaways, transcripts, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit GuidedRetirementShow.com/67 Learn More about Retirement Planning Find out more about retirement planning and Barber Financial Group, by visiting BarberFinancialGroup.com


7 Jun 2022

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Ed Slott Group Conference Topics: EDU #2220

The Retirement and IRA Show

Jim and Chris sit down to discuss a couple of interesting topics that Jim learned about at the recent Ed Slott group conference. The post Ed Slott Group Conference Topics: EDU #2220 appeared first on The Retirement and IRA Show.

1hr 9mins

18 May 2022

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Ed Slott’s Thoughts on Qualified Charitable Distributions and Estate Plans

Investing Insights

In this week’s podcast, Susan Dziubinski and Megan Pacholok discuss risk in target-date funds, Christine Benz speaks with tax expert Ed Slott about qualified charitable distributions, Ed Slott tells you why you should review your estate plan, and Jake VanKersen compares Disney and Netflix stock.


25 Mar 2022

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Ed Slott’s 2022 Tax Tips

Investing Insights

In this week’s podcast, tax expert Ed Slott joins Morningstar’s Christine Benz to prepare us for the upcoming tax season. Together, they discuss required minimum distributions, backdoor IRA dos and don’ts, and tax traps to avoid.


18 Mar 2022

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23. Tax Planning with Retirement Expert, Ed Slott

Every Day is Saturday

If you are in the retirement planning industry, you have probably heard of our guest today. Ed Slott is a well-known retirement expert who leads seminars for financial planners and advises people on how to retire securely. In this episode, Ed joins the show to share his best advice to ensure your retirement savings aren’t depleted by taxes by the time you need to use them. Listen in as Ed explains the difference between tax planning and tax preparation, as well as key takeaways from his book The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb. You will learn the importance of paying for your taxes now, how to avoid compounding tax debt and how to win the retirement game. What You’ll Learn: The importance of planning your taxes for the long run. The difference between tax planning or preparation. How to make taxes work for you rather than against you. How to take control of your finances for retirement. The power of believing in your ability to save more money. The importance of learning from history. Why you should pay your taxes now. The benefit of working with a financial advisor. Ideas Worth Sharing: ”There is a big difference between tax preparation and tax planning.”- Ed Slott “When it comes to your retirement savings it’s not how much as it is how much you get to keep.” - Ed Slott “Get your plan, not the government plan.” - Ed Slott Resources: The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb by Ed Slott Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


2 Mar 2022

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Episode 259: Ed SLott Live 2022

New Retirement Radio with Dennis Prout Podcast

What better way to begin the NEW year than with a NEW interview with Ed Slott on NEW Retirement Radio! We are excited to have him answer a few burning questions of ours, and hope that you call in with yours. Our discussion will revolve around how to leverage your retirement savings considering the new tax tables, Roth conversions, HSAs and so much more!


4 Feb 2022

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Your 2021 Year-End Tax Planning Guide (with Ed Slott)

The Stacking Benjamins Show

Our good friend Ben Franklin said the only things certain in life are death and taxes. Since we are coming up on year-end, we'll tackle one of those certainties (you're on your own with the other). To help us, tax expert Ed Slott is back! He'll help you get your finances in order before year-end to avoid any tax surprises in April. Should you convert your IRA to a Roth? What's the contribution deadline for retirement accounts? What changes might be coming in future legislation? Ed's commenting on it all with us today.We'll also talk about regulation in cryptocurrency during our headline segment. One of the main benefits of cryptocurrency has been the idea that it is unregulated, but the U.S. government is trying to change that. Although the SEC can't agree, will they consider crypto a security and therefore have regulation over it? We'll share the latest details! We'll also tackle 529 and college saving plans during our Haven Lifeline.Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 13mins

8 Dec 2021

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Ed Slott's year-end tax strategies & the M&A train keeps on rolling

The InvestmentNews Podcast

In this episode, you’ll hear about: Year-end tax management.Booming RIA M&A activity.What’s going on with mergers and acquisitions of advisory firms.How consolidation in the wealth management space is affecting your advisory firm.Related article: https://www.investmentnews.com/bidens-tough-tax-talk-fuels-record-ma-activity-214574Guest Bio:Ed Slott is a nationally recognized IRA distribution expert, professional speaker, television personality and best-selling author. He is known for his ability to turn advanced tax strategies into understandable, actionable and entertaining advice.He is the president and founder of Ed Slott and Company, a leading source of IRA expertise and analysis to financial advisers, institutions and consumers.David DeVoe is founder and CEO of DeVoe & Company. As a thought leader on RIA practice management for over 17 years, David has been named "RIA M&A Guru" by Barron’s. He launched Schwab Advisor Services, which he led for eight years. David was previously in the Strategic Planning Group at American Express.


6 Dec 2021

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Ed Slott on Taxes and Marilyn Brown Ross on Mortgages

Wealth Creator Radio

Audition Template: 24 Mono tracks routed to a Stereo Master. 44.1k, 24 bit, Stereo Master.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


11 Sep 2021